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Welcome to the Shattersphere! #builtshatterstrong Our goal is to help you become healthier, stronger,and allow you to tackle life with ease!!

Welcome to the Shattersphere! #builtshatterstrong Please visit our website for pricing and class schedule or contact us at [email protected]

Join us at @crossfit_shatter on Saturday, February 15 from 10-11:30! @suarezsopt will be running us through how to #bulletproof our backs! 💪
DM us for more details!

It’s not always easy!!
But sometimes it feels easier if we believe that others know “what we mean” or “understand”.
Frequently they can’t, they don’t want to, or they never will....and that’s okay.
Sometimes we have to brave the battle by ourselves and that is fine to.

Keep your head up!!
—Do something and it gets better
—Do nothing and it stays exactly the same
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#ThrusterWaves goin UP ☝️ on a Tuesday!
We wanna see yours! Tag @crossfit_shatter in your videos! 😁

LOVE THIS POST FROM @jess_padula

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Thumbs Up 👍 👍
When @healy628 does this it’s a signal to all of us athletes to shut the f**k up and get ready, because sh*t’s about to go down.
It’s a silent call and response to indicate that you know it’s time to start, and that you’re ready for 3...2...1...GO!!!!!
I love the ritual of it, but honestly......
I’m usually not ready. I don’t feel ready, anyway.
For the workout
For the effort
Or for the pain
And it applies everywhere.
I don’t feel ready for the roles that I am in.
And whatever 2020 label you give to people in new relationships that haven’t been defined yet.
I’m not ready for any of these things, at least that’s what the anxiety ridden devil inside of me says 😈 It yells a lot about not being good enough, about being too (fill in blank), and it forces me to reject myself before anything, or anyone else can do it first. This voice is a real asshole, and as much I hate to keep coming to this conclusion; I need it.
I am wired to prove doubt wrong. If I didn’t have the battle with anxiety, depression, and self worth to overcome every day, then I don’t know what sort of contribution I would be to humanity. What obstacles could I speak about that I had overcome? What healthy means of coping could I share had I not tried everything I have had access to? What deep level could we connect on if not for the suffering we have all experienced in one way or another?
There is a shift that is possible in my way of thinking and being, and it will only happen if I am willing to raise my arm as high as I can in the air with my thumb all the way up. And even if I don’t feel ready, I know that my ability to say YES to new and old challenges will benefit more than just me. And that’s what pushes me to keep going, and to keep sharing.
So ready or not
3...2...1....LET’S GO!
📸 @newyorkfitnessexpo

So often we are told not to look back because that’s not the direction we’re going in. But in order to gain perspective, we need to be able to look at the whole picture. Where was my starting point? How far have I come? When did I overcome obstacles? When have my strengths shined? Where am I going?

When the forward motion becomes difficult or seems to halt, reflecting on what got us to where we are in the process can focus our mindset. Perhaps we’re taking something in our training for granted (mobility), or we’re continuing to follow old rules (nutrition). Maybe its time to sit down with a coach and go over our goals and plans to achieve them to see why we’re not as far as we hoped to be.

Dedicate yourself to the process. Allow yourself to see the whole picture. Reflect. Refocus. Prioritize. And Push! We’ll see you out there in those extra miles, on the road less traveled.
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💪It’s #PUMPDAY at @crossfit_shatter!
✅This is what’s on our Wednesday agenda.
🗣Let us know how it went! Or what you’re up to today! 👇

Ignorance is NOT bliss and not knowing is just not doing your homework.
💀 💀

In a world of unlimited, free knowledge (google..etc) there can no longer excuses for “not knowing or not doing”.
Ask a question, do your research, test it...
If it works...keep doing it...
If not, do something else.
You are far better than you pretend to be and are settling way too much.
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We’ve got quite the line up of things happening at @crossfit_shatter in the next few months!
🔘Intermediate Barbell starts on the 28th with Coach @jjpapi3
🔘February in-house Nutrition Challenge
🔘March @crossfittraining Level 1 Seminar 3/14-15
🔘April @burgenerstrength Weightlifting Level 1 Seminar 4/25-26
🔘May @shatter_slam Redemption


#makeitcount #dontmakemeeatyou

🚨April 25-26! @burgenerstrength Weightlifting Level 1 will be coming to Shatter!🚨
Join us in Albany for an incredible opportunity to learn from the best!
Registration link in our bio!

Happy PUMP Day!!!


If you are not on this level of Jane Fonda PUMP then you may need to rethink your entire life.

#dellamariehealy #dellamonster

Our new website is SO DOPE! Check out our MOVEMENT LIBRARY!! 😱🤯
@jessyfiggsfilmsphotography did an incredible job filming our athletes and setting up these videos for us!! 🙌🏼

Until the end of the month, CrossFit Shatter is offering new memberships at 50% off! This discount is good for the first 3 months, and works on CrossFit, Boot Camp and the 101 Program! DM us to take advantage!

What a ride!!! 🛵🚀🛸

We spent the whole weekend at Siena to participate in the @newyorkfitnessexpo
I wasn’t really sure what to expect....and it did NOT disappoint. A fantastic weekend with a bunch of great people.

