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What do you get when you add L.A.R.P.(Live Action Role Play) with Paintball? you get Scifi paintball!! our games are based in scifi,fantasy,TV,comics, ect

We are a group from Lower New York State, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania that have common interests. We all enjoy science fiction and most of us participate in our May and September games at Skirmish in the Pocono Mountains of Jim Thorpe, PA. Our Paintball games are put together with a single mission: Have Fun!!! The games themselves are put together so that both the science fiction and paintball aspect are equally represented while on the field. All are welcome to come out for the day and play with us. The games are scheduled to begin at 9am on a Saturday in both May and September. We are currently looking for new players and teams to join our games. To join a team please contact a teams captain, and to join our fleet please contact Thomas Donahue.

Mission: These Paintball Games are Put together with a single mission: HAVE FUN!! After an infusion of new players that more embraced the Paintball aspect of the games over the LARP (Live Action Role Play) aspect, Scenarios were written to allow both Sci-Fi Fan and Paintball Fan alike to equally enjoy the games. These scenarios are all based in War Time settings, spanning the entire Sci-Fi Universe.

Port Norris Paintball

The Other Athlete / Paintball Trader Worldwide

Paintball Memes

I know right

Paintball Memes

Let er rip!!

Hyperforce Paintball Singapore

Still waiting for the first half naked paintballer.

Paintball Memes

Its so relaxing

[09/02/17]   This is a letter I Sent to the captains of the Mayhem, Wraith, and Vanguard in response to them deciding to leave Scifipaintball....

After talking to Allan the other night, I took some time to think about everything that has happened. Allan tells me that in order for me to join your new paintball group, I need to apologize and beg your forgiveness.......


you came to me with this attitude of " we don't like the way you run YOUR program, change it to fit our needs or we will take it from you"

How exactly did you expect me to react? Did you think I was going to just give you what you wanted?

When you said " I don't agree with your rules, so I'm just going to do what I want to do anyway", did you think somehow I would just be OK with that?

You all seem to think I should've just laid down on the ground and let you walk all over me. THAT'S NOT HOW THIS WORKS!!!

When you all start acting like immature, pretentious @$$holes, and demand things you have no business asking for you get the response you did.

If you brought me that proposal back in 2015, when it was supposedly written, and said, hey, the crews are not happy with the way things are going, perhaps we can sit and talk about ways we can fix things? Maybe, I would have been more open to change.

But that's not how it happened.

this all started with Jay coming to me and saying" I bring more people than any other team, I should have a say in how we distribute the group leader benefits".

To add salt in that wound, he then went behind my back and brokered his own deal with skirmish. And thought I would be ok with it!!

Then there is Jade. When she wanted to be a captain, I was reluctant after what happened with the carnivore. But we needed another team so I agreed. After explaining what she needed to become a captain, she responded with " I don't agree with your rules, I'm a captain regardless of what you say"

In walks Allan with his " you're not the lord commander of paintball"" speech.

According to all of you, this behaviour is ok, but my attitude in response to it is the problem?

I may not be the "Lord Commander" of paintball, but as of 2010 I was the founder, president and CEO of Scifipaintball. It was my organisation to run as I saw fit to run it.

As captain's of the participating teams, you all had a voice in how the games were run, and I valued any suggestions you had to improve the overall game experience. But your approach to obtain those changes was wrong, and as a result you got the reaction I felt was warranted.

I do not feel I need to apologize to anyone. My reactions, were a direct result of your actions. if you were more professional in your approach, I would have been more professional in my response and I could have been more receptive to your views.

Needless to say, things ended the way they did. At this time, I have no intention of joining your new paintball group, because within time you will all turn on each other and your new group will crash and burn just like Scifipaintball did. The only chance it has of success, is if you all start acting like adults and not like spoiled children with false senses of entitlement. But I really don't see that happening any time in the near future.

By the way....

As far as the props, field passes, bank account, etc....goes, that all remains property of Scifipaintball. Since you have all disassociated your selves from Scifipaintball, as with everything else you demand, you have no entitlement to any of it.

- Thomas Donahue
CEO Scifipaintball
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

While Scifipaintball may currently be down, we are not yet out. This September trip seems washed out, but I will soon be working on a way to rebuild.

Skirmish Paintball

That's a beautiful thing right there. Who's ready?!?!

Stormtrooper Paintball 2

This needs to happen!!

My footage of us dressed like Stormtroopers at CPX Sports paintball park in Joliet, IL. All musical credit to John Williams and Lucasfilm Ltd.

Bawtry Paintball Fields

Want!! Need!!

Call 01302 868841 to book

Paintball 101..... what not to do....

