The Training Station

Personal Training studio for trainers needing a place to train their fitness and sports performance based clientele.

As business owner who works to serve the local community, its awesome to see businesses work together for a common cause.
Bike for the Parks Alameda is right around the corner happening on September 28. These businesses have either put up a poster(s), had postcards available to their patrons or both in order to spread the word on this annual event that ultimately benefits parks and programs of Alameda.
Hope to see everyone there breathing in that Bay area air and enjoying the sites of Alameda.
#bikealameda #bikefortheparks #alameda #alamedamoves #arpd #friendsoftheparksfoundation @ Alameda, California

Proud to host one of the locations on ZUU's three city tour.

ZUU founder @nathanhelberg will run an open, free, no-obligation workout at @trainingstationalameda from 8-9 am with class starting 9 and ending at 5.
That's how you start a seminar!
Upcoming #ZUU Bronze Certifications in the USA with @nathanhelberg. •
#NASM, #AFAA & #ACE with accompanying CEU points for fitness professionals.

Oakland, CA June 23rd

Houston, TX August 4th

New York, NY September 1st •

Coming from "Down Under" we teach movement very differently in Australia giving fitness professionals a clear point of difference in a crowded market place.

From our movement regressions and progressions to our culture formation of connecting people together to create vibrant communities.

From using the dynamic movements of ZUU as an assessment tool to create value in a consultation with a client to introducing ZUU as an injury reduction strategy in a team

The Worlds only high intensity low impact training (HILIT) ZUU has been used in elite sports and armed forces for the past decade around the world. �We look forward to seeing you there #GAT

This June 23, we're hosting a ZUU Bronze live workshop. Learn this and other great exercises along with the ZUU methodology behind it.

#Repost @nathanhelberg (@get_repost)
Dropping fluid. Testing strength. Building mental toughness. Low impact. Confined space. No equipment. —————————-
Australia 🇦🇺 made. ZUU is the worlds best ground based movement system. And I live and breathe this stuff👊🏾👊🏾🔥🔥🔥

#Repost @kjfitlab (@get_repost)
📣 Attention
☆Personal Trainers,
☆Strength Coaches,
☆ Group Instructors
☆Corrective Exercise Specialists;

Up your body weight training game at the upcoming ZUU Bronze Certification June 23 at Training Station.
This workshop will be taught by founder Nathan Helberg himself!
#fitnesseducation #correctiveexercise #movebetter #moveoften #zuufitness @officialironzuu
@nathanhelberg @nasm_fitness @afaa_certified


Honored to be a host site for this awesome workshop. 10 minutes with Nathan, hearing his message and learning his techniques you will be changed inside and out. Join in the fun June 23, 2019 @ Training Station and we'll learn and sweat together.

Another honest review of his first experience with ZUU from a very experienced Ken Miller from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

ZUU is so unique in the way it’s presented from functionality, translation into movement to simplicity and the human touch and connection that the world needs.

Great having you guys workout in our facility! Can't wait to see you all in Bay area water May 4-5.
#sailgp #sailgpchn #sanfranciscosailgp #trainingstationalameda

All we need now are the attendees for the @nasm_fitness
workshop with the illustrious Andrew Mills leading the class.
@questnutrition ready to go!
#fitnesseducation #nasm #nasmfitness #trainingstationalameda #alamedamoves #personaltrainer #nasmcpt #questnutrition #futurenasmcpt @ The Training Station

Training Station is going to remain open for training sessions but to improve our skills and be better able to enhance the training session experience we're attending #3epicdays at the 3-Day Fitness & Yoga Party at #hoteladeline in Scottsdale, AZ.
Stay tuned for videos and photos of exercises and movement enhancing techniques we'll be bringing back with us.
#vikaraevents #alamedamoves #movebetter #moveoften #nasmfitness #experiencevikara

Nothing like Alameda humor!
#alamedamoves #jeansweeneyopenspacepark #littlejohnpark #alamedaparks #playfortheparks #bikefortheparks #alamedafriendsoftheparkfoundation

Join the fun and festivities at the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park. Cooking to be a great neighborhood event in celebration of the opening of a much needed place to move and play.
This Saturday!
#jeansweeneyopenspacepark #playoutside #openspacepark #arpd #fotpalameda

Brookbush Institute hits the West coast. Day One.

#fitnesseducation #correctiveexercise #exercise #alamedamoves #movebetter

It won't be until September 16 but we're gearing up for the Alameda Running Festival.

Training Station powered by @evoathletics365 is honored to host the Recovery Zone for the runners that day. Still time to register for the Half marathon, 10k, 5k and Family Run.
After the run, come by our booth and let the recovery begin. Not only will we have the @ntrecovery boots but we'll also hold Percussion treatment based recovery using the @hyperice Hypervolt.
With all that there's still room to roll out on the @tp_therapy Grid and hypersphere. @carolina_rey and Rodrick will be there to set you all up and let the recovery begin!
#recoveryzone #alamedarunningfestival #runalameda @srashbaker #alamedamoves #alamedamealsonwheels #alamedaeducationfoundation

The last couple months we've hosted workshops for @nasm_fitness, @karl_sterling with @brookbushinstitute September 8-9 and NASM Fit again October 21.

