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BICYCLE COFFEE co | Fresh, Locally Roasted Coffee, Delivered by Bicycle.

Bicycle + Coffee = Bicycle Coffee Company Oddly enough, Bicycle Coffee was featured in the Bay Area section of The Wall Street Journal. They even made a video. Here’s the link.

BikeAlameda: Bike to Work Day

This Thursday (May 12) is Alameda's bike to work day. Several activities before and after the day too Just a few of the people who biked to work on B2WD. These bright and smiling faces are realtors who conducted their weekly open home tour by bike. We hope this is just the beginning for them.

A gift for the bike lovers out there. 3D-printed bike cuff links!5799057/3d+printed-cufflinks-for-teeny-tiny-bikes-are-cooler-than-the-alternative

The Bicycle Power Calculator Exposes the Physics of Cycling

If the nerd in you ever wondered about the physics of bicycling, here are some answers for you Photo: Christa, Flickr, CC The Spec Sheet for the Human-Bike Cyborg This one is an oldie (1999 is ancient in internet time...) but a goodie that bike geeks will find interesting. It's a bicycle power calculator that tells you

FROM STEEL: The Making of a Soulcraft

If you're a custom bike builder, this is how you make a video to toot your own horn

Filmmaker Michael John Evans sets out to visually portray “the zone” which one enters when their craft is honed. Sean Walling, owner of Soulcraft, builds top notch custom steel bicycle frames. This short film documents Sean’s fabrication methods: a...

[04/11/11]   Very cool bike parking

Rock the Bike at SFO's T2 Open House

Your Bike - the coolest part of your disaster kit : Bay Bikers: The Bay Area's bicycle blog

Corrected Link: Great idea. Your bike should be part of your disaster kit! Humans everywhere have to deal with the reality of natural and man-made disasters. Residents of the San Francisco Bay Area hear regularly about how they are 'due' for a major quake, but even the...

Jeff Rubin On How To Get People Onto Bikes

Unfortunately, the American love for cars would prevent a similar policy in the US I didn't know which badge to put his interview from Spacing with economist Jeff Rubin. He talks about peak oil, energy prices, urban planning and city building, and cycling, in particular, why so many people cycle in Copenhagen: In

Geared 4 Kids | Red Tricycle

This weekend at San Pablo Park in Berkeley. A bike event for kids brought to you by Geared 4 Kids Babies on bikes, kids on cycles. Get into Geared 4 Kids, a new org that plans rides with your tots in mind. Join them for their first ride in San Pablo Park. Bring snacks and expect lots of playground stops. Yay!

california spring time "snow" in the bike lot on Twitpic

Love it RT @annekejong california spring time "snow" in the bike lot

Happy to see priority bike areas on BART cars

New Michelin bike inner tube squeezes punctures closed

Michelen takes a new approach to puncture resistant tires The uniquely shaped and textured Michelin Protek Max bicycle inner tube is said to compress punctures closed, instead of blowing them open. • The Ultra Light Tri Bike

Racing bikes and carbon fiber aren't our specialty, but you have to love how light this trialthlon bike is. Our Lighten Up Series is finally complete. This featherweight aero machine came in at just 12.9 pounds, and feels like it could float in air.

Looking for Bike Maintenance 'How To' Videos?

For the DIYers out there, here's a few bike maintenance videos Image: screen capture Can Help! Alex Ramon is a proud bike geek who used to work in a bike shop. He doesn't anymore, but he has decided to share his knowledge of how to do various kinds

700-Meter Vertical Commute and Other Crazy Bike Rides in Swiss Alps! (Videos) : TreeHugger

Video of some crazy bike rides in the Swiss Alps Including a 700-Meter Vertical Commute So you liked the awesome camera-on-helmet mountain bike videos from Chile and British Columbia? Here's more, this time from the Swiss Alps. The first one shows a 700-meters vertical commute between the store where

Audi's woody two wheelers

Audi + Renovo = beautiful wooden bikes Audi teams up with Renovo to offer three bicycles made with wood frames. Read this blog post by Wayne Cunningham on The Car Tech blog.

Bay Biker bloggers tell us what gear they *really* love, pt 2. : Bay Bikers: The Bay Area's bicycle.

Bay area bikers give their feedback on their favorite gear...part 2 We present the second installment in our "Bay Biker bloggers tell us what gear they *really* love" series, thinking that if we like this stuff, you might, too. (You can read the first installment...

Avoiding Bike Helmet Head - Is It Worth $500 To You? : TreeHugger

A $500, Lady Gaga-inspired solution to avoiding "helmet head" Without the helmet, but with protection. Photo courtesy Hövding. Did the utter weirdness of the Swedish design company's Hövding helmet make you think it was vaporware? Tvärtom!* The company is planning to release its 'crash helmets' - which look

New "bike boxes" for Market Street : City Insider

SF bikers. New "bike boxes" on Market Street. Four new ''bike boxes'' were planned to be added to Market Street today to make the two-wheel ride down the busy boulevard a little safer. The green-colored, reflective bike boxes were placed on...

[03/30/11]   Hmm.. How about repurposing some of this stuff into bike related gear?

