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Pinnacle Strength and Fitness


Tired of being stuck in the house?! Here's a chance to take your kiddos out for a fun family event!

Spring Thru Cocalico Scavenger Hunt! All through the month of April and May, go through Cocalico for some safe, outdoor family fun and a chance to win some really awesome prizes!

Pictured below is Pinnacle Strength and Fitness. One of the locations for the scavenger hunt! Located on the door or in the window of each business is a piece of paper with a symbol on it. The symbol indicates what letter is associated with the business! In the end, you’ll make a sentence! Complete the whole sentence and turn in the paper for a prize!

Download a game card here,( or drop by REAL Life Community Services office for a printed copy!

Return your card to Adamstown Area Library by May 31st to receive a goodie bag! If you find all of the symbols, you will also be entered into our BIG grand prize drawing for 4 tickets to the Flying V Zipline and the Elevated Obstacle Course from Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center! Have fun!
Definently going to check out your gym in a few days.
Pinnacle Strength and Fitness is now open 1/2 mile from Stoudtburg Village!!! Check it out!

heres the link to all the pictures i came out with, please take all you want and share around. love being around a group of people with so much heart and passion for the same thing!
Excellent meet today guys. Can't wait 4 the next
My comfort level at this gym is just off the charts, I haven't felt this good about a gym in a long time, no one makes u feel uncomfortable, usually it takes me months to try new exercises that I look up, but not here I feel free to ask Ryan for help if I need to and I am trying new things, it's an amazing feeling to find a gym this awesome.
Had an amazing work out here yesterday. It's not easy but it feels so rewarding in the end. Thanks Ryan Sensenig for pushing me!
Bruce Crabb
Today's competition crew!
Ryan Sensenig crushing back with me today. Full back workout plus 100 pull ups. Functional strength
Where can I find prices?

Memberships by appointment, please call or message to set up a time to come in and check us out. 24/7 access available For the dedicated.

Operating as usual

Pinnacle Strength and Fitness updated their business hours. 11/09/2021

Pinnacle Strength and Fitness updated their business hours.

Pinnacle Strength and Fitness updated their business hours.


@dominiccaruso20 coming in for off season training! Throwing 265 lbs around after running a 6:40 mile! If you notice the right hand... nothing is stopping him (everyday leg day, for now)!


Engaging the glutes for power production in squats and dead’s


New shirts and hoodies are in!


Stephen and Donna have been doing training sessions for two months and are super competitive! They love to push each other to work hard and are so much stronger because of it! Here they are doing single arm kettlebell swings for a tabata interval set to finish off their workout. Very challenging! 💪


Calling all Lions! 💪💪💪💪 thanks @tharris72177 for this awesome addition!


Greg with a smooth 635 conventional deadlift 💪


Adam is doing a suitcase carry utilizing the stairs.The controlled movement engages the core to stabilize through the obliques especially, and by the last set you are ready to be done! Following this Adam held a 45 second plank with 160 lbs on his back. Really impressive core strength!


@logan_experience moving weight with the Multi grip bar! 💪 The neutral position allows ease of motion for the shoulders and hit the pecs and tris hard! Awesome press variation!


Taking donations! Stop in anytime!


@jonathinleicy an up and coming lifter just beginning his power lifting journey! Standing back up with 405 at 16 yrs old and 155 lb BW!


This is one of our founding principles and was painted on the wall of our first location. What it means is this: you get out what you put in. Struggle, failure, hard work, and the like all demand growth!

Photos from Pinnacle Strength and Fitness's post 11/16/2020

@marksweigartbjj utilizing the new wrestling mats 💪

Photos from Invicta Design's post 10/19/2020

Thanks Invicta Design for the sick flag!


