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Trophy Bass Fishing with Lake Fork Guide Andrew Grills

Great trip with Bill and Lindsey adds days ago, before all the rain. They already reserved their dates for next year!
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Some of the best fish in my Skeeter from 2019

Thankful for every fish.

Had an Amazing day on Lake Fork with Josh and Caleb from Mississippi! I’m a little late getting these posted, but here they are. Josh and Caleb spend a lot of time serving others, it was a pleasure to get to serve them for a day.

Pushing 35lbs for best 5. There might be more than one picture of the same fish this time. I wasn’t sure which fish was which.


Fresh fishing report on my site! Trophy bass fishing on world famous Lake Fork

Pictures are from two days on Lake Fork with long time customer Denny from Ohio. What a trip! I never picked up a rod on day one, and Denny told me the next morning that he liked it better when I fished 😁. So I waited til he fished through an area and made a few casts before leaving a spot. We both ended up catching some big ones.

Denny always catches big fish, every time he comes, because he trusts me and I don’t have to get him a 2lber to keep him interested. He wants big fish and he means it.

Just now getting around to posting these. Been a busy season so far.

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I usually post on my personal page because Facebook limits business page posts if you don’t pay to have posts sponsored. Been a long time since I posted on this one, so here’s some highlights.

I know it's a little late, but here are some of the big fish we had throughout the month of November on Lake Fork! I have a fresh report on my website with current info and lake conditions.

No two pictures of the same fish.
Merry Christmas!
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Here's a quick update on the fishing here at Lake Fork.

"There have been a few more tough days in the mix the past two weeks, but I’m still impressed with the quality of fish we are catching here on Lake Fork. This has been an above average summer as far as fishing goes, and the lake is in great shape.

Lake Fork is still holding steady at full-pool. That is highly unusual this time of year. This tends to make the fishing in the summer a little more difficult, but it is excellent for the overall health of the lake. My customers often comment on how healthy the lake looks. Water color is nice, the shorelines are green, and the bass are chunky. The water temperature is in the mid to upper 80’s.

This must be the year of the Santone jig. I don’t recall a summer that I’ve caught more bass on football jigs. The fact that I love throwing a jig might be the reason we’re doing so good with it, but other guides have been having good success as well. This may also be a factor in the quality of fish we have been catching. The jig gets big bites. That’s why I love it.

Color doesn’t matter one bit. If it did, I wouldn’t be posting pictures of fish mouths with my favorite color Santone jigs lodged in their throats! If one color was important, I’d keep that fact to myself. Green, black, brown… they’re working.

Other techniques are producing well too. I’m also doing a good deal of cranking, and others are getting bit on carolina rigs, spoons, and (yuck) drop shots. 15-25 feet deep is the range. I know that is vague. While one specific depth is going to be best, you’ll find some a little deeper and some a little more shallow.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re planning a trip to Lake Fork. I’ll help any way I can. July is flying by. Next thing you know it’ll be hoodie time. Be sure to get your fall and winter dates reserved ahead of time."

Here are some highlights of the past few weeks.
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We had a great time on Lake Fork this month! Here is a quick report with current conditions.

"Lake Fork is in great shape right now as summer approaches. I feel like we had another good spawn this year. This makes the third year in a row where we've had noticeable success with our spawn, and we should see better numbers of fish in the upcoming years.

Having good cover in the form of flooded vegetation or aquatic vegetation is critical for the survival of freshly hatched baby bass. Thankfully, we've had an abundant amount of it over the past three spring seasons.

Lake Fork is right at full pool. That's a great thing as we head into summer. Water temperatures are around 80 degrees at this time.

May was a pretty good month for fishing. Numbers were great on the good days, and we had a lot of big fish as well. I'm betting June will be another good month.

Bass are transitioning from the more shallow patterns of spring, to traditional summertime fishing. Right now, I'm doing best fishing shallow, but that will change in the near future.

We are already finding some bass on deep offshore structure, and many more will show up out there soon. The depth they are holding really just depends on the area of the lake, but at the time of this report most of the deeper fish seem to prefer a depth somewhere in the mid 20's. I find them a little more shallow on the upper ends of the lake.

I have two favorite techniques for early summer here on Lake Fork: deep crank baits and football jigs. These just seem to work best for me for bigger fish. Sure, I can catch some on big worms or Carolina rigs if I have to, but I prefer the other methods for now.

