Metro 10 BUF v. ROC Run

Metro 10 BUF v. ROC  Run


Hey there was windering if there were any updates on a possible race in 2020, really hoping so ....thanks
We really enjoyed last year' Metro 10 and look forward to it returning in 2020. In the meantime consider signing up for this year's Bergen 5k on Saturday, August 10th!
Any word on a Metro 10 this year?
What city won?
Loved the course! Great job.
Sibling rivalry.
Any course changes due to this rain?
Forgive a silly question, especially if its already been answered! My first time competing in a bike competition. Race Bib...front or back?
What an awesome surprise!! ❤️❤️ See y’all tomorrow morning!
Go TEAM ROCHESTER! But seriously, more importantly, everyone have fun!
good luck and have fun to everyone running this weekend, have drill or would have been with ya, but who would i have supported,hmmmm from Auburn so..... free agent it would have been!!!

The Metro 10 is a 10 mile and 5 mile run walk and ride event that pits two Western NY communities against each other as they compete for the Metro Cup

Annual running event that pits Buffalo vs. Rochester runners in a friendly competition.

[03/06/20]   One step closer... stay tuned.

[01/14/20]   Hello Everyone,

First of all,we hope you are having a wonderful new year and had a great holiday season. We would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on the status of the Metro 10 event.

As many of you know, last year we put the event on hiatus last year because of a serious medical issue with a family member. The outpouring of support from former Metro 10 participants was truly touching, and went beyond financial support, we had baskets donated for our fundraiser and numerous cards, letters, emails and thoughtful gifts.

There are no words that can express the gratitude from my family during that challenging time, the endurance sport community is a special one, and our family has been blessed to be a very small part of it over the last five years.

Our hope was that we would be providing you a definitive date by this time, but some things have transpired recently that have put our progress on pause.
For the last three years of Metro 10 we operated under the auspices of The Warrior House of WNY, a charitable endeavor started by my nephew. The Warrior House is scaling back operations and they have suspended all fundraising initiatives. Over the years we have raised $7.000 for the charity, but more importantly, because we operated under the umbrella of the charity, it means that we are currently an event without a cause to support or a sponsoring organization for business purposes.

The event has given 100% of its proceeds to charity since year two, and while plenty of private organizations and individuals have profited from Metro 10, none of the organizers were compensated since we have been affiliated with The Warrior House. Also, we have never carried a fund balance, instead we used early bird registration funds to cover marketing and other initial expenses. Last year when a for-profit organization sought to take over the event, we chose to decline their offer.

There are a couple of organizations we will be reaching out to over the next few weeks to gauge interest, we already reached out to one of them. If we can find a cause we are passionate about, and a partner that has the personpower and capacity to help grow the event, we will gladly move forward. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel and there is plenty of time to pull it off. If not, we had a great run.

We realize that this event is a blip on the radar in Western New York, but we also feel that it has the potential to provide tangible benefits to a charity and to the host community.

[10/04/19]   Our longtime volunteer coordinator Wayne Litchfield was just sprung from a Rochester hospital after a few days. I’m not going to pretend to understand the particulars of the procedure, but it is something that will help him have another go at working on Metro 10.

Wayne’s support has been crucial, and he is a man of tremendous faith. It’s his faith that has basically willed our efforts to reboot M10 next year.

He has been with us from day one, and he knows the importance of volunteering, because he gives his time to many causes.

Like an endurance athlete, Wayne is always in for the long haul, and he knows that it isn’t always glamorous, or even fun, but their is a satisfaction when you see the impact on participants and even more when you see the impact on the beneficiary organization.

If you made it this far please join me in wishing Wayne good health!

[09/14/19]   Just a quick update: we are moving closer to pinning down a date for next year, and we are also working on some exciting changes that will add to our ability to raise funds for our selected charities.

My family was blessed with the help of the community when we needed them most, so my motivation will be to find a way to pay that forward, and we are actively seeking to donate to organizations that help families defray costs associated with cancer treatments that are not covered by insurance.

