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real [FIT] life offers personalized training in a semi private group setting. Our training programs focus on teaching you how to get maximum results with minimal time commitment, and a strong emphasis on strength training. We cater to people of every fitness level and our training programs are specifically designed to appropriately challenge you at the fitness level you're at NOW. With our well designed programs, you become part of a training experience. You literally feel your body transform as you get stronger and accomplish new goals every day. real [FIT] life provides an environment that is professional but also welcoming and fun. We want you to work hard and see results, but we also want you to have a positive view on living a real [FIT] life.

Mission: Jeannine Trimboli is a passionate advocate for healthy, well balanced living. After more than seventeen years in the fitness industry, Jeannine started her own business, real [FIT] life, in 2011. As a single mom of four, building her own business and working full time as a certified fitness professional and weight loss specialist, she fully understands how challenging it can be to eat healthy, get in shape, stay fit, and to self-nurture. She has made it her mission to help people make fitness, healthy eating, and regeneration a part of their REAL lives. Jeannine teaches her clients how to train smarter, not longer. She educates them to see through misleading marketing in the food industry and how to avoid what she refers to as “NO-tritious” foods. She empowers her clients by giving them the tools necessary so they can then implement a balanced, healing, nurturing diet rich in whole, nutritionally dense foods which are packaged by nature and un-marred by the food industry. By sharing her own stories, struggles and triumphs, Jeannine leads by example and inspires others to work hard, to keep it real, and to make incremental, “do-able”, changes over time that produce long lasting, sustainable results.

Words mean nothing. Action is everything. ❤️
Grateful for the chance to constantly work to be a better version of me every moment of every day.
(Thanks for sharing this, Susan)🙏🏼
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Hey all !

Just sharing some tips on those decline push ups! Here’s how to do them correctly.

Save a back and share this with a friend!

Happy Tuesday!


At @real_fit_life we offer @fit3d Body Composition scans free to all of our members. This tool has been invaluable in helping our members SEE the real positive changes that occur but don’t reflect on a body weight scale.

The text message shown below which I received this morning is a perfect example of the positive responses we get from members when they get their scan results.

In the case of @danamancini , her bodyweight increased 1.8lbs but her fat mass DECREASED 1.1lbs and her lean mass increased 2.9lbs!

So even though the scale reflects weight gain, it’s positive weight gain (the healthy kind) and her physique is actually tighter (people like to refer to this as “toned”) and leaner.

This is a perfect example as to why weighing oneself on a scale only can be a detriment to someone achieving their fitness transformation goals if they don’t have ALL of the information in front of them.

Not all weight loss is equal. Especially if you lose a lot of muscle.

If your weight stays the same but you’re resistance training consistently with appropriate progressive overload and eating a balanced complementing diet, you could be getting leaner.

Unfortunately people get discouraged not being able to see the changes in a tangible way and quit, sabotaging their success.

Stick with it! Don’t give up.

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Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. This past week @real_fit_life member Jen squatted 255lbs as her new 1 rep max.

Jen only started powerlifting 6 weeks ago although she’s been a member with us for just over a year. Her transformation has been inspiring on so many levels.

Here’s some of what Jen recently had to say:
“At age 39, I was tired of feeling tired and so out of shape. I knew if I didn’t start changing my life, I was going to run into some serious health issues. My excuses had run out:

- Yes, I have a busy and demanding job but my job isn’t my life. I needed to figure out a fitness routine that would work for me. I found that in my trainer Jeannine M. Trimboli and my gym Real [Fit] Life;
- Yes, it is going to be hard. It still is hard and it isn’t always exciting or fun but you have to keep showing up for yourself and do the work; and
- Yes, for me at least, it was also scary. Scary to go into this as out of shape as I was, scary to be vulnerable, and scary that maybe I can’t do this and it will be too much. Ignore this voice of doubt.

It is the unique program that Jeannine, through her years of experience and expertise, has developed which doesn’t get boring and it is a structure that brings safety, flexibility, and accountability with it. All the things that she does are the answers to why this experience has worked for me and why just joining a regular gym never has. It is also the great people that go to my gym and the supportive community that she has built.

I will be 41 in January when I compete in my first powerlifting competition. Powerlifting training is completely different from my normal strength training routine but I wanted a challenge. It wasn’t something I was ever planning to do up until recently. I didn’t know that I could do this- it goes to show that you don’t know what you can do and what you are capable of until you try.

You also don’t have to powerlift. Find what is right for you, make the time and invest in yourself, and dig in- it is a bumpy ride filled with lots of ups and downs. Ride it out, get back up, and keep on working. That is what I keep reminding myself anyways 😉. 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️ #womenwholift #thisis40 “


More great photos from an incredibly uplifting event this past October, @culnanskingofthedeadlift . I participated to show support and because I love to deadlift!

