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When we go Hog Hunting nothing better than Black Widow hog balls and Hot Horny Hog don’t go to the woods with out it!!! #704Outdoors #Lucky7KennelsMafia
704 Outdoors Prostaff Robbie Allen and Tammy Lynn Bullard, are in route to Mint Hill, NC for a photo shoot with the 704 Outdoor Crew
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704 Crew,Headed to the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh!! Come see us at the Black Widow Booth between 11am and 1pm. #704Outdoors
704 crew in route to the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh, NC Come meet the team between 11-1 today 2/29
Happy Valentine Day from 704 Prostaff
Let’s see your pictures of deer that made it through deer season, that on your hit list for 2020 Hunting Season!!!!
It's that time of year John. :) Oriental Citrus Rabbit ________________________ by: Alice Yonskie Start with medallions of thinly sliced, pounded rabbit pieces. marinate the pieces in a mix of orange juice(about 3/4 cup), a splash of lemon juice, and a splash of lime juice.(about a capful of each) let soak for about 15 minutes. next, remove the meat from marinade (reserve the juice for cooking) and put the meat into beaten egg. then, dredge the pieces in a flour mix ( flour, black pepper, ginger) I use a ziploc bag for the flour, and just shake to coat the pieces. in a deep skillet, heat vegetable oil ( med-high heat)not too much oil, just enough to fry your meat, not covering it. fry the pieces in veg oil on both sides for about 3 or 4 minutes per side, make sure you don't put too many pieces in, they need room to cook. you may have to do the frying in batches. once all the meat is browned on both sides, you should have very little oil left ,with some dregs of flour, add about a half cup of white wine to that, then add your reserved juice, and a splash of white rice vinegar. add a drizzle of honey, mix, and reintroduce the meat. add more juice or honey as needed, for desired consistency ( sorry i don't measure things) Cover it , and let the meat simmer in the sauce for about 10 or 15 minutes on low heat. serve over rice, or noodles. your sauce should be sticky, not too soupy. ( sometimes I add a spoonful or two of store bought Asian sauce ( orange ginger is a good one) or duck sauce just to thicken and sweeten a little, but you don't have to.) If you want a bit of bite with the sweet, just add a little of your favorite hot sauce. Or put it on after the cooking process if your feeding a group. Not everyone likes hot. Cutter's Meat Prep Just a Note** My wife developed this recipe for rabbit. But it'll work with any meat, Squirrel, Venison, Moose, Bear, Pork, etc. even “beef” if you must eat beef. It's also good with fowl, both water and land. * Skin and gut your rabbit or squirrel. Cut it into 1/3rd's. Just behind the shoulders and in front of the hips. Split the breast bone and pelvis. (note) I usually like to soak it for about an hour in cold salt water to draw out the blood.) Bone out the leg sections. Just run your blade point from ankle to joint and right across the other side. Then peal back and cut along the bone. On the center section, take the back straps out just like with a deer. If it's a good sized one, you can get a piece off the rib's too. Remove all tendons. I also remove as much of the membrane as possible. Just filet it off like fileting a fish. Cut the pieces as uniform as possible. But the size and shape is not critical. Place them on a cutting board, and pound them thin with a meat hammer. Pound on both sides. Here's another tip. Place plastic wrap on cutting board, put meat on wrap, then cover with another piece of plastic wrap. I do this for two reasons. A) It makes it easy to flip it over so you can pound the second side. B) It avoids you wearing bit's of flying meat while pounding.
•BOOK IS NOW OPEN• *CALL ONLY BETWEEN 6pm and 9pm* State Line Hunting Club will hold its 8th Annual Field Trial on February 22nd, 2020. This hunt will be conducted at the old NC/SC casting grounds, near the NC Fox Hunter's Kennels. Entry fee will be $25.00 per hound. Cast at 7am and run until 11am. Entries will begin at 5:00 am at 136 Waymon Chapel Road, Hamlet, NC 28345. Trophies, Quality Prizes and Dog Food will be awarded to the top hounds. Bring a good appetite and your best hounds!!! We have had seven great hunts, now let's make it a eighth. Numbers can be reserved starting January 3, 2020 by contacting Justin Ray at 910-237-3255 only between 6pm -9pm THANKS!
Happy New Year Everyone. May God Bless You Richly in the New Year 2020!!!!! #704Prostaff
Late season Hunt in SC trying to drop a big old doe!! Anybody got any activity? #704Outdoors
State Line Hunting Club will hold its 8th Annual Field Trial on February 22nd, 2020. This hunt will be conducted at the old NC/SC casting grounds, near the NC Fox Hunter's Kennels. Entry fee will be $25.00 per hound. Cast at 7am and run until 11am. Entries will begin at 5:00 am at 136 Waymon Chapel Road, Hamlet, NC 28345. Trophies, Quality Prizes and Dog Food will be awarded to the top hounds. Bring a good appetite and your best hounds!!! We have had seven great hunts, now let's make it a eighth. Numbers can be reserved starting January 3, 2020 by contacting Justin Ray at 910-237-3255 no calls after 9pm. Thanks

We are a group of dedicated, hardcore hunters. We hunt everything from Deer, Wild Hogs, Turkeys and more.

