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Another great lesson with Greta Wrigley.
Greta Wrigley Training now has a new look to their website: take a peek :)
BC Web Service ( Barb Copping) is redesigning Greta Wrigley Training's website. I need a few testimonials from some of Greta's students / clients. If you could please write something about GWT and send me an email: [email protected] that would be great Thank you
I have watched Greta since I was young. What a consumate horesmen.
Hi Greta, You likely don't remember because it has been so long ago, but you worked with my horse, Lisaan when you were at Stanley White's in Micanopy. He was having trouble with counter-cantering and you spotted that his stifle had a subtle stickiness and he wouldn't be able to canter a 20m circle. I took Lisaan home and we became great trail buddies. You were very gracious and Lisaan learned a great deal with you. I recently had to put him down after 18 years together - he was 25 1/2 years old. We had a wonderful time together and I wanted to thank you for being so great to him when he was at your training facility. He retained what he learned from you for the rest of his life. Thank you. Best, Kelly Diodati (was Coleman when we trained with you)

Greta Wrigley Training proudly offers: * Dressage training targeted to your horse's needs and your goals * Large amateur program * Clinics at your facility, and much, much more! * Call for information (352-318-7738)

[04/14/20]   I have been hacked. I did not ask for money to be sent to any one if you receive get a Request from me please ignore and delete

2020 Magnolia Spring Classic & Region 12 Championship ***POSTPONED***

FYI It has continued to be an extraordinary last few weeks in our horse community as our country faces historic challenges with the growing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and from what we are being told, the worse is yet to come. In an effort to plan for the future, Lynn and I, along with our contact...

Fantastic weekend with a great group of clients and friends at the Ocalla Arabian horse association amateur show. Despite the challenges of cold and very windy weather (no ribbons on display because the wind took the drapes down in one big gust), everybody worked hard and had the opportunity to shine in the Dressage sport horse rings. Congratulations to Jean Chance is CF Tshazam For wins both days in the Arabian open show hack and Intermediare 1. Congratulations also go out to Heather Stalker who is young horse SRC Vincenzo stepped it up a level to win the first & second level Amateur championships as well as the reserve Champion in a very competitive amateur sport horse under saddle. Heather’s other horse, RR Rockstarr showed versatility with wins at third level, and in the second level Western Dressage. Clients Trisha Estes, Audra McConnell, Patty Fiorentino all did well with their horses, with Audra and Trish being second and third to Heather in the second level. Audra had a very busy show, showing both her horses, Tad and Sirius as well as her mother’s horse, Bella. This is Trisha’s first show with her new horse, and they had great fun learning about sport horse under saddle and sport horse show hack classes with good ribbons in both. Patty competed with her mare Bella at introductory level, and daughter Audra took up the reins to show Bella a training level for the first time. Client and friend, Cheryl Tobey, was sick this weekend But struggle through it to work out some show anxiety on her mare, Chloe’s part. We were so happy to have friend Linda Zeigler back with us at the show after a hiatus of almost 3 years. She and her horse Ricky completed successfully with scores to the mid 70s at training level.

The biggest star of all was client and friend, Nina Toon, And her horse Krymsum Kid Who were reserved champions in the half Arabian show hack, winners of the fourth level championship, and a first and second in the PSG with scores to 64%, earning her her silver medal. This is a huge accomplishment and we are very proud of her.

Also on the showgrounds, was client, Nia Morales, Who competed with her mare Mooie Zwaan, at the working equitation show that was also running at the showgrounds.

Also very happy to see Tori Hollis and her husband Dana And mother who came to watch the goings-on on Sunday and all pitched in to help us pack up and get the horses home safely.

Thanks to OAHA for always putting on A fun show. Thanks also to sponsors Custom Saddlery and Purina feeds for keeping our horses healthy, comfortable and happy in their work.

#customsaddlery #purina #happyhorses

[02/18/20]   Greta Wrigley training has an opening for a horse in training! Get ready for regionals or just need a tune up...give us a call! (352)318-7738. I am also available for western and classical dressage lessons and clinics.

