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Ravelin Group is Dedicated to Gun Handling Competence and Confidence. Defensive Firearm Training,Safe Direction Products, AR500 Reactive Steel Targets

Ravelin Group, LLC offers professional defensive firearms training through Steve Camp, DTI (Defense Training International) Affiliate Instructor; NRA Certified Instructor # 19905381 and Certified ILCCF instructor. Ravelin Group, LLC is the manufacturer of: Safe Direction® Gun Handling Safety-Ballistic Containment Products; Self-resetting AR 500 Reactive Steel Targets including the Rotator® and Urban Rifle Target and represents a number of products related to firearms safety and training.

Mission: Ravelin Group is dedicated to gun handling competence and confidence. Our Defensive Firearm Training and Illinois Concealed Carry Firearm (ILCCF) Instruction emphasize safety and success.


Ravelin Group Drop-in Training January 13

Ravelin Group Drop-in Training January 13 - https://mailchi.mp/18469d8a1dd1/ravelin-group-final-drop-in-training-for-1603365

mailchi.mp Upcoming Training Dates:  IL Concealed 16 hour Certification Class: February 1 and 8, 2020 IL Concealed Carry Renewal Class: February 8, 2020 Drop-in Dates for 2020:   January 13 February 10 March 9 Feel free to contact us with questions   


Ravelin Group Final Drop-in Training for 2019

Ravelin Group Final Drop-in Training for 2019 - https://mailchi.mp/ba4605d08835/ravelin-group-final-drop-in-training-for-2019

mailchi.mp This will be our final drop-in date for 2019.  As such, we'd like to make it a "bring your gear" night.  Bring your carry firearm and Steve will assist in you field stripping, cleaning, lubricating and assess for proper functioning.  Feel free to bring your holster and any other carry gear as we...


TulAmmo® .38 Special and .357 Magnum : A Good Value but a Bit Sticky

Most Americans expect their ammunition to be assembled in brass cases, but the rest of the world is plenty familiar with steel cased ammunition. It's attractive for one big reason: price. In fact, the AK-47 cartridge was built around a tapered-walled case design cartridge, the 7.62 x 39 mm -- and hey, that's a good point right there: build a gun that makes the most of the cartridge it's going to shoot. [ 418 more words. ]


ravelingroup.com Most Americans expect their ammunition to be assembled in brass cases, but the rest of the world is plenty familiar with steel cased ammunition.  It’s attractive for one big reason: price. In…


Safe Direction® HotPad: Handgun Rated Ballistic Protection for Home, Office & Travel

Here’s a sneak-peek at our newest item: the Safe Direction® HotPad™. The Home, Office or Travel Pad - the HotPad is a safety ballistic containment system that's portable and convenient to use! It's a "Safe Direction" to point your muzzle when you load, unload or chamber checking your pistol wherever you are located. Just like its older brother, the bestselling… [ 104 more words. ]


ravelingroup.com Here’s a sneak-peek at our newest item: the Safe Direction® HotPad™.  The Home, Office or Travel Pad – the HotPad is a safety ballistic containment system that’s portable and convenient…


Personal Gun Control: Finger in Register & Safe Direction®

The perennial topic of Gun Control is on fire these days. Opposing views abound, but there's one thing we can all agree on: guns are designed to be dangerous, if they weren't, they would not be effective and nobody would care about them. Whatever the future holds, we gun owners must continue to prove ourselves to be competent and safe when handling our guns. [ 863 more words. ]


ravelingroup.com The perennial topic of Gun Control is on fire these days.  Opposing views abound, but there’s one thing we can all agree on: guns are designed to be dangerous, if they weren’t, they wou…


Bless This Mess: New Dog, New Tricks

Here at Ravelin Group, our work and training life has many moving parts; we rely on a routine to keep it all together. Our three-month old Mountain Cur, Häagen, came onto the scene like a warm, furry bomb; he disrupted our sleep and ignored our usual schedule. Plans got changed at the last minute and accidents happened. In short, our orderly life got a little messy. [ 271 more words. ]


ravelingroup.com As a new year begins, each of us will have challenges: some are the speed bumps that commonly crop up in daily life — but some may challenges that create confusion, disorder and even pain. T…


Christmas Greetings from Ravelin Group!

Christmas Greetings from Ravelin Group!



Firearm Safety with Safe Direction® Academy Pad™

Safety is really all about managing risks. The riskier the activity, the more there is to manage. When I began to seriously train in the defensive use of a handgun, I had to "get over" unloading my defensive pistol so I could dry-fire it at home. Even though I was quite confident loading and unloading my pistol on a range that had a sturdy dedicated backstop -- any gun handling at home felt riskier because there are many more variables and so much more at stake. [ 823 more words. ]


ravelingroup.com The editor of the Shooting Illustrated article describes the Academy Pad™ as “a a must for anyone who travels with a self-defense handgun … providing an effective backstop while loading, unloading …


Black Rhino Concealment Holsters: A Lady’s Choice!

Marshall Field, famously said: “Give the lady what she wants.” Even at the turn of the 20th Century that was a possibility for clothing and housewares, but it’s only recently that women have gotten the respect they deserve from holster makers. Now, choices abound. Holsters, like shoes, will not fulfill every role or event. The challenge is selecting holsters to fit the occasion which will best suit her lifestyle and carry habits. [ 642 more words. ]


ravelingroup.com Black Rhino Concealment's IWB holster, magazine carrier and trigger guard holster are beautifully finished and smooth as silk. No rough edges to mar the gun's finish or catch on clothes. And make...


DS Arms Pro Shop is Open for Business!

