Desert Lotus Yoga Abq

Desert Lotus Yoga Abq

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Joyce Aidan b379

Yoga studio in Albuquerque New Mexico. Breathe in the moment at Desert Lotus Yoga!

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In a Cloud of Freedom ☁️🗽
Freedom and liberty are often used interchangeably, but generally speaking, liberation implies a more profound release from oppression, while freedom refers to the ability to act or choose without interference. When we consider these concepts from a Yogic perspective the question becomes, freedom or liberation from what? The answer, of course, is from our egoic minds. In the Kaivalya Pāda, the fourth book in the Yoga Sutras, verse twenty-nine describes a state of discernment called dharmamegha samādhi. This is a state that occurs when we become disinterested in even the highest rewards, such as liberation itself; a state where we are covered in a cloud of virtue, the highest freedom.
This doesn’t mean that suffering ends, only that we are no longer attached to our suffering and with practice, we no longer act as agents in creating our own suffering. In essence we live quiet and happy lives because we act in service of our highest self and for the good of others. This is why our work on the mat is so important: we show up, we engage in movement, we reflect, we leave feeling better than when we arrived. In the end, we may still act in selfish ways, wanting that new car, that expensive vacation, the perfect relationships, but with the freedom to choose to show up for our practice, we nudge the dial in the direction of contentment and ease, inching ever so slowly toward liberation.


I recently stumbled across a beautiful phrase, “rooted, yet reaching toward a boundless sky” and it has left me feeling both curious and hopeful. These words reveal the truth of life’s journey as a delicate balance between staying true to who we are and striving for growth and fulfillment. In this way we are like mighty trees, rooted, yet reaching toward a boundless sky. Our roots anchor us, grounding us in our values, our history, and our true nature. They remind us of the importance of who we are, the essence that makes us unique and strong. It is from this stable foundation that we can confidently grow, exploring the vast expanse of opportunities available to us.
Reaching for goals and having aspirations is not wrong, and it does not require us to change who we are. Instead, it is a courageous act of embracing the unknown while trusting that regardless of outcomes, we will be okay. We can aspire, dream, and achieve without losing sight of our inner truths. We can grow not by altering who we are, but by expanding upon who we know ourselves to be. These words are a call to action for you and for me to live and be truly alive.


This month as we recognize the importance of mental health we can celebrate how far we’ve come and look soberly at the difficult road that lies ahead. Mental illness has been studied from every angle and “treated” with everything from incarceration and hospitalization to medication and meditation. One truth around this topic is that although we have a greater understanding of the causes of mental illness and, more importantly, what causes mental health, we continue to chase treatments backed by pharmaceutical companies and ignore preventions backed by common sense and compassion. There is no one solution to the issue of mental illness or its impact on real lives and therefore we will continue to need a multifaceted approach that includes both conventional medicine and a holistic perspective. Something we can all do is examine our own beliefs around mental illness and adjust accordingly. Together we can all make a difference!
With love,
*If you or someone you know is in crisis, you can dial 988 for immediate support.


There is a wondrous and perhaps under-appreciated gift we have as humans, the ability to change our perspective. We have the capacity to use our consciousness, our awareness of mind itself, to manipulate and shift the way we experience not only the world around us, but our circumstances in their entirety. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali shares with us one of the most important tools we have in changing our perspective. He writes that when we become troubled by difficult thoughts and emotions it is important that we cultivate their opposites. We can apply this thinking to our modern lives which are often riddled with tension, stress, and anxiety and pursue instead the qualities of comfort, ease, and serenity. But like most good things, effort on our part is needed. In order to cultivate the opposite of our negative feelings, we have to first become aware of our negative feelings, don’t we? This requires a certain degree of willingness and resolve to sit in the discomfort of those places we hide from, those places our psyche works very hard to protect us from.
In the formative stages of my own life, and certainly many of yours, where there were significant breaches in trust and security, it makes sense that as a young adult many of my decisions were made from a place of mistrust and uncertainty, leading to outcomes that were often fraught with regret and shame. Yet, through ongoing work and allowing myself some time to be in those feelings and come to terms with some of those outcomes, I am inevitably able to see the trust and confidence that I have cultivated in this life. It is through not hating myself for mistakes that I have made that I am able to see the flowers that have grown up through the cracks in the foundation of my life, revealing to me that on the other side of the coin of shame and regret is grace.
I hope you can take some time today to let your negative thoughts and emotions arise in a way that feels safe and then to mediate on the cultivation of their opposites. What is on the other side of the coin for you?

📷 Sedona, AZ


Starts March 19!!!
Calling all morning people, including those who aspire to be!


💖A Life of Consequence
To be alive today is to live in what is inarguably the most individualistic time in the history of humanity. There is no need to debate the virtue or folly of this since the results are all around us, the good and the bad. What we have yet to understand is that we cannot escape the effects we have upon one another—that we live lives of consequence.
In the modern world it is permissible, even applaudable to ignore or forget this. We sometimes hurt each other with our words and then say we are only speaking our truth. We sometimes shut good people out of our lives and throw away healthy but imperfect relationships in the name of boundaries. If we are lucky, there are events in life that cause us to remember our sacred connectedness.
Such an event arose in my life last week with the passing of my aunt. When I was a little girl, I was raised by a single mom, whose life of consequence squarely shaped me to be the woman I am today. Notably, for the first three years of my life, she was unable to take care of me on her own, relying heavily on her brother and his wife to provide what she could not. Spending those most crucial of developmental years in the loving care of my aunt and uncle provided the stability that was essential to the wellbeing of a small child. It was something I never forgot, later longed for, and eventually created for myself. My aunt and my uncle loved me so much and looking back on that love, I feel like I could burst. They had three children of their own, yet that tiny little me was the center of their world. My aunt is now gone, but hers was a life of consequence and I’m left to wonder just how differently my life might be had she not cared for me as one of her own.
Ultimately, it will benefit us in ways big and small to remember and take responsibility for the fact that our lives are not lives of individual isolation, but of interconnectedness. What we do, how we show up matters and it is quite a beautiful thing because in a way it shows that we matter, too.