[01/22/20]   I will be at Tim Christensen barn this weekend. For English and western dressage lessons contact Tim or me for info 352-318-7738

[01/20/20]   This weekends clinic was in Ft Myers at Kim Breen’s Spartan stables. 3 days of great lessons with all of her students these guys are really looking good and improving their dressage skills to help improve their jumping work and some just working on improving and learning. Super fun weekend with fun folks Thank you Kim and looking forward to seeing all again in March

Innovation Arabians - training center

FEB 9th
W/ Greta Wrigley
Spots available, contact Brooke Fuchs 517-927-1049

Arredondo Dressage Society

Entries are now being accepted for our 2020 Schooling Show on Feb 8th! Closing date- Feb 1st. Please note that we are only accepting online entries this year so please fill out the pdf form on our website ( and email your entries. You can pay via PayPal or by bringing cash/check on the day of competition.


🤣🤣 Hands up who’s been there 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

Greta Wrigley Training has space for a few pasture boarders. Lots of grass and shade. We feed twice a day, horses are fed in separate feeding pens. Amenities include:shaded round pen, full size dressage arena, separate lunging arena. Lessons available with USDF Bronze, Silver Gold medalist and 2x Dressage trainer of the year. Owners live on property. Call Greta Wrigley at (352) 318-7738 for more information.

[01/06/20]   Clinic in Daytona at innovation arabians. Sunday Jan 12 has a few rides times available contact Greta or Brooke Fuchs at Innovation arabians

Arabian Horse Association of Florida AHAF

I realized I left an important question off the Survery I recently sent out regarding the Holiday show. Do you prefer November dates for the show or December?

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We had a fabulous weekend at the AHAF holiday show. starting out in the sport horse arena: Ultimate Odyssey Z was champion sport horse under Saddle amateur, CF Tshazam was champion sport horse under saddle open, Krymsun Kid and Nina Toon were champion half Arabian show hack amateur, LJR Onthewildside and Molly Cobb were champion Arabian show hack. The handsome A Fusion owned by Rachel Freeman was champion stallion in both open and amateur to handle. He also impressed the audience in the supreme sport horse championship.

Onto Dressage, all of the horses worked superbly. First level and second-level champion in the open was SRC Vincenzo who really stepped up in his first outing at second level open with Greta and Heather up. Additionally, he received the platinum performance partnership award for the show. A Fusion did his part by being champion in the first level and reserve Champion in the second level with owner Rachel Bronson Freeman In their first outing together at second level. My own Ultimate Odyssey Z and Heather were champion second level amateur and third level open. CF Tshazam Was champion in the fourth level, with Krymsun kid and Nina Toon as a reserve Champion. CF Tshazam was also the High Point FEI horse for the show. Molly Cobb Showed great improvements in strength at the difficult intermediare II level.

Thanks to show management for putting on a fabulous show, to my sponsor Custom Saddlery and to Molly Cobb and her Bemer blanket for keeping all the horses in tiptop shape. The horses are all home safe and sound and enjoying a well-earned day off.

#customsaddlery #happyhorses #happyriders

Andrea Taylor Dressage

Winter dressage....oh it's coming...guaranteed...all ages will partake! 😬🙈

Tamarack Hill Farm

One reality about almost any riding sport or discipline is that there will never be more than a handful of athletes at the top of their game at any given time. Another reality is that those best riders will eventually be replaced by others, who will in turn be replaced, on down through the years and decades.

Where I am going with this has to do with the horses that I/we/you/they ride. The top riders can ride the 7-8 level horses, the ones that can be strong, quick, reactive, and challenging. The best riders are strong, lithe, balanced, brave, and have quivers full of skills. The super athlete horses won't make the best riders nervous, or tight, or aggressive, because the best riders, during the time that they are the best riders, can do it all.

But, for the rest of us, where it so often goes wrong, is that we may be a 3-4-5 level rider, trying to cope with all the high energy octane of a 7-8, even 9 level horse, (Nobody can ride a 10 well)

If we rode horses that matched or even slightly exceeded our current abilities, there would be far fewer daily troubles in this big old horse world, not so much gritted teeth, less angst, not so many white knuckled moments of fear.

The ONE best way to have a good riding experience is to be seated on the horse that is right for us right now, the horse that lets us make mistakes without getting more nervous or reactive.

