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At first glance, she looks strangely familiar to millions the world over who have prepared to put the needs of others ahead of their own.

Look closely, and then scroll down to read the heart-touching tale you'll be certain to share.
. . . . .

This is reputedly the death mask of a young woman who drowned in the River Seine in the 1880's. As was customary in those days, a co**se was put on display in the Paris mortuary, in the hope that someone might recognize the person and claim the body.

The pathologist on duty was said to have become entranced by the girl with the enigmatic half-smile, and so he commissioned a plaster cast made of her face.

The mask proved strangely fashionable in the era, and was replicated many times over - to become known as "L'Inconnue de la Seine," or "The Unknown Woman of the Seine."

In 1955, a Norwegian toymaker named Asmund Laerdal was working with Austrian-Czech Physician Peter Safar and American Physician James Elam to create a tool.

Asmund wanted this training aid, in the form of a , to have a natural appearance. Remembering a mask on the wall of his grandparents' house many years earlier, he decided that the L'Inconnue de la Seine would become the face of .

So you see, an anonymous woman who is presumed to have drowned in the 19th century, is responsible for saving many, many lives the world over. It is said that she has the most kissed face of all time.

. . . . . .

Now that you know the story, please plan to take a or other class from our friends at the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, a local adult school, community college - or a hospital near you!

NOTE: Though at times referred to as Rescue Anne, Resusci Annie, CPR Annie, Resuscitation Annie, Little Annie, or CPR Doll, her official brand name is Resusci Anne.

Photos from SSI's post 07/04/2023

Diving with diabetes requires some special considerations, but it's still possible to enjoy the underwater world safely. Thanks to DAN Research, there are guidelines available to help ensure that you have a successful dive without risking your health.

Remember, as a diabetic diver, it's essential to take extra precautions to ensure your safety. Instructors should be familiar with these guidelines, and it's important to share this information with any diabetic diver you know.

If you have any concerns or questions about diving with diabetes, be sure to consult with your doctor before your next dive. Safe and happy diving!

Read more here 📲:


When to break up with your dive instructor 💔

Often times the dive shop chooses your instructor — it may not always be the right fit, and that's okay! If you are new to diving, it can be hard to know if your concerns are valid.

To know the difference, here are a few red flags to watch for when working with a dive instructor:

😡 Rushes you through skills in pool/practice sessions or gets frustrated if you don't "get" a skill fast enough
🎓 Teaching a course or skill they themselves are not certified and proficient in
👂🏽 Does not listen when students express a concern
👌🏾 Does not check in frequently to make sure students are okay
❌ Breaks diving standards or takes students on dives that exceed their certification level
🌊 Damages the marine life environment

🚩 If your instructor shows any of these red flags, contact the dive shop immediately, let them know, and ask to be placed with a different instructor. If the situation escalates and nothing is being done, report it to your training agency, look for another dive shop/instructor, and ask for a referral.

Note: Students have a year to complete their course and can always request to be referred to a different dive center.

What red flags have you experienced? 🥲



New Mexico Scuba Center Is And Has Been The longest Standing Full Service Scuba Store In Albuquerque - 35 years. Our Current Instructional Staff Has A combined 147 Years of Scuba Instructional Experience, More Than Any Other Store In The ABQ... 12/14/2022

New Mexico Scuba Center Is And Has Been The longest Standing Full Service Scuba Store In Albuquerque - 35 years. Our Current Instructional Staff Has A combined 147 Years of Scuba Instructional Experience, More Than Any Other Store In The ABQ... SSI was founded in 1970 by Bob Clark in 1970. The requirements were and still are, have a full retail dive store with checks and balances. PADI was founded in 1966 by John Cronin & Ralph Erickson. There were no and still are not any checks and balances. An instructor could teach out of their garage,...


Bubbles "N" Brats this Sunday, who's going?


New Mexico Scuba Center will be closed Saturday July 2nd - Monday July 4th. Have a great weekend.


Anyone going to Bubbles-N-Brats this Sunday?

Presenting the Avelo System 11/02/2021

30 years of diving and 23 years as an owner of a Dive Shop, it's hard to get excited with "New". AVELO has been 6 years in the making, and Dove it last week. I am EXCITED and blessed to be part of the AVELO Experimental Dive Team.

Presenting the Avelo System Imagine a scuba set that's half the weight of your current one, yet gives you more bottom time. Imagine that scuba could provide the freedom and streamlined ...


Bubbles 'n' Brats this Sunday

AUGUST 2021 08/13/2021

Our August newsletter has arrived! Check it out!

AUGUST 2021 Sharks Have an Inbuilt Compass Research by the Save Our Seas Foundation and Florida’s State University has produced solid evidence that sharks use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate their long-distance forays across the ocean. The researchers followed a bonnethead shark (Sphyrna tiburo), a s...


REMINDER: The store will be closed for Memorial Day weekend on May 29th - 31st.

If you plan on doing any diving over the weekend and need to rent gear, plan to visit the store on Friday at the latest!


🚨 DAN Tags Are Back 🚨

The new DAN Tag offers divers an easy way to display important information that may help medical personnel respond quicker and more effectively in the event of a dive emergency. Crafted from aluminum and laser engraved with your information, the DAN Tag is anodized for corrosion resistance and attaches easily to your BCD with a stainless steel ring.

APRIL 2021 04/08/2021

Our April newsletter is out! Click the link below to find out what's going on at the store:

APRIL 2021 R.I.P Rider Rider "The Big Guy" passed away last month. He was an amazing part of our family. Always up for endless games of tug and chase, and ear and belly rubs. He had a great life and brought happiness, constant companionship, and laughter to many.


The force of a cylinder rupture can cause severe damage; DO NOT lose focus on safety when handling cylinders!! Although accidents involving cylinders are rare, they continue to occur and sometimes have devastating results. Read this article to learn how you can avoid costly damages and prevent cylinder accidents:


New deal from Scubapro running now through June 30th! Check out their new D420 regulator and their Hydros X BC.

🚨 Experience the difference of diving our most natural breathing D420 Regulator System & a form fitting, comfortable Hydros X BCD. For a limited time only save $250 on a D420 and Hydros X. Check with your local participating dealer for details. Questions? Leave us a comment.

In Hotter Climate, 'Zombie' Urchins Are Winning And Kelp Forests Are Losing 03/31/2021

Kelp forests along Northern California have almost vanished. Divers and scientists are racing to stop purple sea urchins from taking over critical habitats.

In Hotter Climate, 'Zombie' Urchins Are Winning And Kelp Forests Are Losing Kelp forests along Northern California have almost vanished. Divers and scientists are racing to stop purple sea urchins from taking over critical habitat.


You never need to look for your computer again during a dive. Get $300.00 off and a free mask. Expires March 1, 2021

Emergency Planning: Who Is Responsible for Your Safety? 01/13/2021

From Divers Alert Network (DAN)

LIVE WEBINAR NEXT THURSDAY January 21 at 7:00 p.m. EST on the our YouTube Channel. Don't miss our Director of Risk Mitigation Francois Burman, Pr. Eng., M.Sc. as he presents Emergency Planning: Who Is Responsible for Your Safety?

In this talk you'll learn how to prepare for typical emergencies that could occur while traveling on dive trips and learn how to make the best plans to deal with them. Documents get lost, and unexpected injuries happen; we want you to have a plan so you can get home safe and sound.

Emergency Planning: Who Is Responsible for Your Safety? Many divers don’t consider what can go wrong on a dive trip — especially one to a remote location. When you realize that you've lost your documents or suffer...

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