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Healthy looks so beautiful!! What all meals could you come up with using this combination of food?

Come join us TOMORROW @ 11 am for our nutrition seminar. It's FREE to everyone!

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Nutrition Seminar this Saturday, Jan 11th

Come join us on Saturday, Jan 11th @ 11 am as we discuss so many aspects of nutrition! This is a free seminar open to members and the public. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity!

"I don't have enough time to cook healthy meals." Have you heard this excuse? Maybe even used it yourself? Healthy meals do not have to take hours. This teriyaki bowl of cauliflower rice, broccoli, carrots, peas, and chicken took about 20 minutes to prepare and cook, and it made several meals like the one pictured. You can do this! Skip the fast food and take the time to feed your body with what it really wants.

To find out more about making a healthy lifestyle doable for you, come join us this Saturday, January 11th @ 11am for our nutrition seminar! #nutritionworkshop #healthylifestyle #healthydoesnthavetobeboring #comejoinus #cauliflowerrice #fuelyourbody

Just a few things our coaches are eating today: (1) pancakes with coconut flour pancakes, almond meal, eggs, banana, topped with ghee and cinnamon and a few raspberries (2) Power smoothie - kale, ginger, avacado, mango, blueberries, cucumber, beets, celery, chia seeds, collagen peptides, raw cacao powder, dark leaf stevia (3) spinach base with chicken, and a wide assortment of veggies found in the fridge. Sprinkle of goat cheese, pecans, and a little balsamic. Aldi sale finds make the best thrown together mixtures! (4) salad for snack with mango, blueberries, strawberries, avocado, pecans, and cranberries

What's your plans today? Don't let life's busy schedule keep you from loving your body and fueling it right #fuelyourbody #loveyourbody #healthylifestyle

Apparently Monday nights are for spaghetti for our coaches @theellegee and @kaylahuney7 🍝Two different versions of spaghetti but both oh so healthy! The left is spaghetti squash noodles and the right is black bean protein noodles. Yum! To find out more about making a healthy lifestyle doable for you, come join us this Saturday, January 11th @ 11am for our nutrition seminar! #nutritionworkshop #healthylifestyle #healthydoesnthavetobeboring #comejoinus #spaghettisquash #blackbeannoodles

Coach @theellegee getting her week started off right by meal prepping to make the rest of the week a breeze🙆‍♂️ $120 of food that will feed 2 people for 7 days! That's a win!
Do you have ways to make your week easier?

Come join us this Saturday, January 11th @ 11am to learn more about nutrition. We'll be talking about a variety of nutritional information along with myths and answering your questions. Free to everyone! See you there! #nutritionworkshop #comejoinus #healthydoesnthavetobeboring #maketimeforwhatmatters #loveyourbody

Healthy certainly doesn't have to be boring NOR restricted. This is a 275 calorie breakfast with an egg, egg white, bacon, avocado, salsa, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, & kiwi. Full of flavor and diversity that definitely doesn't feel like I'm being cheated on with quantity! Compare it to the second picture of a McDonald's egg white delight mcmuffin which is almost the equivalent in calories. Forget the calories for a second and ask yourself, "Which will my body love me more for?" Don't get me wrong, there are days for most, if not all of us, when our busy lives cause us to forget to make time for or prevent us from meal preparation. So, healthier fast food choices can be made, but fast food doesn't have to be our go-to. We stand by encouraging everyone to find the healthy lifestyle that fits your goals and will be something you can stick with long term. Remember: it's a way of living. Choosing each day to care about your body enough to fuel it with the food and fluids that will allow you to live your days to your maximum potential. If you're interested in learning a variety of nutritional information, come join us next Saturday, January 11th @ 11 am for our nutrition seminar. It's FREE to everyone! See you there! #healthylifestyle #healthydoesnthavetobeboring #itsawayoflife #comejoinus #nutritionworkshop #fuelyourbody #loveyourbody

January 3rd midday crew

Midday crew today💪Come ready for some rowing and boxes tonight to end your New Year week right! #comejoinus #whatbetterwaytoendtheday #bringafriend

January BIG NEWS for CrossFit Kids

New things for our CrossFit Kids program coming in January! Check out what Coach Kelly has to say #crossfitkids #newthings #bringafriend #trysomethingnew #nevertooyoung

Get Your Nutrition Right in 2020

Nutrition seminar coming up January 11th @ 11 am. Get 2020 started off with the right nutritional foundation! #nutritionworkshop #healthylifestyle #healthydoesnthavetobeboring #itsawayoflife

January is our voucher time for all current members! That means every current member can give one friend or family member a free one month voucher for the month of January in 2020! If you've been interested in coming to our CrossFit gym, now is the time🙆‍♂️#comejoinus #newyearsgoals #trysomethingnew #newyear2020

New Years is almost here which means it's a great time for a fresh start! Exercise is important but you can't out work a crappy diet. Join us Jan 11th @ 11am for a nutrition workshop. Free to members and nonmembers🙆‍♂️#nutritionworkshop #youcantoutworkacrappydiet #healthylifestyle #healthydoesnthavetobeboring