We are a group of hardcore hunters committed to conserving the traditions and introducing new experiences and technologies that cater to the everyday enthusiast.

704 Outdoors launched in the spring of 2011. Most of us have been hunting together since we were kids. We used to all joke that we were the “Original Family of Assassins”! Unfortunately when we decided to venture into the hunting industry we were told that the name was, well… a little too blood thirsty. We all laughed about it and after discussing it the name change to 704 Outdoors took place. We are a group of dedicated, hardcore hunters. We hunt everything from Deer, Wild Hogs, Turkeys and more. Our team is spread throughout the southern part of North Carolina… the 704! We hunt from the Mountains of NC to the coast. If you like fast pace, hardcore hunting action keep up with us and hold on!

Friend of 704, Alex, took this nice Thunder Chicken over the weekend! These birds have been gobbling like crazy off the roost but go silent once they’ve hit the ground. Nice job on a beautiful bird And keeping yourself patient with this silent joker!

While some us are working a friend of 704 Outdoors and my cuz was able to put a textbook hunt on a nice Caswell county long beard. With a funky chicken Jake decoy and a hen and a few calls from Skull Dragger Custom Calls Jason Lee Pegram made a move just in time to circle around, get the decoys out and get a few calls in. Old wise bird couldn’t resist a fight with the lil wimpy jake. Gotta love it when they gobble and strut right before you rock their world!!! Way to stick with it and grind it out with this cold windy morning, Great job!!!

Threw up the WiseEye SmartCam to keep an eye on this bottom for turkeys while we hunt a few different properties. It will send me notifications only when it takes pictures of Turkey! The rest of the photos will go to the Hunt Control dashboard but I won't get notifications for every single animal that walks across this bottom. That would drive me nuts!
• • •
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Trying to find us a hot afternoon bird! Let's see if we can pull in one with a little dirty talking from our @pecker_wrecker_calls Diaphragms.
• • •
#turkeyhunting #turkeyseason #cooperhunting #bigtomumbrellablind #peckerwreckerturkeycalls #peckerwrecker #wildturkeys #huntingnc #huntingshow #704style

Run 'n Arrow

Get that thing! 😆😆😆

C’mon dad!!


The woods hoopty had a little to much bounce in her step.....took a little time and slid some Rancho RSS5000's up under her and BOOM she is smooth stepping!! #704Outdoors #equalarchery #rancho5000 #prepneverstops ~Paul & Nikki

Time for a celebration! Help us wish 704 Team Member Billy Cook a big Happy Birthday!

New hunting rig? Hmmmmm...😍

DNA Firearm Systems

Have you got into the Raffle yet? Don't miss out your chance to win a Guided Wild Hog Hunt with yours truly, a DNA Firearm Systems AR-15 chambered in .350 Legend and a Wild Hog Prize pack from Black Widow Deer Lures!

Just wrapped up the Cerakote Coating on the Art Bean Fundraiser Raffle Rifle. This is going to be one good looking .350 Legend! Have you purchased your raffle tickets yet? Don't miss out on a chance to win this Rifle, a Guided Hog Hunt with 704 Outdoors and a Wild Hog Prize Pack from Black Widow Deer Lures!

Get tickets here ---> http://704outdoors.tv/art-bean-fundraiser/

Sweeeeeet! Love my 40kap!

💥💥💥Back In Stock💥💥💥

40KAP White Led got an upgrade and are now available on the website! www.sniperhawglights.com

#Headlamp #Tracking #Scanning #fishing #Over800YardsOfShine

Found a hidden gem in Oakboro! As long as I've lived in Stanly County, I never knew there was a shooting range hidden in Oakboro, Efird's Shooting Range. I guess since we mostly sight in rifles and shoot pistols at the house, I never really looked hard for one. This definitely looks like a great place for a group shoot very, very soon! -John

Ever get these sort of off the wall choices to make? Today mine is "which koozie should I use this morning? 😆 ~John
• • •
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Yesterday sums up turkey season so far. From cold temps to rain to wind this has been one to remember! This guy was fired up in the am but was on another farm. After drying off after the morning hunt we put some more time and got back out there in the property where we thought he was. We were definitely rewarded with a gobble right out of the truck and 5 minute hunt with bird on the ground! Thanks to Skull Dragger Custom Calls and Gobble Hollar Calls, I keep one each crammed in mouth on my hunts. One bird down 1 more to go👍

Team Bartlett doing work!

