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For all you gearing up for the #800gramchallenge, this is 338 grams at lunch. (Don’t worry, I had protein too, just not pictured). I usually try and get at least 600 grams by the end of my work day (breakfast and lunch). Dinner is usually a breeze to get at least 200 grams. Check out @optimizenutrition on IG for great content on this challenge.
Since getting out of the army I’ve struggled with finding motivation to better my health, stopping packing on the pounds, and motivation to push myself further at the gym. After today’s work out I’ve attended Hub City Crossfit from Monday to Friday for the third week straight, and I’m feeling amazing. Big shout out to the community there and the 6:00am class for motivating me to be better, stronger, and faster every workout!
Again because of the weather I’m canceling the plans for the South Sister hike this weekend. Thunderstorms are predicted
Good morning here’s another stamp for me on BINGO woot woot. Have an amazing day everyone 😀😀
Hey Simon Bachofner can I get a ✅ for this ⭐️???
Hello my CrossFit family, what do you do when you get off work at Costco 10 burpees with my swag on💪
Great job Saturday crew! Y’all crushed this workout. I’m very proud to be part of Hubcity and this community! Cheers
Kristi Crawford this is too good!!
I posted this to my page, I thought I would post it here too because I really need some help. I went to the ER yesterday mid WOD because it got so bad: To all my fitness friends out there: I’m experiencing a severe throbbing headache whenever I lift or do moderate activity. It starts the minute I start a workout or my first set of weight training. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, for the fact I can’t even workout anymore because the headaches are so painful. I drink a gallon of water a day and and drink 2-3 cups of coffee only when I work and I get about 6 hours of sleep a night. Thank you
I did not attend tonight's class well honestly because it looked sh*tty lol jk I didn't want to be somebody's weakest link lol however I did go to physique and do my own. 2 rounds of 20 air squats, 16 burpees,16 ring row, 4 down and back sleds push and a half a mile run.
Thank you Jenn Stadstad for coaching tonight. It was an awesome surprise. 💪🏻🏋️‍♀️
This must be the nurse in me but I am so thankful to see this at Hub City!!!!!! Thanks for being proactive! 💕

Hub City CrossFit: Knowledge is Power, Community is Strength, Positive Attitude is EVERYTHING. Become the best version of yourself!

Congrats to our Gold (1) Silver (2) and Bronze (3) Athletes for the 800g Challenge. Your rewards await....a lot of time spent focused on produce so your reward is high quality grass fed protein courtesy of @wahlfamilyfarms

1-Chellie Hesse
2-Becky Blair
3-Jason Buckner

Strong work Athletes. Stay Fed
@optimizemenutrition @ Hub City CrossFit

First workout DONE with the new sandbags!! #grinder Thank you @pointonevision and @crossfit_the_den. Best in the business! If you are looking to invest in sandbags this is only company you should go to @hubcityhealth

You made it! Congratulations on reaching the end of the #800gChallenge®! But… the #800gChallenge was never meant to be “done” after 4 weeks. It is meant to be used indefinitely because it’s pretty hard to argue against eating fruits and veggies. Even if you aren’t perfect every day, we hope you continue to use the metric to guide better choices in the long-term.

#800gChallenge #puttingametriconquality @optimizemenutrition

Official 22 WOD

This is a BIG deal!!!!

Be at the box 2/22/2020 to acknowledge and help bring awareness to veteran suicide. Click the link below to find out more and donate. The Home of the Official 22 WOD to end Veteran Suicide. Register now for this Crossfit event

Last week of the challenge!!! Only a few more days to stay strong. No single day of the #800gChallenge® is that difficult, but the challenge reveals itself in trying to be consistent with the metric across days and weeks. Hitting a high of 1,200g one day just to fall off the next is less ideal than consistency reaching a lower target. In the example shown, the roller coaster graph results in 1,000 fewer grams per week compared to the individual who "just" hits 800g/day. In a month, that is 50+(!) servings of fruits and vegetable missed and the potential effects on health and performance in the long-term become obvious. Even if the 800g target has been too much of a challenge for you, find a target where you can be consistent. It's the final week; let's finish strong!

#800gChallenge @optimizemenutrition #puttingametriconquality #consitencymatters

Hub City CrossFit

Posts from Hub City CrossFit for 02/05/2020 - Health and Fitness coaching from qualified professionals in Albany, OR

HBD Craig!!! Hope it was a great one yesterday!!!

HBD Brandi!!!! 🏋🏼‍♀️

Happy Birthday Donna! You are loved!!

19. Men's hormones: 4 lifestyle tips to maximize T Today we bring on guest, Simon Bachofner, Crossfit owner/instructor at HubCity Crossfit. He is not only a Crossfit owner and instructor, but also a registered nurse working on a Master’s to become a nurse practitioner.  If you’re a male over 30, let’s look at the 4 major lifestyle elements yo...

