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The Open Gym


Good morning. I called the open gym looking for some information 3 days ago and haven't heard back. I just want to know how much you charge for personal training.
Hey Open Gym I don’t know you but I’d love to try and steer some business your way if you’ll let me.

To all ABQ Gymfolk:
DO NOT do business with the cheats and crooks at Sports and Wellness if you dislike being robbed. I signed up for a membership with training package. The trainers were disorganized and unprofessional, the air conditioning was out for most of the summer(!), and when I repeatedly tried to cancel, they continued to bill me membership and late fees because I hadn’t canceled in person at the location I had signed on at, despite them never having mentioned this requirement and me informing them multiple times that I could no longer reach that location due to giving up my car bc insurance was too high and them saying they’d happily accommodate that. Eventually they caved and just let me cancel over the phone- and sent the fraudulent $500 balance to collections. I asked as a condition of that that I never be contacted by them again. Just today they started spamming my cell number again, despite being informed repeatedly beforehand that such solicitation would be harassment.

Sports and Wellness is a cesspool of greed and dishonesty, a loan shark tank in the shape of a fitness center. They’re harder to cancel on than CenturyLink, and almost as ethical as a pyramid scheme. If this pandemic bankrupts the entire organization, it will likely be the first time either Sports and Wellness or covid-19 has made our community better off financially. Please go out of business, asap, if that’s what it takes for you to treat your clientele like people and not payouts.
I Sent This Message To Casey from the news and asked her to forward this message to the owner. I guess I just sent it to him too :-) Thank you Bill.
Going to start hitting the gym more next year? Casey Torres KOB 4 checked out The Open Gym this morning. 🏋️‍♀️
Going to start hitting the gym more next year? Casey Torres KOB 4 checked out The Open Gym this morning.
Halloween Zumba costume party!
Anyone is welcome!
Wear a costume you can get sweaty in!
The Open Gym family already misses you, Jenn 💚
Can’t wait to join Brian’s boot camp! Ha
I love this gym!!! I can work out any time that is convenient for me since it's open 24/7. It's very clean, the trainers make me feel welcome, the other members are friendly, and there is no-judgement.
HUGE shoutout to this morning’s boot camp crew!! You guys owned the challenge and seriously killed it!! So pumped to start my Tuesdays with you guys :)
Thanks for hanging out with me while I subbed for Theresa this morning! You guys are a blast and cardio inspiration!! 💪🏼🙌🏼

Get Fit, Get Healthy, Get Happy at The Open Gym, 24 Hour Fitness Center! $34.99 per Month--No Enrollment Fees! More information at

One of Albuquerque's Premier Gyms and Fitness Centers
The Open Gym Albuquerque is Here All Day, Every Day, for Everyone. Our main focus is to help our gym members get and stay healthy by providing them with a gym environment they'll love – a gym that's open, flexible and non-intimidating.

Operating as usual


Hello Open Gym Fam! We are sorry to say we are canceling Cardio Hip Hop this evening. The roads are looking a little suspect with this snow and cold and we want everyone to stay safe! Be ready to get down with the get down next week in class! ❄️🙌🏼 see you soon!


Good morning, Open Gym members! Unfortunately, we have to cancel this morning’s Cardio Hip Hop class. But fear not, we’ll be back to our normal schedule this coming Wednesday evening and next Saturday morning! Have a great weekend!


We’re winding this month down the best way we know how - DANCE!! Join us for Cardio Hip Hop tomorrow night at 6 for a fun, energetic Pride playlist! Help us celebrate love, acceptance, diversity and unashamed self-pride!


Good news, OG Fam! Cardio Hip Hop is now available Saturday mornings at 8am! It’s probably the most fun way to start a weekend ever.


We’re finally officially on summer break! What plans or goals do you have for this summer?

.... sleeping in counts.


You read that right. It’s no typo!

The Open Gym is going back to 24 hour member access! You night owls, early birds and weekend warriors can resume your pre-COVID routines as of TODAY!

And the cherry on top is that in-person fitness classes can now resume! Zoom will no longer be utilized. Space is limited for the time being, so be sure to snag your spot through or call the gym if you have questions!

See you at the gym! 💪


While we’re not entirely sure the weekend even happened, it’s that time again! What’s your go-to Monday workout?


In case nobody has told you yet this morning: you’re doing a great job! You look awesome (business casual, quarantine sweatpants, whatever ya got)! Let’s get this week! HAPPY MONDAY!!!


Cardio Hip Hop 🙌🏼🙌🏼 sign up online to snag a spot or join us on Zoom to shake off those midweek blues!! See you at 6pm! 💃

The Open Gym Albuquerque | One Of The Only Gyms in NM That's Open All Day, Every Day 04/05/2021

The Open Gym Albuquerque | One Of The Only Gyms in NM That's Open All Day, Every Day

Monday Check In! How was your weekend? What are your goal for this week?