The reality, though, as we see every day, is that of the 4 rider, say, on the 6 horse.

Or a 4 rider who ought to be competing at a 3-4, maybe 5 level, trying to compete on a 6 horse at a 6 level. Nobody is happy, nobody is comfortable, it is the formula for failure, but we do it anyway----(And in some sports, like eventing, it can be bloody damn dangerous)

Not sure why we do it---

[11/04/19]   GWT had a successful showing at the Holiday Kick Off at Canterbury this past weekend.

Student Magdalen Celestino-Jeromin and her Andalusian gelding Fresco M made their first public appearance this weekend. Carlos had some great work and they were 2nd in their second level class.

My own Ultimate Odyssey Z was super for two second place finishes. His third level test was very solid and this was also our first time out at fourth level. He had a big score of 68 and was second to barn mate B.B.

Thanks to Custom Saddlery, Sharon Cooper and Brenna Flaherty for keeping our horses happy #customsaddlery. #happybackhappyhorse

B.B. and my assistant trainer Jackie Finlayson also laid down two respectable 3rd and 4th level tests this weekend as well. He is really gaining confidence at these levels. They won their 4th level class with a 69 and change.

Molly Cobb’s beautiful stallion Dragon's Lair Cerveza Dinero was also busy turning heads with Jackie at Canterbury. Dino had two great rides on Saturday with scores of 75.4 and 72.5 and this was enough to bring home high point honors at both first and second level for the weekend.

Last but certainly not least, Molly and LJR Onthewildside did their second I2 on Sunday for a good score of 58+. More importantly, they have already made great progress since their debut at this level a few weeks ago. Each one gets easier and they are so close!

I am super proud of these horse and rider teams for their performances this weekend. Well done, all.

Packed and ready to head out in the AM. #customsaddlery #happyhorses #happyriders

Alachua County Agriculture and Equestrian Center

[10/07/19]   Western dressage championships in Oklahoma. This was a huge show. Over 1300 rides intro thru level four. Huge congratulations to all my students they had a great show. More details to follow so proud of all the riders and their horses

Alachua County Agriculture and Equestrian Center

Ticket and Show information for the Spirit of the Horse.....

Memes for Horse People

Maryland Dressage Riders

Afternoon deer sighting

Tail Spin Bracelets


JAG Arabians

Come visit Barn 6, Stalls 609, 610, and 611! Kid, Knight, and Peggy want to say hi!
Come watch 15 Arabians today at 1:50pm in the breed demonstration!
#breyerfest #breyerfest2019 #breyer #arabianhorse #arabianhorses
@ Kentucky Horse Park

Sunday morning teaching support team

Arredondo Dressage Society

The June ADS meeting will be held on Wed (6/12) at Heather and Greta's house. We will have a representative from Neue Schule ( to discuss their products.

Potluck at 6:30pm and meeting starts at 7pm

5916 NW 158 St,
Alachua FL 32615

Visit our site for a map to Greta and Heather's (

Dana's Doodles

Arredondo Dressage Society

17.5” Falcon dressage saddle. Not super wide. In good condition but could use new billets. Asking $200. All proceeds from this sale go towards the Horse Protection Association of Florida. This saddle can be seen by appointment at Greta Wrigley Training in Alachua, FL.

Arredondo Dressage Society

English saddle for sale. 17” seat. No name brand, but the billets and leather on the saddle are quite supple. There is some wear on the lining of the pommel but other than that it is in quite good condition. Asking $100. Proceeds go towards the Horse Protection Association of Florida. This saddle can be seen by appointment at Greta Wrigley Training in Alachua, FL.

Arredondo Dressage Society

Western saddle for sale. This saddle has beautiful tooling and is in good working shape. It is a 14” seat with a 6” gullet. Asking $200. All proceeds go to the Horse Protection Association of Florida. This can be seen by appointment at Greta Wrigley Training in Alachua, FL.

[05/22/19]   I have a few dates open for clinics and lessons call me at 3523187738 for times and dates. Ride early and beat the heat.

Kiwi came back to us for a brief tune up and headed up to her summer home in Michigan(where it is about 50 degrees cooler!today. See you again soon, Kiwi!

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