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Aubrie smoked another doe this year. Shot her with a Slick Trick broadhead and only went 30 yards.

[07/21/14]   Cant wait for deer season! Going to check out some hunting land in NorthWest Oklahoma and see if i cant find these monsters people talk about.


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Here is our newest hunting video! This hunt took place late october right before muzzle loading season! This is my wifes first time to be successful while bowhunting. Thanks to all who watch!

This video shows my wife going after her first deer ever! And on top of that she was able to do it with just a stick and string. While we were celebrating he...

[01/21/14]   Later today I will be posting a new video of my wife shooting her first deer


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Too good not to share this one. Is ammo still difficult to find in your area?


Put the beat down on another doe tonight!! I also got the chance to shoot 7 hogs this morning! It's been a good day!


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At first glance, it’s just five does.


Duck Hunt 2012 gopro edition

Who's ready for the second duck season??

Here is a video I made a year ago, cant wait to record better footage for duck and goose hunting this year. This weekend me and my buddies are heading down to Benjamin, Texas to smash on some geese! Ill be tearing it up in Oklahoma shortly.

This duck hunt took place in southern oklahoma at the end of our christmas break! What a great way to spend with some friends and smash some ducks. For more ...

[12/12/13]   Cleaning the guns and waiting for the deer jerky to dry, Its a good night!

[12/09/13]   Going out this evening in hopes of shooting a doe in the snow! Gotta love Gods Outdoors.


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Here is my buck hunting video from this year! Please give us a like or leave a comment! This video is very graphic and shows a wounded deer that we needed to put down. I debated not showing this video but THIS IS HUNTING, NOT HOLLYWOOD! Sooner or later it happens to all of us and Im not ashamed of showing it.

***********WARNING VIDEO IS VERY GRAPHIC************

This video shows our 2013 deer hunting season as it pertains to whitetail bucks. In this video watch pro staff member Gunner Northcutt as he shoots a mature ...

[11/22/13]   Good thing I checked my rifle to make sure it was on. My elevation was about 6 inches low. Who else is ready for rifle season?

[11/21/13]   Ill be releasing my buck hunting video this Friday! 11/19/2013

Record Buck Footage, Christines 200 Class & Dagger Buck

I just watched a sweet hunt of a girl who is dropping down some nice bucks. Here is my video of the day One of the largest bucks harvested by a female hunter on video. Check out the episode here that features Christine Windisch shooting this amazing-whitetail buck.

[11/16/13]   I'm not sure if I'm hunting antelope right now or bucks during mid November! Oklahoma weather...


This is what I call a beautiful shooting lane


Here is one of my turkey kills for this year! For the video check out the link!!!


Here is one of my turkey kills for this year! For the video check out the link!!!


Mathews Archery, Inc.

This whole "work" thing is really getting in the way of hunting :) Anyone else agree?


15-Yard Files: Aggressive Deer Calling Pulls 190-Inch Buck into Bow Range

such a nice deer called in with a snort weeze and some does

Cally Morris wants to teach you all about deer calling during the rut. He's sitting in a treestand in Iowa, and using a combination of rattling horns, doe bl...


Southeast Oklahoma Outdoors

Thanks to all the veterans of past, present, and future!! God bless the USA !!!


Turkey Fun

Here is my newest hunting video

Here is a video of me trying to shoot a flock of turkeys that came in to my food plot. Turned out to be a lot of fun and the excitement still had me shaking after…


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Here is another prostaff member dropping down a nice buck!

[11/10/13]   Another buck down for Beat Down Hunts!


Whats better than a oklahoma sunset! 11/10/2013

Turkey Fun — Beat Down Hunts ’13 This short reel of footage shows a flock of turkey approaching and taking out a food plot. 11/09/2013

Turkey Fun — Beat Down Hunts ’13

Check out my newest video on huntervids! Great site showing great hunting shows... and me! This short reel of footage shows a flock of turkey approaching and taking out a food plot.


It's always a good time to drop a coyote!


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A good friend of mine had to chance to put the beat down on a sweet mule deer in Kanas today! Im definitely jealous but congrats man!


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