These photos were taken by @hcphoto93 also known as @shehulk_life She’s a master at capturing athletes in their best moments.

To learn more about this incredibly uplifting annual event that is helping to give meaning to young people’s lives, check out their page!

#deadlift #charity #fitnessforacause #lifting #community

It is such an honor to work with so many goal oriented individuals at @real_fit_life on a daily basis.

Today I want to give a shout out to @kitkat1292 who squatted 192 pounds yesterday. This already puts Katie at her prior best in competition and we still have 8 more weeks of training left before January’s meet.

So basically she’s going to blow her old record away.

Katie has been training really hard this off season in order to make this happen. She’s been through a lot of life changes that could have easily swayed her to leave it for another time but she’s stuck with it and the results show.

Katie, I can’t wait to see where we go from here!

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So excited to have Thom Williams of TM Williams Photography at @real_fit_life today.

We’re creating content for promotional videos and taking photos for a new marketing concept. All highlighting our real members and their real life success stories.

I’m really excited to get this out just in time for the New Year.

Stay tuned!

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It was a really great day for @real_fit_life member @jaynejaynejayne today. After 5 years of solid steady work she pulled a beautiful 200lb deadlift.

Jayne I am SO proud of you!

NEVER give up. Keep at it.

#hardwork #deadlift #powerlifting #pull #keepatit #celebrate #training #womenwholift

Most days training can be pretty uneventful and even boring. There are plenty of days where I do it for the benefit of regularity, NOT because I love it.

What I do love is the results.

What I do love is being 47 years old and stronger than many people half my age.

What I love is being a role model for other women, to show that this can be a woman’s comfort zone.

The leopard print socks help a little. 💪🏻

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Fitness isn’t temporary. It’s forever.

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It’s almost 2020
What better way to reflect on days gone by than to take pause for 2 counts just below parallel?
Going into this New Year strong 💪🏻
#squat #newyear #reflect #takepause #2020 #momswholift #iron #strength #lifting

This is a card I framed and hung in our @real_fit_life studio.

My son gave it to me as a birthday card when he was 9 and he picked it out himself. I still remember him telling me “Dad said to pick out a card and this one made me think of you.”

It meant a great deal to me that my son saw me as someone who will still be living life and raising hell well past the age mainstream society seems to think that’s possible.

Yesterday one of our real [FIT] life members, Cori reminded me of this. She usually trains in the station right in front of this photo and she said she uses it as her motivation when she’s deadlifting. Like, “that’s gonna be me someday”.

There are so many great lessons in this story. Like, share what moves you because without even knowing it, it’s moving other people too.

And then there’s this idea of mental framing. We are what we believe. I’m putting a lot of time and energy into that concept right now.

Who are you? What do you believe? Is it true? Is there another story you could create that would be better? That would give you joy, unlimited energy and make you feel unstoppable?

#ageism #stories #personalnarrative #healing #building #makeover #essence #sayyourage #thrive #oneshot #365daysforjeannine

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Benched 88lbs for 8 reps today.

(That’s almost 90lbs)

My bench may grow slowly but it’s still growing.

#nevergiveup #dothework #arch #bench #47andstrong #womenwholift #aging #sayyourage #celebrateit

This conversation is coming up a lot lately.

Real change occurs when you stop putting a time limit on your journey. When you stop quitting something every time you hit your first bump in the road, your first hang up, or disappointment.

As soon as you decide you “want something” you can be darn sure the universe is going to test you a hundred different ways.

Everyone wants the results minus the sacrifice, the life changes, the discomfort of having to do things differently than before.

The only way is through and that includes twists, turns, speeding up, slowing down, full pauses and sometimes getting caught in crevices.

We hear it all the time. Progress is not linear. Yet we still think it’s better to waste so much precious time looking for short cuts than just digging in and starting.

Anyone who promises you “easy” is not looking out for your best interest. They’re simply looking to monetize your pipe dreams, your hope, emotional vulnerability and your pockets.

At some point you have to know the difference.

Now get out there.

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The leg press is an excellent tool for loading the legs without stressing the back.
But are you using it to it’s fullest advantage?

I see people frequently load plates on either side only to then press the foot plate with mini pulses because the load is too heavy. Increasing range of motion will give you better results due to increased muscle recruitment. To do that you’re most likely going to need to go lighter on the weight.

If you’re using a leg press station for the first time, start with just the sled to get a feel for how heavy it is for you.

You can always add plates later.

Play around with your foot stance/placement for variety too. Today I was using a narrow foot stance with my toes straight ahead.

Select a weight that allows you to fully bend your knees as the sled comes down and fully extend your legs when you press. Keep your heels pressing into the sled at all times.

Whenever I use a new machine I also take time to get acquainted with the safety’s and how it locks before I add any significant load.

