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Practical, holistic horsemanship

Mission: To spread a message of holistic and ethical equitation for every horse, regardless of breed or discipline. From nutrition to ethology, to understanding healthy biomechanics, good horsemanship comes from respect and attentive care for the wellbeing of the Whole Horse.

Meg McGuire is fantastic and will perfectly capture those precious moments between you and your critters!

Now booking summer sessions! **Book by June 30 and receive a free 11x14" print!!** New horse? Trying to sell a horse? Horseiversary? 馃槈 Need some fabulous farm shots?

Experienced equine photographer focused on timing, expression and connection (with a serious black & white addiction ;))


All disciplines welcome. Serving GA, FL, TN, AL, SC + (travel fees to be discussed)

Half and Full days can be split between barnmates - a half day split between 4 riders means everyone receives a full gallery for the price of an hourly!

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Rehabilitaria. Rehabilitaci贸n motora veterinaria

This video shows the incredible transformation that happened over 4 months using rehabilitative movement therapy for a dog who previously could only move her neck due to cervical hernia.

Obviously such an extreme case in a horse could not be rehabilitated, but this is a powerful example to help show what we do at Whole Horse Equitation: healing through movement and play to create a stronger, healthier, more confident horse.

We have successfully rehabbed several horses after also working with the University of Florida Veterinary Sports Medicine Department and have been told that we are the only people they know of who are doing this type of work as their training program.

Sometimes it doesn't feel like we are doing a lot that makes the world a better place. The work myself and my colleagues do is considered a luxury: something not everyone can afford for their animals. But... to the animals we work with, it is life-changing. We don't work with horses as simply an enjoyable pastime, or to compete in a sport. There are no ribbons or awards given for, nor any permanent tangible evidence, of our accomplishments. There is only the horse and his lifetime. But to see an already regal animal become a stronger, healthier, more confident and more proud version of himself is to be witness to a truly magical transformation. It is biological alchemy! And the thanks, the love and the loyalty given in return from the animals is a wholehearted joy that makes life worth living. This is such a beautiful video which perfectly captures this. 鉂わ笍

Parece mentira que cuatro meses de trabajo se puedan resumir en poco m谩s de 3 minutos...

Y es que Luna, que con 11 a帽os fue operada hace 4 meses de hernia cervical y lleg贸 a nosotros moviendo solamente el cuello, hoy en d铆a es corredora de fondo.

Una terapia integrativa mediante rehabilitaci贸n y quiropr谩ctica, gran esfuerzo y concentraci贸n en cada sesi贸n, muchos sudores en casa con alguna que otra l谩grima, kilos de paciencia y toneladas de amor han hecho que el resultado sea un final m谩s que feliz.

Tirar la toalla y las soluciones r谩pidas, nunca han sido la opci贸n y es que cuando deseas algo con mucha fuerza, el universo conspira para que se cumpla.

Gracias infinitas a @Maricruz Torres Gonz谩lez por su constancia y por confiar en nosotros.

隆隆Feliz visi贸n!!


Spring has sprung and we have lesson horses who are excited to show you the ropes! Both lessons on our horses and haul-ins to Whole Horse in Alachua, FL are $65. Come and visit! :D

I'm very excited to now offer my energy work as a service for clients of my training business and anyone else interested. Up until now I had just been offering sessions to friends, family and those willing to give it a shot so I could practice and improve my skill. If you are interested in either an Animal Reiki or Animal Communication session, please contact me for more information. 馃槉鉂わ笍


Shelbie Fredenhagen will be in Tenino Washington this March! 馃槂

I am so honored to be an instructor this year at the Florida Earthskills Gathering! From learning about healing movement patterns and exercise, to creating your own permaculture paradise, the Florida Earthskills Gathering is an annual event that welcomes people from across the country who are passionately motivated towards self-sufficient, healthy, conscious living. I'm excited to bring a new awareness towards animals, their abilities and the things we can learn from them to this group! What does the mythology of our ancestors have to teach us about our relationships with animals and the planet? Would it change your view of animals to know that they too suffer from feelings of grief over loss? Or that many social species give their young unique names which they keep for all their lives just like we do? I will be teaching Wednesday, Friday, Sunday (Feb 6, 8, 10) and would love to share with you my knowledge on the magic of animals!


Pursuing mastery in any art or skill requires you to look inward. 鉂わ笍

We can't ask for perfect horses until we are perfect trainers, and we are never going to be perfect trainers. However, when we become braver, more confident, clearer calmer, smarter and better version of ourselves so do our equines.

Horse Planet


The most entertaining game ever 馃槀馃槀
Credits: Bo偶ena Krystyna Tomczak-Wrona

Whole Horse is really excited to represent AudioHorseBooks.com by Gold Leaf Farm!
These are audio recordings of classical books on equitation which we personally have copies of and find indispensable to anyone who is trying to further their education of the equestrian art. Please get in touch with us at Whole Horse about receiving 25% off your purchase!