Cyclehoop Locks for Bicycles are Effective and Good Design : TreeHugger

Cycle hoop locks for bike Photo: cyclehoop Good looking and effective street furniture is a constant theme at TreeHugger. As are bicycles. So a hearty welcome to Cyclehoop, a small company specialising in cycle parking and locking. The Cyclehoop itself transforms poles on pavement

Selling Gelato... by bike... At the California Artisan Cheese Festival

Bikes for every $4-a-gallon gas shunner

The LA Times gives a run down on a few bikes...,0,593016.column The price of gas is topping $4 a gallon — again. And like 2008, when this last happened, interest in bikes for commuting and shopping is rising fast. With a variety of designs and technologies now available, there is now a practical bike for all types of work, be it urban city transport, long-distan

San Francisco Mother Shares Her Family's Biking Story (Video) : TreeHugger

SF mom shares her family's biking story, which highlights the need for safe BIKE infrastructure Stephanie's Story Highlights the Need For Safe Bike Infrastructure We've been saying over and over for years now that one of the best ways to make our cities greener is to provide alternatives to individual vehicles. That means make

Want Half Your Employees to Cycle? Build a Bike Shed Like This One : TreeHugger

Will a bike shed encourage more employees to bike? Image credit: GL Garrad Hassan We know that bike commuting saves money, and that cycling to work combats obesity too. So it's no surprise when we hear that bike commuting is on the rise in many cities. One company

Another way to encourage biking. Free, public bike repair stations in Cambridge!5785258/repair-your-bike-for-free-at-these-public-bike-repair-stations

Police Apologize for Central Park Cyclist’s Ticket

this time the cyclist beats the ticket! The police caught David Regen speeding, but two officers dropped by to say the summons included an error and was voided.

[03/23/11]   Want to bring your dog along for the ride? Check this out...

Integrated "Shopping" Bag In Award-Winning Bicycle : TreeHugger

An odd, but apparently "award winning" design for an integrated shopping bag on a bike Photo courtesy Cycling Satin Cesena. Whenever my husband asks me to 'pick up a couple of bottles of wine' while shopping, I get surly. My favorite bike panniers are, without exception, NOT well equipped to handle heavy, glass bottles that

"World's Oldest Cyclist" Still Riding Daily at Age 103 : TreeHugger

Biking longevity at its finest Photo: YouTube In 1908, the Ford Motor Company began production on the Model T, rocketing automobiles into the mainstream. That same year, Octavio Orduño of Long Beach was born -- but as a youngster, he always wanted bike. Over

Bike About at the S.F. Zoo

This Saturday, SF Zoo's monthly Bike About tour What does a kangaroo have for breakfast? Does a flamingo need to stretch in the morning? Are snow leopards cranky when they awaken? You can get answers to these and other burning questions at the San Francisco Zoo's...

[03/16/11]   We present, the Cycletrope

Pedal Power Meets Photovoltaics via Solarbike : TreeHugger

Gear post of the day: Solarbike Image credit: Solarbike. Solarbike specialises in electric conversion kits for bicycles. But the business's founders, both research scientists at the University of Western Australia, have been working on a way to easily have electric bikes powered by the sun.

One New York Bike Lane And The Future Of Cycling Worldwide : TreeHugger

Policy rant for the day: How one bike lane in New York could impact bike lanes globally The title is not an overstatement. Matt Seaton of the Guardian, picked up by PSFK, writes about how the fight over a bike lane in Brooklyn could change the fate of bike lanes everywhere, and possibly lead to bike

In New York, New LEED-Certified Hotel Opens with Free Bike Sharing and EV Charging Stations (Photos)

Planning a trip to New York? This hotel has a free bike sharing program LEED-certified Element Times Square opens in New York City. Photo: Element While the greenest vacation is often a staycation, it's nice to know that when you do travel, whether it be for business or pleasure, a hotel can meet

First Gear. A Kid on a Bike is Independent and Healthy : TreeHugger

Bikes are good for Kids! Image credit: Specialized. 'Set a kid riding and you set them on a winning course for life: You help defeat childhood obesity and attention deficit disorders. You give them a chance to progress and even excel in a sport.

Work Cycle: The High-Tech Bike Commute - BusinessWeek

"Geek out your commute with this biking gear" Giant’s battery-powered bike, and a panoply of high-tech bike gear, will both ease the commute and raise your cool factor.

Take Photos of Good Biking Spots in San Francisco, Win Cash Prizes! : TreeHugger

Fellow SF/Bay Area bikers. Here's a photo contest where you have a chance to win some prizes Richard Masoner of Cyclelicious writes: 'Long time bike guy Gary Boulanger is writing Where to Bike San Francisco, a new bicycling resource guidebook to be published in late 2011, and he needs your photos. He's even offering cash prizes

Gas Prices High Will Make You Want to Ride a Bike - SFist

High gas prices ==> more bike riding :) Oh oh. It looks like gas prices are increasing again. At this 76 gas station on California, a gallon of regular was going for a cool .39/gallon. Yikes. What's more, according to USA Today, "GasBuddy has San Francisco now as the most expensive city for gas in the country at an average of .93 a gallon

[03/07/11]   Nokia's "charge while you bike" solution (note: we still don't condone biking while talking on the phone)

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