Even something as simple as a gift card for gas, or cups of coffee, or money to pay for parking can help families, especially people that may not have an extended family or large support system.

I was told that Metro 10 would "not survive" taking a year off, but our family has a history of beating the odds, and I know that the running, walking and cycling community is one of the most supportive groups around. If we can have some fun while helping out a few families, that makes us all winners, and over the years we have donated almost $10,000 to local causes.

Anyhow, stay tuned to this page and we will update you in about a month.

[08/16/19]   This would have been Metro 10 weekend, and we will definitely miss all you runners, walkers and cyclists descending on Albion this weekend-but we also appreciate that those of us that worked on Metro 10 for four years will have this weekend to spend with our families.
As for 2020, there are no definitive plans, but that may change, or it may not.
Whatever happens, we hope all our M10 family across Western NY have a great weekend!

[08/03/19]   We hope your 2019 running, walking and biking season has been a good one. It’s probably a good time for an update.
We have officially been on “hiatus” for the last eight months-at least as far as race planning is concerned.
Our benefit for Erica was a huge success, and the rest of us have pursued personal goals while others have just been enjoying a summer without the stress of M10 planning.
Even though it is a year out we really need to start making some decisions. As is often the case, we had a few people offer to help spearhead the 2020 event, but they were scared away when they realized the amount of work involved (isn’t there an expression that says no pain no gain?).
So here is where we are at: our personal goal is to have a location, date(s) and team in place by September 30.
Message us if you are serious about being a part of our winning team.

[06/12/19]   Bring it back in 2020? Inquiring minds want to know. You can help decide the fate of M10.

Baskets donated by Jess MArti one of my favorite past M10 participants. Jessica has some of the best live videos after runs and we had a wonderful time with her and members from Team Buffalo after the 2016 Metro 10. Even though Team Buffalo lost, they hung out and drank copious amounts of beer and had a great time.
Our benefit for Erica Jennings is this weekend, check for details.
We have some pretty amazing baskets along with signed Buffalo Bills items (Thurman Thomas, Lesean McCoy, and Tremain Edmunds all signed jerseys) signed music memorabilia from Foreigner, Toto, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Heart, Black Sabbath, The Pretty Reckless, Dolly Parton and more...
We would love to see you this Saturday!

[04/10/19]   Batavia Downs was our first cash sponsor, and today they donated some wonderful items for my son and daughter-in-law’s benefit. You never know who you meet along the way during your runs and walks, we are blessed to have such a great sponsor in our corner!

[03/30/19]   Hi folks, it’s been awhile since we have updated you on the status of Metro 10-an official announcement regarding the state of the race will go out by the end of next week.
My family and I have been focusing on the upcoming event for our daughter-in-law, so we really have not been able to devote a ton of time to social media.
Thanks for your patience.

Sound advice for St.Patrick’s Day!

Community comes together for City Honors teacher battling brain cancer

One more story out of Buffalo. Just amazing support! Thank you Buffalo media. Letters have been pouring in at the Jennings' household.

Community rallies behind young mom with rare cancer

Another local story about Thom Jr and Erica. The Buffalo news media has really done an amazing job helping our cause. Thanks to WKBW for this story. As a young family struggles with a rare cancer diagnosis, the WNY community is stepping in by raising thousands of dollars.

Community rallies behind teacher with brain cancer

Tonight’s story Erica Jennings, who teaches at City Honors, is finding support from all corners.

WGRZ - Channel 2, Buffalo

A quick preview of tonight’s story.

A beloved local teacher faces a tough battle with a rare form of brain cancer, but the community is right there in her corner ready to help fight. Join us at 11 to hear how hundreds of people are stepping up for their favorite teacher.

Click here to support Jennings Family Fund organized by Fundraising team

For our friends in the Buffalo market-please tune in to WGRZ this evening. Thom and Erica Jennings share a life that many strive for—they met in high school, fell in love, exchanged vows in 2015 and welcomed their baby girl, Elle, into the world three years later. Together, they’ve built a life and reputation as fun-loving, involved members of the Buffalo, NY community...