Relapse of Conditioned Fear in Horses: The Four R鈥檚 - The IAABC Journal - Summer 2016

Great article for understanding the difference between training for an immediate result versus training for the purpose of education and truly modifying behaviors.

summer2016.iaabcjournal.org by Robin Foster My 18-year-old thoroughbred is a warrior in most respects. He barely flicks an ear at a motorcycle speeding past as we cross the road; he nods politely and winks at a large coyote standing at the trail鈥檚 edge (in truth, the wink may just be a tic in his bum right eye); and he graze...


A huge thank you to Pablo Havez! He came over from France at the beginning of June to be a trainee for Whole Horse Equitation! He was here for over a month and we can't wait for him to come back next summer too. 馃槂 He not only is very kind and observant with horses- he is a skilled rider. His lessons both in the saddle and on the ground were with four very different types of horses and he was able to adapt with real feeling for each one. From helping to round up a loose neighborhood pony, to swimming in the springs- his positive go-with-the-flow attitude fit in perfectly with the ever changing adventures that Florida summers have to offer. Merci Beaucoup Pablo!!!!!

ITV News

A memorial honouring the millions of horses, mules and donkeys who served for Allied forces during the First World War has been unveiled https://bit.ly/2JvUCAl

An individual!! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

Please share if you like it and you feel the same way :)


Releasing Rewards

Excellent article which explains why "release" and "reward" are NOT the same.

thewrongdiagonal.wordpress.com I recently ran a quick, informal poll on Facebook. In checking the people that voted, I can affirm that all of them were, indeed, 鈥渉orse people鈥 鈥 the majority of them lifelong eq鈥

Grown Men Stuff

Please be conscious of this when you are loading your horse trailer! If you have a multi-horse trailer, keep the big guys in the front. Purchasing a well-made and well-balanced trailer in the first place is crucial. Nobody plans on being in an accident, so stay prepared. 鉂わ笍

Be careful how you load your trailer.

Pony dentist day! Our first time working with Beth from Alpha 2 Omega Acres. Beth is certified with the Natural Balance Dentistry School, which is based in New York. Her knowledge and emphasis towards individualized care is clear evidence of her experience and attention to detail. It was awesome to see the horses so clearly work with her and develop such soft and positive expressions when they realized how much better she was making them feel. 馃槂 With Shelbie Fredenhagen Bodhi Equus

Shelbie Fredenhagen will be in Macon area Georgia today and tomorrow! 馃槂

Excited for lessons tonight and tomorrow in Georgia!

Wow!! I've had such a great time visiting and teaching around New England!
Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire and Vermont were not their most gorgeous this time of year, but everyone was incredibly kind and I can't wait to come back in summer! 馃槂

Before then however I will be back up in the Great White North: Nova Scotia, Canada!

Learn to listen to your horse and you'll be amazed at the difference in your experiences together! 馃槂

"Horses have won wars for us. They carried us on their backs into cannon fire. Horses don't say 'no' lightly, so if your horse is telling you that I can say for sure there is something wrong." - Henk Offereins

Are you doing the best job of helping your horse to do his job?

Whole Horse Equitation's cover photo

After the demonstration in clicker training that we did at our Open Day, we have had several requests from people who are interested to learn more. Viola! Shelbie and I have made Clicker Club! We have three meetings planned for this spring and this club will be hands on- both with our horses and with yours. So please contact us as soon as possible to reserve a spot.

Spring may not *officially* be here yet... but you'd never know it here in beautiful Florida!!! B wants you to come visit us! :D

Bodhi Equus

Having a great time in 2018 as 'horse season' here in FL continues to be in full swing!!! Shelbie and I have had a blast focusing on our own education. First with a Nicole Weinauge clinic, where Nicole's intense care for helping horses and riders is always a pleasurable experience. Then we ventured to Melbourne to work with Meg Brauch, a Straightness Training instructor who was down from CT for a clinic. It is always nice to discover another person with a keen eye for the horse's comfort and movement patterns. Finally, I audited my first Mark and Crissi Rashid clinic. I'm so glad I did!! The part I was most impressed with was that while they both speak so much about softness and guiding the horse with educative patience... it was made so clear that they embody this philosophy in their own life by how they interacted with their students. No matter what energy or perspective a pair came in with, Mark skillfully crafted a genuine learning environment. As Philippe Karl says, "We are on the horse as we are in life." I believe this to be true, and impatience, ego and defensiveness have no place either with horses, or with students.

