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Reno Yaw
Mahalo Coach Rob & wrestlers! Louis & Xavier learned super useful techniques, and had a great time at your practice. It was the highlight of our visit, and we hope to see you at future tournaments.
Can anyone recommend a good wrestling gym near Waikiki. My son who is 16 will be missing a couple weeks of practice while we are there vacationing. I would like to put him in some classes to keep him sharp for an important tournament the week we return. thank you
Presbyterian College is the first NCAA Division 1 institution to add Women's Wrestling! PC is a small private college located in Clinton, SC with a rich history of excellent academics and athletics. We are looking to grow our program and are looking for females that are dedicated and hardworking. If you are interested, please fill out our questionnaire or contact me directly at [email protected]

At the Hawaii Wrestling Academy our main focus is to have a positive impact on your child's life and we use wrestling as a vehicle to do that. We believe good position is what wins matches, and focus on the longevity of a athlete's career rather than win

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Looking to improve your football skills this season? Wrestling is a great way to learn skills you can take to the field! Call us for lessons or read more here: http://vlnkx.com/ur1M08A

Two weeks left to take advantage of our Folkstyle Season Pass deal! Don’t miss out on this great package for your athlete to reach their goals with the help of our qualified coaches and for you to save!
⌛⌛: September 30
💰💰: $450
Comes with:
- 6-month memership
- Unlimited practices
- Unlimited clinics
- HWA t-shirt and shorts
- Competition uniform
Go to Hawaiiwrestlingacademy.com to register or contact Coach Rob at 808-381-3048.
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The Folkstyle Season Pass is available NOW and the deadline is approaching fast. Don’t miss out on this great package for your athlete to reach their goals with the help of our qualified coaches and for you to save!
⌛⌛: September 30
💰💰: $450
Go to Hawaiiwrestlingacademy.com to register or contact Coach Rob at 808-381-3048.
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Big kids practice tonight

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3 Ways Wrestling Will Improve Your Football Skills http://vlnkx.com/hdYlpzq

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Pontus Thiravong is taking the mat today at Fargo Nationals in the junior freestyle division. Thiravong has been wrestling for three years; he started at the age of 14. The incoming high school senior enjoys cooking in his off time.
Graphic by @alohademele
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17-year-old Brianna Funakoshi, and the rest of the junior women, represent at the Fargodome in three days. With just two years of wrestling under her belt, Funakoshi’s achievements include 3rd at HHSAA state this past season and 6th the year before. When Funakoshi’s not training, you can find her hanging out with her friends.
Graphic by @alohademele
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USAW Junior Rita Morales hits the mat with the rest of Team Hawaii at Fargo Nationals on Tuesday, July 16. Morales has been wrestling since she was 14, and at 18 years old, she has racked up an array of accomplishments—HHSAA state runner-up (2019), 3rd at HHSAA state (2018), 3rd at OIAs (2019), 4th at OIAs (2017, 2018), 6th at OIAs (2016) and Western Regional runner-up (2016, 2017). This past year Morales also earned 6th at UWW Junior Women’s Nationals and 5th at U23 Women’s Nationals. On top of her wrestling accomplishments, the graduated senior received 14th at Westerns (2019) for cross-country. In judo she earned 1st at Westerns and 3rd at OIAs this year and 2nd at Westerns and 5th at OIAs in 2018. In her down time, this decorated wrestler likes going to the beach and braiding hair.
Graphic by @alohademele
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Jamie "Kanoelani" Grilho will be representing Team Hawaii and Hawaii Wrestling Academy in the Junior Women’s division at Fargo Nationals on Tuesday, July 16. She has been wrestling for six years and has been doing karate for 13 years. As a high school senior, Grilho has accomplished taking third twice at JV OIAs (2017,2018), runner-up at varsity OIAs and 4th at HHSAA State (2019). The 17-year-old enjoys drawing, eating, and going to the movies.
Graphic by @alohademele
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On our way to cadet and junior nationals

Kaycie Tanimoto will kick off the 2019 Fargo National Tournament in the 16U (Cadet) division this Saturday, July 16, in North Dakota. The high school junior started wrestling at 11 years old, and earned 5th place at HHSAA state in 2018. The 16-year-old also competes in judo and enjoys doing art, playing with her dogs and eating ice cream.
Graphic by @Aloha de Mele

Sam Higa hosted our first ever All Girls Champion Camp at our academy and it was full of amazing FIRSTS for everyone in attendance.

1) First time we can remember there being an All Girls Champion Camp in Hawaii.
2) First time for these girls to meet and bond with a whole room full of other girls, JUST LIKE THEM
3) First time the younger girls got to 'Challenge" the older girls. . .AND WIN (in jon ken po)
4) First time they were coached by an all women coaching staff

It was great to be witnessing history in the making, and we give all the credit to Sam Higa for her forward thinking with wanting to do a camp like this for our girls. And we cant wait for her to do it again next year! Same time, so mark your calendars!

Only two days until WCWA All-American, Sam Higa, puts on the All Girls Champions Wrestling Camp right here at Hawaii Wrestling Academy.

