Spokane Speedway

Spokane Speedway


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Hi. Are they champion points somewhere? I need to update Ashlynns race resume and since this is the only track we committed too I'd like to add her results. Thanks
Did anyone get any Videos of the pro main from last weekend?. And or Podium Pics? Thanks
Great job to phyl and his entire crew at spokane speedway, flat track,I've found my new home track, a great season, keeping it safe and fun.
Attn: Spokane Flat Track family! We had planned on coming up for the race this weekend and hand out the awards for the Winter Series...but plans changed😞. I shipped the awards to Phil Z. so he could give them out. If you were in the top three in the Winter Series, see Phil. Hope to see you all soon! Have fun and stay safe. -Team High Desert
A friendly reminder: Please take note of the allotted times for sign-up. We will stop promptly at that time as to start prepping class line up and paperwork for race time. NO additional sign ups or changes will be made after that time. Thanks in advance for your help and cooperation! Saturday: Gates open at 9 Early practice 10-2 Sign-up 3-5 🚩🚩🚩 Riders meeting 330 Race practice 4-5 RACING at 6 Sunday Gates open at 9 Sign-up 9-11🚩🚩🚩 Race practice 10-11 Riders meeting 1030 RACING at 12
When are we gonna see a release on point standings?
Thanx for showing us ladies at the track some appreciation, Danny. It's the little things that count. Gents take note 😉 (dont mind the dirty window sill, this window lives open a lot lol
Just want to say a big Thank You to the crew and racers at the track last weekend. Saturday was a blast and definitely made the trip from Southern Idaho worth it. I only regret not being able to make it back out for Sunday but had to head home earlier than planned. It's a great track and good people. Thanks again. Does anyone have any contact information for Jay Gardner #17 vintage class? I was supposed to get it from him Sunday but that didn't work out. Also does anyone know who the photographer was that was at the track Saturday night?
The fun police are coming to town.... mainly to get Matthew OJ Russell lol
Empire Cycle and Christina Ostrom-glass, I loved watching you all race. What fun!!

Outdoor Flat Track racing in Spokane WA.

Operating as usual

Spokane Flat Track

Our indoor is cancelled for December. Let’s hope we can all race in January. Make sure you’re following Spokane Flat Track so you can get the updates as they’re posted.

It breaks our hearts to report we'll have to delay the start of the winter indoor series again, due to the shut down provisions. Hope to see everyone in 2021. Remaining race dates as of right now:
Still with hopes to add in more dates for February and March. Stay tuned, and keep it rubber side down.

Paul "fireball" Morgan

Spokane Flat Track

Here’s some info on the indoor season here. Go like and follow their page to get updates!

Hey everyone,

We know it's been quiet, and everyone is anxiously waiting for some race dates to put on their calendars. With all of these Covid restrictions, having events at the county property has been a major challenge. Here are the current date we have saved with the fairgrounds:


May be able to add some dates in February and March. But of course with the latest state mandate, we may need to delay the December race. We really miss seeing everyone out at the track. Please stay tuned as we figure this out. We're not trying to keep anyone in the dark, it's just been a challenge to nail anything down with the ever changing pandemic scenery.

Best wishes to you all, and hope to see you soon.
Paul "fireball" Morgan

[11/05/20]   Good Mornin'

I just wanted to reach out and let you all know that the track is in-between ownership/promoter at this time. While the changing of the guard gets worked out, I got some info passed on to me about the year end standings for this last summer season! Take a look and let me know if anything looks amiss or names are misspelled.

Congrats to everyone that raced and hope that you had a great season! -Jo Kennedy