You missed out on a great time if you weren’t in attendance at DS Arms Pro Shop Grand Opening last week, but don’t despair, the Pro Shop is now open Monday through Saturday 10AM to 7PM. DS Arms Pro Shop address is: 27996 W. Industrial Drive, Lake Barrington, IL 60010, their phone number is 847-277-7258. DS Arms is a true… [ 400 more words. ]


ravelingroup.com Plan on a visit to DS Arms Pro Shop soon! Not only will you see some fantastic rifles built right here in Illinois, but you can uncover exciting history nearby!


Concealed Carry Requires “Keeping Your Hand and Head in the Game”!

Whether you've made the decision to carry concealed every day, or almost everyday, or even if you just want to reserve the option to carry "sometimes", it's in your best interest to make the simultaneous decision to train "body and mind"...because both need to take place continually. (question: Do you wear your seat belts only when you think that you may need their protective benefits? [ 468 more words. ]


ravelingroup.com Whether you've made the decision to carry concealed every day, or almost everyday, or even if you just want to reserve the option to carry "sometimes", it's in your best interest to make the simult...

SHOT Show Day 2: CorBon® hosted a book signing event for John and Vicki Farnam. Old acquaintances, students and new friends got a chance to stop by CorBon Booth # 12274 to chat with John and Vicki and have their choice of the Farnam’s books signed personally by the authors. Books featured: The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning, The Farnam Method of Defensive Shotgun and Rifle Shooting, Guns and Warriors, DTI Quips, Teaching Women to Shoot and Women Learning to Shoot. Books are available online through Ravelin Group’s Online Store: store.ravelingroup.com/ravelins-bookshelf

Book Signing Event at the 2015 SHOT Show: Meet John Farnam and Vicki Farnam of Defense Training International
on Wednesday, January 21st @ 11:00AM CorBon® Booth # 12274


Rookie Hunter Bags A Deer!


ravelingroup.com Editor’s Note: The author, a self-described “suburban kid” is a proficient and competent rifle shooter. The skills he acquired on formal shooting ranges aided in his success as a novice hunter on ...

Ravelin Group, LLC

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Ravelin Group, LLC


Ravelin Group Publications

Corrected link to Ravelin Group Bookshelf page: http://ravelingroup.com/bookshelf.html

ravelingroup.com Ravelin Group Publications features firearms related books featuring authors John S. Farnam, Vicki Farnam and Diane Nicholl of Defense Training International

We've got some great books for sale at RavelinGroup.com/Bookshelf Featuring books by John Farnam, Vicki Farnam and Diane Nicholl. Build your defensive firearm training library and save! Always free shipping and for a limited time, buy any 3 books and receive 20% off.


Old Brown Barn Gun

Old Brown Barn Gun http://wp.me/p2GkrQ-CV

ravelingroup.com It probably didn't mean all that much to Bruce's father, it was probably just a tool to keep pests away or to provide a little extra sustenance. I'll call it an "old brown barn gun," kept around for its utility, rather than its allure. [ 1317 more words. ]


Check your gear NOW so that it doesn't let you down LATER!

Check your gear NOW so that it doesn’t let you down LATER! http://wp.me/p2GkrQ-C1

ravelingroup.com A friend’s son took his brand-new AR15 M4 carbine to the range, inserted a full 30 round magazine, and found out he had a single shot rifle! The owner’s dad dropped it off and asked for my help. He told me that his son purchased it “new… [ 1076 more words. ]


Get the Lint Out of Your Carry Pistol!

Get the Lint Out of Your Carry Pistol! http://wp.me/p2GkrQ-B7

ravelingroup.com If you’ve carried your defensive pistol in a belt or ankle holster, or in your pocket or purse, lint from your person has undoubtedly accumulated inside and all over the pistol. Over time, the lint build-up just gets worse. The good news is… [ 971 more words. ]

August 9 & 10, 2014: 16 Hour IL Concealed Carry Certification Class in Lombard, IL. A few spots are still open.


Dirty Gun leads to Corrosion Damage, it's the Pits!


ravelingroup.com Jeff Cooper is famous for the phrase: "Never let the sun set on a dirty gun." There is probably a lot of knowledge and hard won experience behind that quote. As the sun sets after a long day at t...



Carrying Concealed or just thinking about it? Here's a thought provoking must-read from John Farnam.

defense-training.com 9 June 14 CCW Naivety: The vast majority of state CCW licensees are genuinely “good” people, but many have had precious little relevant training, and much of it fraught with errors and unrealistic expectations. For example, many naively believe: 1) When… [ 796 more words. ]


Compete as You Carry

IDPA competition provides a great opportunity to give your every-day carry gear a workout.

ravelingroup.com Nothing should be left to wishful thinking; you need to know what you and your gear can do-- and be able to prove it!


Completing the Drill

Excellent PoliceOne interview of John Farnam on training called "Completing the Drill".

policeone.com PoliceOne Editor in Chief Doug Wyllie sits down with renowned firearms trainer John Farnam to discuss the concept of 'Completing the Drill' — fully executing in training what you'd do on the street, not running the course of fire and immediately letting your guard down.

Completed our first Defensive Handgun Course of the season on May 24th. Upcoming Introduction to Defensive Handgun Course on Saturday, July 12, 9:30 to 5:30.

Want to brush-up on your defensive handgun skills? Ravelin Group is offering a Basic Defensive Handgun Course this Saturday, May 24th, 2014. This 8-hour course will energize you and scrape off any accumulated "rust". A few slots are still open.

ILCCF 16 Hour Class June 21 and 22, 2014 in Itasca, IL. Spots are still open. Contact us for info.

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