Four other clinicians will be there including Bree Rapoza and Lindsey Villarmia of Grapplers Hawaii and Coach Ku’u Robinson and JT Ojerio of HWA.

USAW Card Required

Contact Coach Rob for any questions at 808-381-3048

3 Tips for First-Time Wrestling Parents https://vlnkx.co/2xrhEUu

The Folkstyle Season Pass is now available for purchase on the HWA website! Six months of access, plus more, for just $450! Get all that you need to train and compete in just one package. For more information check out our website in the bio or contact Coach Rob at 808-381-3048.

Another good practice with Jennings County

Jennings County flew in yesterday from Indiana to train with HWA for nine days. Catch them during our normal practice times for new practice partners and new looks.

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@ Hawaii Wrestling Academy

Thanks terry and @usawrestling for the new kicks! They feel great!

How Can Your Kids Benefit From Wrestling? https://vlnkx.co/2K3YxrW

Samantha Higa brings her skills and knowledge to HWA for a FREE two-day camp. Joining her is HWA’s very own Coach Ku’u and JT Ojerio and Hawaii Grappler coaches Bree Rapoza and Lindsey Villarmia.

Whether you’re preparing for Nationals in Fargo, North Dakota or next folkstyle season, this is a perfect opportunity to get better!

Higa is a two-time HHSAA state champion, a WCWA All-American, and currently Missouri Valley’s Women’s Wrestling Assistant Coach.

The schedule for both days is as follows:

Session 1: 9-10:30 AM

Session 2: 11 AM-1 PM

The camp is open to all girls of all ages.

Call (808) 381-3048 for more questions

Hawaii Wrestling Academy

Indiana’s Jennings County Wrestling sends Coach Jeffrey Morrison and 10 athletes to train exclusively with us and experience the life and culture for nine days.

Friday's are FREE open mats for all Team Hawaii wrestlers! Stop in on Friday nights from 6:30-8:00PM. Join us and get coaching from certified coaches!

Super proud of these girls! Rita had a great tournament, placing 6th in UWW junior and 5th in U23.

For those of you that dont know, the UWW junior division has competitors up to 20 yrs old, and U23 is up to 23 years old. The majority of these girls matches were against college girls trying to make world teams. They came out hard and our girls battled bravely.

Brianna learned alot about herself and emerged a more confident wrestler.

Rita was spoken to by several college coaches, and surprised us all, including herself. She had a total of 14 matches. After her last match we headed over to sports med with a swollen knee, bad shoulder, kink in the neck, and a head pain. She never took a timeout no matter how many times I asked her if she needed one. She fought hard for every single point.

I'm just so very proud of these two girls and cant wait for junior nationals in july!

First pic is with alli ragan in center @ Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas

Good friends talking story and having fun.

Hawaii Wrestling Academy coach Robinson

Coach Rob Officiating in Las Vegas at the UWW nationals

Coach Billy Wood referring a UWW match

Age is only a number, Master's division.

Master's Division getting the fall

Master's Division in Las Vegas

Checking out venue at the US OPEN and Western Regionals wrestling tournament.

Ku'u Robinson teaching a Bronze level USAW coaches course at Hawaii Wrestling Academy.

Sunday practice working on Mindset and Goal setting before physical practice beings with Coach Sean Kim and Ku'u Robinson.

Always striving to provide opportunities for hawaii wrestlers to advance. One way to do that is to help advance our coaches. This is a great course that will provide new insight to coaching. Preregistration deadline is April 11.

Our Story

Are you looking for an opportunity to grow you and your little one’s athletic abilities? At Hawaii Wrestling Academy in Aiea, HI, you can do just that. With more than 30 years of coaching experience, this facility is one of the only wrestling clubs in the area that offers year-round wrestling for ages four and up. Their trainers are committed to helping you and your child achieve success. This Christian-based facility sees qualified professionals training you and your children daily. Each coach is USA Wrestling certified, two coaches are United World Wrestling Referees, and one is even a former national team member. They’re qualified to teach the three different styles of wrestling offered, including folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco-Roman. They also offer open mats on Fridays for adults to practice their skills in a relaxed environment with the aid of available coaches. Competing to win is not something this wrestling club is based on. They pride themselves in making the sport enjoyable, allowing athletes to truly have fun while learning and honing their skills. Their main focus is to grow the longevity of each athlete’s career, pushing you to be stronger both mentally and physically. Their non-competing nature extends to other wrestling clubs in the area. They hope to collaborate and encourage cooperative teamwork to show athletes what the true meaning of sportsmanship is. For an enjoyable athletic atmosphere, contact Hawaii Wrestling Academy. During each wrestling class, you can expect to learn discipline, respect, and responsibility. If you have a USA Wrestling card, enjoy your first practice for free. Call (808) 381-3048 or visit them online to find out more today.

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98-025 Hekaha Street, Ste 2 Unit 201
Aiea, HI

Opening Hours

Monday 17:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 17:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 17:00 - 20:00
Thursday 17:00 - 20:00
Friday 17:00 - 20:00
Sunday 16:00 - 18:00
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