50cc Beginner:
Jaxson Gillhoover 1st
Sawyer Seehorn 2nd
Devyn Robinson 3rd

50cc Advanced:
Joseph Kinzebach 1st
Racelee McCoy 2nd
Trevin Auckerman 3rd

Cash Gillhoover 1st
Alexander Garris 2nd
Joseph Kinzebach 3rd

Cash Gillhoover 1st
Kyle Ragsdale Jr 2nd
Chase Reimers 3rd

Anthony Anderson 1st

Julie Whitney 1st
Kortney Nelson 2nd
Kristina Hiatt 3rd

Open Amateur:
Makenna Hiatt 1st

Open Pro:
Todd Gillhoover 1st
Ryan Hiatt 2nd
Jaden Kennedy 3rd

Open Pro-Am:
Joe Kidd 1st
Jaden Kennedy 2nd
Myles Donaldson 3rd

Pitbike/ Mad Dog:
Chase Reimers 1st
Miguel Luengo Jr. 2nd

Super SR 50+:
Fran Gillhoover 1st
Jeff Hiatt 2nd
Sam Cover 3rd

Vet 30+:
Amy Lee McCoy 1st

Rory Whitney 1st
Joe Kidd 2nd
Troy Allen 3rd

Vintage 2 stroke:
Ken Hageman 1st

Tote Goats:
Scott Heselwood 1st
Jack Long 2nd

Kyle Ragsdale 1st
Chase Riemers 2nd
Kyden Lockwood 3rd

[09/12/20]   Its a little smoky out here but we are still racing! Early practice is 1-3, regular practice is 3:30-4:30 and racing starts at 5:30. Fallowing the last checkered flag Nathan Chartrey will start playing some music during our end of season bash.

Just a little smoke on the horizon! It looks like we will have great weather for our last race! We can’t wait to see you all

We are racing this weekend! The air quality in airway is shown as moderate. Theres isnt much smoke in the sky. So escape the haze on the coast and enjoy some fresher air and flat track racing.


The Monster - Eminem (Feat.Rihanna) Live Studio Acoustic cover by Nathan Chartrey

Here is something you can look forward to after the races Saturday night. This is Nathan Chartrey doing a cover of Eminem & Rihannas song “The Monster”. He will impress you with he’s unique music style featuring great vocals, rhythms, rhymes, & one man band style using his guitar to mimic the beat of the drums. Plan on staying late Saturday night to celebrate a successful 2020 season & enjoy music and good time with your flat track family.

youtube.com #eminem #slimshady #themonster #coversong #rihanna #acoustic #hiphop The Monster by Eminem ft. Rihanna Cover and performance by Nathan Chartrey Audio Enginee...

Unfortunatly, next weekends race on September 12th at Spokane Speedway could be the last outdoor race in the northwest for this crazy 2020 year. We look forward to seeing all of you at the race track one more time while its still warm to enjoy some great racing and sunshine. After the main events, we will be having an end of season party with live music by Nathan Chartrey to thank everyone for a great season. Camping will be available Friday and Saturday.

Our next race is less than 2 weeks away!! This will be a short track race & our last race of the season. We will end the raceday with live music by Nathan Chartrey and an end of season celebration. Share this post to receive $5 of your general admission.

We have some special stuff planned for our last race on September 12th. Following the last race of the night we will be having an end of season bash with our friend and local musician Nathan Chartrey playing music while we all celebrate another fun race season at Spokane Speedway. Stay tuned as we announce other fun activities we will have planned for our last event.

This weekend will be round 5 & 6 of our 7 race season. Saturday we will be running short track and sunday we will be running TT. We are still looking for volunteers to help us run our front gate, concessions, lap count & flag. Any help is greatly appreciated. On Sunday morning our friends from Soul Patrol MC will be hosting a church service before the racing begins. Points will be posted by the scoring tower. We look forward to seeing you at the race track!

[08/11/20]   We are in need of some volunteers for this Saturday and Sunday races! We need someone for the front gate, concessions, and lap counters. We will wave yours or your child’s second race entry fee. Please let us know if you can help out! We’re looking forward to seeing you all for another awesome race weekend!

SHARE THIS POST TO SAVE $5 off you fee at the front gate.
This weekened we will be holding our last double header of the season. Saturday will be a short track race & sunday will be a TT race. Camping will be available Friday thru Sunday. We will start Saturday off with a beginner practice at 11:00 am for first time riders/racers to get comfortable on the track. We could use some extra volunteers for both day. If you know someone who would like to help, we will wave fees on a riders second class entry. Church service will be held at 9:30 Sunday morning by Soal Potrol MC for anyone who would like to attend.

[08/06/20]   We will be holding A practice this SUNDAY (Aug 9th) in preparing for our double header on the 15/16th.
From 2pm-4pm will be one-on-one coached practice.
$75 hosted by Phyl Zub limited to 3 riders.

From 4pm-5pm beginners/first time riders practice. $10 limited to 10 riders.

Open practice for all riders will go from 6pm-8pm.$30 per rider.

*For coached and beginner practice please message to reserve your spot.

Huge thanks to everyone who came out for our Thursday night race! Here’s some pictures of our top finishers.

[07/30/20]   ITS RACE DAY!!!
Bring your friends out to enjoy some high speed family friendly flat track racing!

Races start at 6:30
Practice is 4:00-5:00
Early practice is 1:00-3:00

See you there!