Freaking awesome night with my wife Whitney. The first coyote I have been able to take with her with me. The ICOtec called him in, the Sniper hog Lights Coyote Cannon lit him up with the 3D Night Vision Slip on Rifle Scope Unit and I managed to seal the deal.

Good morning everyone. We are currently one month away from the scheduled Cast For a Cure event. At this point in time, we have made the decision to go ahead and postpone the event to the Fall of this year. This was the last thing we wanted to do, however, your safety and everyone who is involved in the event's safety will always be our top priority. We will reschedule the event to the Fall, and all proceeds will still benefit Max.

We greatly appreciate everyone's support through these tough times. We were on pace to have a record year for the May event based off pre-registrations, but we know that the event in the Fall will be even bigger and better! Please stay tuned to our page for some big announcements, and more info about the Fall event coming soon. As of now we will be doing several other fundraisers to try and raise some money for Max before the Fall event. We will be raffling off several big items including the custom handmade Superhero Quilt by Eric Andrew Winter's wife, a signed Kevin VanDam Major League Fishing jersey, and a $300 Bass Pro Shops gift card. We are also scheduling a huge Cornhole tournament with the Crew Cornhole League once the restrictions are lifted!

If you pre-registered for the event you have several different options:

1. You can keep your blast off position and we will just hold onto your payment until the Fall event.

2. I can refund your payment and you will give up your blast off number for the Fall event. If you change your mind after the refund and decide to fish the Fall event, you will simply have to re-register for the event.

3. Your entry fee money that was paid can be donated directly to Max if you are unable to fish the Fall event.

4. Your entry fee money can be used towards raffle tickets of your choice if you are unable to fish the Fall event.

I will personally be reaching out to everyone that pre-registered for the event in the next week to see what you all would like to do.

Thank you all again for all of the support. This event would not be successful without the support of the community and we can never thank you all enough for everything you do for Max and the other families we have helped over the years. We did not want to have to postpone the event, but we know that it is the right decision to make, and we know the Fall event will be amazing! Please share this post, and stay tuned to our page for more updates coming very soon.

Thank you,
Corey Shaylor

Landowner called and said they saw a bunch of Turkey on their property so we went in on a reconisense hunt. Slid in, set up our Cooper Hunting Big Tom Umbrella Blind and listened. Not a peep this morning. Pops got a good nap and then we threw up a trail camera to leave some eyes on the property. We'll come back and check this spot in a few days.-John, Beth & Richard

Heeeeeerreee turkey, turkey, turkey...
• • •
#turkeyseason #turkeyhunting #wildturkey #callingturkeys #turkeycalling #turkeycalls #peckerwreckerturkeycalls #huntingshow #huntingnc #easternturkey #704style

Help me wish a BIG Happy Birthday to my wife Beth! My lil' killa has traveled the country by my side and shared so many adventures that most can only imagine. Look forward to many more crazy years together, Happy Birthday babe! -John

Sniper hog Lights

New White LED from Sniper Hog Lights!

New LRX led update...

Quarantine Sale at Southernized Gear! Get em while they last!

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The Flop 2020 Day 2 Team 704 In Richmond County this am looking for a Big Tom!!#RobbieandTammy #704Outdoors

While my teammates where out chasing gobbling forest chickens today ,we laid some Whitetail Greens. I've heard the guys and gals had a good day, just decided to play it out a bit more.
#704outdoors #equalarchery
#jsphunting #whitetailgreens #dnafirearmsystems #teamsmith #teamhogfather #wiseeye #teambillyraandelle
#lilpdog #teammacpherson.

Beth set up our WiseEye SmartCam on this property as we left to keep an eye on this group of Turkey. We're going to hit a few different properties this upcoming week and we'll revisit this one late next week. We just changed the notifications from Wild Hog to Turkey and it will just send us photos when it takes photos of Turkey, not every thing else!

Giving it one last shot for the evening. See if we can cut them off heading to roost. This morning they were wide open but haven't heard a gobble since. Crossing our fingers they decide to roost in this area tonight! -Beth, John & Richard

Poachers/trespassers! Good job! Unbelievable ... opening day and you you just illegally took a turkey from a 5 year old girl. SMH hope you enjoy it...after spending thousands on land leases this is what you get... don’t worry this will be going straight to the game wardens.

See if we can find a hot afternoon bird! Who's still going strong on opening day?!

Me and pops tucked behind the Cooper Hunting Big Tom Umbrella Blind. We got to pretty close to the roost, threw up the blind in seconds and were ready to rock. Birds were vocal this morning and responding good but a couple hens chimmed in, started talking smack about us trying to take their baby daddy's. We went back and forth for a few but they won this time. They showed a little more tail then me I guess. Ol' hookers took the toms to another field for the moment. They'll be back mid day!