For the jig, I use a Santone football head in 3/4 oz. and 1 oz. I use several different colors. My favorites are "beans and carrots", "pb&j", and "Mexican heather". If the water is clear, " bullfrog" is my top choice.

I use several different crank bait brands, but the one I throw the most is the DUO Realis G87. It's a Japanese bait that casts extremely far and dives deeper than 20' with ease. Lake Fork Marina and Oak Ridge carry this brand and the colors I use. I primarily use the deeper diving 20A model.

The problem with offshore fishing on Lake Fork nowadays is seemingly everybody knows how to do it. Even the less obvious areas are getting hit pretty hard. The key may be finding some "off the wall" area that everyone else will overlook. I used to fish deeper offshore structure exclusively throughout the summer, but now I supplement some shallow to mid-depth patterns because of the increasing pressure from anglers out deeper.

Hopefully this report points you in the right direction. As always, I'm happy to help any way I can so feel free to contact me before your trip.

Here are some of the big bass we've boated over the past few weeks.
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Here's a quick report and what to expect this month on Lake Fork:

May has arrived and the weather has continued to keep us guessing here on Lake Fork. Some heavy rains and the flood gates being open have kept our water level fluctuating over the past few weeks. The higher water couldn't have come at better time for the fish. The flooded cover and new vegetation is the perfect protection for the newly hatched bass fry, and we will reap the benefits of this years spawn for years to come. This make 3 years in a row that we have had good protection for the hatch in the spring time. Lake Fork should continue to impress in the future!

As for the fishing right now, it has been a challenge to keep up with the changing conditions. However, we have managed to have some great days on the water this past month. May is usually much more stable weather-wise, and I believe it will be a fantastic month of fishing.

Currently, the lake is about 6 inches above full pool. I suspect the Sabine River Authority will leave the gates open until we level out at full pool. The water temperature is ranging from the upper 60's to the low 70's just depending on the area and the day.

The bass are finished spawning for the most part, and that means they're hungry and actively feeding in recovery. The spawning ritual takes a lot out of them, so when they're done licking their wounds they put the feed bag on so to speak. May is probably the best month to fish Lake Fork for consistency and numbers of quality fish.

There are many ways to potentially catch them throughout the month of May. I will be starting most of my mornings with topwaters. If there is wind or clouds, that bite could extend throughout the day. Afterwards, I will continue to fish shallow early in the month. Pitching texas rigs, carolina rigs, and swimbaits will be my first options.

I normally concentrate in areas where fish make pit stops on their migration from spawning areas back out to the main lake. Points and secondary points are the primary structure they use this time of year. As the month progresses, some fish will start showing up on deep offshore structure. There are already a few fish on some deep spots. This is when I use my electronics to find them.

When I'm targeting deep fish this month a Santone football jig will be my first choice. It produces so many quality fish for me, it's my first recommendation for a big bite. Deep cranks, carolina rigs, and spoons are also going to be useful tools.

Below are some highlights from the last few weeks!
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What a month March was for big bass! The spring fishing season is going by fast here on Lake Fork. Right now, the water temperature is ranging from 65-70 degrees just depending on the area. The lake level is just under 2' low.

Unusually warm temperatures throughout March and February triggered many of our fish to move up and spawn. Normally, the spawn is staggered out in stages from the upper ends of the lake down to the dam. Fish move up in waves and there are usually plenty of prespawn and postspawn fish, as well as fish on beds all at any given time. This year it sure seems like most of the fish moved up over the past few weeks.

That's a great, however short lived scenario for bed fishermen. Not so good for those of us who target hungry pre and post spawners. The good news is that dilemma is almost behind us. April will be a month of postspawn feeding action. All those bass that moved up in March are going to be feeding up this month.

I'm really looking forward to the fishing this month. I think it will be good, very good.

Here are a few of the big bass boat it by my customers and myself over the past few weeks.
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Here's a little update on the fishing here at Lake Fork. Below are some recent pictures. I'm posting a couple pictures each for two of the biggest fish we had lately.

Fishing is pretty good on Lake Fork right now. The lake is in great shape this year and our overall numbers of fish are better at this time and than in the last several years. We are now reaping the benefits of the good spawns we had in 2015 and 2016.