We’re two days away from our Thursday night race! We will be serving spaghetti and meatballs in the tower along with our other usual treats and beverages. General admission will be lowered to $10 for adults and $5 for under 12, military, seniors, and first responders. We understand some of you may have to work later so we will be accepting race entries up until the start of the main events. We look forward to seeing you all for a great Thursday night of racing!

Enjoying some live music from our friend Shaiden Hutchman / Straid to pair with some Saturday night practice laps.

Were doing a relaxing practice day. Were gonna have local musician shaiden hutchman playing some musics for use while we hangout and enjoy being at the race track.


Photography by Gary Davis Events Page

Photos from our first 3 races from Gary Davis Photography are uploaded click the link below to look.


photographybygarydavis.com Gary Davis is a traditional photographer who photographs weddings, senior portraits, motorcycle events, flat track races.

Our next race will be Thursday July 30th. Early practice will be start at 1 and go until 3, Sign ups from 3-6, regular practice from 5-6, and racing will start at 6:30. The general admission for this race will be $10 for adults, $5 for kids from 5-12, seniors, military, & first responders. Kids under 5 are always free.

After the Thursday race our next race will be August 15-16.

We will be holding A practice this Saturday 07/25.
From 3pm-5pm will be one-on-one coached practice.
$75 hosted by Phyl Zub limited to 5 riders.

From 5pm-6pm beginners/first time riders practice. $10 limited to 10 riders.

Open practice for all riders will go from 7pm-9pm.$30 per rider.

*For coached and beginner practice please message to reserve your spot.

This is what we will be handing out to the winners this weekend! These trophies from MxTrophies turned out better than imagined!

Im sure all of you know who this is! This amazing rider has found time in his busy race schedule to join us this weekend for our 2 day event. Here are some things you might not have known about the future flat track superstar,Kody Kopp!

*Age: 15 years old

*Favorite motorcycle: It’s hard to pick one overall favorite bike, so I’ll say two. 19’ KTM 450, and the Indian FTR750!

*Classes raced in 2019: In 2019 I raced a lot of 450 am and Open am classes, along with a few Pro classes here and there.

*Goals for the 2020 season: My goals for 2020 are to be super consistent at the Amateur Nationals and win the Nicky Hayden Horizon Award, coming up in just under 14 days!

*Favorite track you’ve raced: Favorite track is Greenville Ohio 1/2 mile, but Sacramento Mile is a close second!

*Reason behind your number: 43 was one of dads numbers and it was on my first bike.

*Favorite racing memory/highlight: My favorite memory is winning my first Amateur National Championship in DuQuoin Illinois on 85cc!

*Favorite thing about racing flat track: Favorite things about flat track would have to be the speed! But a close second is hanging out with friends at the track🤙

*Favorite thing about Spokane Speedway: Best part of Spokane speedway is the pea gravel, especially when it’s watered and prepped deep up high!

*What Hobbies do you have besides racing: My favorite thing to do when I’m off the bike is fish! No matter if it’s bass trout or bluegill, I’m down🎣

Todays rider bio is of a staple of Spokane Speedway. Youll see this kid at every race and every race he continues to improve and get faster!Jaden Kennedy! He has moved into the Open Pro class this season and im sure will be battling for wins in the near future. Heres some more information about the young racer.
age 15

Favorite Motorcycle: KX450F

Classes raced in 2019: Open Am, Pro Am, and Pro class at the indoor

Goals for 2020 season: Running in the Pro class and being consistent, along with going to Amateur Nationals in Plymouth, IN

Favorite track you've raced: Salem, OR (sorry Spokane Speedway)

Reason behind your race number: my Grandpa’s birthday

Favorite race memory: At Spokane Speedway, it has to be when I was on my 65 and rode with just Wyatt Maguire for hour(s) after a race one night. Oh what I would give to do that now! Of course more recently, it was my road trip and race at Thunder on the Mountain 3, in Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Favorite thing about Spokane Speedway: love that it’s a cushion track

Favorite thing about racing flat track: slidin' sideways and not using the brakes

What hobbies do you have besides racing: there’s hobbies other than racing?

Follow me on IG at jaden_kennedy28

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Our friends tommy & Forrest with the soul patrol motorcycle club will be holding a church session next Sunday morning at 9:30 at the race track for anyone who would like to join.

Todays rider bio is the leader of one of the all-star families of the northwest. It is the one and only Jeff Hiatt coming in hot with one of the best bios we’ve received yet.

