Forever Strong Training Center

Forever Strong Training Center


This is great place to send your athletes! We make the drive from Waukee and we've never thought twice about looking for a place closer. The dedication Jeff and Dakota put towards the kids is amazing. They encourage them to be better stronger, mentally tough athletes. They do a great job focusing on correct form to prevent injuries and provide a fun environment for the kids to be in. I would highly recommend checking Forever Strong out, you won't be disappointed.
Jeff Grove has done an amazing job for Sam and the ADM Volleyball team!! Tremendous improvement in strength and vertical!
Payton had so much fun learning tonight. Thanks for your time. It's refreshing to work with someone who has such a passion for this training.
Back where it all began tonight. Back before the current gym, back before BBJ, back when it was just a couple kids and Jeff in an unfinished basement at the end of gravel lane. That one summer changed my life forever. It elevated and opened up my strength/ athletic ability. Not only did that one summer open up doors to and bring me to a new level of athleticism, but it helped me grow up a little bit too. I would work in the morning, baseball in the afternoon (and night), and workout Tuesday/Thursday nights and Saturday/Sunday mornings. So learning time management and doing the "right things" got put at the top of my list of summer things to do. It was tough, but well worth it. Jeff demanded the most from you and never let you cut corners to make a lift or movement easier for you. He taught us the right way, the right technique. I've used those skills and teaching techniques from collegiate sports, throughout my military career, and now that I coach, to my athletes as well. I encourage student athletes and adults to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and true spirit of seeing you achieve your goals and grow. It's been 13 years since I had Jeff Grove leading my workout and tonight it brought back those memories with Jeff and Rocky and of that one summer that helped carve and shape my life Forever.... #foreverstrong
Jamie Jorgensen
For the past few years I have been lifting with Jeff. He has taught me so much about weightlifting and myself. He has trained me to work hard and break through barriers that tested my strength and will. With the new gym, Jeff has an even bigger set of tools he can use to develop the athletes that work with him. If you or your child are pondering going to work out at Forever Strong - do it, you won't regret it.
Well, it's been a great summer training out at the new gym. I feel it has been a huge advantage for me to be able to workout at Forever Strong, although I started there when it was still BBJ. Now, Jeff has an even greater amount of "torture" devices (I think he calls excercise) that I was able to utilize. In all honesty though, that's not what makes Forever Strong Training Center great. There are very few people I know as passionate about and as fully invested in what they do as Jeff Grove. In a way, your goals and aspiriations become his goals and aspirations. I can say, without a doubt, he has done everything in his power to help me. Constantly learning and improving to benefit the people he trains. That is what makes Forever Strong great. I remember many days going into the gym and not wanting to be there and he still found a way to get the best out of me. Or on my best days finding ways to push me even further. And for that I can't thank Jeff and Forever Strong enough.
Fantastic workout last night!!! This place is awesome:)
What age can join and price

This is a training program that has been running for 10 years and is expanding to a new +6000 square foot facility with state-of-the-art equipment.

Operating as usual


Help us in recognizing 3 young athletes that continue to make awesome progress and put in the work each and every day! Each of them have increased their 3-way totals by more than 150 lbs since they have started; but more importantly, have drastically improved on their movement patterns and mechanics! Lexi, Anna, and Kinzie, keep up the great work and keep striving for success!

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Help us in recognizing 3 young athletes that continue to make awesome progress and put in the work each and every day! Each of them have increased their 3-way totals by more than 150 lbs since they have started; but more importantly, have drastically improved on their movement patterns and mechanics! Lexi, Anna, and Kinzie, keep up the great work and keep striving for success!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


With summer fast approaching, we want to start getting groups ready for the new summer training schedule! The groups will be capped at 21 athletes per session, so sign up will be first come - first serve! Please let us know which time you would like to train!

#StrongBody #StrongMind 03/31/2021

Softball vs Upper Iowa University on 3/30/2021 - Box Score

Great Job Abbie Hlas!! Keep it going!!
As a team, Winona State accrued 16 hits over just five innings, with Katie Kolb, Marissa Mullen and Abbie Hlas all hitting home runs. The Warrior round-trippers accounted for six of their 12 runs against the UIU starter, Abby McKay. The official box score of Softball vs Upper Iowa University on 3/30/2021


Wanted to give a shout out and a big congratulations to Caroline, Grace, Kinzie, Lexi, and their volleyball team for winning their AAU Tournament this last weekend and qualifying to compete in the State Gold Tournament! Great job ladies!!!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


Next week (3/15 to 3/19) our schedule will change for Spring Break. We will be offering two, 2 day splits: Monday (3/15) and Wednesday (3/17) at either 9:00AM or 4:00PM; and Tuesday (3/16) and Thursday (3/18) at either 9:00AM or 4:00PM. The facility will be closed Friday (3/19). If you will be here Spring Break week, please let us know which training session split (and at what time) you will be attending!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


Hey — Did anyone catch the Texas Longhorns softball game tonight! The game went into extra innings and tied at zero and in comes Molly —- amazing job in finishing that inning and the Longhorns win!!! Proud of you Molly!!