Join us tomorrow @ 10 AM for our 12 Days of Christmas WOD! Feel free to bring in the Christmas joy by wearing Christmas workout clothing. All other classes tomorrow will be canceled as well as classes on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas! #12daysofchristmas #christmaswod #merrychristmas #tistheseasontobehealthy

Come join us Saturday, January 11th @ 11 am for a nutrition workshop. We'll be covering a variety of topics so you won't want to miss this! #nutritionworkshop #fuelyourbody #healthylifestyle #healthydoesnthavetobeboring

Ever heard the question or even asked yourself, "Why am I at a standstill with my health goals?" Maybe you're wanting to lose those last few pounds, lean out, gain muscle, or begin the process of a healthy lifestyle. Mark it down and come join us January 11th at 11 am for a nutrition workshop! You've heard it before and it's so true: abs aren't made in the gym, they're made in the kitchen. Exercise is important, but what we put in our bodies is even more critical. #nutritionworkshop #absarentmadeinthegym #fuelyourbody #healthylifestyle #healthydoesnthavetobeboring #startnow #comejoinus

It's that time of year🙆‍♀️Bring A Friend month starts in January! Each member will be given a voucher for a friend. So if you know a CFA member, there's no better time than now to join us! If you've ever wanted to join but found yourself giving excuses, check out some of this info we've written up #nobettertimethannow #startsomewhere #comejoinus #crossfitcommunity #bringafriend #noexcuses

Often times, when you hear about progress made through exercise, you hear about weight loss. Here at CrossFit we are working towards OVERALL health and wellness. Here is just the beginning of Chad’s story! “So I started coming to cross fit with Tim Leslie. I needed to get healthier. I’m diabetIc, Blood sugar levels was staying high around 250 range. I have been coming almost 2-3 months or so only bout 3 times a week. Lost some weight and have been eating better. Went for check up at doc. He said that my A1c came down and to stop take Trulicity.. which is a shot for diabetes
Still long ways to go. But it’s a start I guess
😁👍🏽” This is more than just a start! This is just the beginning of an awesome journey. We love our members and we love seeing positive change 💪🏻💚 Awesome job Chad!
Don’t wait for New Years resolutions. Start your journey today!


Dec. 24th-12 Days of Christmas WOD 10 AM-12 PM
Dec. 25th-closed
Jan. 1st-WOD 10 AM-12 PM

#tistheseason #merrychristmas #schedulechange #holidayworkout #christmaswod

For the month of January, kids can join our CrossFit Kids program with $10 off their first month! We are also opening up our t-shirt sale to all our members and community! Let us know if you'd like to help support our CrossFit kids program! Contact @kelly_m_harrington or @kaylahuney7 for more information
#cfkids #crossfitkids #newthings #startthemyoung #functionalfitness

Help us congratulate our coach @coxcameron84 for receiving his level 2! #bestcoaches #constantlylearning #crossfitlevel2

5 am and 7 minutes of burpees😮#morningfitness #getmoving

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“Front rack clock face” - adapted from @torokhtiy
Describing elbow positioning in front rack
What does this mean?
Referencing the hours on a clock face to the position of the elbows may provide you with a more precise description for the athlete.
For example:
Press - Elbows at 5 o’clock position
Jerk - Elbows at 4 o’clock position
Front squat - Elbows at 3 o’clock position
I hope you found this useful. If so, please #repost or tag someone who needs to see this.
Quickly access 350+ educational boards on the WBD Glossary - LINK IN BIO @whiteboard_daily

So true! Small but consistent changes can make big differences.

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A physical therapist can teach you how to take better care of yourself and get you started down the road to a healthier life!
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It’s December, which means a new month of CrossFit Kids begins on Tuesday! If your kiddos need something fun an active to do after school, or an extra push in athletic performance, this is the program for them!
K-12th grade
4:15-5:00 every Tuesday and Thursday
Contact info: @kelly_m_harrington or @kaylahuney7
[email protected]

This says it all. This is why our coaches love what they do. It is so rewarding seeing people come into our gym open minded to learning. Willingness to learn will give you progress by leaps and bounds... athletes and coaches alike. We can all learn from others :)

Turkey Trot photos 🦃
We hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Elfies!! Last chance to save...use coupon code gobblegobble2019 for $5 off registration!

Such a great turnout for the annual @albemarledowntown Turkey Trot! Even found a couple more CFA members after this picture was taken. We have so much to be thankful for. Enjoy the day with family and friends, and remember the ones who have jobs and responsibilities that do not allow them to be with their families today💚
#happythanksgiving2019 #gratefulthankfulblessed #crossfitcommunity #weightvest #turkeytrot2019

All classes on Thanksgiving will be closed...but if you want to get in a workout before you feast, join us for @albemarledowntown annual Turkey Trot that morning
#earnthefood #noguilt #turkeytrot #myalbemarle

Meet Caris! She has lost 36 pounds with CrossFit & intermittent fasting. No other changes. Just keeping it simple but consistent! Way to go, @ajsmom13 !