*Age: 52
*Favorite motorcycle: Wood-Rotax 676cc and my Honda 450
*Classes raced in 2019: plus 50
*Goals for the 2020 season: To support my families passion of racing motorcycle's and to be able to give them my knowledge and the "tools" of the trade to have successful result's.
*Favorite track you’ve raced: I think every track has their uniqueness. I like a track that challenges a rider in their ability to ride a motorcycle. I really enjoyed the track at this years One Show! When I raced Peoria "back in the day" I sucked but it was one of the coolest tracks and venues on the GNC circuit.
*Reason behind your number: I was always into sixes. My amateur # was 86. My Pro-Am # was 66H, My Junior # was 6w, My first year of being an Expert GNC rider my number was 16w.
*Favorite racing memory/highlight: Oh man! I have so many but earning that National number in my 2nd year being a AMA Expert GNC rider is by far the greatest accomplishment. I poured sweat and blood that year into my racing program and I had a lot a help from other's that made that dream happen! National #55 in 1995. Once the AMA scene left the NW and Pace Formula USA came along to the west coast just by coincidence I was ranked 55th in points at the end of that series in the early 2000's. Again the AMA series disappeared and so did Formula USA from the NW, I was nearing the end of my Pro racing career but wasn't quite done traveling and I had one other goal. I traveled up and down the West Coast racing the Open Pro class for the Gene Romero series (WCFTS) and at the end of 2006 I was ranked 4th in points on the West Coast that consisted of 3 different states.
*Favorite thing about racing flat track: The People! The racer's, the families, the promotors..... all of it! After my near death injury in 2017, I knew I just couldn't walk away from a sport that truly made who I am today despite what other's thought or had opinions on.
*Favorite thing about Spokane Speedway: The atmosphere, the track surface, I have always enjoyed the Eastside. I like the low key have fun mentality.
*What Hobbies do you have besides racing: Haha...….. I am absolutely a fishing fanatic! When I'm not twisting the throttle you can find me on our boat fishing! I am a outdoors person by heart and I love camping, snowboarding, bicycling, and the beach. Last fall I got into doing these 5k runs and I had big plans on this next challenge and venture before the Covid-19 hit. I guess that's another big highlight of mine that I did win a 5k race in the old man class!

Jeff Hiatt’s sponsors: I'm so lucky and blessed to have such a big support group after all these years.
Oneal USA, Motorex Oils, Decal Works graphics, Leatt body protection, All Balls racing, Magura Lever's, Twin Air filters, Forma Boots, Torq racing products, Pit Posse trailer accessories, Vortex Handlebars and sprockets, Bell Helmet's, Engine Ice Racing coolants, ASV lever's and perches, Renthol Handlebars, Ryno Bar's, Ogio back packs ,Motool suspension tools, Acerbis plastics, RaceTech Suspension, CBDMD Tinctures, The Flattrack Safety Group, Tacoma Motosports, Kris's Hotshoe Straps, Simply Creative Treasures, Paul Peiroli, Sid Reed, Ken Hageman, Shad and Kandi Photography.

[07/04/20]   Just a reminder if anyone wants to ride their motorcycles we will be practicing today beginner/firt timer practice 2-3 open practice from 3-6 come hangout with us.

[07/01/20]   We will be practicing this Saturday 07/04 from 11am-2pm will be one-on-one coached practice
$ 75 hosted by Phyl Zub limited to 5 riders.

From 2pm-3pm beginners/first time riders practice $10 limited to 10 riders.

Open practice for all other riders 3pm-6pm $30 per rider.

*For coached and beginner practice please message to reserve your spot.

From all us at Spokane Speedway, we hope everyone and their families have a safe and wonderful Independence Day! 🇺🇸

Join us in 1 weeks for rounds 2&3 at spokane speedway for our first double header of the year. Share this post for $5 off your gate fee.
Results from last last Saturday will be posted soon.

Open Pro Main Event

We would like to thank everyone that joined us for our first event last night. It was amazing how many people showed up to enjoy some flat track racing. The rejuvenated track surface provided many great bar to bar races with multiple racing lines.
The big winner was Spokane’s own Wyatt Anderson topping the other 21 rider Open Pro field, taking home close to $600 with the added win bonus from Morgan Roofing & Repair LLC
I would also like to thank some of the people who helped make this possible Empire Cycle, Mike's Powersport Supply, Mika Metals, Rocket Red Racing, Precision Excavating, and Number 8 Wire Motorcycles LLC.
All of this wouldnt have been possible without my team that worked tirelessly to make the event go as smooth as possible.
We hope to see everyone again in two week on July 11-12.

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Open Pro Main Event




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