Oh, and ALWAYS unload your plates and re rack them when you’re done. That’s good gym etiquette and it’s always appreciated!

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It’s Monday!
Start the week ready to crush some goals!

Make sure they’re reasonable and possible. Success breeds success.

Everything is scalable.

Have a lofty vision? What’s one small thing you can do this week to get you closer to your bigger dreams?

#smallsteps #dream #plan #visionary #youcandoit #thinkbig #plansmall #fitness #life #fulfillment

Sumo. My body is like, what are we even trying to do here? What’s up with conventional? You’re joking, right? 😶🙃😕🥺

#sumo #deadlift #what #powerlifting #womenwholift #longingforconventional #trynewthings #dontgetgrumpy

I just loved the way the sunlight was shining on Anne while she was performing her pushups yesterday.

Had to record it!

And this is a great opportunity to remind you that you can elevate your pushups in a lifting rack or on any other surface you have available to you so that you are able to execute them with good form.

If they start to feel a little easier, you can gradually lower the level.

Also keep in mind that WHEN you do them matters as well as what you’re pairing them with.

If they’re at the beginning of your workout when you’re fresh you’ll probably be able to go slightly lower. If you do them at the end of a full upper body program, they could feel a lot harder!

Modify as needed. 💪🏻

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In today’s real [FIT] life Safety Tip I show you the most back friendly way to carry, put down, and pick up a hex bar.

#lifting #safety #healthyback #hexdeadlifts #fitnesstip #strong #saveyourenergy #beginnerlifter #leverage

About to attend my first writing class with @poetdcolin at @root3dhealing and I can’t think of a better way to start my weekend.

As some of you know I’ve started my personal project, #365daysforJeannine and today is day 15.

I am spending the next year going deeper into myself, exploring all of the things that excite and intrigue me, and saving my energy for replenishment, reflection, and pointed deliberate growth.


Sh*ts getting real when you consciously choose to strip away the needless distractions.

One thing I’ve been doing, writing poetry and sharing it at open mic on Monday nights. I’ve done two so far and love the sense of community.

Make sure you make time to feed your soul. Feeling off, lack luster, and cranky? It probably needs some attention and nourishing.

Happy Friday!

📸Robert Cooper
#self #intention #growth #soul #create #poetry #wordsfrommybones #wildwoman #boo @ Root3d

If you want to age gracefully, you need to train hard.

From my LinkedIn article archives but just as true today! If you want to age well, you need to maintain strength and mobility. You have to sufficiently stress the body with loads that will force it to build stronger bones, tendons, ligaments.

No big deal for @smallfry2412 squatting 157lbs for 6 sets of 6 the other day.

It is a big deal to see her squatting again and to have her back on this years @real_fit_life Powerlifting Team.

When you love to do something and life keeps you from doing it for a while, it’s a cause for celebration once you’re back at it.

#powerlifting #shesback #teamwork #squat #womenwholift #newyorkfitnessexpo #celebrate #borntolift

In my recent discussion with Rick D'Errico’s class at Schenectady County Community College, one of his students asked if I thought building a business was similar to how one goes about building a fit life?

Hell yes!

I use that comparison all the time. The reality is, anything that you want to accomplish in this life time that is meaningful WILL NOT happen by accident.

What I love about coaching fitness is the fact that any demons that are holding you back in life are going to rear their ugly heads as soon as you decide to address your physical goals. You are not only going to get in shape, you’re going to learn about your SELF.

Responsibility, courage, discipline, accountability, patience, discernment, self awareness, resilience, humility, open mindedness

If you are lacking in any of these areas you’re going to learn that very quickly. That’s the defining moment.

You will decide to push through and acquire real change or relinquish because “it’s too hard”.

The people who push through are the same people who will succeed in any other goal in life because it’s all the same.

Many of us lifters like to say, the bar doesn’t care what kind of day you’re having.

You’re either going to do it or you’re not.

#workethic #personalgrowth #coaching #character #realtalk #transformation #dothework #lifelessons @ Real [Fit] Life

Last week I spoke with @rick.derrico and his entrepreneur class at @sunyschenectady.

It was a great discussion and I highly recommend listening to it if you’re in the midst of, or thinking about starting your own business.

I started @real_fit_life with a dollar and a dream. That’s not even true. Truth is I was in the negative emotionally and financially,

The real story is I was going through the toughest chapter (so far) of my life. I had lost nearly everything. I figured fear had no more excuses since I had nothing left to lose.

We talk about work ethic, gym models and what I saw was lacking, as well as scaleable growth, and a ton of other random stuff.

Rick even manages to sneak a word in here and there. 😂

Here’s the link. Go listen and learn stuff.

#entrepreneur #womenwholead #risk #facingfear #womenownedbusiness #moneymatters #ragstolessrags #hustle #workethic #fitness #business #startup #visionary

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