If you're interested in learning more about intermittent fasting, we're planning on holding a seminar before the year ends. Stay tuned!
#intermittentfasting #consistency #CrossFit #womenofcrossfit

Attention Elfies:

Wednesday, Nov. 20th is the last day a Long sleeve Tee is guaranteed with your registration)

Sunday, Nov 24th Registration fee goes up to $30

Register today

Or in person Vac & Dash and Dr. Connie's Market

It's almost Thanksgiving which means the annual Albemarle Turkey Trot is right around the corner! It's always a great way to start out the day before all that yummy food🍗🦃 You can click the link below to register.

We could not have been any more proud of these ladies! @allie.dickk jumped in to partner with Ryan with less than 24 hours notice 😓 Talk about constantly varied! That'll make you sweat bullets, but you both did amazing!!

#Repost @ryshealthyliving (@get_repost)
Pushing through Friday like... Almost there!
Who am I kidding? I’m off today. Lol
Don’t be salty 🤪 I put in my time.
But seriously, for those of you still working, keep pushing. The end of the week is near!
I love how we humans can push through even when we think we have nothing left.
It’s during those moments we find out what we are really made of.
#keeppushing #almostthere #crossfitalbemarle #ironkakes #kegsandcakes #havesomefunwithit

Check out our latest Instagram post about our CrossFit Kids class. So many good things happening with these kiddos!

If you are planning on running in the Locust Elfie 5K, check this out!

The Locust #Elfie 5k has a GREAT WAFFLE TEE RACE SHIRT for all participating runners.
& now, you can WIN 1 OF 4, LONG SLEEVE, HOODED PERFORMANCE TEEs if you register before Wednesday, Nov. 13. Drawing will be held live via Facebook in the Locust Town Center.

Register today for this #funandfestive 5K, on a #fastandflat -ish course! Sunday, Dec. 3, @ 3:00pm in Locust, NC.

Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you to all of those who have and currently are serving our country. You are so loved & appreciated 💚🇺🇸

Our CrossFit kids are crushing the things we are throwing at them each week!
. . . . . . . . .

Our focus this month is midline stability and how it relates to their sport of choice or just every day living
. . . . . . . . .

We've also been introducing nutrition to our K-5 group and how what we put in our bodies is the fuel to our engines
. . . . . . . . .

It's never too late to sign up if you're interested in getting your child in a healthy and fun extracurricular activity. Message @kelly_m_harrington or @kaylahuney7 for details

#kidstrong #crossfitkids #startthemyoung

Y'all we literally can not say enough good things about our Sam the WODFather Griffin💚 He has been with us from the start, one of the most genuinely nice human beings you'll ever meet, and does things behind the scenes without ever asking for recognition. We love you, @audrdog84
#latergram #goodhuman #wodfather #crossfitcommunity
Check out our Instagram page for a video of what this picture captures

Happy birthday, @kelly_m_harrington !! We love you and appreciate everything you do!

Rise & shine! We're ready for you, competitors! 😃

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goodnight, see y’all mañana ✌🏼 @crossfit_albemarle

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Words straight from the #CrossFit L2 Training Guide.⁠⠀
This part really stuck out to us:⁠⠀
Coach Glassman has asserted the following: “There is more traction, more advantage, more opportunity in pursuing that one thing that you don’t want to see come out (of the Hopper) headlong than to put more time into that thing you’re already good at. That thing that you don’t want to see come out is a chink in your armor. And addressing it will make a difference for you in ways that you’ll never be able to predict.”⁠⠀
We've said it over and over: Most people want to do the type of training they need the least. ⁠⠀
They might tell you they just really like lifting, or that they believe they need to lift more in order to get stronger, but we've found that these are often masks or cover-ups.⁠⠀
Not always. But a lot of the time.⁠⠀
What it often comes down to is that people don't like to work on weaknesses.⁠⠀
We don't like to fail. Culturally, it's humiliating to fail. It's what losers do.⁠⠀
We don't like to look "weak" or unskilled or unfit. We want to be perceived a certain way, fit into a certain group or clique.⁠⠀
So when we dig down into the roots of the thing, we find ego and identity.⁠⠀
If we want to change a culture wrapped up in fakery and fronting, we have to start with ourselves.⁠⠀
As coaches, we LEAD. Leave Ego At Door.⁠⠀
What kind of training does your ego crave?⁠⠀
What weaknesses are you trying to avoid? ⁠⠀
(The L2 Guide can be found by clicking the link in our bio.)⁠⠀
#CrossFitCoach #WUWOCoach #LEADCoach #CrossFitCommunity #CrossFitAffiliate

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Nutrition Seminar this Saturday, Jan 11th
January 3rd midday crew
January BIG NEWS for CrossFit Kids
Get Your Nutrition Right in 2020
CrossFit Commercial




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