September 24, 2016 20th anniversary

[09/24/16]   Spread the word guys. Going live on and off all day!

The city.... Presidents game

The city....

First round

[07/31/16]   Mission #2 has been posted on the event page.

68 Caliber Paintball

This is a long one but please read it!

When it comes to Tippmanns don't try to fix what's not broken. This customers gun came in and wasn't shooting right. Took the gun apart and found one of the culprits to be someone being a little too overly aggressive polishing the inside of the body halves. The oring groove that is used to seal up the rear of the breach was ground down so far that the oring would pop out every time the bolt would pass by it. This in turn lodged the oring between the bolt and spring making the bolt hang forward destroying the oring, the bolt return spring and the expensive techt bolt that was installed. The valve was also having issues so we popped it apart to see what was going on in it and found some other glaring issues. The shuttle spring was incorrectly installed and bent causing pieces of the valve to bind inside the valve body and damaging the whole assembly. We ended up swapping the damaged unit for a completely new one as the damaged one couldn't be repaired. The third issue we fixed on the gun was replacing the flimsy 1/8" air line going to the cyclone with a stiffer Tippmann 1/8" airline and installed the restrictor pin to drop the airflow back down to 1/16" line. The cyclone system is designed to work with a preset amount of air. Adding extra flow to the system will do nothing to improve performance over the standard 1/16" line. All newer factory installed cyclones already come with the quick exhaust housing already installed on them.

There are dozens of upgrades for the Tippmann markers that help performance or Change the shooting characteristics of the markers but polishing the internals is not one of them. These markers are built with a certain amount of give in the tolerances and taking a file, grinder, polishing wheel or other device to the internals of the markers will almost always end in costly repairs or premature failure of components. These "modifications" costs this customer over $150 in replacement parts in addition to the amount he paid someone to do the mods. New body halves, new hardware, complete new valve cartridge, new bolt, new spring, new cyclone hose.....but hey we fixed it without our normal labor charge since we felt bad enough for the guy. It's just not worth it folks. If you really want to build an amazing shooting marker and want to do some mods to it stop in and talk to us first, we have many Tippmann certified techs on staff and can point you in the right direction or even install and parts bought at the shop for free.

(50 e-cookies for getting thru this whole rant, you earned it)

[06/04/16]   Two teams have already collected their clues from this week's mission, The carnivore and the wraith. Still waiting to hear from the other teams! If you plan to take part in the September game, you should play along! These missions will be designed to give clues, hints, and advantages for the game. For those that did not participate in the May game, these missions will give you a chance to catch up on what you missed! Check out the event invite page to see the MISSIONS.

[06/03/16]   MISSIONS:
The first mission has been posted on the event page. For this mission, each team will have an opportunity to obtain the clue......

[05/29/16]   I know this a bit late, but i wanted to thank all who came out last weekend for our spring game!! it was one of the most fun/confusing games we have played!! as most are aware, this was the first of a TWO PART Star trek game! the event invite for Part 2 has been posted!! the next game will be September 24th.
In the mean time, we have some fun planned while we wait for September!! Starting sometime this coming week, we will be posting MISSIONS!! By completing these missions, you will earn hints, clues ore other information that will help in the next game!The Missions will be posted on the invite page for the next game, but I will post here to inform when there is a new mission! Stay tuned!!!

[09/27/15]   Great day yesterday! Thank you to all who came out. Special thanks to Phil church for writing an awesome game!! See you all in May!!

[09/25/15]   Who's ready to play some paintball? Meeting @ the field @ 8:30 am tomorrow morning. See you there!!


Monday was a sad day for paintball players all over the world as Bob Gurnsey, the creator of paintball, passed away. Rest In Peace Bob.

Paintball Memes

Top 10 Health Benefits of Paintball - It’s an intense game, considering the fact that you’re armed with a mask, ammunition and a gun,...


We are deeply saddened to report the passing of the legendary Leonard Nimoy. He died this morning at the age of 83 in the comfort of his home in Los Angeles. Nimoy succumbed to the end stages of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) #LLAP

Valken Sports

When you guys are out this weekend we ask that you think twice about turning and yelling at your referee(s) about a blown call or missed penalty. Because in the end, we all make mistakes, and they probably want to be out there playing just as much as you. It's not glamorous. But someone's gotta do it!!!

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[05/17/14]   It was a great game today! Thanks to all who participated. Heisenberg's meth heads over took the field and won the game!!

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The scifi paintball logo store is now open! You can buy hats, shirts, and jackets with our logo! Go to To contact the captains: Warhammer - Tom Meyham - Allan Wraith - Jay Galleon - Brian Carnivore - Phil Additional Photos:
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