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MissFit Training is all about sustained growth. Here we learn what the positive behavioral and psychological changes are in order to get to your goals.

Personal Training and Semi Private Training

Your coach Samantha is committed to guiding you through your fitness experience through education, support, and establishing life-long healthy habits not only for the gym, but for every day living for years to come. Together, you will work towards efficient improvements and more satisfying results using Mindset Performance, nutrition guidance, and of course exercise. Our home location is The Training Station on the corner of Clement Ave and Minturn Street.

Operating as usual


We are in Day 2 of our 20 for 20 Workout Streak in September!

We’ve got a number of our participants that are already crushing it 💪🏽💪🏽 Check our my story to see how they’re doing!

It’s not too late to get started!

If you’re having trouble figuring out where to start, take a few minutes thinking about what you want to achieve.

Maybe showing mine will help you build your own plan. Let me know how else I can help!

Here are my goals for the next couple weeks:
💟 I want most of my workouts to land in the “yellow” zone (see @myzonemoves; approx 80-90% of my heart rate max)
💟 I want a balance of all the different types of training methods I love- weightlifting, running, Pilates
💟 I want to have visual and social media accountability (workout plan pinned up in my office wall to see every day; and posting often and every day on IG).

Workout plan (weekly):
✅ 3+ days of cardio (run or rower)
✅ 2-3 days of heavy weightlifting
✅ 2 days of Pilates strength training

I’m not currently tracking weight, body fat %, or food (although I am ALWAYS on a nutrient dense, high-fiber, high-protein, and highly focused on vegetable-based meals).

I am currently sore from my Day 1 Pilates workout 😆. It hurts so good! You can try this workout HERE: https://app.namastream.com/#/face-body-studio-with-chris-tam/product/16028/play/94019?ref=about

Care to share your plans for your own 20 for 20? We would love to see it!

Remember: YOU GOT THIS!!

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Set your intentions for the month!

I know I’m a little behind to set myself up for September; HOWEVER- I’m still getting started now anyway. There is no use waiting for the start of next month- what I can prepare for is NOW.

I have set up two specific calendars for you to download for FREE to help you set yourself up for success:

✅ A Goal Setting Calendar
and a
✅ An Accountability Calendar

For the Goal Setting Calendar, you write down your specific goals for the month, things you would enter into the calendar when completed. This is great for getting really detailed on exactly what you want to accomplish in your fitness routines.

The Accountability Calendar is great for those that need a fresh start altogether. It’s a simple visual accountability tracking system that covers the basic components to a successful health and fitness program.

Both are available now at www.VarimaxFitness.com/documents.

For those of you participating in the Streaking in September 20 for 20, what are your plans for successfully completing all 20 days?

Let’s CRUSH these next 20 days!

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💥 Lets Go Streaking in September! 💥

I don’t know about you, but I’m in need of some accountability over the next few weeks. Between COVID, State/county mandates regarding gym closures, weird schedules, CA on fire- everything is a jumbled mess it seems!

So I need an official RESET with my personal workouts. I believe 20 minutes a day is completely ACHIEVABLE and can set you up nicely for a more regular routine moving forward.

💪🏽 I am committing to a minimum of 20 minutes of workouts for 20 days straight starting Monday 09/07 through Sunday 09/27. 💪🏽

My personal goal is to get my heart rate UP (think #Myzone Yellow zone) for the majority of those workouts. Recovery days will be yoga or Pilates.

I’ll be posting my workouts as I go, for my own personal accountability.

WIN our #TeamVarimax Run Club 8 Week 10k Training Program that we’re launching in October to prep for the #RunToFeedTheHungry Thanksgiving run!
I love this program to get ready for the Holiday season 👻 🦃 🎄 🎆

✅ POST your workouts in your story and TAG @missfittraining
✅ FOLLOW @missfittraining AND @varimaxfit
✅ STAY CONNECTED! Let me know how you’re doing! DM or comment or even text me if you need anything :) it’s always nice to have friendly accountability so let me know how I can help!

How does that sound?!


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If you haven’t tried Pilates at all- you’re really missing out!

When I took the Pilates Teacher Training with Chris (over TEN years ago!), it became the FOUNDATION of my training programs when I work out on my own or when I coach my clients.

When scheduled into a routine, Pilates is the perfect compliment to the strength training or sport performance programs we do at Varimax Fitness.

Regardless of your goals, Chris’s awesome instruction makes these workouts super effective and enjoyable.

Try a class and let me know how you do! Even better, I’ll take a class with you!

Also- if you’ve been considering taking a Pilates Teacher Training, I highly recommend her new one coming up in September!