But in all honesty, it could have sucked and we still would have had a blast. Our “Smash Squad” are the best group of mini-Shane’s that a Big Shane could ask for.
Thank you all for persistent, passionate, and always willing to help/support @crossfit_shatter @shatter_events and your fellow athletes.

Thanks you Shatter athletes for being a solid group of BAMF’s.
@craig.angie @antoflav_ @eddieg8809 @ap930 @thetritz @jeffwhite_cfl2 @shattermom @a_cosmeticslab @jonathan_noonan @haggan2429 @bjefferskid @christinamamone @alex_terwilliger44 @catiali #builtshatterstrong #winterswolestice #crossfit #cfhp

🚨DISCOUNT CODE🚨 Your @newyorkfitnessexpo tickets from Saturday are GOOD for Sunday! If you need a ticket- SHOW THIS AT THE DOOR!
Winter Swolestice is going down today! Come check it out! 🏋️‍♀️🏆
@crossfit_shatter @shatter_slam @shatter_events #SlamSeries

We’re at the @newyorkfitnessexpo this weekend at Siena! Come see us and take advantage of 50% discounts on memberships, fitness challenges, prizes and raffles!! Winter Swolestice competition happening Sunday!
@shatter_events @shatter_slam

Tomorrow and Sunday at the @newyorkfitnessexpo we will be offering 50% off memberships for new Shatter members..
In less than 5 minutes you can get signed up and begin the next phase of your fitness journey.
#5minutestilheaven #joinus #getstarted @sienacollege @sienasaints #albanyny #albany @ualbany #crossfit #hiitworkout

How easy it to drop-in or try a free class with us???
The new site makes it SOOOO easy.
Just a couple of button clicks and you can be on your way to trying something new and changing your life.
—not sure if it can really be that easy... click the buttons and let’s find out!!!!

@sitefitsites #builtshatterstrong #wewantyoutotouchyourbuttons

How many of you can throw the dual finger cannons at most of your goals??
I eat pretty well....
I get good sleep....
I train hard at the gym....
Insert any others
We are in control. You are not a victim.
Too often are excuses made when we lose sight of our goals.
Stand up for those thing that you want and go after them.

The 2020 challenge is coming soon!!
This will not be for the frail but for those ready to to take the blue pill (or red hmmmm)
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The Push Press - CrossFit Shatter

Jj Papielion started with us before he could drive to the gym. Since that time he has become one of the best movers in the entire area!!
Great job brother

The Push Press - Raw, explosive power

[01/10/20]   We are in the processing of having a brand new website go live next Wednesday.
So what does that actually mean??? NOT MUCH 😂
BUT it did give us the opportunity to create a movement library. A familiar place, with familiar people, doing the same things as the rest us.
Thanks @eseguinjr12 for joining us for the Push Jerk
#bettertodaythanyesterday #builtshatterstrong #functionalfitness #crossfit #pushjerk

Strict HSPU - CrossFit Shatter

Strict HSPU....always have been challenging to me. Not a wheel house movement but really happy to be where I am

Dad pants, tucked in shirt, and will kill you 1994 style if you mess with my girls

Crossfit Shatter - Kipping Pull-up

Coach Angie Craig moving flawlessly through kipping pull-ups

It may look funny, but the ab strength that is part of the hollow/arch isn't ;)

Life choices:
Eat a snack??
▪️or ▪️
Lift all the weights??

Nah...I’ll freaking do both @brybry2288 #builtshatterstrong #honey #donthatetheplayerhatethegame

The Hang Clean

Alex Terwilliger looking real strong in this movement library

Speed, power, muscles

The Clean

The clean has only one rival in its ability to build power, speed, and strength....
The Elliptical.....NOPE Angie Craig

This movement has only one rival in its ability to build power, speed, and coordination...the Snatch

The Bar Muscle Up

For all people, by our people!!
Loving the work by Jessy Figuccio !!!!

A gymnastic movement commonly found in CrossFit Classes

I’m very proud of this @rcav30 TOES!!
The focus has been keeping the feet together and pointing the toes.
Moving better so we can move MORE

Happy Tuesday - NO Tacos for you ;) #builtshatterstrong #crossfit @thegymnasticscourse @crossfit_shatter #toes #feet

Accountability Friend or Foe

A buddy can be great for staying on track with your workouts.... Accountability friend or foe? What is an accountability partner? Maybe you spoke about getting healthier in 2020, implementing a regular schedule to go to the gym, run a 5k, get into that bathing suit for spring vacation. Someone in your life decides they want to

We are so proud of our athletes @rcav30 @bitty_beast @jjpapi3 @nzapp40 (not ours) @craig.angie @ksulia @pattydags and @alexandria_wied
for qualifying for @wodapalooza and @thegranitegames

Congrats on all that you have achieved and how far you all have come.
#builtshatterstrong #crossfit #fitladies #crossfitgirls #musclelife #roadtobetter

Watch out!!!!
Personal post!!!

