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We're the Pro Staff for Nature's Prize--one of the area's best outdoors and taxidermy shops! We will be posting photos, videos, and updates from the field.

The Field and Pro Staff members for Nature's Prize promote fellow sportsmen and sportswomen getting more involved in the field and hope to help bring everyone greater success hunting, fishing, and trapping. Follow us as we involve youth hunters and anglers, improve our own shooting, archery, hunting and fishing skills, and help us get the word out about Nature's Prize's commitment to its customers.

Operating as usual

Just slinging steel this morning. Curtis was a little jumpy on the trigger out of the gate but still gottem both! Awesome new ShotKam video! First one with the ShotKam!!! Love it!

Well, as per luck this year, the birds changed fields on us tonight. We were'nt about to let the ones that did come in, leave. 4 bird total tonight. Did feel mighty good to see them fold and drop from the sky.

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Pro Staffer Nick Bidwell with a successful hunt in Tennessee for their Velvet season.
This buck was labeled “junk stump” with all the points at his base. Few additional scorable points that can make him a 10 or 11pt. Split brow tine on deers right side. We have had lots of photos of this buck and he became a target shooter after seeing all the craziness at his base and the character it holds.

Half full or half empty? What a beautiful day out on Lake Erie today. As many of you know due to the amount of people out around the Catt today. Took out wife’s uncle and cousin out and had one of those days. Started out by leaving coffe mug in truck. Netted first fish and then lost the back half of the net. Auto pilot system went down and ended up with tangling up 2 rods of lead core. Left the wheel for 2 seconds. Ended up with 5 in a few hours and called it a day before the boat sank or something like that...

Staffer Brian Wilkinson was out last night with his friend Joe and Joe’s son Nathan gathering up some more of those wonderful frog legs. 34 total I believe. It was nice to see a youth of today want to participate with us. He out did his father by the way with the gig. Going to be grilling up some frog legs with some walleye from last weekend. Can’t wait!

Was quite a slow day today out on Conesus Lake today. We threw everything we had and were not have much luck at all getting the pike and smallies to bite. When we came in for lunch, we decided to make a run for minnows and go with the real stuff. Bottom bouncing with the wind drift, we started picking them up. A few good pike on and off and one good one took it all. Curt was out with friends, Phil Kirch and Pete Szulc. One solid pike and a few good smallies for Curtis today. We are not allowed to talk about Phils.....

Here we go!

Whitetail Food Plots USA, are really beginning to come up Well. These are two of Curts plots. Rut Time Tubers and Meadow mix. Plenty of deer begining to hit them up already. One plot is about 3-1/2 weeks and the other, 2-1/2 weeks. Cant wait to see how they fill up with deer in less than 2 months!!!

Well! Well! Well!. Finally was able to put some Walters on ice. I have been struggling out of buffalo. So I took my buddy out of the Catt today. Went to 75 fow straight out and headed east toward sturgeon point. Trolled for 6 miles and boated fifteen beautiful fish and kept our 12. Good marks all the way. Green color worm harness about 60 ft down produced the most. They way back was not fun but well worth it.

GENESEE & ORLEANS COUNTIES/Oral wildlife rabies vaccine will be airdropped in western part of counties Press release On behalf of Wildlife Services of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) the Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments have been notified that they will be distributin…

Ok it’s quiz Friday !
If you pass you should head over to Nature's Prize and reward yourself 😎 happy Friday all

Tilling this hidden field up after burning it off should only make it that much better! Planted with WHITETAIL FOOD PLOTS USA half and half. Rut Time Tubers and Meadow mix plus seed blends should makes this quite the honey hole!

Food plots are planted for staffer Tyler Wurthman. Just in time for some rain!

If you have not gotten your food plots in, there is still time! After all this rain, the ground is perfect! Come in and get the best seed around from Whitetail Food Plots USA! This is hands down, the best seed out there, in our opinions!

Wow! Turkey vs Hawk.. Her poults made it

Wow! Turkey vs Hawk.. Her poults made it.

Another dry spell and heat wave has passed with rain yesterday and last night. The rain will help many food plots already in, although many have suffered badly over the last month. Staffer Ken Oliver's new plot location is hanging in there and is definitely going to be an interesting addition for years to come.

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#newyorkoutdoors #moultrie

Went out frog hunting for the first time last night. Started around 7:00 pm with the guns. Then when it got dark we took the guns back to the truck and started using the frog gigs. What a blast minus the billions of mosquitoes. The amount of frogs was crazy! Ended up with a few to deep fry today for a snack. Definitely will be going again

I have a word of the day. Dumbfounded! I have been fishing Lake Erie for the last 15 + years And we can all agree walleye fishing out of buffalo last year was fantastic. What I have seen or better yet not seen on my screen these last two times I have been out on Lake Erie have left me dumbfounded. Not a single mark of a fish suspended. Went out yesterday with the hopes of it being a great day. One of those days where Mother Nature does all the work. You just have to endure the ride out. Well not so covered from 55 to 35 ft and ended up with two Walters about 18-20 inches “great eaters” and a few sheepshead. Not complaining a day on the water is never a waste. You never know what you will see out there. For instance this about 5 ft lake sturgeon bobbing on the surface for some time now. West bound here on out

It may be heating up outside but it was a perfect morning to be out enjoying the sunshine. Shooting the 450 Bushmaster in the Ruger American Go Wild platform and The 308 in The Remington 783 walnut. If you have not tried the Fort Scott munitions, you are missing out! Crazy accurate!

[07/01/20]   3.9 Million backgrounds checks for firearms in the past month alone! Cant imagine what it would be if stores could actually get all the guns that people are asking for!!! We are doing our best to keep our shelves stocked so lets keep it going!!

Curtis and Paul are out on carp duty for the first run this year. Good Start!

Do you have real hunting buddies??!!

Overall, it was a beautiful day out on the lake. Caught 8 Walleye, 8 sheephead, 1 good smallie, 3 perch and.... of course 3 gobies. Cant have a day without those little buggers. Kept 5 walleye and the 3 perch. Brian was working hard trying to find fish and stay away from the crowd out finishing the south towns tourney. Was quite a day! Curtis may or may not have gotten a little too much sun....Paul Kuss, Brian

Brian, Curtis and Paul are saying goodbye to Buffalo on the hunt for a limit of walleye.

In between fishing we built a shooting bench to dial in the boom sticks! How is everyone else passing the time before the upcoming season?!

After spending 5 hrs in a car dealership yesterday. I was finally able to get out today. On the water by 6am. Picked up 9 and a bonus perch. Not too bad for the first time out this year. 40-35 feet of water 1.5mph. Tried out my custom painted blades I painted over the winter and the perch color and candy blue were the 2 hot colors 

Team Natures Prize out making it happen tonight!

Getting our fishing bait with all this rain!

There’s something about fishing that gets everyone excited!


Step 1. Go Hunt✓ Step 2. Kill a Turkey✓ Step 3. Season✓ Step 4. Sshhhmoke Turkey✓ From the woods to the smoker✓ Mission complete✓ For some of us, social distancing is'nt too hard. #nomeatshortageinthewoods #supportsmallbusiness #HuntForYourFood #meatandpotatoes

Can't win it if you're not in it! Happy Mothers Day to all the hunting and not hunting mommas out there!

I spy with my little eye....

From field to table! What’s everyone’s favorite way to cook Turkey? I’ve found that removing the skin and adding bacon with a dry rub in the smoker is the perfect combination .

Where the boys at? She brought her milkshake to the yard

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Wow! Turkey vs Hawk.. Her poults made it




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