Chris has evolved this Teacher Training Program over the years and has crafted a solid course that can truly elevate your personal fitness or your fitness profession.


#Pilates #PilatesMatClass #PilatesInstructor #PilatesTeacherTraining @ Sacramento, California

You guys, air quality is not great right now.

Even if it looks and seems clear and good, the air changes throughout the day due to winds and the progress/control (or the lack of containment) of the local fires.

More than ever, we encourage you to wear your mask (I believe the N-95 covers both COVID-19 and particulates in the air due to fires).

We do have Varimax masks available if you still need a few! They fit nicely over the heavy duty masks, and are great for short trips out like for errands. Check in with one of your coaches and we can arrange a pickup or drop off :)

Varimax will remain closed to live training (no patio sessions), but we remain available for limited Virtual sessions for Saturday 08/22.

Please be safe- I know that “Long term health and longevity” is not as “sexy” to hear as “Lose 30 lbs in 2 weeks!” But its definitely more important. So please- be safe and consider wearing a mask, and consider the health and well-being of others. @ Sacramento, California

This is some ☀️ SERIOUS HEAT ☀️ we have these past few days, and it’s continuing through for a bit longer 🥵

💧 BE SURE TO STAY HYDRATED 💦 Not just when you work out, but throughout the day!

If my clients are feeling low on energy, achy, “off”... I ALWAYS ask about their hydration from over the past few days.

A good rule of thumb to figure out a general starting point would be about half your body weight in ounces MINIMUM.

Easy example: if you’re 200lbs, your minimum would be 100 ounces minimum throughout the day.

Over the next 7 days, pick a water bottle with a specific amount of ounces (for easy tracking) and be sure to get in a minimum number of bottles per day. 🤔 Consider your physical activity throughout the day- including NEAT: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (google it).

For me, I have a 72 ounce dumbbell water bottle (thanks @fit.n.fun!) PLUS a 24 ounce bottle (thanks @starbucks_wattandfairoaks!) and it would cover my hydration for my work shift (approx 4:30a - 12p) because I’m moving around a LOT and lifting things throughout the shift. Then I continue to have about the same amount for the rest of my day. *THIS IS MY PERSONAL and APPROXIMATE INTAKE- please get to know your own body needs based on your activity level, hot much you sweat, your sleep, your nutrition- everything that changes the way your body uses water.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE and let me know how it goes throughout the week!

#Hydration #DrinkWater #StayCool 😎

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@ Sacramento, California

Throwback to the weird sh*t we did at Crunch Fitness in SF (2013 “Black Ops Training”) 😂

My time at Crunch was where I got to partake in the UFC/MMA Conditioning Certification which I LOVED!

It was super tough, since I was newer to learning different methods of strength training back then, and incorporating conditioning (metabolic, high intensity) for sport performance.

This certification did not include tons of fighting technique; rather, it focused on how to get physically fit and conditioned to have enough endurance and power in whatever sport you are training for.

When applying this to “general population” (many of our clients that are training for weight loss, fat loss, and improved quality of life), it is highly important to understand HOW to manipulate your metabolic conditioning and be able to push yourself to your very edge. You want your body to adapt and improve overall cardio, endurance, and power output in strength exercises.

To get better at one thing does not necessarily mean to just do more of that one thing. Also, anything can be “hard” if you go fast enough or do too many reps- our goal is to create the most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE metabolic training for results, and not just “power through” just to do it.

If you want to train like a badass, and see what you’re really made of, book your Strategic Planning Session with me and I’ll show you how this type of training can improve your overall fitness!

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I’m so excited to start using #LocalHoney from @thebeebx in Sacramento!

I’m using it to flavor the plain, non-dairy yogurt for a little sweetness, but I’ve also used it in these awesome pumpkin muffins!

We’ve been going hard since closing the gym in mid-March, and now we’re re-opening FRIDAY! There’s a lot that goes on in the background, and we wanted to be ready for anyone coming back to train with us (almost all of our clients so far already).

I want to be more ready for these longer days so I have been testing out some cool pre-made breakfast and snack ideas.

I always want nutrient dense options for meals and snacks (and guess what guys- CARBS ARE STILL NOT THE DEVIL 🤗) so I’m taking this recipe and will alter it to add even more fiber and/or protein to them without wrecking the flavor.

