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Enough said

Take some time to look in your refrigerator and pantry this weekend! Are your foods fighting disease, or feeding it?

Today-we squat
5X3 front squats
12 ball hip lifts between sets

3-4 rounds
8/8 wt step up or Bulgarian split squat
8/8 suitcase deadlift
8/8 side lunge to overhead press
:30s max cal bike

Every 8 minutes AFAP complete:
400m run
30 shotguns
10 burpee box jumps
400m run
Repeat this 4 rounds

Floor press
Ring dip
Hang Power clean (155/105)
3 rounds
:30 Hollow body hold in lat active from the bar
20 skull crushers

20 min AMRAP
Partner one: 200m run
Partner two:
20 DB 1 arm push press (10/10)
15 wallball/ball slam
10 pull up/ring row
When the runner finishes 200m, switch places and resume where partner 2 is on the AMRAP.

15-30-45-60-45-30-15 around the world after party

5X3 Deadlift
6-8 1 leg RDL between sets

Lunge jump tabata

12 min partner max cal assault bike

Much thanks to everyone who came to Molly’s workout yesterday. Great people to spend an early Saturday morning with. The teamwork was awesome, everyone worked hard, and it was so nice to see the support for Molly’s last workout with us (until she comes to visit anyway❤️). Thank you again, and cheers to Molly’s family following their dreams in Utah.

Today we say goodbye to our good friend and fellow athlete Molly. It has been a pleasure to be a part of your life and your Crossfit and fitness journey. Thank you for your kindness, athleticism and your relentless pursuit of fitness. Safe travels my friend.
Special WOD at 7:00am with Molly’s old gang then regular class at 8:30am.

Build to a 1 rep heavy front squat


5-4-3-2-1 Front squat
10-8-6-4-2 tall box jump

Conditioning option will be on the whiteboard

3 rounds
30 shot guns
50 DU
30 plate OH lunge
Directly into
4 rounds
400m run
12 DB row each arm
12 dips

After party
Fire hydrant series
GB hold
Prone opposites

Nothing like working out some soreness with DT meets Cindy
1 round of DT
2 rounds of Cindy
Repeat this cycle 5 rounds

5X3 Deadlift

12 reps of each, 3-4 rounds
Weighted sit up
Ball leg curls
Monster walk complex

For those who won’t be here Monday, you have the option to do Murph

With a partner
Run 800m together with a med ball
Then split
30 burpees
30 wallballs/ball slams
3-5 rounds

Portion distortion (can u tell I have a love for peanut butter)

5sets building
1 deadlift+ 1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean

5 rounds
20 deadbugs
10 side plank hip lift R
10 side plank hip lift L
20 jack knifes

3-4 rounds
10 DB stability ball chest press (alt)
12 skull crushers or dips
12 banded pull aparts

Happy Birthday Yese Portillo Cortez. I hope you brought your running shoes.

2000m row
50 pull ups/ring rows
50 DB snatch
2000m run

A birthday workout on a MONDAY 🙈
The number is 55
Front squat (95/65)
KB swing (53/35)
Cal row or bike

8/8 DB box step ups
Max set of deficit push ups
25 ab mat sit ups

[05/17/19]   3X5 negative pull ups
3X5 strict pull ups
3X5 strict chin up

(Banded lat pull downs or barbell pull ups for scale)

5x6-8 strict press
:15 sec support hold + 15 plate v ups between sets

Interval option:
4-6 X 400m run

5 rounds on the minute
8-12 cal bike
:30 DU
12 step ring rows
8-12 burpees
:30 banded glute bridges
12 plate G2O

Did you know that most people underestimate their calories by up to 40%? When tracking you macros and calories make sure you measure your food and track everything, even your coffee.

5x3 Hang power clean
5x8 floor press
4x12 skull crushers
4X8-12 dips

4 rounds
12 wt sit ups
:30 side plank R
:30 side plank L
:30 wt plank

Workouts are much better with a partner:
3 rounds
1600m row (bike option)
60 DB lunges
50 DB thrusters

24 min partner AMRAP alternating movements
2 wall walks
4 strict pull up
6 T2B
8 KB swings
10 cal bike

2-3 rounds not for time
10 KB straight leg sit ups
10 DB row each arm
21’s bicep curls
8/8 KB 1 leg RDL

Happy Mother’s Day. The strength and love of a mother is undeniable and unconditional.