Frame 1: attendees from Parkinson's Regeneration Workshop
Frame 2: Some of the vital pieces of equipment trainers need to put a comprehensive program to challenge mind and body
Frame 3: Karl dropping knowledge
Frame 4: NASM FIT Workshop (August 11)

Training Station is more than a boutique training facility for personal trainers and strength coaches to challenge their client's physicality but a place to learn and hone their skills.

No matter the subject, the students that enter or doors learn, smile and more importantly make new friends in the process.

Thank you to all the trainers that make it out here and look forward to making new friends in the years to come.

#personaltrainer #fitnesseducation #fitnessfriends #nasm #physiochainseducation #nasmfitness #alamedamoves @ The Training Station

Had the greatest time co-presenting with @drfoxyfit and @megan_everybodysfit at the @nasm_fitness Personal Training workshop.
Outstanding group of fitness professionals hitting the Bay Area fitness professional scene and oh yeah Minnesota too with @lindsay.leko.wellness .
Looking forward to seeing everyone again in Scottsdale for the NASM OPTima in October.
#nasm #nasmfitness #fitfam #fitnesseducation #personaltrainer #trainingstationalameda #alamedamoves @ The Training Station

@drewbrees and AC @reactive_training doing work that can't be done anywhere else other than on the Core-tex. The best strength coaches out there @todddurkin know what they have when they invest in and use this. Guess who else has one... or three 😉.
In sport and life, can't get away from the need to react and rotate with coordination and confidence.
#reactivetraining #drewbrees #saintsfootball #gettingready #coretexfitness #imustrotate #quarterbackconditioning

Honored to host another live workshop for @nasm_fitness with the Sports Performance Live Workshop

#fitnesseducation #nasm #sportsperformance #reactivetraining #nasmfitness #pes #evoathletics365 #performancecoachingsystems

Yet more ways to take advantage of the most diverse piece of equipment in the facility. Thanks for sharing the great info @reactive_training
#reactivetraining #coretexfitness #performancecoachingsystems #nasmfitness #alamedamoves #variabilityofmovements #rotationtraining

Late post: last Sunday was the Alameda Hospital Fundraiser 10/5 k run.

Hosted the recovery and recuperation tent with @missfittraining . Runners enjoyedsome compression treatment by sitting back in the #zerogravitychair with @ntrecovery leg sleeves. They also used the @hyperice #hypersphere for vibration you help relax the muscles.
Thank you @srashbaker for the opportunity to talk to runners about deloading the body post -race. Great job Steve of putting on another awesome event!
#outfrontendurance #5k #10k #hyperice #normatec #recovery #alamedamoves #hyperice #evoathletics365 @ Harbor Bay Club

Timeline Photos

Honored to host the Parkinson's Regeneration Workshop this August. Sign up information below.
Alameda, CA (& San Francisco) fitness pros and people with PD:
Attend this Parkinson’s Regeneration Training ® live workshop and change lives!
8/18 & 8/19/18: at @trainingstationalameda ~
Fitness pros earn 1.4 NASM / 14 AFAA CEC’s
The Premier Parkinson’s Education Program
Fitness pros: $399
People with PD $249 (bring a caregiver at no extra cost)
This workshop is for EVERYONE with an interest in helping the person with PD to improve quality of movement and life
Get signed up at:
#fitness #fitnessmotivation #exercises #functionaltraining #correctiveexercise #movement #brain
#parkinsonsdisease #MovementDisorder #Strength #alamedamoves #Balance #Stability #CoreStrength #Corestability #Cognitive @kjfitlab @trainingstationalameda

Glad to have the team from come by and use the @trainingstationalameda amenities to upskill trainers. Stay tuned personal trainers for the great things to come from these guys.
#personaltrainer #coachdfit #nasmfitness #onlinepersonaltrainer #fitnesseducation

The latest addition to the tools and amenities offered at TS, @terracorefitness . Got it yesterday, broke it in this morning. What better way to start than with bridges.
#terracorefitness #newtool #evoathletics365 #core #glutes

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

At Training Station we have a system in place that figures out limitations in movement and works to optimize how physical stress is distributed through the body during sport.

Research is inconclusive towards any one factor that contributes to the stress and eventual injury and tear of the UCL. Here's how you can intervene before it's too late.

How have you challenged your hips today?
Great art by Aaron Kuehn with the muscles written in the shape of the human body.
This (partial) picture briefly shows how integrated the hip is to the trunk and lower extremities with all the muscles that connect into and out of that area.
One of the things we do different and therefore better @trainingstationalameda is challenge the hips in the many ways it needs to be challenged through variable movement, sound exercise programming, diverse set of equipment that challenges movement and not just strength.
Thank you @speedproeastbay for the great art.