Lake Fork is currently 2.08 feet below full pool. I would prefer it to be full right now, but we have to be thankful it's not lower with all of the water Dallas has been pumping. There is still a good amount of shallow cover to protect this year's hatch.

The water temperature is ranging from the upper 50s to the low 60s across the lake. We had an unusually warm February, and things are shaping up for an early spring. We actually caught a 9 pound fish in early February that appeared to be spawning. The warmer weather definitely made the bigger fish harder to pattern. However, now that we are into March, big fish are moving into spawning areas on the mid to upper end of the lake, and pre-spawn staging areas as well.

I've been finding fish and very shallow water out to about 12 feet deep. Most of my catches have been point related and near timber. Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, and swim jigs have been producing well for me. I'm also catching some nice fish and swim baits.

If I can be of any assistance to you on your upcoming trip to Lake Fork, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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February Lake Fork Report

February has arrived and things are looking great on Lake Fork! February is probably my favorite big fish month here. There are probably more double-digit sized bass caught during the month of March, but I believe that is only because more folks are out fishing. In February the boat traffic on the lake is still pretty light, and there is no other month when more fish are at their fattest!

Lake Fork looks good for now. The water level is 2.26′ below full pool. We had a significant amount of rainfall for January and that brought the lake up almost a foot. It made the fishing tough for a little while but things are getting back to normal now. The water temperature has stayed in the low to mid-50’s for a while now.

The fishing patterns are pretty typical for this time of year. Keep in mind that the fish in the upper ends of the major creeks and the northernmost part of the main lake will spawn the earliest. This is generally where your best numbers will be right now. I’m finding fish very shallow on warmer afternoons, and there are still a lot of fish staging on secondary points and creek channel ledges. Chatterbaits, lipless, crankbaits, and jigs are what I have on the deck for these fish.

From mid-lake to the there are bass on deep main lake structure, but most of these seem to be smaller. I’m finding my biggest fish in 8-14′ of water on points and break lines leading into areas where they will eventually spawn. Jigs and jerkbaits will work in these areas. Keep in mind, in clearer water, bass will suspend closer to the surface on a warmer day.

Hopefully you found some helpful information in this report. If I can be of any assistance on your next trip to Lake Fork, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

The pictures below are from recent trips. Each group of pictures is from one day, with no two pictures of the same fish. You'll see I've been having some fun on my days off too!

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Lake Fork Fishing Report for January 2017

Just uploaded a fishing update on my site with some recent catches! Lake Fork Guide Andrew Grills gives a report on current conditions on Lake Fork and Lake Fork Fishing Report for January 2017

My favorite time of year has arrived! For the next few months I will be one happy camper. I live for the winter fishing. If you’re serious about catching a trophy bass you need to make a trip during the colder months.

Winter time isn’t the time for numbers. Sure, the possibility of catching quite a few is there, but this is a time for an opportunity at the kind of fish this lake is famous for. If you’ll take a look a the Trophy Photos section of my website, you’ll find that cold weather apparel and big bass often go hand in hand!

The lake is currently a tad over 3′ low. It’s good for the lake to be full, but it’s best for the fishing if the lake is a little low like it is now. I am very excited to see what this winter has in store for us. As of right now, water temperature, weather patterns, and the water level are all lining up for a banner January and February.

If you’re planning a trip, I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to help in any way I can.

Here are our fish from the last 3 trips.

We caught all of these fish in just a few hours this morning. Thanksgiving Smash-Tech Custom Baits slugfest! I've fished every Thanksgiving Day for the past 10 years, maybe not ALL day but I still fished. Never failed to catch them good on turkey day! We put a whooping on 'em today! Billy Lawson Lake Fork Guide
Skeeter Boats Prestige Ford Oak ridge Marina #lakefork Lake Fork Marina & Motel

Fishing is pretty good on Lake Fork right now! Numbers have been great, but size has been a little harder to come by. However, as you can see from the pictures, we have been fortunate to catch some really nice ones. Adrian from Austrailia got the big fish of the past month with a 10lb 11oz giant! Art from California followed up with a great fish pushing 10lbs. True double digit bass are rare, even here on Fork. I'm fishing offhore structure exclusively right now. I believe that is where the best chance for size and numbers are. The colder it gets, the bigger our catches get. Keep that in mind as winter approaches. Here are some big ones from the past few weeks.

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