Integrity Youth Empowerment Systems

Check this out.

Y.E.S. Kids practicing their single leg box jumps for warm up today! 👏

Tomorrow 8:30am will be open gym format as we are expecting a small class with the weekend activities. Michelle will have some workouts posted, but you are welcome to do your own workout. Happy Mother’s Day weekend.

[05/10/19]   Strength option:
4X6 push press
3-5 negative pull up between sets
Followed by
Pull ups

Conditioning option
“Lead foot”
4 min AMRAP
27 cal
27 burpees
27 pull-ups
Rest 4 min
4 min AMRAP
21 cal
21 burpees
21 T2B
Rest 4 min
4 min AMRAP
15 cal
15 burpees
15 pull-ups

5 rounds
800m run
20 HB rocks
20 KB swings

Happy Birthday Mason Soto.
Workout to include:

1:00 burpee ladder drill
1:00 plank for arm to hands
1:00 single leg box hop (30/30)
1:00 ball slam
1:00 banded chest press
400m run
3 rounds

6X2 front squats (tempo 4:2:1)

Cindy meets assault bike
5:00 assault bike
5:00 Cindy (AMRAP 5 pull ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats)
2 rounds

Happy Cinco de Mayo

You are invited to join us on Memorial Day for the workout Murph. Either message here or put your name on the whiteboard at Integrity so we can have a headcount.
Enjoy your weekend.

5X3 bench press (heavy)
12 banded pull aparts between sets

3-4 sets not for time
12 DB press on stability ball
12 TRX alt fly
12 banded overhead tricep
12 KB straight leg 1/2 get up

2X:30 max cal ski erg

10 DB snatch
15 pull-ups
20 wallballs
800m run
10 DB snatch
15 pull-ups
20 wallballs
400m run
10 DB snatch
15 pull-ups
20 wallballs
800m run

8X4 deadlift
3 pistols each leg between sets

Accessory work
Ball leg curls
Monster walks

Cash out
20 KB swings
100 DU
20 KB Cossack squats

7 rounds
1:00 row cals
1:00 5 burpee box jump overs then rest remainder of the minute

2:00 rest

7 rounds
1:00 bike cals
1:00 6-10 T2B then Rest remainder of the minute

2:00 rest

7 rounds
200m run
12 ball slams

6X2 push jerk
200m run between sets

8 min AMRAP
12 front rack lunge
16 cal bike

8 min AMRAP
12 sit ups
12 side plank hip lifts (6/6)
12 shotguns
12 side benders

With a partner
100cal row/bike
100 DB snatch
100 wall ball (partner does a bar hang)
100 burpee box jumps
100 cal row

Strength option:
5x5 back squat-try for 5 rep max
5X5 push press-try for 5 rep max
4x10 barbell bent over row

4X15 face pulls
4X15 slow ring row
4X16 barbell box step ups

Conditioning option:
4 rounds
400m run
12 DB push press
400m run
12 DB squat cleans

Station work today:
Stability balls
Air Bike
Speed ladder

Oh man a birthday 🙈🏃🏻‍♀️. Happy Birthday Tami Lockler Squires.
9 min AMRAP
8 front squats
7 pull ups
At minute 3-6-9 do a 400m run


9 min AMRAP
10 cal bike
10 lunging ball slams
At minute 3-6-9 do a 400m run

Birthday burnout
41 wallballs

In case you missed this morning:
11 min Ladder with a partner (one works one rests)
Push up or HSPU
T2B or hanging knee raise
At 11 min run 800m together


11 min AMRAP
10 DB step ups
50 DU
20 sit ups

At 11 minutes run 800m

Crush your goals and throw your excuses away.
4 rounds:
On a 6 minute timer
20 Cal assault bike
12 Deadlifts
12 hang cleans
12 burpees over the bar

Happy Easter! May your day be filled with family, friends, health and joy.

Bring your A game today. Mason Soto has a great workout in store for you at 8:30am.

Strength option:
5X5 back squat
5X5 push press
(Increase 5lbs from last week)
5x3-5 negative pull ups

Conditioning option
Press-push press-push jerk
Continue to build until you can no longer do the series unbroken
400m run between building sets

DB scapation
Box dips
Ball hip lift to leg curl

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