Week 3 of the 800g Challenge! We are halfway through!!! Keep up the great work! Today is bonus point day!!!
One way to optimize the #800gChallenge® is to maximize the diversity of your choices. Maximize nutrient diversity and keep things interesting by incorporating a broad array of fruits and vegetables. Also, look at long-term diversity: instead of eating the same six items every day, what kind of variety can you get across the days? And for the days you can't hit diversity - that is ok! Fruit and veggie choices, regardless of diversity, have more value than more processed carbohydrates.

@optimizemenutrition #800gChallenge #puttingametriconquality

To an amazing athlete and great friend! HBD Heather!!!

Strong bold and beautiful!! HBD Alaina!!!

HBD Jake Smith ⚓️

HBD to these 2 gals! 👊🏻 make it a great one!!

To be sustainable, the #800gChallenge® requires consistently making better choices throughout the day. If you are having a hard time hitting that 800g total, how does breakfast look? By putting 200-300g grams “in the bank” at breakfast, you are setting yourself up for success and flexibility later in the day.

@optimizemenutrition #800gchallenge #puttingametriconquality #healthyeatingwithouttheobsession

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Workout done....had shrimp and veggies for lunch- but not 800g worth 😞
On vaca and trying....

Look who I found!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Welcome to Day 2 of the #800gChallenge®! Make sure you log your scores in @wodify. While you should weigh and measure your fruits and veggies at home or work, you can estimate quantities when eating out or on the road. A simple tip is that 1 cup of many fruits or vegetables is ~100g (except leafy greens which are ~25g/cup). As shown, a closed fist is about the size of a cup. “Lighter” items are closer to 100g/cup and “heavier” items are closer to 160g/cup. Don’t be afraid to “eyeball” it; you will likely be within 20-30 grams. And all that weighing and measuring at home will help make this more accurate over time.

@optimizemenutrition #800gchallenge #puttingametriconquality #healthyeatingwithouttheobsession

HBD!! You’re obviously enjoying it down there south of the border!!

HBD Jaxson!!!

That’s right, it doesn’t matter how you weigh it for the #800gChallenge®. Sure, you could “game” it to get more weight, but the real beauty of this is that it makes it easy in the kitchen! This is the last call to sign-up! Challenge starts Monday!

Sign up at by Jan 12th.

@optimizemenutrition Wodify#800gChallenge #puttingametriconquality #healthyeatingwithouttheobsession #risetothechallenge #wodifyrise

The #800gChallenge® allows for dietary indiscretions! While donuts are not associated with health, we also understand perfect diets are practically impossible. Hit your 800 grams of fruits and veggies a day and eat whatever else you want.

Sign up by Jan 12th . Join us Saturday Jan. 11th at 11 am to learn more about the challenge.

@optimizemenutrition Wodify #800gChallenge #puttingametriconquality #healthyeatingwithouttheobsession #risetothechallenge #wodifyrise

Hub City CrossFit

Posts from Hub City CrossFit for 01/05/2020 - Health and Fitness coaching from qualified professionals in Albany, OR

Doesn’t matter what fruits and veggies you like, the #800gChallenge® can work for you. It even can be overlaid on any macro targets of your choice. No foods are eliminated; it’s healthy eating without the obsession! Cost is $20 per person.

Click the link below to Sign up by Jan. 12th.

Also, join us next Saturday Jan. 11th at 11 am to learn more about the challenge.

@optimizemenutrition @wodify #800gChallenge #puttingametriconquality #risetothechallenge #wodifyrise

Happy New Year From Hub City CrossFit!!

HERO WOD on the hour, every hour to bring in the New Year! 1st one down......5 left 😳
Bring on 2020!


New Years Eve Schedule!!

Happy Birthday Dan Smith and Jane Mclure!!!!

Thanks for a great weekend and for being so welcoming! @crossfit_the_den loved every minute!#outsidethebox #staycoachable @ CrossFit The Den

What’s the #800gChallenge®? A simple way to measure quality in the diet. Eat 800 grams (by weight) of fruits and vegetables per day. No other foods are eliminated in the challenge. Eat the macros you want. Eat the fruits or veggies you like. Challenge dates are Jan. 13th-Feb. 8th. Cost is $20per person.

Sign up by Jan 12th. Wodify

More information available on the blog and at the member meeting on Jan 11th at 11am

@optimizemenutrition #800gChallenge #puttingametriconquality
#healthyeatingwithouttheobsession #risetothechallenge #wodifyrise

Christmas Birthday!!!! We love you!!

The Best of Holiday wishes from our Family to yours!

12 days of Fitmas! 5-6-9:30 @ Hub City CrossFit

HBD Amanda!!! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us! #jumpedin

We are registered for the #800gChallenge® powered by @optimizemenutrition and @wodify. A fun twist on eating healthy! Stay tuned for more details. Sign-ups go live soon!

@optimizemenutrition #800gChallenge #puttingametriconquality #healthyeatingwithouttheobsession #risetothechallenge #wodifyrise

HBD Kayla!!!! #momstrength

@lebanonfiredistrict boys taking care of business to prepare for tomorrow #fullyinvolved #allouteffort #doyourjob #leadbyexample

HBD Amber!!! Make it a great one!

--Hub City Holiday Schedule --

Happy Birthday Raille!
Simon wanted a photo with a sweet beard!

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