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Small breeder pursuing her dream to breed world class sport horses for dressage, jumping and eventing.

Golden Girls, Dressage & Why You’re Never Too Old to Chase a Dream (or Drink Champagne No Matter What!) | HORSE NATION

I represent this!!! And I love, love, love good champagne!!! Like fine wine, dressage ladies just get better with age -- and these "Golden Girls" are approaching magnificent. Shelley Van den Neste, their coach, share...

Nobody is happy!

Great British Racing

At best a dressage horse!!!:)

This horse is not what you would call the most 'natural jumper'... 😂🐴

United States Sport Horse Breeders Association

Great photo of Boyd Martin and the US-bred Tsetserleg (Windfall-Buddenbrock) who were 2nd at Land Rover Kentucky. Tsetserleg was bred by Timothy Holekamp.

Stable Express

Zippity yeah!

Pony Jumping!..size doesn't matter! 😍

[05/31/19]   Poor Duc. His date to make a deposit for Susan Field’s mare got postponed because she ovulated too soon....short cycle in Her future!

Silent Hill Ranch - Ranch Equipment

Dealing with fake friends!


United States Dressage Federation Official Page

The German-born dressage master Walter Zettl wrote this essay shortly before his death in June 2018. USDF thanks Herr Zettl’s widow, Heide, for her permission to share this previously unpublished work. You can read his article, Riding is One of the Most Difficult Forms of Artistic Sport, here:

Photo by Mark Neihart
Premier Equestrian
Walter Zettl Classical Dressage

No Horse is Physically (Skeletally) Mature Before 5.5 to 6 Years Old - The Soul Of A Horse Blog

Something to think about for sure! Our Mouse, coming up on physical maturity. Almost ready to start at 7 years old. Below is the link to the best article I’ve ever read on this subject. It teaches that no horse, of any breed, in any country, at any time in history either now or in the past, has ever been physically …

[05/30/19]   Duc has a tentative date with SUSAN Fields’ mare on Friday!

United States Sport Horse Breeders Association


Great story about US Breeder Ginger Parker-Yerg and her son Jake Wymard. Good Luck to Jake at The Devon Horse Show !

How effective is the use of hyperimmune plasma in neonates in preventing targeted diseases?

Good to know! Rood & Riddle Shareholder, Dr. Laurie Metcalfe, discusses hyperimmune plasma and it's uses in neonates for preventing targeted diseases.

Dave "Showtime" Meyer

Oh my!

If crazy horse people were actually HONEST.

My husband represents this! ;)

Weltfrieden TG, a dressage stallion, can jump!

Ulcerative dermatitis, thrombocytopenia, and neutropenia in neonatal foals. - PubMed - NCBI

Always something new to worry about😞

It really is a miracle that horses thrives for so long on earth without human assistance. J Vet Intern Med. 2005 Mar-Apr;19(2):211-6.

Neonatal Isoerythrolysis in Foals – The Horse

Interesting. Sounds like the equivalent of the rhesus factor in humans. Prevention is key to avoiding neonatal isoerythrolysis, or destruction of a newborn foal's red blood cells.

[05/16/19]   USEF
Important Information Regarding Synephrine, Equine Prohibited Banned Substance

From the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI)
The FEI would like to warn the equestrian community regarding synephrine, a substance listed as a Banned Substance (Specified Substance*) on the Equine Prohibited Substances List.

Note: Synephrine is also a banned substance under United States Equestrian Federation Drugs and Medications rules

A high number of samples taken from horses under the Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Programme have tested positive for the substance. Although investigations into the sources of the positive cases are still ongoing, the FEI would like to warn stakeholders of synephrine which may be found in the horse’s environment and advise on measures that can be taken to prevent a positive finding.

Synephrine is a stimulant which can cause vasoconstriction, an increased heart rate and is used as a weight loss aid.

In certain parts of the world, synephrine can be found in plants such as common rush (Juncus usitatus), Mullumbimby couch (Cyperus brevifolus) and the leaves of citrus trees (e.g. mandarin, orange and lemon). Synephrine has also been detected in Teff grass hay in some countries.

It can also be found as an ingredient of herbal and nutritional supplements, and commonly found in the peel extract of bitter orange (also known as Seville orange) which is used as a flavouring agent.

Measures that can be taken to prevent positive findings include using reputable suppliers of hay, feed and supplements, checking the horse’s environment for plants containing synephrine, and ensuring that any personnel taking supplements or other products containing synephrine wash their hands thoroughly after coming into contact with the substance. Additionally, it is recommended that samples are kept of batches of hay, feed and supplements given to competition horses to enable a thorough investigation to take place should the horse test positive for synephrine.

