Desert Lotus Yoga Abq

Desert Lotus Yoga Abq


It's important get a good stretch in before running, so fortunately we have an opportunity to do so right before our Fun Run starts on Sunday!

Our awesome sponsor, Desert Lotus Yoga Abq, is hosting a yoga/stretch session prior to the Sugar Skull Fun Run. If you're interested, be sure to arrive a bit early so that you can stretch prior to the 9a.m. start time!

And don't forget - The Sugar Skull Fun Run is also going to feature a Mu**to Market, which is full of vendors, food trucks, and more!

Thanks so much to our sponsor for offering this special opportunity. We can't to see you there!
We'd like to take a moment to feature this year's Sugar Skull Fun Run sponsors!

A huge thank you goes to:

Waste Management
Heart & Sole Sports - Albuquerque
Yelp ABQ
Sport Systems
Ready Nutrition
Screen Images Inc.
Desert Lotus Yoga Abq

Thank you to ALL of these fantastic local businesses for their help! We sincerely appreciate it and can't wait to see everyone at our Sugar Skull Fun Run on Sunday!

Interested in joining us this weekend? Register here:
We are so grateful to Desert Lotus Yoga Abq for proving a beautiful space for our Annual Yard Sale for the Animals ❤️
Good morning, everyone! March is upon us. Wow! Get your calendar ready.

We are super busy this month and we hope that you can attend all of our events or as many as possible!

Every Monday at Altar'd State until April 13th will donate 10% of all sales to the Sanctuary.

Saturday, March 14th at Trail Rider Pizza from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. will have Lewis Mathis acoustics, CD sales, and 20% from all vegan food sales at TRP will be donated to the sanctuary. **BONUS ALERT!** The Mathis family will double all monies raised on the 14th for the Sanctuary!

Saturday, March 21st from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Plant Powered Events is hosting Plant Powered Pop Up Market: Santuario de Karuna at The ABQ Collective. The $2 entrance fee will also be donated to the animals here at the Santuario! Plus, we will have our gift table set up with some goodies from Milagro's Market!

Sunday, March 29th from 0930 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. is our annual yard sale fundraiser, hosted by Desert Lotus Yoga Abq. We have a few special mini guests from our Compassion Crew that will sell fresh Lemonade and Cookies and donate those monies to the beautiful creatures here at the Santuario, too.

Whew! That was a lot to take in. Bust out your calendars and we hope to see you at as many that you can attend.

Thank you everyone that is helping us with these events so we can continue to save lives and provide love and care to our forever residents.
Ohhhh.... see you Saturday..... you know,,,, snow....
Monday’s are for yoga ♥️🌟

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I’ll be there! Cold or no cold.....😊😊😊

Yoga studio in Albuquerque New Mexico. Breathe in the moment at Desert Lotus Yoga!

Operating as usual


It can be so hard, but remember, our breath is our greatest ally in this physical world. Pause today, remember your breathing, everything will be ok.


We continue to feel such gratitude for those of you who practice with us. There is a certain magic that happens when community is being built--we build up each other and grow, grow, grow!


Wouldn't it be great to be empowered to live this out? To fully and freely decide how to live. Whether that looks like rainbows and butterflies, or shadows and darkness; to be willing to see both experiences as seasons of our lives. Seasons that, like all New Mexicans can attest, can all happen in the course of one day! 


Powerful insight. There's a lot to be said for creating a practice that keeps you coming back!

Photos from Desert Lotus Yoga Abq's post 03/24/2022

Yoga can be life changing or it can simply life enhancing. Read to find out how yoga has fit into one person’s life.


Something about using the word "surrendering" indicates a softer, more empowered nuance than "giving up". Surrender has the connotation of actively laying something down, releasing. When we release the need to hurt someone for hurting us, we choose ourselves, surrendering the rest.


Ah, yes, the more we chase the inner peace, the further away it seems!


It makes perfect sense to have a day set aside just for laughter!

W. E. B. Du Bois said, "I am especially glad of the divine gift of laugher: it has made the world human and lovable, despite all its pain and wrong."

This carries so much resonance right now; as the world has moved from pandemic to war in the blink of an eye, we might find ourselves unable to laugh. Maybe laughing while so much suffering is happening causes feelings of guilt. Maybe we are caught up in the loop of worry and fear--hard to laugh through that. But remember, we laugh in spite of pain and suffering. When we allow things out of our control like pandemics and tyranny to take our laughter, then we have truly lost.


Yoga is a practice, a process, a lifelong journey of healing. Sound wisdom from @lovebreezybree ♥️


Prop workshop in just a few days! Learn great ways to use props to support and enhance your asana practice! Book in Linktree in bio!