What a hard working team! Starting as the strength coach for Twin Valleys football program is a true honor. To watch them hold each other accountable and push themselves to be better each session, even through the pandemic and the complications with it, showed how much they want it!These young men made huge progress since January and they are going to show their opponents their strength! Good luck as you kick it off this Friday! 💪💪💪


This is Kelly. She came to us having been told by her doctor she could not afford to loose any weight. 10 months later Kelly has put on 20 pounds of muscle and look at how much more healthy she looks! With self motivation and hard work Kelly achieved her goal of flipping our 225 pound tire. When she first came to Pinnacle she couldn’t even budge that tire and now she can flip it with ease over and over. Kelly continues to push herself and crush goals with her weightlifting, the results speak for themselves!


New Pinnacle apparel feeling full on American! “Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” In Ts and hoodies!


New shakers in! 💪


A lot of chaos in our world right now. Lean on Him! “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6
Also, today is our 1 year anniversary for our current location. It was a risk and a step of faith, but we trusted in God and we are grateful to be here to improve lives in all ways! Thank you to all who have and continue to support us! @ Pinnacle Strength and Fitness


Happy Memorial Day! “Give me liberty or give me death!” Nothing but proud, strong, and free Americans up in here! 💪🇺🇸💪🇺🇸


“Those who would give up liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
Difficult times, friends... and I am very proud to be American and grateful for the wisdom of this countries founding fathers!


Pinnacle Friends and Family,

Please know that the health and safety of our members, staff and community are our top priority. As COVID-19 continues to unfold, Pinnacle Strength and Fitness is monitoring and adjusting our approach to serve the best interest of our fitness community.

After careful consideration and evaluation of the existing conditions, we have decided we will make every attempt to remain open through these uncertain times. We understand the valuable service fitness provides to our community while recognizing that this is an ever-changing situation. We will continue to monitor all of the available information and will keep our fitness community informed.

During this time, we will not be accepting drop in’s or day passes. We are choosing to remain open to serve our Pinnacle members. If you wish to become a member please contact us so we can make the proper arrangements.

While we are choosing to remain open, we are taking every precaution to keep the facility as clean and disinfected as possible. This is a community effort so any members choosing to work out at this time are doing so at their own risk. We ask that each and every one of you remain vigilant. If you are feeling sick or ill, or have come in contact with anyone associated with COVID-19 we ask that you remain at home. All it will take is for 1 person to ruin this for all of us.

The CDC has suggested and encouraged the community to adhere to basic sanitation including:

-Washing your hands frequently with soap & water for 20+ seconds

-Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands

-Cover any cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw it in the trash.

We will continue to monitor CDC guidelines and suggestions while listening to other public health agencies to determine the safest course of action for everyone entering our club.

Thank you for being a valued member of our Pinnacle community.

Stay healthy and strong!

Ryan Sensenig and Keegan Hartman


Please do your part in keeping the facility as clean as possible since you can transmit this virus without any symptoms. Wipe off anything you make contact with. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


Adam can hold a plank with 100 lbs on his lower back with perfect form for 30 seconds... can you?


New log bar just in! 💪


Security Report: while holding a bone hostage, a sound from the main door had Jude at full alert. Will check back with findings; most likely all is well.


@kodiseibel is the newest member to the Pinnacle Powerlifting programming! He’s moving almost 400 pounds on the prowler rather quickly too!


Pinnacle Strength and Fitness's cover photo


@tharris72177 working agility with this linebacker drill! Always getting faster!


Mike yoke carrying 610 lbs!


Mike and Rachael performing a partner lateral slam! This is a great power exercise preceding their strength work! 💪 @rachkkelly75


Tonight we had a deadlift party! @matt_trinh93 @jordancrouse66 @khartsinsta @bbusch89 01/21/2020

Muscle Building and Beginner Powerlifting Program — Pinnacle Strength and Fitness

Here is a sample 8 week program divided into 4 week phases that will build a solid base to start down the road to muscle building and power lifting if it interests you. Designed around building the main 3 lifts and strengthening the whole body. Sometimes the internet can be a daunting place and lead to more confusion than assistance. Most times you will see results with any program if you stick to it (therein lies the problem!). How do you know that the program you are following will work? With this doubt in mind it becomes easy to become


@tharris72177 loves high intensity! Mornings he crushes explosive movements and weight training... usually in the same circuit! Animal 💪

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