Well 2019 is over....time for a resolution?? Nah, not my thing. I don’t think just one thing is enough. There are so many little things that I can improve upon, if I only do one it will take me 5,000 years to be better 😂
So here is what I think of my 2019:
Kids/Family: I WAS MEANT TO BE A DAD. I absolutely love it. I love the downs as much as I love the ups because I love the process and being part of it. Stay at home dad...hell yeah I would.
Regrets: I have a large number of regrets. I have missed out on too many things that I care about. Too many “I have to get this done” now and not enough live in the moment stuff.
I also need to be more open to the people I care about. I hold most things in because I believe that my shoulders are able to bear more weight than others and often I’m left angry and bitter. This will be tough!!
Work: I am never satisfied but I love what I do. I truly enjoy working with people and watching their fitness story unfold. I love the 💡moments, it’s amazingly see someone “get it”.
I DO NOT excuses and DO NOT like giving up and wish that people knew how SIMPLE it really is and how much control they actually have.
Relatives: I am not present enough. I allow to many others things to get in the way. My brother will be a huge focus.
2019 was a good year and this decade had some pretty amazing things.
-bought a bar, closed a bar 😂😂
-opened a CrossFit (because someone else said I should😳)
-bought a house
-got married
-had a dope baby
-maybe other stuff too..can’t remember.

Thanks a ton 2010-2019 for all of the fun times, cool sh*t, and great memories!!

2020–I wish you luck...I’m coming.

#crossfit #newyearsresolution #newyear #crossfitalbany #bettertogether

🎇Happy New Year from @crossfit_shatter! 🎆
Mark your calendars for 2020 @shatter_slam #SlamSeries! 🗓
🔘#WinterSwolestice January 19 inside @sienasaints complex during the @newyorkfitnessexpo. 🔘#Redemption May 2. Looking at bigger space to house all you savages
🔘#SummerSlam August 15. Where it all started #Year6
@shatter_events #gobigorgohome

Tomorrow is New Years Eve!!✨✨
It’s almost time for resolutions to be set but I URGE you to do this first
Take a real hard look in the mirror and be honest with yourself and ACCEPT who you are.
▪️Are you part of the dedicated fire breather group? If you are then bigger, loftier goals are likely achievable.
▪️If you are someone who rides the constant struggle bus then you need to make smaller, easily achievable goals and build on them.
And yes, a great support group is an amazing thing but at the end of the day you are the one looking in the mirror. ▪️You can only do this by first accepting and then putting a plan into motion.
So make a plan that makes sense, not a resolution that doesn’t.
▪️We are all capable of so much more. So reach those hips to the stars and treat your junk like gold. @seamusmk

“I have a plan....ATTACK”
#builtshatterstrong #catsofinstagram #crossfit #kale #strongertogether #musthave #fitnessmodel

Build habits!!!

Huge shout out to this group of athletes!!

Thanks for the awesome day and thank you for making this one of the best parts of my day!! #builtshatterstrong
#12daysofchristmas #crossfit #bootcamp #dedicated

Is anyone else THIS excited for tomorrow’s 12 Days of CrossMas WOD!!

The fitness starts at 10am and all are welcome. There will be a CrossFit and Boot Camp option.

We hope you can all make and thank you for years of support and love!!
#builtshatterstrong #12daysofchristmaswod #crossfit #reebak #sponsoreddad #quadmodel #santalover #imoneofthoseannoyingpeople

That’s what a 225lb power clean and jerk PR looks like the day after Santa comes.
#demshoes #nike #builtshatterstrong #crossfit @alex_terwilliger44

DM us about getting started at Shatter 💪

Hard facts... #crossfit #satire #memes #fairuse #muscleup #wod #crossfitgirls #crossfitgames #gymnastics #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gymmemes #workout #crossfitlife #weights #lifting #squats #fit #mobility #olympiclifting #running #wodoftheday #fitfam #makewodsgreatagain #mwga

We all know that feeling of staring at the clock waiting for Santa to come...
@thenickdavis @crossfittraining #builtshatterstrong #christmaseve #naughty or #nice

Happy OG Monday!!!!

If your looking for tickets to the gun show, it has arrived!!! #builtshatterstrong #virginityrocks #musclementors #sixpackrevolution #advocare

‘‘Tis the season for friends and family!!!

Here is Shatter’s weekly schedule!!!
#builtshatterstrong #crossfit #christmas

This is our Linktree. You can find this info in the bio.
-Want a free leg toning workout 💯
-Want a 30 minute cardio body 🔥
-Want to compete at the @shatter_events Swolestice 🥇🥈🥉duh
-Want completely customized programming that can be done ANYWHERE 💯🔥💯
-Want the best damn schedule in the entire Capital Region 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
-Ready for the return of Shatter Kids classes🤭😎🤯

That bad boy has something for every.
Go to the link, pick something that you want, or that something that someone thinks you need, and LETS GO!!
#virginityrocks #builtshatterstrong #crossfit #crossfitkids #gerberphotosearch2020 #shaneishandsome

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