Nutrition facts are based on the base recipe used and are an approximation. I’ll have a more open conversation on my nutrition points of view later, but until then- ENJOY YOUR FREAKIN CARBS and maybe even start using more natural sugars (like, say, honey?) with more added benefits than plain old white sugar... I dunno, just a thought 🙃

#EatYourFood #Honey #SimpleRecipes #BreakfastOnTheGo #FoodAndFitness @ Sacramento, California

Well MFT CREW- Varimax Fitness is finally opening again! Which means I can train my live PT sessions again in the mornings. Booking is very limited, so please let me know if you have any questions regarding appointments :)

If you are already in a Virtual Training Program with me, please continue to book your sessions to reserve your session times.

For more info, VISIT our newsletter HERE:

[05/25/20]   Try this 30 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout!

☀️ Happy Sunshine Friday MissFits! ☀️

Check out my updated availability 🤗 (currently for VIRTUAL and Strategic Planning Sessions only).

As we continue to practice social distancing, I have been buzzing around in the background taking on those “Big Hairy Goals” that we have not previously been able to get to before COVID-19 orders were sent out. We’ve been REALLY successful in knocking out the #FitBiz odds and ends to ultimately improve our overall operations of Varimax Fitness!

Fortunately, I’ve also been able to reconnect and touch base with some oldie-but-goodie clients from the Bay and ended up filling my #VirtualVarimax training schedule more- which is AWESOME for maintaining a small business in this weird time. I am grateful to hear that my #MFTCrew have all been thriving and overall still happy with life while we all adjust to these new norms.

If you’re feeling the need to get moving and create a new routine for your health and sanity you can BOOK YOUR STRATEGIC PLANNING SESSION HERE: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=587339&stype=-9&sTG=6&sView=day&sLoc=0&sTrn=100000006

Let’s work together to build a stronger YOU- inside and out 😊

For more info, contact me directly!
[email protected]

Stay UP my friends!

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2 Days of #TRXVirtualTraining COMPLETED!

#PersonalTrainers and #FitnessProfessionals are always learning new things or refreshing foundational information on a regular basis.

Thanks for making this course accessible to everyone!

#FitnessBusinessProfessional #PersonalTrainer #FitBizPro #TRX #TRXTraining #ContinuingEducation #MissFitTraining #DrivenByVarimax @ Sacramento, California

💛 Just checking in with some old friends and past clients 💛

Let's connect!

- https://mailchi.mp/46c1cd2be3cf/just-checking-in-with-some-old-friends-and-past-clients

[04/21/20]   Allow me to re-introduce myself! 🙋🏽‍♀️

My name is Samantha Cordova and I am a Fitness Business Professional and Personal Trainer now based out of Sacramento, CA!

I am currently the Executive Director for Varimax Fitness, a Personal Training studio. I still train a few clients part time (prior to COVID-19), as well as coaching online clients through our Virtual Varimax services.

I’ve been in the Fitness Industry since 2009 and have served San Francisco and the East Bay Before moving to Sacramento in 2019.

I’ve worked with clients through Personal Training, Small Group Training, Group X Classes, Bootcamps, Recovery Classes, Corporate Wellness, and more!

My methods are very much holistic in that we are constantly discussing all aspects that affect your training program. This includes, but are not limited to, your Strength Training Program, stress & recovery management, nutrition guidance, flexibility & mobility programming, wellness and mindfulness.
We start with foundational movement patterns in strength training and learn through “contrology” to adapt and ensure progression in your programs (Google “Contrology if you’re not familiar 👍🏽) and then re-integrate all other aspects that will support a successful program.

I would love to work with you! Let’s chat through a Strategic Planning Session and help you take back control of your body and your goals! Click HERE to set it up: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=587339&stype=-9&sTG=6&sView=day&sLoc=0&sTrn=100000006

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New Page — MissFit Training

THANK YOU TO ALL MY CURRENT AND PAST CLIENTS FOR THE CONTINUED SUPPORT! I appreciate every single relationship I've had with every client and friend in my past 10+ years of being a Fitness Business Professional.

I just received a fantastic review from an MFT Crew member (past client) and I wanted to share her experience with you!

Here's just part of her story...

"I really connected with Samantha’s coaching approach and personality — she is soft-spoken but always pushes you to test your limits, after listening attentively to your goals and concerns. Throughout my time working with Samantha, I learned that I actually really enjoy resistance training, especially seeing how heavy I can go on fundamental movements like the squat and deadlift. Samantha taught me the important parts of a strength training program and how to build a workout, so that I feel way more confident in my abilities when I go to the gym on my own or train with others. Not only am I physically stronger now, but I understand how essential resistance training is to being able to maintain an active lifestyle as an adult. I wish that Sacramento was closer to where I live so that I could continue to work with Samantha!" - Joelle M. (submitted review 04/2020; trained 09/2019 through 08/2020)

For the full Client Review, you can check out http://www.missfittraining.com/testimonials


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