And why wouldn't more kids be doing yoga?! It's a fun way to relax AND it encourages connection between body and mind!

Source: Harvard Health Publishing Source Date: 2016 (2016). More than just a game: Yoga for school-age children [Online]. 


As with most things in life, this too, is a practice. Sometimes we cannot simply choose a new thought, especially when trauma is involved. Let us remember, though, that we can cultivate a practice, being kind and gentle with ourselves as we go.


Happy International Women's Day and Women's HERSTORY month!

Many women come to the mat with one idea in mind and then the practice takes them on the journey of a life time. This journey is rarely a straight line, but it is always leading the way home. As we come further into our power as women, we bring something very special to the table--the opportunity to empower other women. So as we celebrate this day and this month, let's find those moments where we can lift other women high!

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So excited to have Alex back with us for an exciting and informative workshop! Sometimes the only thing keeping us from using props is that we don't know how much they can enhance our practice! Join us as we explore different props and poses they can be used in!
SavaYoga Chasity Marquez

Photos from Desert Lotus Yoga Abq's post 03/06/2022

•W O R K S H O P•
So excited to have Alex back with us for an exciting and informative workshop! Sometimes the only thing keeping us from using props is that we don't know how much they can enhance our practice! Join us as we explore different props and poses they can be used in!


In case you didn’t know…Yoga shouldn't hurt! Sometimes we push ourselves past our edge, but this can place us in disharmony with our bodies. Let's take our time, listen to what our bodies need, not what our egos want! 

Source: SAGE Journals - Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine (2016).


We have all experienced trauma. Self-inflicted trauma, trauma at the hands of others. The severity for each of us is personal and cannot, should not be compared to that of another, for what we each experience is real to us. But let us find our power. Let us not be defined by what happened to us, but by what we have chosen to learn. This does not mean we ask others to do what they are not yet ready or able to do. Today we can be thankful if we are in a place where we are ready to choose what we become despite our history.


We love hearing you love us! We love you too!


At the beginning of the month, I felt called to recognize Black History through this itty bitty corner of the virtual world and there were grand ideas, for sure, but nothing felt right, like it truly honored the intention of the month. After a lot of overthinking (something I excel greatly at) I went back to what I know--education. 

In Caste: Origins of our Discontents, Isabel Wilkerson uses the analogy of an old house and it goes something like this: 
America is like an old house that was built generations ago. Many may say that they were not here when this house was built, i.e., when slavery and segregation were inflicted or the foundation of caste was laid, but she will argue that we have inherited this beautiful old house and we can, never, therefore, declare the work over. We can also not, as Thurgood Marshall expressed in his Liberty Medal acceptance speech, play ostrich. What we ignore, will not go away. If we are afraid to go in the basement of our old house because we don't want to face the cracks in the foundation, we won't have peace because it will always be in the corner of our minds. Wilkerson's final admonition is grave and, as I see it, true--"Any further deterioration, is in fact, on our hands." 

This leaves me in a place where I accept that it's ok not to have answers, but, also a place where I know I must bear witness. I can do so by continuing to educate myself on race in this country, by educating my children and my students, truthfully, on the history of race and caste in our country. If I do this, maybe they will have better answers than I. 


Coming to yoga shouldn't feel stressful--the less we have to haul around, the less we have to stress! We are happy to provide everything you need in order to experience a comfortable, supportive, and safe yoga class--free of charge. So come enjoy super soft bolsters, high quality mats, and sturdy blocks!


The more things change, the more they stay the same. This month brought lots of changes, we are so appreciative of your flexibility, understanding, and support of one another!


Illustrating the "law of instrument", this quote reminds us of the importance of using a variety of tools to approach life's challenges. Not every problem requires the force of a hammer, even if that's the tool we are most comfortable using.


The poses will tell us a story if we are willing to listen. Sometimes leaning into the pose is called for, sometimes backing out is. Either way, there is a lesson. Thank you for this solid advice @vikkie25!


The beauty of yoga is you don't need anything to do it!


In case you didn't know! Maybe there is simply something stress-relieving about making space in the body through flexibility. When our shoulders are less tense and our spines less stiff, maybe the possibility of ease and comfort increases! 

Source: Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance (2016). The 2016 Yoga in America Study Conducted by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance [Online]. 

Our Practice

The goal of Desert Lotus Yoga is to hold space, grow, and build community in order to reach our highest purpose. By integrating breath, movement, and mindfulness, we strive to promote the development of inner peace and personal wellbeing in a fast paced world.

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