Forever Strong Training Center

Forever Strong Training Center


This is great place to send your athletes! We make the drive from Waukee and we've never thought twice about looking for a place closer. The dedication Jeff and Dakota put towards the kids is amazing. They encourage them to be better stronger, mentally tough athletes. They do a great job focusing on correct form to prevent injuries and provide a fun environment for the kids to be in. I would highly recommend checking Forever Strong out, you won't be disappointed.
Jeff Grove has done an amazing job for Sam and the ADM Volleyball team!! Tremendous improvement in strength and vertical!
Payton had so much fun learning tonight. Thanks for your time. It's refreshing to work with someone who has such a passion for this training.
Back where it all began tonight. Back before the current gym, back before BBJ, back when it was just a couple kids and Jeff in an unfinished basement at the end of gravel lane. That one summer changed my life forever. It elevated and opened up my strength/ athletic ability. Not only did that one summer open up doors to and bring me to a new level of athleticism, but it helped me grow up a little bit too. I would work in the morning, baseball in the afternoon (and night), and workout Tuesday/Thursday nights and Saturday/Sunday mornings. So learning time management and doing the "right things" got put at the top of my list of summer things to do. It was tough, but well worth it. Jeff demanded the most from you and never let you cut corners to make a lift or movement easier for you. He taught us the right way, the right technique. I've used those skills and teaching techniques from collegiate sports, throughout my military career, and now that I coach, to my athletes as well. I encourage student athletes and adults to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and true spirit of seeing you achieve your goals and grow. It's been 13 years since I had Jeff Grove leading my workout and tonight it brought back those memories with Jeff and Rocky and of that one summer that helped carve and shape my life Forever.... #foreverstrong
Jamie Jorgensen
For the past few years I have been lifting with Jeff. He has taught me so much about weightlifting and myself. He has trained me to work hard and break through barriers that tested my strength and will. With the new gym, Jeff has an even bigger set of tools he can use to develop the athletes that work with him. If you or your child are pondering going to work out at Forever Strong - do it, you won't regret it.
Well, it's been a great summer training out at the new gym. I feel it has been a huge advantage for me to be able to workout at Forever Strong, although I started there when it was still BBJ. Now, Jeff has an even greater amount of "torture" devices (I think he calls excercise) that I was able to utilize. In all honesty though, that's not what makes Forever Strong Training Center great. There are very few people I know as passionate about and as fully invested in what they do as Jeff Grove. In a way, your goals and aspiriations become his goals and aspirations. I can say, without a doubt, he has done everything in his power to help me. Constantly learning and improving to benefit the people he trains. That is what makes Forever Strong great. I remember many days going into the gym and not wanting to be there and he still found a way to get the best out of me. Or on my best days finding ways to push me even further. And for that I can't thank Jeff and Forever Strong enough.
Fantastic workout last night!!! This place is awesome:)
What age can join and price

This is a training program that has been running for 10 years and is expanding to a new +6000 square foot facility with state-of-the-art equipment.

Operating as usual

Nothing better than seeing our College level athletes finding success after a summer of hard work. Way to go Syd and Lindsey!! #Strong Body Strong Mind

We had a great week and this was the final session of the week looking for new highs on cleans. The kids produced some great results moving closer to their goals and future wins! Great job everyone!

Wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to the many in-season athletes that we have training during the school year, both those shown in the pictures and those that aren’t (sorry)! These athletes have very demanding schedules and show true dedication to still find time to get their training in! Keep up the great work!!

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Power Lift

This week we finished our first 2 weeks of in-school training, and it has been a great start! There are still just a few spots left; so if you or someone you know is looking for a serious place to train during the school year, please do not hesitate to share or contact us with any questions!

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Forever Strong Training Center in Adel, IA features over 6,000 square feet of training space and is home to 7 Power Lift Rack and Platform Stations, Glute Ham Benches, Dual Stack Functional Training Units, and Adjustable Plyometric Boxes. Turf space incorporates a TRX Suspension training area, medicine ball walls, and plenty of movement space.

The power has come back on! Training sessions will be on normal schedule tomorrow (8/12/20)!

As of a couple of hours ago, there was still no power at the gym! Please keep an eye on the social media pages, as we will post an update about tomorrow’s training sessions (8/12/20)! Plan on updating a post around 10 PM tonight!




