Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu North Carolina

One of the oldest established Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Academies in North Carolina. Dedicated to teaching the art of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to the entire family.

Using farmers carries to work on grip strength and stamina between rounds of half guard training. Farmers carries also build core strength.

Defending the standing choke from the back in the Little Sharks Class!!!!

More kids working on their throws!!!

Kids class working on defensive throws from being choked from behind. One of the best gifts you can give your child is the ability to defend themselves. Kids classes are on Mondays & Wednesday’s 6:30pm-7:20pm. Come a try a week for free!!!!

Teenager class working on techniques!! Here they are working on what to do when someone stands up in your guard. Olivia and Nolan are such hard workers !!! It is a pleasure teaching them! Teen classes are Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7:00pm-7:50pm.

Here it is!!!! A special news years offer:

The first 10 new students in January will receive their first month for only $20. Just ask for The January Special!!! Get them while they last!!!

Kids class photo: The little sharks are working on break falls which teaches them how to fall safely without getting injured.

The second picture is them working on their pushups!!! Gotta get stronger. Time spent away from video games is a must!

Merry Christmas everyone. There are no classes December 24th or December 25th. We are back on our regular class schedule Wednesday. Enjoy your time with family and friends, it is my honor to teach you all. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!

BJJ Snow Day!!! Classes are cancelled today due to the weather. NC does not have enough plows to clear the roads. Stay home, be safe and rest up for training tomorrow!!!! #bjjsnowday

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Enjoy family and friends, eat well and be safe. No classes for today and tomorrow (Tuesday). We are back on the regular schedule on Wednesday!!!! See you on the mats.

Happy Thanksgiving to my jiu-jitsu family. I hope everyone enjoys their family and of course the food. Eat well and be ready to train hard to work off those pounds gained!!! #relsongraciejiujitsu #relsongraciejiujitsunc #bjj4ever #bjj4life #jiujitsulifestye #graciejiujitsu

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! No class today or Thursday. Regular classes will resume on Monday. Be safe in your travels to see family. See you back on the mats then ready to work off all that food!!!

Triston's first tournament in 6 years and he earned his podium spot. Congrats @gnarlyt.bjj - This is just the beginning. #relsongraciejiujitsunc #bjj4life #graciejiujitsu

Gi and belt in a pile after training. So good to be on the mats after so long. @ctrlindustries #ctrlthegame #relsongraciejiujitsu #relsongraciejiujitsunc #bjj4life #jiujitsulifestyle #jiujitsu4life #neverstoptraining

Happy Labor Day everyone!!! No classes today. Be safe, eat well and we will be back on regular class schedule tomorrow!!!

The Spirit Of BJJ: IBJJF 2017 World Championships

Check out this outstanding highlight from this years BJJ world Chamionships:

The World Championships is undoubtedly the pinnacle of sport jiu-jitsu: Athletes prepare all year for their shot at a gold medal and a chance to etch their n...

[03/13/17]   I have to cancel class today. I aggravated my old lower back injury. Hopefully it will get better. I am at the doctor now. I apologize for any inconvenience. The doctor told me I need to rest and he prescribed me some medication. I will update tomorrow.

Happy New Year everyone!!! There is no class today. We will be back on the regular class schedule tomorrow (Tuesday). Be ready to train hard. See you on the mats!!!!!

Remember no class today. We will be back on our regular schedule tomorrow (Wednesday).

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Hope everyone enjoys their family and friends and comfort food. Happy Holiday!!!! No class on Monday or Tuesday!!! See you back on the mats Wednesday ready to train hard!!

One of my #littlesharks working on his armbar and not letting his legs "rock up" when he is sitting back for the arm lock. His two older brothers were champions and he wants to be one too. We are just happy he loves jiu-jitsu. #relsongraciejiujitsu #relsongracieteam #bjj #relsongraciejiujitsunc #nevertooyoung #jiujitsu

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There are no classes on Wednesday (today) through Saturday and we will be back on regular schedule Monday. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Eat well, enjoy your families and see you on the mats next week.

@mackenziedern proves that you can use high level jiu-jitsu in MMA. #bjj4life #omoplata #rnc #graciejiujitsu

Happy Helio Gracie Day to one and all. Now shut up and train. #graciejiujitsu #grandmaster #innovator

Happy Labor Day everyone!!! Remember no class today. We will be back on the regular schedule tomorrow. See you on the mats ready to train hard!!

