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Today Buffkins worked out at CBM Wellness Center. On top of the regular workout equipment you'd expect in a gym, he was pleased to find out that they offered yoga classes, craft wellness classes, and a sauna! He decided to do a little workout plus a yoga class and walked out feeling whimsically fit. ☺️ 💪

Who else feels whimsically fit after working out? 🤣😂

We are excited to announce a new fitness club to our network. Fit Mix members can now workout CBM Wellness. CBM is a brand new wellness center and their mission is to provide a communal approach to integrated wellness.
A communal approach to integrated wellness... Nourish the body for physical & mental health... fostering a community of practitioners & members to support & inspire each-other’s wellness. STRONG TOGETHER!
Click the link in our bio today and sign up for updates on our grand opening in August 2021.

We are more than just a gym. Learn more at
www.CBM-Wellness.com Aesthetician services

Operating as usual


Happy New Year!!! What inspires your wellness? Share your answers with us in the comments below. ❤️


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No matter what your goals are, we're here to help you achieve them! Join us at www.CBM-Wellness.com

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Anyone else feel lost in this week between holidays? We find that body movement and routines help us to focus and stay grounded. If you feel the same, join us at www.CBM-Wellenss.com.

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1. Focus on neutral nows. Anxiety tends to happen when we think about the future; focusing on what is around you in the present moment helps to ground yourself in the now.
2. Prioritize sleep. We know this is easier said than done, but one of the biggest triggers of anxiety is not enough sleep or a consistent sleep routine.
3. Use relaxation techniques that work best for you. Visualization techniques, meditation and yoga, are examples of relaxation techniques.

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We'd love to know what your goals for the new year are! Comment with them below.

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Destress and reset this holiday weekend with our 9am Yoga Flow today OR our 10am Yoga Flow on Sunday!

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While the holidays are a time of joy for some, they can be a time of grief, depression, or stress for others. We want to remind you that we're here for you when you don't feel okay. We invite you to join us this weekend for yoga...or to pop in for support.


Join us in achieving Zen this holiday weekend at one (or more) of our Yoga Flow classes!

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Did you know:
Increasing triceps strength brings stability to your shoulders and arms, improves flexibility, and increases your range of motion? 😉

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We're looking forward to welcoming you with open arms...whoever you are. Email us at [email protected] to apply. 💪❤️

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Working one-on-one with one of our trainers can help you assess your strengths and improve upon any weaknesses. Join us today at www.CBM-wellness.com

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As with any workout, it's all in the form. Connect with us today about working with one of our trainers to ensure you get the most out of your exercise routine.

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There are more than THREE benefits, but our TOP 3 favorites are:
1. The single-leg movements activate your stabilizing muscles to develop balance, coordination, and stability.
2. Lunges are better than bilateral exercises for rehabilitation since they can correct imbalances and misalignments.
3. Lunges strengthen your back and core muscles without putting too much stress or strain on your spine.

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Do you know how you can work out your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps and upper back muscles at the same time? Comment with your answers below! (Hint: the pic for this post)😉

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Join us today, tomorrow and Sunday for deep breathing and stretches. Our Yoga Flow classes are sure to transport you to a happy place.

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Top 3 Benefits of Bench Presses:
1. They build more muscle strength because they're a compound exercise, meaning you are working on more than one muscle group at a time.
2. Bench Presses correct muscular imbalances.
3. They increase bone density.

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Are you passionate about wellness, fitness, and helping others reach their goals? Do you take a supportive approach in your coaching? Are you ready to be a part of an inclusive environment? We'd love to hear from you! Drop us an email at [email protected] and let us know why you'd like to be a part of the CBM Team. 😀

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Ill Chino provides healthy MACRO-friendly meal prep services to Albuquerque and surrounding areas. They feature a weekly rotating menu with over 50 recipes, and healthy Protein packed desserts with new and rotating items to choose from. We're proud to carry Ill Chino meals in our fridge here at CBM. 😄

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Post work-out hunger? We stock our fridge here at CBM with Ill Chino Meals to help fuel your body after a good sweat.

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Whether you're an early worm or a night owl, being a member at CBM grants you 24-hour access, seven days a week, to our facilities. Choose the membership plan that best suits your needs at CBM-Wellness.com

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It's never too late or too early to begin your journey to wellness. Choose the right membership plan for you today at

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If you're new here, we'd like to make sure you know about Skulls For Hope In their own words: "We are a community raising mental health awareness and working towards ending the stigma and starting the conversation. It is ok to not be ok. This is a space to connect with others on the same journey. You are not alone."
We are proud to work in conjunction with Skulls For Hope and we'd like to extend their message by reminding you that we are MORE than a gym; CBM is also a safe space.

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When you work out with a friend, you're more likely to:
1. Feel more motivated
2. Achieve better results
3. Be more consistent

So call your friend and meet them here, at CBM today!

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CBM = Community, Body, Mind = Stronger Together. Learn more about us and our services at CBM-wellness.com


Cleanse your palete and boost your body after the holiday weekend with one of h20rganics revitalizing juices! Swing by CBM today to get yours.

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Have we introduced you to our friend Heather and her revitalizing juices?! Whether you need a pick me or an immunity boost, swing by CBM to get your h20rganics juice today.

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We can't think of a better way to ease into the weekend after a hearty meal than one of our Bliss The Day Away yoga classes! Join us at 9am or 12 noon. 😆

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We're excited to see you at our FREE Thanksgiving Workout at 9:30am!

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Pre-workout - Post-workout. 😅
Learn more about how CBM can help you get through it all at CBM-Wellness.com

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It's that time...honestly, is there ever NOT a good time to donate? Scroll to see the list of items we are accepting during office hours here at CBM. We hope you'll join us in helping our communities.

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Listen, we're no strangers to dysfunctional family dynamics, so we have created a community here at CBM that is inclusive and supportive. Stop in anytime. 💚

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This holiday season - we've got your back. At CBM, you can come in for a workout, a therapy session, a massage...or to just feel safe.


You’re invited to our free session with Renee and Stephanie next Thursday at 9:30am! All levels are welcome.

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Alleviate any soreness you may have incurred, reduce inflammation caused by the muscle repair process, and roll your worries away.

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More. Than. A. Gym.

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In the world of making the most of your time at CBM, there are our HIIT classes. Join us every Tuesday at 9am to get your Rise and Grind HIIT on. (Or don't, we're happy to have you here no matter what your routine 🙂)

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Let's talk about the quad muscles or quadriceps femoris - which are a group of muscles at the front of your thigh. You use your quads to perform a variety of movements, including kicking, running, jumping and walking. The simple act of stretching them activates the muscles, stimulates blood flow, and can increase your short-term range of motion and flexibility.

This is just a reminder that you don't have to go hard to get results. Come on in and move with us!


Stephanie’s group training HITT is fantastic! Come try it for yourself!

It’s that time again 🥳 NEVER skip a Monday !!! Drop in SESSION only $10


💪 🏃🏼‍♀️ 🏃🏽‍♀️ 💪☝️ 😳

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There are many ways to strengthen your body effectively. We're here to chat with you about how you can stay moving.

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Did we mention in our last post that resistance bands improve flexibility - which in turn, can increase your strength?

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