Some catching up of the happenings down here in Florida! First, took Neira to a clinic with Nicole Weinauge. She is an incredible instructor whose focus is health preservation through many different modalities. Corrective movements, reiki, ortho bionomy, applied ethology, nutrition. She was able to show me how to approach many ideas with Neira that had only shut her down previously. Neira is using her body in a more connected way and we couldn't be having more fun in our work.
Next was a lovely clinic with a Straightness Trainer from CT. Nice to meet another teacher who has the horse in mind and looking at the details, and who was respectful of the work I've put in with Neira.
Also! Audited Mark Rashid in Altoona. Very inspiring. His demo on feel and internal energy has me analyzing everything I reach for and the intention I'm putting into it. Have had a blast trying out concepts with my horses and seeing their responses.
Lots of cool nerding out with Mikaila as we compare notes and work horses together. Recently did a photo session with Meg. Looking through them, there are so many photos with big smiles and obvious joy. There's certainly been some trying moments, but I couldn't be happier being where I'm at, with horses that I adore, and good friends that keep life in perspective.

Had such an excellent turn out at our very first open day! Thank you all for coming and there will be more photos uploaded soon! Thank you to Kimberly Herold of Inspired Light Photography for the beautiful photos and Chef Colette Hiersoux for the wonderful lunch. 馃槂

Complicit茅 et Leg猫ret茅 - Carole Lothon

Carole Lothon shows so well what a beautiful partnership looks like!!! Can't wait to have her here in Florida in June!!!! 馃槏

Une histoire de rencontres,
Une qu锚te permanente de d茅contraction, d'茅quilibre juste et d'harmonie,
Je vous invite 脿 venir partager vos propres exp茅riences avec moi 馃榿

Sally Harvey's 7 month old baby Reggie had his first trailer loading lesson today! We made positive associations with the trailer and soon the brave little pony was marching right in! 馃槂


"I do not believe in styles anymore"

"If you are only a student of technique, then the options become very limited. On the other hand, when you are a student of the horse, the options are unlimited" -Mark Rashid

As 2017 comes to a close, I am shocked about how much has changed. As I more closely examine, I see that the biggest change has been an internal one. This year has taught me the value of independence and it's necessity when trying to do the *right* thing. No matter if that right thing is for you, for your horse or even for an entire group of people.

Only you can feel what is *right*. It isn't told to you by an instructor, or by a method, or an organization, or by a rule. Sometimes, even what you feel to be *right* one day, is different from what felt right only a little while before. It means that if you seek to experience life in the present, to feel truly expressed, to know a sense of truth and to remain a student with an eye towards mastery in your craft... you must always remain a free agent. A wild animal who hunts for your experience, knowledge, feelings and truths. As soon as you depend upon being 'fed' those things, you come to live in a cage of your own making.

Let yourself be around those who strive to serve YOU in their guidance and teaching. Who treat you and your peers with the same respect during your successes *and* your struggles. Most of all, if you want to be surrounded by these kinds of people, you have to become one yourself first. Listen to your feelings, and if you're lucky enough to have a relationship with a horse... listen to him.


"Bruce Lee explains how he does not believe in styles anymore. Style is a crystallization that is difficult to change. Being style-less is the way to go. Inco..."



Big changes happening at Whole Horse Equitation!

-Shelbie Fredenhagen of Bodhi Equus is now spending her winters down in Florida to work in cooperation with Whole Horse Equitation! Shelbie is also available for traveling lessons and clinics. I am so thrilled to team up with Shelbie and am already seeing the awesome benefits she brings to my students!

-Whole Horse Equitation is now an official distributor of Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed! You can learn more about the high quality of Crypto Aero feed from their website:

-Our first schooling show of the season was a success! This was Bredero's very first show period and he was pretty fired up but kept it together well.


Whole Horse Equitation

Summer clinic series is going great!! California, Washington and very soon again close to home in Florida. 馃槉 Currently scheduling clinics for Fall 2017, I'm happy to travel anywhere and work with all types of horses in any discipline. Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or 352-231-2619

Open Day and Clinic this Saturday in lovely Alachua, Florida! Come ride or audit and have lunch!

Neira learns to combine activity, engagement and balance under Shelbie Fredenhagen of Bodhi Equus

Just returned home from a very nice Spring clinic tour! From working with targets, to collection, to starting horses under saddle! Thank you immensely to all the wonderful horsewomen of Bodhi Equus, Cadbury Farm, Jane Judson Dressage and 2k Stables for having me and trusting me with your lovely horses. 馃槉

The lovely Kate is for sale! Currently located in Washington state, she has been educated with classical principles for several years by Shelbie Fredenhagen of Bodhi Equus. She would make some ambitious rider the perfect all around horse.

I'm selling my lovely, sweet Kate. She is 14yo, 16hh, TBxPercheron mare.
This mare loves to go! She will happily jump in the trailer and take you trail riding and to other events. She is an excellent all around horse, excelling in xcountry, jumping, and trail riding. She is very sweet and loves to be with people. Good in a herd or by herself. She is careful around kids and has done leadline lessons. She has no vices.
She has been barefoot all her life. Bathes, clips, loads with no problems.
She does like to get up and go! She should go to someone with enough experience that can direct her energy.

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