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Hi everyone! Do any of these sound like you:

-You are ready to hit that fitness goal but you don't know where to start.
-You already started but you hit a plateau and the results don't seem to be happening.
-You started to workout but got bored and didn't know where to go from there.
-You are not sure if you have the right exercise equipment and are not sure if you are doing the right exercises for your goal.
-You want to start to workout but you have pain or an injury that is stopping you or slowing you down.

I am happy to inform you that help is available for you through Custom Online Personal Training at an affordable rate. Try this 30 Day Kick Start Challenge for only $75 (normally $150). If you like it you can continue at that same rate of $75.

Comes with:
-Calories Tracking
-Body Stats Tracking
-Custom designed workouts with exercise demonstrations
-Nutritional Guidance
-Free Tasty Recipes
-Access to a Personal Trainer
-All available at your fingertips and can take with you wherever you go.

To get started, direct message me. Please be aware I may already be assisting someone and will respond to you as quickly as I can.

Sincerely Coach Michael Diaz

Wednesday WOD. Focus on your breathing to get through each round. If you hit failure during an exercise then, stop and rest to catch your breath, then back to work. πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ƒ

You got this πŸ’ͺπŸ˜‰

Michael Diaz on

The brick and mortar is still closed however the online personal training is open and running... With 17 years of Fitness Industry knowledge and backgrounds in multiple fitness categories, a discovery of what was missing in fitness programs is now in place. MD Fitness combines PROPER form, Anaerobic Exercises and Resistance Training workouts designed to melt unwanted fat, ADD lean strong muscle...

MD Fitness

Due to Covid-19 MD Fitness has adapted and is now offering Online Personal Training with a workout Schedule, Body Stats, Progress and Goal Tracking, Calorie Tracking along with Customized Meal Plans(includes shopping lists), Post Workout Yoga Stretches, Online Community and Two way messaging to communicate with your trainer all in one place. Let's start building up your immune system today.
START HERE ---> ttps:// MD Fitness specializes in personal and online training. Train with our revolutionary online training app. Our trainers will customize your unique workouts, which you can access online or through your smartphone.

Build up your immune system with exercise.

I remember how depressed I would get when it came to shopping for clothes. Nothing felt comfortable and everything seemed to be constricting. The clothes seem to fit well on the mannequin but did not have the same effect when I put them on. Everything that would fit me sideways was too long lengthwise. If I ever did find something that felt decent, I would have to find the brand and order all types of colors and hope I would not outgrow them again. Losing weight has brought life and joy back to my life. Let me help you bring some joy back to your life. Private message me your thoughts and let me show you how we together can turn things around.

Happy Leg Day Friday everyone! Great job today Jessica!

Each day that I flip the sign to β€œopen,”is an invitation to an adventure. Each day is a mystery to whose life will I add quality to? Thank you Lord for the gift you have bestowed upon me and help me to use it well to serve my community and my fellow brethren.

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Where is your mind at?

Oakhurst and surrounding area residents, if you are in physical pain right now then, this ad is for you. Are you tired of that sciatica acting up, runners knee, back pain or even headaches? Click this link to change your life...

A lot of the pain we experience comes from muscle imbalances that play a game of tug of war on our bones and moves them out of alignment causing pain or even pinching a nerve and disrupting joint function. These can be corrected without surgery and without drugs.

At MD_Fitness we aim to correct that imbalance so that you'll have functional biomechanics and then you can get back to enjoying time with your family or loved ones without pain. Imagine waking up and going through your day without the pain holding you back or slowing you down. Feel youthful again with energy and a good posture. If you would like to change the pain, then know that MD_Fitness is here to help you. We have an affordable personal trainer ready to get you back to your old self. Start now by clicking this link...

MD_Fitness wants to help your local community tackle their fitness goals this year. That's why we are going to help those who reach out. Jump Start your 2020 year with a roadmap to your goals by signing up for the 9 Personal Training Sessions for only $89 right here

This is what my client said about my personal training service. Donna was the owner and operator of Sweet Water Berry Farms.