This shoutout goes to a guy that always competes to be the hardest worker in the room and never runs away from a challenge! Brock Parker is a collegiate wrestler from Loras College that joined us this summer for some serious training! During his time, he blew his old numbers out of the water! His squat increased by 50 lbs, his bench increased by 55 lbs, and his clean increased by 50 lbs as well! He not only became much stronger, but has become a lot more fluent and explosive with his movements! Brock, congratulations on the great progress you have made and good luck on your up coming season! Great work!

#StrongBody #StrongMind

****** New Schedule Starting 8/31/2020 ********
The first week of school (8/24 - 8/28) we will be closed!

Monday and Wednesday
6:00am to 7:05am
3:45pm to 4:50pm
5:00pm to 6:05pm
6:05pm to 7:10pm
Due to early release - Friday (start times)
6:00am, 1:30pm, 2:40pm, 3:50pm


*2 day Schedule*
Tuesday and Thursday
3:45pm, 4:50pm, 6:00pm

Let us know the time slot that you would like to be scheduled for. Keep in mind: first come, first serve and we are still holding class sizes to 15.

Champions!!!!! Nice job girls that was exciting!!

It is official these two and rest of Huskies softball team headed to the STATE FINALS!!!!! Congrats to all

A huge shout out to Riley Kious and Thea Banning and rest of the Winterset girls as they claimed their first win at State today!! Congrats girls that was a great win!!! Keep those wins coming and keep chasing that dream!

This month marks Tyler’s 1 year with us at Forever Strong Training Center! Tyler is a dedicated soccer player from Waukee! Since he started last July, he has had amazing growth as an athlete and as a person! His 3-way total has increased by 245 lbs, his vertical has increased by 6.5 inches, pro-agility has went down by 0.34 seconds, and his standing long jump has increased by nearly 10 inches! Not only this, but his confidence, determination, and work ethic are a night and day difference! Tyler, congratulations on your growth and keep up the great work! This is only the beginning for you!

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Next shout out goes to a young man who may not always say the most or talk about his accomplishments, but always puts in the work time and time again! Help us in congratulating Carson for surpassing the big goals that he sets for himself! Carson, your constant hard work and drive continues to pay off and you should be very proud of yourself! Keep setting those goals high and you will keep reaching them! Great work!!!

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Our next shout out goes to two young ladies who aren’t afraid to put in work! Help us in congratulating Addi and Chloe for joining the 500+ lb. club last week! Ladies, keep setting your goals high and keep working hard! Great job!

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Our first shout out goes to Dakota Swanson from Winterset! During his short time with us so far, he has not only increased his 3-way total by 200 lbs, but he is now one of the quickest and most explosive athletes on his team, competing with the fastest players! His consistent hard work and dedication is paying off, and this is only the beginning! Great work Dakota, keep it up!

#StrongBody #StrongMind

This week was our first official testing week of the summer and what a testing week it was! There wasn’t one athlete that didn’t have a personal best! Even though there have been obstacles and changes made bec of the recent pandemic, these athletes continue to work their butts off and continue to improve themselves in all aspects! Stay tuned for highlights!

#StrongBody #StrongMind

A great example of how consistent hard work and dedication truly pays off! Listen to the podcast and you will hear the same message preached to our athletes! Success is a long, hard road; if you have the right mind set and work ethic, it will all pay off in the long run!

#StrongBody #StrongMind

From walk-on to big-time performer, Jordan Grove played a key role in back-to-back national titles in Kansas City, and the versatile RB was Northwest's second leading receiver in 2015-2017.

He's our guest on this week's Bearcat Rewind. Check it out!
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Ava Carder is an extremely hard working girl that deserves some recognition on her accomplishments! She is someone who you never hear brag, so here’s a well deserved congratulations! As she started, her 3-way total was 200 lbs, but now it is over 400 lbs! Her pro-agility has improved from 5.01 sec to 4.71 sec!
Her standing long jump has went from 79” to 85” and her vertical has improved by over 3”!

Last summer, it was a challenge for Ava to push a empty sled 20 yards and now she adds 115 lbs of extra weight to the sled for her 3 sets of 20 yards! Most important, last spring, in her first indoor track meet she ran a personal best in her 800 meter run. She now shows great confidence, strength, power and speed! What more could an athlete ask for!?