Happy Opening Day of Turkey Season!
• • •
#turkeyhunting #turkeyseason #wildturkey #wildturkeys #704outdoors #openeningday #turkeyopener

Get it before it gets gone!

Round boat priced to move! This boat may not last the weekend at this price. $899.00 + tax. Boat and seat. Stop in at Diggs hunting and Fishing in Norwood to see it.

Help Hwy 55 feed the Children of Stanly County!

The children of Stanly County need your help! Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries has stepped up in a big way to deliver food to the Children of Stanly County during their spring break! Donate today and help the cause, we did!

Several ways you can donate:
💵 You can donate in person with cash or check at the restaurant - 750 Leonard Ave Ste E, Albemarle, NC 28001
💵 Donate over the phone - 704-986-4456
💵 Donate via Cash App - @defenderstanly

Want some great hunting shows to watch during the Quarantine? Check out the 704 Outdoors TV Show on ROKU, Amazon Fire, AppleTV, DroidTV, and more. You can watch them on either Huntchannel.tv or GEN7 Outdoors TV Channel!

We love Hunt Control, you will too! Give it a try!

WiseEye Smart Cams automatically sort pictures by species with our HuntControl system. Navigate to those species right on the dashboard! Learn more on our website wiseeyesmartcam.com

Video clips that capture it all!!!!

While youth turkey season is underway amidst all of the unfortunate things going on in this world we thought we’d “buy local” and test out some new mouth calls from a local Greensboro call maker Skull Dragger Custom Calls and a call maker around Raleigh NC by the name of Gobble Hollar Calls Dba. This weekend we put the Greensboro call makers mouth calls to the test! After 4 hunts over the past weekend with my 5 year old daughter in and effort to put her in her 2nd bird of her life with a crossbow and .410 we were finally able to create the opportunity for it to happen with the help of 3D Night Vision .Unfortunately we were only able to bring home about 18 feathers!🤷‍♂️ good news is the turkey I still gobbling but the bad news is I’ve got one upset daughter!!!! Take a look at the clips/pics that show it all... stay tuned next week we are gonna test out our Raleigh call maker! Support local business all day every day!👍👍

This deer a year ago socially distanced itself at 45 yards and that was not enough. Lets all work together to bring it to 6ft. Honestly is 6ft too much to ask?? We all want to enjoy that 45 yards 4 months from now. 704outdoors wishes everybody to be smart, safe and healthy. Let your hunter instincts to take control.
#equalarchery #704Outdoors

704 bound! We've enjoyed our week in Ohio with Andy & Janice of Black Widow Deer Lures. Got a lot of work done and we are super jacked up for the upcoming deer season. We hope everyone is having a great opening day of Youth Turkey Season and we look forward to seeing all the success pictures! -John & Beth

Couldn't have squeezed that joker in a better cluster of trees! That's going to be one heck of a set this fall. Come on with it 2020 Deer Season! -John

Another sweet filming set put up in Ohio! Unfortunately this was the same bottom we found Wide Load but it also solidified that this was his travel route. We felt like he was coming through here, now we know. We know another brute will take his place. -John

On top of the world here on Baby Everast! Second Tower Blind up, getting some work done in Ohio! -John

Chester ready to dance !!!!!!

With all the uncertainty going on lately .. We decided to bust out Chester.....(he still dancin) and the 12 gauge for tomorrow..Gonna do a lil yote smacking old skool style. Time for us to wash our hands of this coyote problem on this property. Nikki and I are gonna mask up and watch Chester dance them in. ~Paul&Nikki
#704outdoors #smackthemintheface
#reigninblood #chloeiscancerfree
#teamsmith #equalarchery #upcloseanxpersonal.

Day 5 in Ohio! One more box stand to put up and one more filming set to move. Been a productive week. Looking forward to this upcoming season!
• • •
#704invadesohio #ohio #704style #ohiodeerseason #socialdistancing #blackwidowdeerlures #bwdl #ncbwdl # #socialdistancingdoneright

Social Distancing done 704 Style!
#704invadesohio #ohio #blackwidowdeerlures

What a great way to spend a birthday! Walking some insane deer paths, finding sheds, coming across massive rubs and hanging filming sets for the 2020 Deer Season in Ohio. Excited for the upcoming season.

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes! -John

Help us wish Team Member John a very Happy Birthday!!! We love ya killa!!! #704style #quarantine2020 #thehogfather

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Help Hwy 55 feed the Children of Stanly County!
Chester ready to dance !!!!!!
One muddy hog!
704 Slam Raffle to Benefit Kellibob's Road to Recovery




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