#reactivetraining #coretexfitness #performancecoachingsystems #nasmfitness #alamedamoves #ctmaxx #technogymskill

Congrats to Samantha @missfittraining on het recognition as February Trainer on the month. Proof that hard work pays off.

#missfittraining #hardworkpaysoff #pfptrainerofthemonth #alamedamoves #alamedapersonaltrainer

Raising the Bar: Samantha Cordova Samantha Cordova is raising the bar in our industry with her undeniable dedication and persistence to setting and exceeding the highest expectations of herself.

Learn the tools and techniques needed to better control and maintain posture and core. @missfittraining is opening up some times and days to help you do just that.
Best time to start is now.

#missfittraining #core #posture #alamedamoves #trainingstationalameda

Sha getting after it!

Brainstorm Fitness

We’ve never seen anyone play basketball on their knees, but hey, to each their own. Train SMARTER FOLKS.
#Repost @function.first
I think @kingjames would like getting the ankles and knees a little more involved in his pre game nervous system “wake up” drills🔥👍💪
Video on left credit @nba and @cavs
#coretex #coretexfitness #reactivetraining #reactivevariability #nba #clevelandcavaliers #sportsperformance #neuromuscular #movementprep #basketballtraining

You won't find a greater trio of cognitive / fitness conditioning equipment anywhere else. I challenge you to find any assembly of tools that can challenge the body like these.
What do they all have in common? All Human powered! No replacement for the ability to think, coordinate and react under physical stress.

Realize what your body doesn't do during the day and that's what you give in your training session.

Core-tex @reactive_training (Reactive Training / movement variability) ,
TechnoGym Skillmill @technogym (physical stress / elevate HR) and
CT MAXX @cognitive_fitness (cognitive challenge)

Fourth component to compliment the three is recovery. Hyperice @hyperice.
Get it all here under one roof @Trainingstationalameda Contact @kjfitlab for more info

#technogym #skillmill #reactivetraining #coretexfitness #performancecoachingsystems #nasmfitness #alamedamoves #ctmaxx #cognitivefitness

MissFit Training

A little hard you hear but reviewing the use of the Hyperice Raptor for Samantha's self care plan.

Post run recovery session at The Training Station with Coach Miller!!

Agility training is about decelerating, stabilizing and accelerating into a different direction. When you have to now compete in an Agility Competition leading your dog there's a different level of agility. You have to watch, and instruct your dog while you maneuver your own body around obstacles in the course.

You need more than cones and ladders to simulate both body and mind. Agility Competitors have to think under physical stress like any other athlete. The @cognitive_fitness CT MAXX is one tool that makes this happen when cognitive drills are combined with heart pumping exercises.

#cognitivefitness #ctmaxx #nasmfitness #cognitivecondtitioning #agilitycompetition #agility #agilitytraining

After one year in business we're happy to have a couple points recognized on this year's ballot for Alameda Magazine's Best Of 2018.

First: @trainingstationalameda is the only personal training studio listed for Best Gym / Health Club category competing with bigger facilities and memberships.

Second: Training Station is the home for two of the five nominees for Best Personal Trainer, Samantha Cordova @missfittraining, and Ken Miller @kjfitlab

We must be doing something right.

It was "the late great Dickie Fox who said: 'The key to this business is personal relationships.' Suddenly it was clear. The answer we fewer clients. Less money. More attention. Caring for them, caring for ourselves and the games, too." Jerry Maguire

Please continue your support and go to the link and vote. We appreciate you Alameda!

#couldnotpassupthisquote #alamedamoves #kjfitlab #performancecoachingsystems #missfittraining #alamedamagazine #alameda #bestofalameda2018 #bestgym #bestpersonaltrainer

It's not about the walls, it's what happens within the walls that make Training Station the training facility that it is.

Great fitness professionals are here that influence people's health positively no matter the physical condition, exercise history or goals.

We facilitate movement with fluidity, strength and speed so you can do anything you want.

#alamedamoves #prepare #compete #recover #trainingstationalameda #coretexfitness #reactivetraining #regeneration


This is one of the many reasons why we have the Core-tex in our facility... Not one but three.

Very possibly the most amazing golf conditioning move ever created :) Load and explode as we break down the golf swing from start to finish. #yourothertoolscantdothis

Great to have more logos on the wall by @speedproeastbay . Not just to fill space but represent the organizations and training systems that get our clients one step closer to their goals.
Not 100% done yet but looks 100% awesome so far.
If you're wondering about the quote, it's from the book "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance"
Stay tuned for what's next to grace our walls.

#speedproeastbay #performancecoachingsystems #mytpi #fusionetics #angeladuckworth #gritbook #grit #nasmfitness #reactivetraining #alamedamoves

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