Rideable Bicycle Replicas

Rideable Bicycle Replicas


Here’s a shot from season two, episode one of the TV show Difficult People on Hulu. The character on the right rides a Rideable Bicycle Replicas High Wheel. It looks just like mine!
Riding along the Blackstone River Bikeway - love how the sunlight is hitting the wheel....
Here's our race that includes a Penny Farthing class:
Hello, I'm not sure if this is out of the ordinary, but we've included a Penny Farthing class in our ride/race near Portland, Oregon. It would be a tough run for a hi wheeler, but nothing like the turn of the century races I've read about! The ride is a benefit for World Bicycle Relief. Please let me know your thoughts. It's a one of a kind race, as far as I can tell, so your help will be appreciated! link in comments.
hi grey: thanks for your inquiry, i had visited your facebook, about the stem 180*80*22.2, would you show me any pic ? for the high wheel bike?
I love the new bike!
Just sharing a video featuring one of your bicycles.
Is it possible to come to Alameda and actually ride some of your bikes?
Here's a photo of my custom built Ruff Cycles Tango S with the RBR Hairpin Saddle and a real smooth boardtrack racer feel. Complete with original Simplex shifter, Sturmey Archer 3 speed rear hub, original Model A horn, and custom friction brake.
Hey Greg, thanks for building me such a beautiful bike. I enjoy it very much.

Rideable Bicycle Replicas is the world's only commercial manufacturer of penny farthing style bicycles! RBR is located in Alameda, California and is owned by Greg Barron. RBR was founded by Mr. Barron's father, Mel Barron in 1973! Thank you!

Here at Rideable Bicycle Replicas Inc, we are the only commercial builders of antique style Hiwheel bikes, also known as Penny Farthing bikes on the planet. Check out the website for more info on prices, sizes, specs, models built, customers, history and all kinds of other stuff toio. Or give us a call.

Here's the latest big thing out of the shop. Custom differential driven Double Eagle trike for a circus to tow a popcorn cart. Neat...

From some UK fans. Thanks Paul Knight.

Got this ready for the Google project today. It'll be installed on the campus so I am told. Kinda cool.


USA Cycling announces plans for a 2020 Penny-Farthing National… | USA Cycling

Whoot! A world championship race! How cool! And the guy in the middle ground in the Malten jersey is Alexandre Voisine on one of our bikes...



Been a while since I posted anything but here's something new. A bike I just got finished. (thanks for the patience Philip, it was a tough 12 months for me here.) This is a custom 54" Superior. Based on the American Champion line by Gormully and Jeffery of Chicago, Illinois. This bike hass a 54" front wheel and custom 20" rear wheel with the G&J color burgundy. Adjustable step and pedals. Customer ordered radial lace. Wooden Pear style grips. Red rubber and light brown leather stuff. Nickle highlights and a hub lamp. Seems some of my best stuff can still come out of some of the hardest times.


High Wheel Burning Man

A friend did this video a while back and sent it to me...

vimeo.com Greg Barron talks about higher perspective cycling

[06/24/19]   Hey Hiwheel rider friends. I am remiss, I meant to put out a notice a couple weeks ago about the 4th of July parade here in Alameda. I expect that a group of us will crash it again and ride the route. If you are interested in coming, let me know and plan on being here at the shop by 10. Usually we join up at the tail end and slowly ride our way to the front passing the entire parade route so that we can see all the entries ourselves as we amaze the crowd with our riding and bikes. I do have a couple loaner bikes too potentially.


How secure is your bicycle lock?

So, people ask me about how they should lock their bikes all the time and I tell them, use multiple, quality U locks and even then they can expect that someone somewhere may still steal their bike. They say how is that possible and I tell them, an angle grinder with a cut off wheel will have me away in no time if I so chose. Here is a good video showing what I mean.

The City of London Police teamed up with havebike and the Cycle Show to test the effectiveness of bicycle locks and offer bicycle security advice.

[02/27/19]   Is it Spring yet? I'm guessing not because no one has been getting on my bikes lately...

BBC Archive


#OnThisDay 1976: Nationwide visited a man who said he had 260 vintage bicycles, but BBC Archive is fairly sure we spotted a tricycle or two...