"Prior to doing personal training, I was diagnosed with sciatica and a shortened leg. Coach Mike is helping me to correct sciatica and fix the uneven hips. I am noticing a big difference in my gait, posture and body mechanics in such a short amount of time. I love the challenge and how Coach Mike makes working out a learning experience. He's a great trainer and I do highly recommend him."

Donna Barker

This is your chance! Don't miss it! We can do this. You must take action for we can only accept 10 people so, act fast by clicking this link --->

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Do Diets Really Just Make You Fatter?

The stress hormone Cortisol is released by the adrenal glands when we become stressed out. Cortisol helps regulate our metabolism which controls our ability to lose and gain weight. I believe diets stress people out which makes them gain the unwanted weight back, go on food binges, feel like they have to hide to eat and talk themselves into happiness. You would be surprised how exercise can really help your metabolism and allow you to eat happily and still burn the unwanted weight off plus lower your visceral fat which is the fat around your organs. Long-term success rates for weight loss diets are very poor. Many studies suggest that dieting actually makes you gain more weight over time.

It's funny how there are so many diets and new ones popping up on the daily. Which diet has really stood the test of time? If there was a diet that actually worked 100% of the time with every person then we would surely hear about it. The truth about dieting is it stresses you out. You know, the diets that won't let you eat your favorite tasting carbs. It makes you want to pull your hair out when you discover Japan at one point was the healthiest people on the planet and they ate 70% carbs. How about those diets that make you feel like you have to hide in a corner in the dark to eat so no one sees you. These stressful diets cause your body to release the cortisol hormone which makes you gain weight. So how is that diet really going to work? Here is the best diet for you. This will boost your metabolism so your body will burn more calories a day than you could possibly consume equalling weight loss. Hope that helps someone out there πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ŽπŸ€™

Exercise | Dudes | YOGA | United States

Loving this new Yoga Style!

Watch the shocking truth of your beverages!

Did you know this about water? An absolutely mind-blowing demonstration!! CHECK IT OUT!

Opinion | The Problem With Body Positivity

This is a great article on someone who was once on the dark side of Body Positivity. You can love yourself at any size and you can also love a change to a healthier waist line at the same time. Weβ€˜re not helping fat girls by telling them that every single problem can be solved by learning to love themselves.

Why People Are Putting Fitness Trackers on Toilet Paper in China

πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ‘‡ It all started with a mystery: Why would a fitness tracker detect a beating heart on a roll of toilet paper?

#motivation #fitness

What a lovely couple πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ
#fitness #bcaa #fitfam

Breakfast fruit burst pre-workout fuel. I will quickly burn these calories up πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ #fitness #fitfam #foodie #workout #nutrition

[06/16/18]   I know it's Friday. The more reason to workout and to workout with a passion.

[06/14/18]   Thank you for the knowledge, healing, experience and courage. I had the best back day in 10 years yesterday! I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and actually feel it's warm arms of success wrap around me! It has been a long, long, formidable road and at times seemed like a mission impossible. It was great to feel like my old happy, energetic, easy going self. I miss that dude!!! Look out world Mikey's back!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ƒπŸ€™

[05/24/18]   I know I have been gone for a bit. My recovery has been a slow process but we are moving forward and that gives me hope. Miss working out hard and leading those into fit bodies. I shall return soon.

BEWARE NestlΓ© bought Garden of Life - MD Fitness 805 News

What will happen to our beloved meal replacement shake?

Nestle to buy health products maker Atrium for $2.3 billion GENEVA β€” Swiss consumer goods company Nestle says it is buying Atrium Innovations, a privately-he...

Silicone Injection Murder BBL - MD Fitness 805 - Fitness News

Silicone Injection Murder BBL - MD Fitness 805 - Fitness News
Watch video for the story and solution.

Woman charged with murder injected buttocks with industrial-grade silicone Silicone Injection Murder BBL - MD Fitness 805 - Fitness News Brazilian Butt Lift ...

"FITNESS starts at the crack of dawn & it goes until you close your eyes for sleep. It is NOT a 20, 45, or 60 minute workout; it is a LIFESTYLE!"

Coach Michael Diaz


We need comfort exercise...

MD Fitness 805 - Update

MD Fitness Update since YouTube took away their video editor.

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MD Fitness 805

Get mental today!

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Build up your immune system with exercise.
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