Remember that The Open Gym now has limited spots available in 3 classes!

- Basic Training
- Cardio Kickboxing
- Cardio Hip Hop

Sign up for a spot online at

See you at the gym! 💪

The Open Gym Albuquerque | One Of The Only Gyms in NM That's Open All Day, Every Day The Open Gym Albuquerque has top notch equipment, a friendly staff and is open 24 hours a day


Hey Friends! Did you get your April 1st (or Fools if you were falling for internet posts today like we were) workout in today?


Monday check in! How’s everyone feeling? What are your goals for the week?


The Open Gym is ready for limited in person classes! Log in to your Open Gym account or call to sign up for Basic Training, Cardio Hip Hop and Cardio Kickboxing. We’re excited to see 1/3 of your faces!

10 minute workout - Kettlebell 03/10/2021

10 minute workout - Kettlebell

Got 10 minutes and a kettlebell? Join Adelaide for a quick and effective kettlebell circuit!

10 minute workout - Kettlebell Real Workouts For Real People!on Instagram @real_workouts_for_real_peopleemail me at [email protected] minute total-body Kettlebell workout...


Monday morning check in!

How was your weekend? Any goals for this week? Know what helps a Monday drag less? Doing something you love. Small, big. Doesn’t matter. Do something you love today! Like watch a show or listen to a good jam or maybe go to the gym? 😉

The Open Gym Albuquerque | One Of The Only Gyms in NM That's Open All Day, Every Day 03/01/2021

The Open Gym Albuquerque | One Of The Only Gyms in NM That's Open All Day, Every Day

Good news!!! We are now able to offer limited in person spots -to include proper distancing - for selected classes at The Open Gym!! Members can head over to to sign up for:

Cardio Kickboxing (Sundays at 9am)
Cardio Hip Hop (Wednesdays at 6pm)
Basic Training (Saturdays at 9am)

Come learn how to people with us all over again! See you at the gym!

The Open Gym Albuquerque | One Of The Only Gyms in NM That's Open All Day, Every Day The Open Gym Albuquerque has top notch equipment, a friendly staff and is open 24 hours a day


Fun fact: The *Open* Gym is more than just a clever name. The Open Gym is OPEN! Hours have been temporarily amended to follow COVID safety guidelines, however we are open rain or shine! ... or snow in our case this week. Visit our website to check hours, class times and other important info. See you at the gym! 💪


The 21st century is weird BUT technology is neat! In the spirit of monitoring class sizes and keeping safety a priority, The Open Gym now offers Les Mills virtual classes! Members can register for these classes in their Open Gym account.

Head over to to see full class schedules and to sign up!


Did you know that dancing not only improves cardiovascular health, but also helps reduce stress and anxiety symptoms? We could all use a little of that these days. Join Samantha (virtually for now, of course) at 0800 on Saturdays to dance out the funk of the week - or life in general - and have a blast doing it! 💃🏻🕺🏻


.... and we willingly come back for more week after week! Don’t forget - Steve is still delivering his butt kicking cardio classes via Zoom Saturday and Sunday mornings! Members have access to Zoom links.

Visit for class times and gym info!


This happy little floof serves as an attention grabber to remind you that The Open Gym is here for you through the stresses of life ... and also an opportunity to baby talk your screen because seriously, how cute is this lil fella?!

Visit for temporarily amended hours, virtual class times and more!


Having workout buddies always makes for a fun time! Until we can dance together in person again, we are fortune to have the opportunity to party together virtually! The Open Gym members can join classes via Zoom and other avenues.

Head on over to for class schedules and other info. We look forward to seeing you and your sweet dances moves in Cardio Hip Hop (Wednesdays at 6pm) soon! 🎉 until then, practice dropping it like it’s hot, or lukewarm (all temps welcome), from the comfort of your living room 💃🏻

(Shared time lapse video from 8 January 2020)

B.O.W (Booty-Only Workout) 01/11/2021

B.O.W (Booty-Only Workout)

I got 99 problems but my glutes ain’t one! Join Adelaide for a 30 minute B.O.W. (Booty Only Workout) that’ll set those thangs on fire 🔥

... A tried and true - and fun! - distraction from the various 2020s we’re all still trying to shake 🤯

B.O.W (Booty-Only Workout) Real Workouts For Real People!This 30 minute workout targets the glutes and only the glutes! This is a no-impact, 3-part workout. It is accessible to most, h...


