Long Haul Bombers

Long Haul Bombers


So I am assuming the Bombers aren’t touring this year! It is already the middle Of May and no Schedule! Was looking forward to getting tickets for a Reds game with the bombers! It would be awesome if you could just say it’s not happening instead of leaving everyone hanging! Very disappointed !!!!!!
I sure wish the 2018 Schedule would post ! I need to schedule off for work to go watch! Missed last year because by the time it was posted I couldnt get time off!!!
Any dates yet?
I wish the 2018 schedule would come out! I need to request off from work for Cincinnati ♥️
I would like to see you guys come to Comerica Park in Detroit.
What time are they scheduled to hit at the Ray Game 7/23
Will the LHB tour ever come to Baltimore or DC?
U should def come to Milwaukee Wisconsin and hit at Miller Park!!!

Check out the Stadium Power Tour at a Ball Park near you!

Operating as usual

Petco Park 05/29/18 #MonstaMilitia

Petco Park 05/29/18 #MonstaMilitia

T-Mart ringing the ceremonial Padres Bell!

T-Mar on Top At Petco T-Mart on Top At Petco Park

Monsta Athletics Slugger wins Season Opener in San Diego

May 29, 2018, San Diego, CA – Monsta Athletics slugger, Tim “T-Mart” Martinez came out on top in Round # 1 of the Monsta Militia Power Tour at San Diego’s Petco Park, Home of the Padres.

“T-Mart” won the night with 9 points, many powerful, upper deck show bombs. Later, he opened the Padres & Marlins game by ringing the ceremonial Padres Bell. “What a night “beamed T-Mart, still clutching his Monsta Bat. I was seeing the ball, following through and my Monsta bat did the rest.“

T-Mart grew up in Yuma AZ and back in the day went to as many Padres spring training games as possible. “We were lucky to meet Tony Gwynn and Mr. Padre made a great impression, I’ve been a Padres fan ever since.”

Next up on the Monsta Militia Power Tour, the Sluggers travel to Great American Ballpark, Home of the Cincinnati Reds, Friday Night July 27th. Watch the highlights on Softball 360. www.monstaathletics.com

Monsta Militia Stadium Power Tour 05/29/18

Monsta Militia Stadium Power Tour 05/29/18

Monsta Militia Stadium Power Tour #Monsta

Monsta Militia Stadium Power Tour #Monsta


Softball 360 Powered by Monsta Athletics Show 2 from beautiful Owatonna, MN


On show one of “Softball 360 powered by Monsta Athletics“

What does it take to defend a title? We’ll follow the defending champs from Montsa Athletics, as they work to repeat.

When the Stadium Power Tour kicks in, the worlds greatest softball home run hitters get it on, as we prepare to crown a champion.

Can Jared “Skud” Messersmith repeat his breakout debut at Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres?

Hey are you ready for a great American road trip? We’re drivin’ in da desert – From Southern Cali to Vegas, heading to one the first big challenges of the new season, the Sin City tourney.

A softball game with 100 thousand dollars on the line ! Does it get any bigger? Monsta Athletics the defending USA Softball Champs take on their Arch Rival from U Trip, What team will roll home with 100k in their bat bag at the war on the shore.

And all work and no play, can create a dullesvile day …until off the wall office pranks start at Monsta Athletics.

Strap in for “Softball 360“

Monsta Softball Pranks ...Part 1

#Monsta #MonstaMilitia #USASoftball #Corkys

Monsta Athletics Headquarters in Calimesa, CA. Watch how " Team Chemistry" is created via pranks : ) as they build the best bats in the bizz ! www.monstaathl...

Team Monsta: Countdown to Corky's


Team Monsta prepares for Corky's Early Bird: May 4-5, 2018, in Owatonna, MN. The " Monsta Burga" can only be found at Agnus McCurdy's in Yucaipa, CA www.mons...

Long Haul Bombers's cover photo

Long Haul Bombers's cover photo

Long Haul Bombers

Long Haul Bombers in Mexico

The Long Haul Bombers, the Worlds Greatest Softball Home Run Hitters put on a show at a charity home run derby for the Red Cross in Hermosillo Mexico. Chris ...

Long Haul Bombers

Long Haul Bombers's cover photo

USA Softball Stadium Power Tour Finals 2017


Team Easton, Miken, Worth and Monsta square off at Marlins Park in Miami to determine who is the Worlds Greatest Softball Home Run Hitter. For more, www.soft...

Travis Clark and Team Easton sweep USA Softball Stadium Power Tour Finals

After a season of hitting home runs at various Major League Baseball (MLB) and Minor League Baseball (MiLB) ballparks across the country, the softball world crowned a new home run hero at the 2017 USA Softball Stadium Power Tour Finals. Hitting for Team Easton, Travis Clark led all the sluggers with 11.5 points to win the coveted title. Held at Marlins Park, home of the Miami Marlins, the Stadium Power Tour finale saw Clark send several balls out of the park, with a few clubbed into the Budweiser Bar.

