Lifters Gym of Albemarle

Why We Call It Lifters Gym

Lifters Gym provides its members with 24 hour access everyday of every year. We offer the lowest rate of all the gyms in Stanly County with multiple rate/package options. We are hear to support the betterment of individuals health and offer the best diet and exercise advice of any competitor gym in our area. We support and promote a wide range of fitness levels from weight loss to weight gain according to each persons goals. Not only are we lifting weights but we are also lifter minds, bodies, and spirits through a very unique, personalized, and upbeat atmosphere. Come check as out!

OG #liftersgym #liftersgymalbemarle

Albemarle representing in Concord today! #liftersgym #liftersgymconcord #liftersgymalbemarle

First Concord member to check in at the new gym. Thanks D! @itsyaboydonte #liftersgymconcord #liftersgym

Here until 7pm, come and get registered at Lifters Gym Concord for true 24 hour access! #liftersgym #liftersgymconcord #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymalbemarle

Come to 2335 Concord Lake Rd Concord NC 28025 12-7 and see Kacie today and tomorrow for early registration or signup online! Easy breezy! #liftersgym #liftersgymconcord

Finishing touches before opening day! #liftersgym #liftersgymconcord

We are a gym, not a club! If you’re looking for the best place to train it’s a small spot called Lifters Gym in Albemarle!

We ready where y’all at! #liftersgym #liftersgymconcord

Been bumping this the past few days. Still one of my all time favorites from when I was just a wee tot 😂 #houseofpain

Saturday July 6th 10am-4pm is OPEN HOUSE. Tour & Join! #liftersgymconcord

Early registration is easy! Join now ZERO enrollment.
Memberships and enrollment fees will increase after opening day. Join early & save BIG!

Added some rubber and additional toys to the functional area today! #liftersgym #liftersgymconcord @ Lifters Gym of Concord

July 11th will be our new official opening date. Register online now at to avoid enrollment fees, simply pay your first months membership of $35!

Concord install! #liftersgymconcord #liftersgym @ Lifters Gym of Concord

Functional and dumbbell area! #liftersgym #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymconcord

More more more #liftersgym #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymconcord

Lower body and pin select! #liftersgym #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymconcord

Instagram needs to step [email protected] time limit on videos lol. #liftersgym #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymconcord

More to come tomorrow and hopefully the setup will be complete. Most of the strength came today with cardio and more strength to come tomorrow. Albemarle also had two new pieces delivered to that location today as well. Huge shout out and thanks to @afd0925 for coming through with the truck and trailer for the Albemarle delivery. #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymconcord #liftersgym #concordncfiredept #concordncfitness @ Lifters Gym of Albemarle

New toys for Albemarle too. Any members with a trailer that would like to assist in delivery DM me!

Let the fun begin! #liftersgym #liftersgymconcord @ Lifters Gym of Concord

Concord should look something like this after the final delivery on Tuesday! #liftersgym #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymconcord #concordnc #concordncfiredept #concordncfitness

Last post of an empty Lifters Gym of Concord! We plan to open with a little work left to do cosmetically but this will not stop members from having 24/7 access to all the equipment. Come join us and watch us GROW!! #liftersgym #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymconcord

There’s a lot to be learned by life in a more simple fashion. Having goals, achieving goals, failure to obtain goals, the ups and downs of life and careers all lead back to one thing.....HAPPINESS! My play hard of the “work hard play harder” motto means relaxing and thinking about how blessed we all are and how amazing life is in itself. We may not say it out loud but in a peaceful setting without the ruckus there’s only one thing deep down that matters! How you living? #liftersgym #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymconcord Find your happy space!

This picture says way more than most will understand. The struggles of a small business owner aren’t often understood unless you are one. The story behind this picture is this; Lifters Gym opened nearly 8 years ago In Albemarle which was the motivation for some of my family to open Iron Forged Fitness in Jacksonville NC a couple years later. It was very humbling to know that Lifters was able to inspire others to follow their passion and take the risk that every small business assumes when opening something that isn’t brand name. The best part of this story is that now they are often motivating me and between us we have an amazing support group and learn a lot from one another. Often venting, sharing ideas or simply just listening to one another’s experiences. Thanks Jennifer Hardister and Christopher Hardister for the support and thanks for all you offer that’s above and beyond any other gym in Jacksonville!

Timeline Photos

I miss you too haha. #busaculture #gsxr1300 #livetorideridetolive

Three years ago we shared this photo commending Mr Bowers on his efforts to help others familiarize themselves with fitness and even through all of Albemarle’s recent changes and the market being heavily saturated in this small area we still have many amazing members that are standing strong with their hometown gym. We definitely set the standard for unlimited 24 hour access 8 years ago and still offer a killer gym with the most variety and versatility than any other facility. If you’ve judged our book by the cover you really need to step inside and see the abundance and quality of equipment in this little powerhouse! #liftersgym #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymconcord

The Moose Crew! Everyone taking part in the challenge did great but these guys hammered down and took the gold! New challenge coming soon. @liftersgym #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymconcord #redteam

Today’s quote @ironforgedfitness

This weeks been very refreshing with the addition of our newest members and our newest employee Amanda. Although growing pains comes along with growth it’s also part of the process that we welcome and embrace. Anyone else out there that’s late getting their New Years goals started or if you’re just now considering a change we invite you to come by for a quick look to see if this place feels right for you. Women, men, teens, and lunks are welcome here 😂 #liftersgym #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymconcord @liftersgym

There’s zero excuses that yield results. Get off your a#% and get to grinding! #liftersgym #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymconcord

[05/18/19]   Not many reps but hopefully some of you chickens out there will be motivated to participate now. Show the owner up! #liftersgym #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymconcord

Boy oh boy have I missed you Gold Branch......ahhhh feels so good 😏

Thanks @s_ashleygrissom for reminding me what time does to a person lol!

Win a FREE T, there’s a new challenge up in Albemarle for boys and girls. We will run this until 12p Monday. Get after it members. #liftersgym #liftersgymlocust #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgymconcord #pumpingironchallenge

Your willingness to help others grow is just as beneficial to yourself as it is to them....but do it for them!

Django holding down the OG Lifters in Albemarle. He sold a couple memberships and worked super hard getting this place motivated!

Needing a couple friendly, reliable people with good work ethic to work 1-3 days weekly. Check the link for job description and to apply:

Morning workout before the daily grind. Although it’s a tough road at times we just have to remember better days are ahead if we attack them head on. Be thankful for those that keep you grounded and keep on trucking! #liftersgymalbemarle #liftersgym #liftersgymconcord #liftersgymlocust

They need an opt out of questionnaires button and mute for the TVs at the pump 😂

Happy Nurses Week to the best and a very special nurse @jordantmrn! Thanks for always having my back through thick and thin. I also want to give a shout out to the other special nurses, and sort of nurses, I am fortunate enough to have surrounding us. @mcasavant0422 @htucker0729 @_katelynwhitley @jamieleigh168 @ambersthecolor3 @keggy15 thanks for all you do for those that don’t really understand what you do!

Sweetest and smartest big boy ever. At the end of all the ruckus life has to offer we all need to strive for simplicity and enjoy these little pleasures in life like our pets, friends, family, the roof over our heads and the ability to put food on the table. Everything else is just extra. #djangotherottweiler #django

[05/03/19]   Packed full of equipment here at LG! #liftersgym #liftersgymalbemarle

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Albemarle, NC
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