📸: Sunrise


Guided by Jen Rivera, a former Albuquerque yogini who has followed her heart and her dreams to the rainforests of Costa Rica. Jen is a healer and has brought the light of yoga to countless practitioners over the years and continues to do so in Central America.
We are excited to welcome Jen home briefly in March for this one of a kind journey with a one of a kind guide.



Contemplating this quote brings to mind Isabel Wilkerson’s powerful analogy from her book, Caste, where she draws a parallel between America and an old house.
In her analogy, she emphasizes the continuous work required for both maintaining an old house and addressing societal issues, suggesting that, like living in an old house, avoiding the basement after a storm won’t make the problems disappear.
As Americans, one might say we collectively inhabit this metaphorical old house, echoing Martin Luther King, Jr.’s sentiment that we are all in
this together.
Confronting the cracks in the foundation, whether of a house or the grand idea of a nation, can be intimidating. Acknowledging the challenges we face as a society (and their associated costs) is daunting, yet, the longer something goes unaddressed, the greater the cost in the end.
As we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., let’s spend a worthwhile moment reflecting upon how we show up in the world with kindness and love for each other, fortifying the cracks in the foundation.


New Class: Vinyasa Flow & Advanced Practices
What exactly do we mean by “advanced practices”? Rest assured, there’s no need to master a headstand or endure marathon meditation sessions. In this class, we’re keeping it refreshingly straightforward: exploration with support! Jessie brings her expertise in all areas of yoga from asana to philosophy and we want you to benefit from all of it! While there will be opportunity for advanced asana, more important will be the deeper promise of yoga woven into this class—a way home to joy, to your true nature.


"...the wonders of yoga." 🥹🥹🥹
Chasity Marquez


Wishing you continued joy and growth in 2024!
Continue to listen and act in service to yourself and others! Namaste 🙏
Chasity Marquez


During this season, and in a world with much division, it is worth noting that one thing all major faiths and spiritual paths have in common is a yearning for the return of the light in dark winter months. We place light everywhere during this time of year in our longing for its presence. Certainly our ancestors knew the importance of going inward in this season and they used the darkness to prepare their hearts for the returning of the Earth back to her light, the Sun. Light is everywhere and in everything, especially in each of us and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for the light you bring into our lives through practice together, it is profound and so cherished.
Sending sincere wishes for a joyful holiday season, filled with light and lots of love.
Chasity and the team at DLY


🫶🥶Eldorado High School Coat Drive

December 1st kicked off the Eldorado High School Winter Coat Drive. You can donate gently used or new adult sized coats to the Eldorado Administration Building (this is directly east of the studio and faces Montgomery)*. All coats will go to the Eagle Closet Clothing Bank, which supports Eldorado students in need. The Winter Coat Drive runs through December 21st.

*We are happily collecting coats at the studio and will drop them off for you!


Abundance and gratitude walk hand in hand. Today we came together to meditate on the Purusharthas, the four keys to human fulfillment: dharma, k**a, artha, and moksha. It’s a wonderful season to recognize the ways in which we are able to live out our life’s purpose, including it’s pleasures, prosperity, and glimpses of ultimate liberation.



🍂🍁 Special Thanksgiving Morning Class
Like gratitude, ritual has been a part of humanity since the very beginning. It has provided comfort and guidance in both happy and sad times. In this special class we will bring the two together in honor of all that we hold sacred. This beautiful gratitude ritual and yoga flow will be lovingly guided by Chasity.

Desert Lotus Yoga 11/11/2023

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Join Victoria as she brings her popular grounding park yoga series indoors for the winter. Welcome the gift of grounding and stasis as a way to honor yourself and the beginning of a new week! With a little shuffling of your Sunday routine you can add a practice that will leave you feeling balanced and relaxed.



Tap into the restful ease of your inner resource, a place you can visit at a moment’s notice to handle. This class is guided with compassionate care by Theresa Olguin, LCSW and is FREE all throughout the month!


"FALL" for YIN!🌻🍂

Join Shawna for a special 90-minute yin yoga offering to welcome in the fall season! If you are curious about yin, you can expect a contemplative & meditative experience with postures that minimize muscle engagement and target connective tissues like the fascia, ligaments, and tendons (especially in the hips and pelvic area). The use of props like bolsters and blankets will be demonstrated and encouraged. This class is available to all with your regular memberships and anyone who just needs a little yin!


Our altar is dressed up to celebrate this day of peace. We offer a portion of the Universal Prayer today and all days. ✌️🕊️✨

May all who are wicked return to good.
May all who are good retain true peace.
May all who are peaceful be freed from bonds.
May all who are free set others free.

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Our Practice

The goal of Desert Lotus Yoga is to hold space, grow, and build community in order to reach our highest purpose. By integrating breath, movement, and mindfulness, we strive to promote the development of inner peace and personal wellbeing in a fast paced world.

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