[02/04/19]   Need to sell some Mini's. Anyone? I'll give 10% off for those that call and mention this post! 510-769-0980

how to Ride a Hiwheel Bicycle

How to Ride a Hiwheel Bicycle, watch this video for a short tutorial on how to ride.


How to Ride a High Wheel Bicycle

Here's my new How to Ride Video! Have a look... https://youtu.be/ltRINzFcuoA

How to ride a Hiwheel bike also know as a High Wheel or Boneshaker or Penny Farthing.

[10/23/18]   F-ing Tariffs. My spoke wire cost has gone up. Here is the reply on the new wire costs from my supplier. And mind you, this is for domestically produced stainless material. I made one price increase this year already due to the rise in mild steel costs, guess I'll need to up it again. Sorry folks. But you can thank president dump.

From my local supplier.
"I just did a calculation; if you get the same order, you will need 895 lbs of material - I ran through the numbers 3x to verify. In addition, since your last order 2016, due to Section 232 tariffs, wire pricing has skyrocked as much as 30 - 40%."

[07/20/18]   So I have been approached by the Southern CA. Wheelmen Captain about helping organize an entry for the Rose Parade. Interested riders should send me a message. This would be in Pasadena, CA on January 1st 2019.

[06/29/18]   Doing a mini Maker Fair in Alameda the 8th should anyone want to come visit!

[06/07/18]   I've held off on price increases now for 4 years. Sorry to have to say now that I've had to increase the price of the bikes and parts. As an example, due to the new price of ductile steel and iron, the cost of my cast fork crown has risen $6 each. My tubing costs has gone up 75%. 1 1/2" tube is now $38 a length. Nearly $2 a foot. Yah, not pleased and I'm sure you aren't either. Meanwhile, thanks for the patronage.


[05/29/18]   Glad for a spring rush. Keep it coming folks! Also there is a special on the Mini. $20 off! $169 plus S&H.


The Young Riders - Riders on bicycle

Here's a clip from a show done back in 1989 that I built a bike for. Josh Brolin rides it and says, "That ain't so hard".



So, this coming weekend is the Davis Picnic Day Parade. Here is contact info for anyone wishing to participate. Please contact Brodie Hamilton. This is his latest email posting on the subject.

Hi all,

The parade is this weekend. If you are coming and have not already submitted a waiver form (copy attached), bring a signed copy with you. General info on the parade line up is also attached below. You can find our group (City/Hall of Fame entry) on California Avenue, near Russell Boulevard. Bob Bowen and I will be there by 8:00-ish, and you need to be there by 9:00. If you don't already have a parking place identified, look at the campus parking map at http://taps.ucdavis.edu/sites/taps.ucdavis.edu/files/attachments/parking_map.pdf. Consider parking in one of the larger lots west of California Ave., shown in yellow.

Let me know if you have any questions via email or call me at 650.996.1189.




How it's done in New York. Thanks Randy Kato for the image.

[01/20/18]   Ok, since my 3 week prior short notice New Years ride didn't go off so well, I'm putting this out here now. Northern CA Wheelmen, take note! New ride planned for St. Patricks Day. Sunday the 18th of March. The plan is to ride The Great Highway and Golden Gate Park. As some of you know, the park is closed to vehicular traffic in Sundays so it makes for a great riding space and the Great Highway gives a wonderful view of the Pacific. I expect this will be an OHWT length ride at least. We'll park at the beach, and make a jaunt down the highway and then back to pedal the park, ending up again at the parking along Ocean Beach and the Beach Chalet. 1000 Great Hwy, San Francisco, CA 94121. Hiwheel bikes are the plan and should someone not have a bike and want to attend, let me know, I may have something you can borrow.


How to Build a Motorized Penny Bike | Throttle Rockets Custom Motorcycles | go90 Shows

Some guys that used my wheels to make their bike. It's an unusual bike.

youtube.com The Throttle Rockets crew comes up with an idea to design and fabricate a penny bike—with a little extra horsepower. The team at MNNTHBX works hard and plays...