It’s always awesome to see the progress and improvement of our athletes transition to their sport! Big shoutout and congratulations to Graham Bagby, Brayden Rynearson, Grayson Sutter, and Kaeden Campbell for qualifying for the state wrestling tournament last weekend! Another big congratulations goes out to Kadin O’Connor for moving on to sectional wrestling last weekend as well! Keep it up boys and good luck!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


Becoming a better athlete is starting to become a family affair.... Here’s just a few of the siblings bettering themselves together each and every day they walk through those doors! Keep up the great work!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


Reteaching poor technique is much more difficult than teaching proper technique from the beginning! Many of our posts highlight the accomplishments and feats of strength of many of our athletes, but just as important (if not more important) is the progression of our younger athletes with their movement patterns! Before any athlete is allowed to be loaded up on any kind of movement/exercise, they have to master said movement/exercise properly first to ensure their safety and development! These young athletes are a prime example of how patience and practice are key in learning athletic movements and resistance training techniques! They are developing a strong foundation for the future years of training ahead of them! Great job to all of our young athletes for taking the time to learn the right way to train!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


Ben Grife is one of our younger athletes who had a big weekend! Ben had a successful tournament excelling in the skills training and made the All Tournament team in his age division! This was in Florida playing against some very talented opponents. Great job Ben!!!


Check out the new Cardio Equipment!!!! Speed Treadmills, Assault Bikes, and Rowers.


It’s always awesome to see when hard work pays off and you reach goals that you had set weeks and maybe even months ago! Many of our athletes hit all new personal bests our last testing week and many hit big time milestones in their training! Please help us in congratulating the new additions to the 500 lb club: Cael S, Brock R, Brylee P, Brayden R, Ella S, and Brynn B!

Congratulations! Keep grinding and putting in the work, and you will continue to crush the goals you have set before you!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


FRIDAY 15th of January we will be open for our normal afternoon time slots — 130. 245. 355

The roads are still icey in areas only come if you feel safe getting here.

Those who normally come at 6am you can also come at one of the afternoon times.

EVERYONE BE CAREFUL not worth taking any unnecessary risk.



Due to weather conditions, Forever Strong Training Center will be closed for all morning training sessions tomorrow (1/15)! We will keep everyone posted on the afternoon training sessions!


Wanted to give a shoutout to an individual who has made tremendous progress as an athlete, especially over the last few months! Penn Weieneth from Adel! Here is a comparison between last summer and now:
Last summer, his 3-way total was 530 lbs, vertical was 19”, standing long jump was 92”, and his pro-agility was 4.53 seconds. Now, Penn’s 3-way total is 680 lbs, vertical is 23”, standing long jump is 99”, and pro-agility is 4.44 seconds! Penn, keep working your butt off and setting your goals high! You have come such a long way, so don’t slow down now! Great job!!!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


Forever Strong Training Center is excited to announce the arrival of our new Matrix Performance S-Trainer treadmills! These will be used in both our adult fitness classes and athletic performance classes! These versatile treadmills are self-propelled and have the option of altering resistance! They can be used for both cardiovascular training, during H.I.I.T. circuits, and for speed development training for athletes, teaching proper running mechanics and allowing for maximum stride length while running! If you would like to see the treadmill in action, use the URL below!



Due to the winter weather, Forever Strong Training Center will be closed this evening (12/29) until tomorrow at NOON (12/30)! We will be offering training times at 12:00PM, 1:15PM, 2:30PM, 3:45PM, and 5:00PM for those who will have missed today’s training and tomorrow morning’s training! If you have any questions, please let us know!


This year has definitely been a crazy one, filled with many obstacles for everyone! We can not thank everybody enough for the overwhelming support through it all and trusting us to help shape the many athletes and people that walk through those doors! Merry Christmas and happy holidays; we could not do it without you!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


We are so proud of this young lady. You will not find a more dedicated or harder working person anywhere. Nicole gives so much to the game of BB all in an effort to become her best! Nicole keep working hard and good things will follow!! PROUD OF YOU!!


Holiday dates that Forever Strong will be closed!
December 24th, 25th, 31st and January 1st.

Have a great Holiday Season!!


Syd has always been one of the hardest workers we have worked with. She always knew how to focus and put in the work. Her dedication and hard work has truly paid off!!! Great job Syd!!