Further information concerning contamination prevention can be found here.

The FEI urges stakeholders to be vigilant of possible sources of synephrine in the horse’s environment and implement management practices to prevent contamination or inadvertent ingestion of the substance.

* Prohibited Substances that are identified as Specified Substances should not in any way be considered less important or less dangerous than other Prohibited Substances. Rather, they are simply substances which are more likely to have been ingested by Horses for a purpose other than the enhancement of sport performance, for example, through a contaminated food substance.

Crazy - it can be found in your hay!!!! Be careful!

USEF Announces Positive Tests of Cannabinoids (CBD) Will Result in GR4 Violations as of September 1, 2019

Don't share your weed with your pony!!! USEF Equine Drugs and Medications Rules prohibit cannabidiol (CBD) and their metabolites. While hemp does not contain more than 0.3% THC, it does contain CBD. CBD, both natural and synthetic forms, are likely to effect the performance of a horse due to its reported anxiolytic effects.


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Racing Breaks

Now this is a foal that you can say comfortably will be a jumper of some type!

This video just puts a smile on our face! 😊

Champion Hurdler in the making?

Top 3 Cross-Training Exercises for Eventing Horses Watch U.S. Olympic eventing medalist Kim Severson show lateral exercises and strength-training techniques for your eventing horse.

Kyra Kyrklund's Smaller Steps for Greater Balance

Live Kyra! Dressage Olympian Kyra Kyrklund shares a simple solution to common balance problems with horses at any level.

Superkasper & Steffen Peters - FEI CDI-W Grand Prix Freestyle - Evening of Musical Freestyles 2019

Some amazing transitions! Superkasper & Steffen Peters got 80.990% and took 1st place in the $5,000 FEI CDI-W Grand Prix Freestyle class at the 74th Ann...

ProEquest - The Professional Equestrian Community

"When you do something too much, too long, it’s called drilling. That’s not a good word with horses. If it’s not perfect it's ok. We have tomorrow, we have next week. Don’t be excessive with the horse." - George Morris

Common Equine Veterinary Therapies

Good summary. Watch sport horse veterinarian Dr. Hugh Behling explain common therapeutic options available for your horse and how they relate to USEF rules and guidelines.

USA Pan American Games Qualifying Competitions Completed for Short List of Contenders for Lima, Peru – Dressage-News

Congratulations all! The United States wrapped up qualifying competitions for a Pan American Games team short list with the results of California’s Del Mar National as the last event before the deadline making no major changes in the standings of Small and Big Tour combinations.

Oliver Townend Has Déjà Vu at Kentucky Three-Day Event

!!!! It’s #thebestweekend all year for Oliver Townend (GBR) two years and counting. The pressure was on for the defending champion during the third leg of Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event competition. As the overnight leader, he was the final rider to challenge the Richard Jeffrey stadium jump cours...

Best Dressed and Even Better Dressage, Switzerland's Felix Vogg Leads LRK3DE

Nice! Felix Vogg was already off to a good start on Thursday when he was awarded the Dubarry of Ireland “Best Dressed Male” award. Today, it was the dressage judges who appreciated his style. After a remarkable test with 10-year-old Westphalian gelding Colero (Captain Fire X Bonita) he was awarded a s...

If horses were people - Episode 3

Giggle, snort....

In this episode of "If horses were people," Sarah and Sara tackle girthing up a horse, pawing, and horses that do...funky things to their water. As much as w...

Mares and foals: Why probiotics are important during times of stress

Anyone try her product? Would love to hear about it from a user! Have you considered the importance of proper gut microbiome health for mares and foals? Probiotics are an essential part of life and health for horses(and people)! From the moment a horse is born, the primary colonization of their digestive microbiome begins. Starting with intake of bacteria from th...

The Relationship Between Conformation and Lameness, Part Two “There are fewer conditions to look out for in the hind limb, but there are some that are very important,” Dr. Adams shared in his discussion of the relationship between conformation in soundness that...

The Relationship Between Conformation and Lameness, Part One

Good overview! “It’s true that an ideal conformation is something to strive for, but most horses don’t have ideal conformation,” observed Dr. Norris Adams, Clinical Assistant Professor in Equine Lameness and Surgery...

United States Sport Horse Breeders Association

Good to see the USA bred horses doing well!