Bicycle museum shows off rare finds of renown | Ozarks Alive

Here's a good start to the new year. Have a gander at this. http://www.ozarksalive.com/bicycle-museum-shows-off-rare-finds-renown/


Here's Ivan Harner and his bike. He says he's gonna come visit and help build bikes. Come on down!

[12/21/17]   Anyone up for a New Years Day Ride in SF? Thinking Ocean Beach and round GG Park with a jaunt down the Great Highway and back to the parking near the Chalet.

[12/15/17]   Smart. Very Smart.

Many times people ask me about the best way to transport a hiwheel bike. To that I have to say that everyone has their own methods. A red convertible is a nice one.

Our wheels being repurposed into a cool chandelier. Neato. Troy Mandery of BBP, Longmont, CO.

How's this for a crazy color? Custom wheels for a display. the tire is a custom extrusion I had done for the customer. Not terribly cheap for those considering it themselves.

[07/11/17]   On the upside of knowing one of my bikes just finished a 3300 mile trip, it seems another one got beat up in transit to Austria. Hopefully it's not bad. Waiting on the images.

Sandgate Guide

Don't know a thing about it but I like it...

Abintra Creations in conjunction with Sandgate Guide TV presents… PENNIES BY THE SEA - a short film. Celebrate 200 years of the bicycle! Come and see the Pennies at Einbunpin Lagoon Sandgate. Watch the Penny Stack, Turtle Race and lots more on Saturday 22nd July from 2 - 4pm.
Pre & Post activities at Bramble Place Tea & Coffee
Thank you to Catherine Cox from Abintra Creations for the great video for the NEW Sandgate Guide TV.

Off of Your Rocker

Ok, how many of us say we have done this? Not many. Best wishes and keep the rubber side down and keep the posts coming.

An irreverent adventure guide to getting off of your chair and doing something crazy


A modern spin on an old dream

http://www.cdapress.com/article/20170519/ARTICLE/170519736 Ride!

cdapress.com Coeur d’Alene man to re-create first trans-American bicycle trip

How to install solid tire on large wheels (Hwheel)

Installing tire on large wheels


Installing Tire on a Highwheel / Penny Farthing / Hiwheel Bicycle.

This one too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxSDOzDoO-w&t=344s

Installing solid rubber tire on Hiwheel bikes also known as Penny Farthing, Ordinary and Highwheel bicycles, Boneshaker and wheelchair. www.hiwheel.com www.h...


Installing Tire on a Highwheel / Penny Farthing / Hiwheel Bicycle.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nM2DhWbDlC4&t=4s Figured I should post this here if I haven't already

Installing solid rubber tire on small wheels for Hiwheel bicycles, Penny Farthing, Ordinary and wheelchairs. www.hiwheel.com www.highwheel.com Video by Marcu...



Hey check out what some engineering students did with a couple of my wheels. http://engr.calvinblogs.org/16-17/srdesign18/


[04/20/17]   Main website went down for a bit. It's back up though. Now I hope my email is too... Send me a message if you have a question. [email protected]

[04/14/17]   One of my local customers has a Family Chariot available. In like new condition and more than fairly priced at $800. Contact me for details. [email protected]

Yay! Fun for all!

Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 2017 Sunday Coverage

Feel Free to Tag and Share!

the High Res images are on my Flickr:

Photos from Rideable Bicycle Replicas's post

[03/03/17]   Hiwheel ride tomorrow. Come one, come all. 2329 Eagle Ave. Alameda, CA. 94501 1030 AM here at the shop. 12 riders confirmed so far. Safety bikes welcome as well!


Photos: A Rainy Clarendon Mardi Gras Parade

Here is one of my bikes in the Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans. Got the link from someone else so thanks for the heads up Diane C. Rossini

arlnow.com As feared, it was pouring rain during last night's Clarendon Mardi Gras parade. But the raindrops did not dampen the spirits of those in the parade, who made their way up Wilson Blvd to the delight of thin but enthusiastic crowds. From a dancing monkey to a guy on a unicycle to a bunc

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how to Ride a Hiwheel Bicycle
How to install solid tire on large wheels (Hwheel)






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