Click here to support Jennings Family Fund organized by Rose Burach

Hello everyone. I know there has been an unusual lack of communication over the last month. The narrative below will explain why. Thomas is my son, and many of you may recognize him as the person who drives the utility vehicle and helps out runners in distress. He also has set up the course each year.
Please keep him, our beautiful daughter-in-law and our beautiful granddaughter in your prayers. If you have the means to help them with medical expenses it would be greatly appreciated. Please consider sharing this as well. Thom and Erica Jennings share a life that many strive for—they met in high school, fell in love, exchanged vows in 2015 and welcomed their baby girl, Elle, into the world three years later. Together, they’ve built a life and reputation as fun-loving, involved members of the Buffalo, NY community...

CBS News

No explanation needed...

WAIT FOR IT... Little boy receives the "only Christmas gift he asked for" – his military dad returning home – and his reaction will melt your heart. ❤️❤️❤️

YellowJacket Racing

Congrats to all the finishers and participants!

Thank you so much for joining us at Winter Warrior!! THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!!!! Thank you Brooks Running Winter Oasis spot!! Results are at

Your race funds at work...

Today we delivered Christmas meals and kids presents to veteran families from Niagara County, out to Syracuse, up the Mexico NY and everywhere in between. There was also an anonymous donation of new bed sheets and quilts that Ed, Wendy Spence, and Eryn delivered to the Eagle Star House that has 16 homeless veterans staying with them. We have another present for them next week but your gonna have to wait to see what it is. Merry Christmas and God Bless

Yesterday we presented The Warrior House with a check for $4018.00 which is our largest donation yet. In spite of the challenges and last minute moves, we were able to exceed our fundraising goal thanks to an increase in paid registrations and cash sponsorships.

One of our major goals for 2019 is to increase Team Buffalo participation and even the playing field. We also want to significantly increase participation so we can increase our fundraising capacity and look at adding another cause or two to support while still maintaining our relationship with The Warrior House.

Our event has always been participant driven, so we welcome your feedback and suggestions.We can always use new sponsors or partners, and cheerleaders. Even little things like asking friends to like our page go a long way in helping us increase our ability to market the event.

Keep an eye on your email inbox if you are a past participant because you will be the first to know what our plans are for 2019.

Thanks for your continued support.

A group of us went out to The Warrior House today for our third check presentation, which amounted to more than the first two years funds raised combined.

We will post the amount tomorrow, but we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for helping this relationship grow.

This year four running events donated to Warrior House-which is simply amazing!

Thanks again-and we’ll be back tomorrow with that official amount from 2018.

Congrats on another successful event!

Runners show holiday spirit in Medina 5K

Many local groups are thankful for volunteer service from Wayne Litchfield | Orleans Hub

Well Wayne gets a lot of love from many organizations-we are gonna pile on and let you know a few Metro 10 secrets.

Wayne is one of just a few people that has survived all four years as a key Metro 10 volunteer coordinator and committee member . Wayne is the Metro 10’s guardian angel and has not only been a volunteer-he has supported the race with his personal funds when we didn’t have the money for something.

Wayne is the keeper of the faith-he is always there with a kind word or a prayer.

Wayne never asks for anything in return-and that’s a good thing because we could never repay him for all he has done for Metro 10!

Thanks for being you Wayne! Medina man urges others to connect with groups in Orleans County MEDINA – A Medina man who retired five years ago as an Orleans County public safety dispatcher

Here is hoping your Turkey Trots were injury free and wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.
I usually put together some fancy graphic, but this little granddaughter of mine is celebrating her first Thanksgiving. I know she warms my heart-I hope she makes you smile too!

Please consider supporting this great run!

Here is a map of the course for anyone that is new to the Home for Holidays 5k.

Warrior House WNY

Please let us know if you have a Veteran’s family that could use some Christmas cheer.

We are still taking the names of veterans that are in need of a Christmas meal and presents if they have children until the end of this week. We will be wrapping presents and delivering everything on Dec 8th if you would like to help as well. You can email veterans info to [email protected] and comment if you would like to help.

