46 lb difference right here. Always thankful for the life change big man Anthony Garcia
I go up and down with my diet and results. I straight laughed at Anthony Garcia when he told me id be sitting at 185.5 50lbs downs from the beginning or close to it. The last few months been tough but i keep pushing
Went from avoiding machines to conquering them. Anthony Garcia showed me there are more to legs then just squats.

WTF are you waiting for?! Let’s make the change now!! Let’s reach all the goals and see what you

Operating as usual


My man !! At a all time low of 207 from 275 in a little over 4 months!! More food!!! Keep the fire burning!!! So proud and shocked how far this guy came in a short amount of time! If you want it bad enough, with the right guidance anything is possible!! Who’s next!?!?!

Photos from WTF BODYZ's post 11/10/2022

Super proud with the package we brought ._.eazzzy in!! She killed it fir her first show!!


3 months and this guy changed his whole life!! 60lbs down since August 3rd! He was eating 5x a day and doing 40 min cardio religiously!! If you want it bad enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it! Good job makes us both look good!!


.kent_2020 little over a year consistently train and clean eating!! Good job bro super proud of you and how far you came!!


From lifestyle change to bikini competitor!! ._.eazzzy about to hit the stage for first time in November!! Proud of you!!!


3 wk check in. The quicker you start, the quicker you get there!!!


Back Gainz in my younger client! Just turned 20!!


6 weeks difference!!! Training with me


New gym new clients let’s goo!! 1 week difference!!! Excited to see this guy in a few months!!


The choice is yours! And your answer is in your daily habits!!


Hard work pays off! Congratulations to for 1st place and overall in classic . First show all natural!!!

Photos from WTF BODYZ's post 05/27/2022

Time to say goodbye for 3 years…. Good luck on new job opportunity!!


Super proud to help
This guy!! He made a lot of improvements in a short time!! Congratulations to Alex




Team work, makes the dream work!!


The more you suffer now the sooner you will be rewarded later!!


Be the 💩!! Not the 💨!!!

Actions are louder then words!!


Sometimes you gotta run at the fire! Not from it!!


Shout out to all
You guys and girls who are supporting and following with WTF BODYZ!!! I have always enjoyed helping people!!! There’s no better feeling then seeing someone completely change for the better and being part of it!! If anyone is curious or interested, you’re more then welcome to a free session!!! Come make the change for the best!!

Photos from WTF BODYZ's post 08/28/2021

My mom’s killing it! Taking advantage of my training!! We’ve came a long way but we’re not done yet!!


Super proud of this guy’s results and transformation!! We aren’t done yet but still proud of the progress we’ve made so

Photos from WTF BODYZ's post 08/24/2021

This 8 months of hard work and keeps getting better! This is my day1s who
Believed in me when I didn’t!! Thanks for the push brother! Super proud to help you!!

Photos from WTF BODYZ's post 08/24/2021

7 months of hard work and lifestyle change! This guy pushes harder then 90% of people and works 16 hours days! What’s your excuse?!


4:30 am crew!! Got the nick name “the Razor” lol after 2 month of hard work and got shredded to go on vacation to Mexico!!


4 months of hard work frim
This girl! Super proud how far she’s came in a short time! That what happens when you follow the plan 100%


My 13 year old client has more drive in him then most men!!!

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Team work, makes the dream work!!
4:30 am crew!! Got the nick name “the Razor” lol after 2 month of hard work and got shredded to go on vacation to Mexico...






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