A motocross and arenacross training facility with full RV hookups.

Motocross/Supercros training facility in Adrian Georgia

Closed till middle of August headed to Loretta’s !!! 2018 supermini 2 125 cyouth here we come !# motovip #77racerbee#travisbelotti177

[07/25/18]   Open everyday this week at9am to dark come get last min test and tune ! #lorettalynn 2018

[07/25/18]   We are riding and training for Loretta’s till Saturday !!! Come on by !! 83 Walden way Adrian ga31002. Ripp deep!!!

[07/25/18]   We are headed to Loretta lynn! Travis is in the national championship 2 classes 125youth supermin2 !! Anyone need any help hit us up !!!

Open everyday !! If your training for Loretta’s or headed to Loretta’s! Get used to heat get tuned !! 200 bucks ride all week with rv hookup !!!!

[07/14/18]   Track perfect got a shower and groomed let’s rip !!! Come on out open all weekend !!!

[07/13/18]   Open watering track now come on out !!! Open till dark !!!

Open track perfect !!!

[07/10/18]   New water pump for water truck !!! Going to water and groom wed am! Open all week !!!

[07/08/18]   4spots left for wed to Sunday training next week 250 bucks includes rv hookup !!! July 11to15 track is going to be deep deep and ruff !! Open for daily riding also !!!

Track perfect !!!!

If you need one on one training, or anything else Jacob would love to help out. Open everyday call for any help or to schedule training !!! Loretta’s is right around corner !!! 571-451-8493#motovip #jacobelotti

[07/05/18]   Open open open everyday ! Rained yesterday track perfect today !! 20 dollars ride all day 10 dollars 5pm to dark n weekdays !!

[06/30/18]   10 dollars 5 to dark !!!!

Ok let’s get this out there !!! We are here to make you fast Loretta’s Lynn national fast!!!! If you want to be local hero and ride on highways that’s your choice as a rider or parent !! If you go to big races the tracks are so ruff ! Point muddy creek regional ! Or mini o or Loretta’s tracks get rough! We rip the place this deep for a reason !! You practice in tougher conditions then you race hence do good at races !!!

There is trained and there is untrained! Which are you!!!!!

20 $ adult

10 $ 10 and under

[06/29/18]   Grooming track now 10 dollars ride 5 to dark ! 20 all day grooming kids track for tomorrow!!!

[06/29/18]   Open today and this weekend !!! Ripping today at noon !

2 week training camp !!!come get used to heat before Loretta’s !!! 1000$. Rv hook up included ! If you just want rv hookup and place to ride ! 500 per month no training ! Rv hookup and ride 30 days 500$ we offer live in training also ! Let us help you get ready for Loretta’s !!! 571 451 8493. Track open everyday !!!!!24/7 365!!!

Open all week and weekend ! If your getting ready for Loretta’s!! Come on by! Track will be watered and prepped sat and Sunday !!!

[06/24/18]   Got a little rain yesterday track perfect come on out !!!

[06/23/18]   Track open !!

We are open today and everyday jake is there is you need lessons or Loretta’s training !!! 571-451-8493. Camping free!!!

[06/21/18]   Open this weekend and open for full time training and riding !! 500 amonth rv hookup and ride 30 days 1000 amonth training rv hook up included !! 5714518393 Bobby jake 5714518492 at track 24/7

Hope to be down wed to get track ready for the weekend and summer training !! Loretta’s here we come ! Couldn’t be prouder of this kid !!! Road so hard coming from bad starts every Moto !!! To top 2 !! Moto VIP rider Racer bee 🐝 #177!!! You the man !

The kid did it came from the back of the back to pull it of !! He won the regionals!!! We are going to the National!! Loretta’s here we come can’t say how proud of dad training !!!! Goes to show you put in the work it will happen !!!! Hit us up for Loretta training !!!

[06/14/18]   Last Loretta’s qualifier!!! New York 𝓱𝒆𝓻𝒆 we come ! Leon around if you want to ride ! I’ll be back Tuesday to groom and get track ready for summer !!!

To all the Moto vip riders great job at the llq !! Coleman 91 captain jack28 Travis 🐝 177 all you boys rode hard ! Great job guys ! We will see when the roster comes out who is on National roster for title run !!! Hit us up if you need help getting ready for Loretta’s!!! 571 -451-8493

[06/11/18]   Sorry we’ve been closed guys we are qualifing for Loretta’s we will we open June 18 for full time riding . And training have one more qualifier this weekend ! We are open to ride in just not there to prep track ! Leon always around !! Lol 😆

[06/03/18]   Open tomorrow 10 am track perfect !!!

[06/01/18]   Moto VIP open all weekend
If your trying to get ready for regionals looking for a ruff and deep track
#MotoVIP #LL2018 #177

Moto vip wants to thank everyone that has come out and support our goal ! We want all our riders in the show! Loretta’s is the goal! We are going to keep track tuff and challenging! Racer 🐝 177 7th place today in supermini Great job ! Everyone else that rode did great also ! I’ve tried to stress the point of how ruff and tough the Tracks get at national level !! Let’s get the kids ready get ready before u get there make sure there ready put in the work it’s the only way !!!!!

A little rain not much still racing 4 out of gate 7th first Moto 11 more to go you got this racer bee 🐝 #177travis Belotti !!!

[05/25/18]   Moto VIP right behind finish line anyone need us !!!

[05/25/18]   Reginal championship this weekend. Travis B 177 good luck 👍 good luck to all of moto vips riders!! If anyone needs anything come see us under motovips tent

Moto VIP new member !!!!

[05/18/18]   Please share everyone track perfect for tomorrow perfect !!! Open till dark !!!

[05/18/18]   Open track great open all weekend and today !!!

[05/17/18]   Moto VIP open all weekend no rain outs sand tracks and sand sand sand !!! 5714518493

Track open for riding only not there to water so only 20$ ride all u want !!!open everyday neighbor will let u in and sign u in please call first if you want to ride !closed for lessons for short time had a guy that runs my Farm in va have a heart attack ! I’m going to be here about 8 days ! Be open next weekend may 19-20th watered and groomed !!! And open for lessons ! Anyone need full time training this summer have daily weekly monthly training available and affordable!!!! Bobby 571-451-8493 if you want to go fast hit us up !!! Please everyone share this post !!! 571-451-8493. Bobby Please share yes get ready for the big show !!! #racer177 # motovip # Loretta’s training

[05/07/18]   Starting this Wednesday! Group workout lesson in haymarket va ! Only room for 5 people ! It will be held at the Belotti brothers secret practice track !cone get ready for the season ! Hit me up to reserve space !!! This is in. Northern Virginia!!

[05/05/18]   Parents when u come for lesson please bring extra gas ⛽️!!!! We burn fuel ⛽️!

[05/05/18]   Watering track ! Come on out Travis bee 177 going to training today ! Time to get ready for regionals !!! Open to everyone !!! 10 $ kids track 25 ride it all !!!

[05/04/18]   Anyone need lessons or help strong ready for regional ! Hit me up !571 451 8493. Or come on out this weekend

[05/03/18]   Kids track 10 $$dollars ride allday ! 85cc and smaller 12and under !25$ ride everything !!!

[05/03/18]   Come on out this weekend ! Open all weekend !!!

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