Fitness resolutions for the new year

While fitness resolutions might look a little different this year - hello masks! - the Open Gym is still here to help you along the way! With COVID safe practices in place and trainers at the ready, we’d love to see your smiling faces (eyes?) at the Open Gym in 2021! 💪🏼 (video shared from a 2019 broadcast)

Get Stronger, Faster - HIIT workout! 12/30/2020

Get Stronger, Faster - HIIT workout!

Let Adelaide help you get Stronger, Faster!

Get Stronger, Faster - HIIT workout! Real Workouts for Real People!This HIIT workout is designed to ramp up the intensity over the course of 30 minutes. Cardio intervals progress from low-impact...

60-45-30 Core Circuit 12/30/2020

60-45-30 Core Circuit

Here is a great Core Circuite from Adelaide!

60-45-30 Core Circuit Real Workouts for Real People!No-break circuit that is repeated three times, with exercises being stacked in 60, 45 and 30 second increments. Harder than it ...

HIIT Workout (with weights)! 12/21/2020

HIIT Workout (with weights)!

Join Adelaide for a great HIIT Workout. You will be glad you did.

HIIT Workout (with weights)! Real Workouts for Real People!30 minute HIIT workout, with weight intervals. 5 rounds, 4.5 minutes per round, 1 minute rest in between rounds. All you need i...


We miss you at the gym, but we are thankful we will see you when we are open again. Happy Thanksgiving from The Open Gym!


The Governor just clarified the latest Health Order. She confirmed that in public we all need to wear masks. She confirmed if you are in a public space, even a gym, you must wear a mask. That means, even if you are exercising, you will need to keep your mask on.

We all need to do this to protect each other's health.

Exercising with a mask harder than not wearing a mask. All of us know it is hard, so we wish it were not needed, but it will help slow the spread of Covid-19, and that helps us all.

We want to keep you as a member and are glad we can, at least for now, continue to operate. Please send an email to [email protected] if you do not want to continue as a member.

Looking forward to seeing you,

The Open Gym.


All of us at The Open Gym are working hard to get ready to re-open on June 1, 2020. Here are some details on temporary changes as we reopen:

The Open Gym will reopen Monday June 1 at 5:00 AM.

You will need your access key at all times. The door will not open unless you have your key.

New Hours:
Weekdays: 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
Weekends: 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
This is a substantial reduction in hours. We hope to be back to 24 hour access as soon as we can, but the current health order would require us to have staff on duty 24 hours a day and the gym does not have the resources to do that.

We will limit ourselves to 20 members, plus up to 3 members working with personal trainers.

We hope that number at a time will be sufficient. If we already have that number of members in the gym, we will ask you to wait outside in the now classic "Social Distancing Line." We have not put tape on the sidewalk. We know you can figure out how to space yourselves in line.The State guidelines require that we not have members waiting inside, so we hope everyone can finish their workout within an hour and fifteen minutes.

If we end up with times during which members are having to wait to enter the gym, we will probably allow members to schedule times during peak hours...that seems like a headache to all concerned, so we hope that will not happen.
No Guests.
We need to save our space for our members, so, for now, no guests.
Also, we will not be selling new memberships until we have a better idea how this is working for our current members.

We will be cleaning more than the state requires.
We have plenty of disinfecting fluid in spray bottles for member use.
We ask that you spray and wipe all touch surfaces before and after using equipment.
We will be doing the same.

The latest Health Order does not require masks when exercising, but we really, really, want you to wear a mask. So please, if you can exercise while wearing a mask, we hope that you will do so.

Virtual Classes:
Group Excercise will be over Zoom and Facebook. We will be emailing links to log in for group excercise to our members.

We also will soon have Body Pump, Body Combat, CXWORX (core work), RPM (think Spin), and Tone (cross training) scheduled all day long in the gym fitness room so you and your best friend can enjoy some great group exercise without the risk of a large class. We will post the schedule as soon as we have it set up.

When to Stay Home:
We are all counting on each other to keep everyone safe, so:
Please do not come to the gym if:
You do not feel well.
You have a fever.
You believe you have been exposed to someone with Covid-19.
You have been traveling to a place with high risk of Covd-19.

Don't know why, but we are not supposed to use the, no showers, for now.
Bring a water bottle! the water fountains are off limits for now.

Thank you for being a member. We are learning how to accomodate the risk from Covid-19 while still giving our members a chance to exercise in a safe environment.

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We are making progress on the renovation, but it looks like noon was overly optimistic. More likely 2 PM.
Can you get up and get back down? Turkish get up, try this movement to help strengthen and build your overall body's mec...
Open Gym member Brennan Frew, love's to keep fit jump roping! He is a top nationally ranked jump roper and has the skill...




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Albuquerque, NM

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