“What a season, what a night,” said Clark. “It was a close contest and my Easton bat was my edge tonight.”

In close second place was the regular season champ, Miken’s Kyle Pearson with 11 points.

For the title of Manufactures Cup, a team honor in which the team with the highest combine total earns the honor, Team Easton’s dynamic duo of Brian Wegman and Clark came out on top and are bringing the trophy to the Easton Headquarters.

USA Softball Stadium Power Tour veteran Wegman hit hit first nine swings out of Marlins Park and it was a moment to cherish.

2017 USA Softball Stadium Power Tour Finals

Travis Clark, Easton: 11.5 – Stadium Power Tour Champion
Kyle Pearson, Miken: 11
Ryan Harvey, Worth: 10
Brian Wegman, Easton: 9
Ryan Dacko, Monsta: 7
Andrew Collins, Miken: 4

Who is the worlds greatest softball home run hitter? Find out Tuesday Sept 19th. The USA Softball Stadium Power Tour Finals are set for post game of the Marlins - Mets game.

Here’s the batting order for Tuesday night:
1. Andrew Collin: Miken: hitting for MFX cup
2. Brian Wegman: Easton
3. Ryan Harvey: Worth
4. Ryan Dacko: Monsta
5. Travis Clark: Easton - starts with .5 half a point, Travis finished # 2 in the regular season.
6. Kyle Pearson: Miken - starts with 1 point, Kyle finished #1 in the regular season


Click here to support Houston Astros Hurricane Relief Fund

youcaring.com Hurricane Harvey has left thousands of families stranded, and countless homes damaged in one of the most catastrophic disasters in Texas’ history. Please join us in making a donation to the city of Houston, to provide aid and assistance to the thousands of residents who are desperately in need....

USA Softball Stadium Power Tour - Round 9

Tuesday August 29: 6pm at MCU Park, Home of the Brooklyn Cyclones

Batting Order:
1. Chris Greinert - Monsta
2. David Miller - Miken (Hitting for Harvey)
3. Ryan Dacko - Monsta

USA Power Tour: Tuesday August 29, MCU Park Brooklyn

The Worlds Greatest Softball Home Run Hitters coming to MCU park, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones. Special Pre-game show Tuesday August 29. For Tickets Brookly...

USA Softball Stadium Power Tour results from St Louis.

Results: Round 8, Busch Stadium
Travis Clark, Easton: 10
Kyle Pearson, Miken: 9
Ryan Harvey, Worth: 8
Greg Connell, Worth: 8
Brian Wegman, Easton: 6
Andrew Collins, Miken: 5 (Exhibition)

Round 8 of the USA Softball Stadium Power Tour is set for Thursday at 6:20pm at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cards. USA Softball

Here’s the batting order.
1. Ryan Harvey: WORTH
2. Andrew Collins: MIKEN
3. Brian Wegman: EASTON
4. Greg Connell: WORTH
5. Travis Clark: EASTON
6. Kyle Pearson: MIKEN

USA Softball Stadium Power Tour Puts the Squeeze on the Juice Box

August 18, Houston TX – Miken’s Kyle Pearson came out swinging and ending up on top Friday night, with 11 points and the Dudley Money Ball to lead the Round 7 of the USA Softball Stadium Power Tour.

KP and his Miken Pyscho bat sent several massive blasts completely out of Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astro’s.

Monsta’s Ryan Dacko is back in the hunt, with 10 points. The hard swinging lefty sent multiple show bombs to the upper deck, as 30,908 screaming Houston fans went wild.

Final Results USA Power Tour Houston
1. Kyle Pearson: Miken 11
2. Ryan Dacko: Monsta 10
3. Chris Greinert: Monsta 6
4. Lyf Nimmo: Worth 4 — hitting for Ryan Harvey

Next up the world’s greatest softball home run hitters head to Busch Stadium home of the St. Louis Cards for a home run derby Thursday night Aug 24.

USA Softball Stadium Power Tour at the Houston Astros Friday, Aug 18. #USASoftball

Hitting post game prior to Fireworks!

Batting Order
1- Ryan Dacko: Monsta
2- Lyf Nimmo: Miken/Worth (Hitting for Harvey)
3- Chris Grienet: Monsta
4- Kyle Pearson: Miken/Worth

USA Softball Power Tour Colorado

The Worlds Greatest Softball Home Run Hitters at Round 6, Security Field in Colorado, home of the Sky Sox, the triple AAA Club for the Milwaukee Brewers. Tea...

Mile High Show Bombs In Colorado – Easton’s Travis Clark scores 15

Colorado Springs, Colorado August 11, 2017 – The USA Softball Stadium Power Tour staged a mile high home run derby in Colorado.

And Team Easton’s Travis “The Blaster“ Clark soared the highest. ”The Blaster” hit the first 10 Dudley softballs in a row out of the park. And these were spectacular show bombs. Flying high above the light towers of Security Field, home of the Colorado Sky Sox, the triple A team for the Milwaukee Brewers.Travis only missed one ball for a homer, finishing strong, sending the rest out of the out of the park along with the money ball for 15 big points.