Ava, you are doing an amazing job! Keep up the hard work!
#StrongBody #StrongMind

Today marked the 1 year anniversary of starting with us for Owen! To say that he is a completely different athlete than what he was a year ago, both mentally and physically, would be an understatement! To give an idea from a statistical standpoint, Owen has increased his 3-way total from 360 lbs to 645 lbs (Squat from 135 to 300, Bench from 125 to 185, and Clean from 100 to 160), his vertical has increased from 24” to 29.5”, his broad jump has increased from 84” to 105”, and his pro-agility has improved from 4.52 seconds to 4.11 seconds! More importantly, Owen has developed a work ethic and a mentality to push himself beyond his limits that is matched by very few! Owen, congratulations on all of your improvements and all of the improvements yet to come! Your consistency and determination continues to pay off! You should be very proud; keep up the great work and setting an example in the gym for others!
#StrongBody #StrongMind

Awesome to see familiar and new faces alike, back in the gym working their butts off! There are only a few spots left available for training; so we are on a first come, first serve basis! Please feel free to comment or share this to anyone that may be in search of a safe, controlled, and clean place to train!

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Just a reminder — How we are keeping things SAFE:

1) Every person has their Temp checked as they arrive!!!
2) Every person washes hands as they arrive
3) Only one person allowed in each Power Rack
4) Hand Sanitizer spread throughout the Gym.
5) Social Distancing staying well below 50 percent of our capacity.
6) EVERY piece of equipment that is used is cleaned and sanitized before the next group is allowed into the gym.
7) There is 30 minutes between every session.
8. There is no acitivity that requires a partner or a spotter
9) As they finish they clean their hands and move on. We clean all the equipment and then we waive in the new group.

This has required us to nearly triple the sessions that we are offering for a similar number of athletes but it is working!! . #Keeping it Safe

The GYM will be closed Memorial Day!! Have a great WEEKEND!!!!!

Quarantine Workout #36 (5/14/20)

#StrongBody #StrongMind

We will begin training May 15th, 2020. The Governor of Iowa has given all of us Rules to follow which we already have in place. She asked that we run only at 50% capacity we plan to hold ours to 40% - We will cap all training sessions to 15 kids.. We will open up more sessions to offer the greatest amount of training time possible... If you are ready to get back into the gym let us know as soon as possible.. Our training spots are filling up fast.. #StrongBody #StrongMind

Rules -

No use of water fountain - bring your own water bottle.

Bring your shoes in for a workout nothing will be allowed to be worn in.

We will waive in all people to come into the building only after the last session has ended and we have cleaned all equipment.

Nobody should be at the gym with a temp of 100.5 or higher. - We soon will have ability to check all people.

Hand disinfectant will be at the gym use it often.

At end of each workout every piece of equipment will be cleaned.

Only 1 person will be allowed on Power Racks at a time. While doing other drills we will maintain 6' distance rules.

There will be sign posted reminding everyone of the required actions.

Our goal is to provide exceptional training but our first concern is to do it as safely as possible. If you have any other suggestions please call me and let me hear your thoughts.

Quarantine Workout #35 (5/13/20)

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Quarantine Workout #34 (5/12/20)

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Quarantine Workout #33 (5/11/20)

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Quarantine Workout #37 (5/8/20)

#StrogBody #StrongMind

Quarantine Workout #36 (5/7/20)

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Quarantine Workout #35 (5/6/20)

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Quarantine Workout #34 (5/5/20)

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Quarantine Workout #33 (5/4/20)

#StrongBody #StrongMind

Quarantine Workout #32 (5/1/20)

#StrongBody #StrongMind

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Quarantine Workout Demo Video (3/30/20)
Quarantine Workout Demo Video (3/27/20)
Quarantine Workout Demo Video (3/26/20)
Quarantine Workout Demo Video (3/25/20)
Quarantine Workout Demo Video (3/24/20)
Testing Success!!




27871 Fairground Road
Adel, IA

Opening Hours

Monday 06:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 16:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 06:00 - 17:00
Thursday 15:00 - 17:00
Friday 06:00 - 17:00
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