Help us in congratulating our newest member of the 500 lb club, Kennedy Stanford! She has had this goal in her sights for some time now and each and every testing week, she continued to chip away at it! Our last testing week, she finally hit the 500 lb mark for her 3-way total! Great job Kennedy!!! This is something you should be very proud of! Stay hungry and keep putting in the work!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


Meet some new additions to our Winterest crew! Dakota Swanson (bottom left) started with us this summer and has now picked back up where he left off! This time around, he is joined by his younger brother Wyatt (bottom right)! Behind those two are the brother and sister duo of Joel and Karlee Akers! These four athletes definitely aren’t afraid of a little hard work and sweat! They proved it the first day they walked in! Keep up the great work!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


Wanted to give a shoutout to one of our many new comers to the gym! Brody Morrison is a sophomore athlete from Earlham that competes in football, baseball and track! Brody started with us midway through our last training cycle and has already seen impressive results! In the last few weeks of his training, his 3-way total has increased by 140 lbs, his pro-agility has improved by 0.25 sec, his vertical has increased by 1 inch, and his broad jump has increased by 8 inches! Brody, this is just the beginning! Stay hungry and keep up that great work ethic and drive!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! We are all so thankful for everyone of you.


As a reminder: This week, Forever Strong Training Center will be closed Thursday (11-26) and Friday (11-27) for Thanksgiving! Today, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be normal schedule!


Our next shoutout goes to Madeline Janssen from Earlham!!! During her high school career as a pitcher, MJ has recorded 600 strikeouts and finished with a 60-17 record! She was also a 2020 All-State 3rd team selection! Yesterday she signed her letter of intent to pitch for the DMACC Bears!! MJ, congratulations; you have come so far, but the journey isn’t over yet! Continue putting in the work and the time and you’ll continue to smash your goals! Great job!!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


Help us in congratulating this stud, Layanna Green!!! Last week, Layanna signed her letter of intent to play Volleyball for the University of Northern Iowa Panthers! Layanna began training with us this summer and has made tremendous progress since then! Her work ethic and determination are second to none! Layanna, congratulations and keep working your butt off; we all know you’re going to do incredible things!!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


Forever Strong Training Center is still open!


A BIG shoutout and HUGE congratulations to Ashlyn Watt!!! Yesterday she signed her letter of intent to play soccer at Minnesota State University in Mankato! Ash, you’ve had a long road with many obstacles, but you never let any of them stop you from reaching and exceeding your goals! Your hard work, dedication, and drive pushed you through it all and you should be very proud of yourself! Congratulations on this next chapter of your journey that you will embark on! We all can’t wait to see what you will make of it!

#StrongBody #StrongMind



With the recent spike in COVID-19 in Iowa, we would like to remind everyone of our current procedures and let everyone know the new actions being put into place:

1. Masks will now be required.

2. Temperatures will continued to be checked as you enter the gym; if you read 100 degrees or higher, you’ll will be asked to return home.

3. Clean/ disinfect your hands as you arrive and as you leave.

4. Follow social distancing guidelines while at the gym.

5. Throughout training sessions, continue to use provided hand sanitizer.

6. We have purchased a new disinfecting fogging system to more effectively kill bacteria and viral germs.

7. Respect your fellow athletes and trainees. If you are feeling sick or not well, please remain at home.

8. If you were exposed to COVID-19, remain from coming to the gym for 10 days or show a negative test and remain from gym for 5 days.

If you have any questions, please let us know! Together, we will protect one another! We need everyone’s full cooperation and support! Thank you!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


Huge shoutout to these girls on another awesome season!! These same girls who won the State Cup Tournament last year; battled a hard fought game in the finals this weekend, that was pushed into overtime! They finished runner-up for the entire state of Iowa! Sami, Taryn, Jada, Karly, Katrina, Lena, McKay, Josie, Lainey and Megan; though you may not have had the outcome you wanted, no one can discount the incredible season you had!! Congratulations ladies, we know that you’re all hungry for more!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


Help us in congratulating these four Forever Strong athletes on winning the Iowa State Cup Championship! Annie, Sam, Tyler, and Owen have been competing in the Iowa State Cup Tournament where the best of the best come to play soccer! This weekend, all four of them won the championship with their teams in hard fought games! It’s awesome to see the fruits of your labor! You’re hard work and dedication to always better yourselves continues to pay off! Way to bring home the hardware and stay hungry!

#StrongBody #StrongMind


Nothing better than seeing our College level athletes finding success after a summer of hard work. Way to go Syd and Lindsey!! #Strong Body Strong Mind


We had a great week and this was the final session of the week looking for new highs on cleans. The kids produced some great results moving closer to their goals and future wins! Great job everyone!

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We offer weight and agility training for athletes from 5th grade through College level. The program is 100% designed to enhance the athletic performance of every individual no matter their level. This program has a proven track record that will get results.

We also offer Adult Fitness classes that involve weight training, cardio through an interval training approach.



27871 Fairground Road
Adel, IA

Opening Hours

Monday 06:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 16:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 06:00 - 17:00
Thursday 15:00 - 17:00
Friday 06:00 - 17:00
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