A brand new, massive HD video scoreboard in the outfield was one of the targets, but Brian Wegman of Team Easton went for the light tower in left center. The Dudley softball hit the bank of lights and took out one of the giant light bulbs.

Final Standings: USA Softball Stadium Power Tour Round 6
Travis Clark, Easton 15
Brian Wegman, Easton 9
Chris Larsen, Worth 9
Chris Greinert, Monsta 3

Up Next, the Worlds Greatest Softball Home Run Hitters, are ready for round 7 at Minute Maid Park home of the Houston Astro’s, Friday night, August 18.

USA Softball Stadium Power Tour visit the Colorado Sky Sox - Friday, Aug 11.

They will hit PRE game as a exhibition, then hit for points in POST game.

Batting Order
1. Travis Clark - EASTON
2. Chris Greinert - MONSTA
3. Brian Wegman - EASTON
4. Chris Larsen - WORTH

[08/07/17]   Our deepest condolences to the Rod Hughes Family, RIP!


Softball 360, presented by USA Softball Show 7 2017

It’s Miller Time in Charlotte Power Tour Points Battle Heats Up

Charlotte, North Carolina, July 30 – Dave Miller from Team Miken led the charge in Charlotte in round 5 of the USA Softball Stadium Power Tour.

Miller cast a large shadow at the home of the Charlotte Knights, standing 6 foot 6 and close to 260 pounds. Big Dave was an All-American at nearby Clemson University and had large crowd of fans cheering him on. “It’s great to be back on the USA Softball Stadium Power, my Miken bat had plenty of pop today. I’m ready to go to New York in August to help Miken get to the finals .“

Chris Greinert of Team Monsta, had to scratch at the last minute. He will reschedule and hit for Monsta in Colorado on August 11.

FINAL RESULTS: USA Softball, Stadium Power Tour, Round 5 Charlotte
David Miller, Miken:10
BJ Fulk, Easton:10 (exhibition )
Ryan Dacko, Monsta:9

Attention 50 and over softball players. Show America you still have it at this made for TV Event! Legends of the Game National Championship Home Run Derby filmed by Softball 360 at time and place. This event is being held the same weekend as the USA Softball Super Tournament!

Download Entry Form athttp://softball360.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Legends-HR-Derby-Entry.pdf

Softball 360 | Home of the Long Haul BombersSoftball 360 - Home of the Long Haul Bombers

Results from Tampa – July 24th
Kyle Pearson, Miken 11
Ryan Harvey, Worth 10
Brian Wegman, Easton 9
Travis Clark, Easton 6
Chris Greinert, Monsta 5
Ryan Dacko, Monsta 4
Andrew Collins, Miken 3
Jason Branch, Worth 2

Updated stats http://softball360.com/2017-usa-power-tour/

softball360.com Home of the Long Haul Bombers

Easton’s Wegman Wins Duel In The Desert

Canseco 4 Feet Short Of World Record

July 20, Las Vegas, Nevada – Brian Wegman had the hot hand in Vegas. Wegs blasted 14 points including the Dudley money ball to win Round 3 of the USA Power Tour in Las Vegas.

His Easton teammate Trans Clark finished second with 11 points at the home of the Las Vegas 51’s. Team Easton combined for 25 points, and Wegs was pleased. “My Easton bat got the job done tonight and Travis was right with me, let’s go to the finals!“

Jose Canseco was a special guest slugger and Jose was out to break the world record of 535 feet for longest softball home run. Jose who lives in Las Vegas, was swinging a Dudley senior bat and had some tremendous blasts out of Cashman Field. His longest blast was marked at 531 feet, just 4 feet shy of the record of 535. Jose intends to return to Cashman to break the record.

“Not bad for a 53 year old? I simply love softball and especially senior softball, I will be back and get that record!“

Final Results, USA Power Tour Round 3 Las Vegas

Brian Wegman: Easton 14
Travis Clark: Easton 11
Chris Larsen: Worth 10
Denny Crine: Miken 7

Eight Bombers to Invade the Trop

The world’s greatest softball home run hitters take on the trop. Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays

Sunday July 23 at high noon before the Ray’s and Yankee’s game. Last year, Ryan Harvey hit a Dudley Softball all the way to American flag in center field, an estimated distance of over 500 feet!

Here’s the batting order for round 4 of the USA Power Tour:

1. Greg Connell – Worth
2. Ryan Dacko – Monsta
3. Brian Wegman – Easton
4. Andrew Collins – Miken
5. Travis Clark – Easton
6- Chris Greinert – Monsta
7. Ryan Harvey – Worth
8. Kyle Pearson – Miken

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Petco Park 05/29/18 #MonstaMilitia
Monsta Militia Stadium Power Tour 05/29/18
Monsta Militia Stadium Power Tour #Monsta
ASA Super National at Midway Stadium



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