We have met a lot of great runners over our first four years-there are a couple of familiar faces in this lot from the Buffalo running community.
Always great to see people accomplish their goals!

Western New York’s only contest that brings the 585 and 716 together is moving towards its fifth year...

Operation Honor

Congrats to Operation Honor!

What a fantastic day for a race!! Congratulations to our first male finisher, Jay Heideman with a very impressive time of 21:23 and our first female finisher, Corinne Hill who rocked out a solid 25:07.

Thank you so much to the 51 registered participants, all of our race day volunteers, our sponsors, Cub Scout Pack 35, local law enforcement, and Jr. Wilson’s for making today possible.

Stay tuned for the final tally raised for Warrior House!

Thank you to all our military Veterans and their families for all you do. We hope you enjoy today with friends and family from a grateful nation.

Warrior House WNY

Your race funds go towards this great organization. Please spread the word about this opportunity to thank a Vet.

Car for a Veteran -

A girl died before she could run a race with her mom. On Sunday, the mother will run the NYC Marathon in her daughter's honor — CNN

A sad but inspiring story that reminds us all that we all have our reasons for running. In January of 2017, Jennifer Swenson and her daughter Marit were training for a half-marathon. By August, Marit was dead. Now, Jennifer is running the NYC Marathon in her honor.

Michelle's Memorial

A wonderfully organized event for a great cause! Please help spread and share.

Benefiting: The Michelle A. Bewley Scholar Athlete Award given to a graduating Senior at Royalton Hartland High School.

Registration: $20
Race-Day Registration: $25 and opens at 8 AM

Runners registered by November 1st will receive a pint of Maple Syrup from Wolf Maple of Middleport, NY.

The course is USATF Certified (NY14114KL)

Awards will be given to the Overall Male and Female winner and to the Top 3 in each age group (14 and under, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 and up).

For questions about sponoring, volunteering, donating or running, please contact Brooke Yaiser at [email protected].

Our own Wayne Litchfield was honored by the Orleans County Chamber of Commerce last night. Wayne has been a crucial part of Metro 10, and has been with us since the very beginning.

We are proud of Wayne, and could not think of a better recipient of this award. He is reliable, giving, and has one of the biggest hearts in the world. We are blessed to have him as a committee member and even more blessed to have him as a friend.

Please join us in congratulating Wayne.

Our Story

The Buffalo and Rochester regions make up the region known as Western New York. Their city halls are separated by a mere 74 miles and while the two cities and their surrounding regions share a common reputation for snow and resilience, each city has its unique identity and claims to fame.

The Metro 10 race is designed to bring the Buffalo and Rochester communities together to celebrate our differences and represent the city closest to your heart in a spirited competition where every runner’s time counts.

Unlike your typical road race , the 10 mile course goes through a historic downtown, an apple orchard and along the historic Erie Canal on three surface types.

A runner who ran a road race in Buffalo and Rochester a week apart realized that the two running communities had distinct cultures, in spite of their proximity to one another, conceived the race. Having grown up in Rochester and then spending a great deal of his adult life in the Buffalo region, he thought it would be interesting if there were a race that brought the communities together.

Thus, the concept was born, and the location chosen was the County Seat of Orleans County, Albion NY, a right turn off exit 48 on the New York State Thruway whether you are coming from the east or west.

The race fits in with the training schedule of popular fall half marathons, meaning that you can sneak in an organized run longer than a 5K in August.

Whether you are a runner or just a spectator, The Metro 10 is more than just a race; it is an exercise in community pride and spirit. You choose the team you want to represent in the 10-mile road race, or you choose which team you root for as you down a local delicacy. You can celebrate your teams victory as they hoist up the Metro 10 Cup, or make the promise that your team will come back stronger next year, whatever the case, it is all in good fun.

The Metro 10 is timed by Yellow Jacket Racing who also work with the Flower City Half Marathon and The Rochester Marathon. Our race lines up well with training plans for the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon and the Rochester Half Marathon and is one of the few 10 mile runs in the region.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Albion?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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