US Equestrian just released their updated list for the combinations selected for the Dressage Development Program. Very happy to see a number of #usbred horses showing on that list. While we congratulate all combinations named to this program, we especially congratulate the following representing US breeding programs"

Patti Becker (Wadsworth, Ill.) with Freedom (Feuri x Windjammer), Anne Ramsay’s 12-year-old Oldenburg stallion, bred by Barbara Cadwell

Michael Bragdell (Colora, Md.) with Qredit Hilltop (Quaterback x Dream Rubina), Hilltop Farm Inc’s 11-year-old Oldenburg stallion, bred by Judy Yancey

Michael Bragdell with Sternlicht Hilltop (Soliman de Hus x Rhapsody GGF), Hilltop Farm Inc’s nine-year-old Hanoverian stallion, bred by Rachel Ehrlich

Lehua Custer (North Hollywood, Calif.) with F.J. Ramzes (Juventus x J Rambiance), Wendy Sasser’s nine-year-old KWPN gelding, bred by Cornell University

Jodie Kelly-Baxley (Destin, Fla.) with Caymus (Sir Sinclair x Wencenza), Beth Godwin’s 12-year-old KWPN gelding, bred by Beth Godwin

Amy Miller (Fullerton, Calif.) with Encore (Jazz x Aloha SE), her 10-year-old KWPN gelding, bred by Lisa Dickman

Melissa Taylor (Wellington, Fla.) with Dixie WRF (Jazz x Treasure WRF), her and Marcia Pepper’s 11-year-old KWPN mare, bred by Judy Reggio

Carly Taylor-Smith (Malibu, Calif.) with Rosalut NHF (Rosenthal x Legacy), Nikki Taylor-Smith’s nine-year-old Oldenburg gelding, bred by USSHBA Board Member Maggie Neider


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The University of Saskatchewan’s Western College of Veterinary Medicine WCVM Today will cover the fee associated with the necropsy of aborted fetuses, stillbirths, or euthanized foals suspected of having Warmblood fragile foal syndrome to gather additional information about the genetic disease.

United States Sport Horse Breeders Association

Survey Participation Request for US Breeders:

"We at Duchy College in Cornwall, UK have put together a survey investigating why people breed foals in the UK and Internationally (for comparative purposes). The survey is totally anonymous and should not take more than 2 minutes to complete.

Conversations had with a variety of people in industry and with charities has highlighted that people in the UK are unaware of the current UK crisis, despite efforts to communicate this. The aim of this study is to investigate breeding practices, why people breed, what choices do they make when selecting mares/stallions, what happens to the foals afterwards. It is clear that the UK need to gain control over equine breeding and limit randomised and unnecessary breeding. Hopefully the findings of this will then support previous research conducted to help support charities and address the equine crisis.

To ensure that we get a good range and number of responses, I am asking a number of different bodies if they would be happy to help us to distribute the survey. I myself will also work hard to reach as many people as possible with direct emails and social media support, however, for the number of responses that we would like we will need some help.

Here is the link to the survey. It should take no longer than 2 minutes to complete and provides different pathways for breeders and non-breeders."

These horses just learned to communicate with humans

This is awesome. I just taught my cat Jack to come, whoa, and sit with voice and hand commands. Maybe I’ll try the horses next! Norwegian researchers taught 23 horses how to express their needs using symbol boards, and the horses loved it.

[04/14/19]   Oops, there might get be crocodiles under that fence!

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Good look at a current international star when he was young.

How often does one get to watch a World Cup horse as a youngster?

We have been digging in our archive and found something quite unexpected: An old video of Goerklintgårds Dublet, who just competed in the World Cup final with Kasey Perry Glass.

Today he is 16 years old and has also competed at WEG and the Olympic Games, where he and Kasey Perry-Glass have helped the U.S. Team to win silver and bronze, respectively. In Gothenburg Kasey and Dublét placed number four in the Grand Prix and number five in the Grand Prix Freestyle.

Back in 2008, Dublét was just five years old and participated at the young horse championship at Danish Warmblood's stallion licensing in Herning. The video shows the test ride - where Dublét was awarded 9.0 for rideability and 9.5 for potential.

Do you know of other youth videos of now international Grand Prix horses? Please share it in the comments 😊

HealthyGut™ Foal Probiotics Kit

Nice to know about this! Equa Foal Kit is a probiotic supplement formulated specifically for Foals 24 hours old through weaning. This novel product contains only Probiotics and concentrated Mare's milk to ensure an age and species specific, gentle approach to foal probiotic supplementation. Directions: Add 3-5 ml cold or wa...

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