Much respect to the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu legends: My jiu-jitsu master @relsongracie - @roylergracie - @roycegraciejj - @ricksongraciejj
Without them Jiujitsu would not be the same here in the US. So much technique and knowledge in this picture at the @ufc

Thank you Gracie family for all you have given. #graciejiujitsu #bjj4ever #bjjlifestyle #gracieacademy #relsongraciejiujitsu #ricksongraciejiujitsu

Happy 4th of July everyone!! No class today. Have fun and be safe. I will see you all on the mats tomorrow ready to train hard!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! No classes today but be ready to get back to training tomorrow.

One day I wish my jiu-jitsu technique will be as innovative as his music. RIP to HIS ROYAL BADNESS. Repost @jjworldleague #princearmy #neverforget #thankyouprince #neverstoptraining #neverstoprolling #musicislife #musicislove

One of my students swiped my @ctrlindustries gi for himself!! #gitraining #thefuture #neverstoprolling #bjj4ever #jiujitsu #bjj

Beginner half guard passing class working technique! #relsongraciejiujitsu #relsongracieteam #bjj4ever #neverstoprolling #neverstoptraining #jiujitsu #jiujitsu4life

[12/21/15]   Christmas week schedule: Normal class times for Monday and Tuesday.

There will be no classes on Wednesday (12/23) and Thursday(12/24) this week.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!! Eat great food and be safe. Then get back on the mats next week and train hard. #food #family #neverstoprolling #neverstoptraining #jiujitsu4life #bjj #

The Relson Gracie Albemarle, NC team

The Relson Gracie Albemarle, NC team


This is a documentary that I definately cannot wait to see. Great title called "Jiu-Jitsu vs the World." Check out the trailer and tell us what you think:

Black Belt Mindset Series - Featuring Grandmaster Relson Gracie

Grandmaster Relson Gracie sharing the importance of the repetition of techniques:

The 1st in a series of tips, tutorials and inspiration from instructors of the gentle art. Grandmaster Relson Gracie discusses the importance of repetition.

Shut up, Stop making excuses and go train. You have to be consistent in order to improve. #neverstoptraining #neverstoprolling ##bjj #bjj4lifestyle #jiujitsu4ever thx @getmeeked

This kid, Jareth Baldwin, gets more excited about grappling than just about anyone else I know. #bjj4life #bjjlifestyle #graciejiujitsu #techniqueoverstrength #jiujitsu4life #bjjgi #relsongraciejiujitsu #relsongraciejiujitsunc #relsongracieteam

Teenager class rolling hard today. #relsongraciejiujitsu #relsongraciejiujitsunc #relsongracieteam #bjj4life #injiujitsuwetrust #bjj

Happy Labor Day everyone! Kids class is canceled today. We will be back on the regular schedule tomorrow. Adult class will be at 7:00pm tonight!

Master Rickson Gracie sharing wisdom of training for the unknown and uncomfortable. #graciejiujitsu #relsongracieteam #relsongraciejiujitsu #bjj #jiujitsu #jiujitsu4ever #jiujitsu4life #bjj4life

Yes it will indeed! #relsongraciejiujitsu #relsongraciejiujitsunc #bjj #bjjgi #jiujitsu #graciejiujitsu #jiujitsu4life #jiujitsu4ever #bjjblackbelt

All I want to do is share my art and experience with my students until I am unable to do it anymore. #relsongraciejiujitsu #bjj #graciejiujitsu

To improve at Jiu-Jitsu, you have to learn from your mistakes. In life and in Jiu-jitsu, figure out what you did wrong and don't repeat that same mistake. #jiujitsu4life #relsongraciejiujitsu #relsongraciejiujitsunc #relsongracieteam #bjj #jiujitsu #bjj4life

What I love to see. Kid congratulating each other after a tough roll. #relsongraciejiujitsunc #relsongracieteam #relsongraciejiujitsu #jiujitsu4ever #jiujitsu4life #bjjgi #jiujitsu #graciejiujitsu #thefutureofjiujitsu

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Albemarle, NC

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Monday 18:30 - 21:30
Tuesday 19:00 - 21:30
Wednesday 18:30 - 21:30
Thursday 19:00 - 21:30
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