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3B Yoga – Breathe Bend Be Welcome to 3B Yoga – Authentic yoga for the modern lifestyle in an open-minded space where students of all abilities and backgrounds gather to enjoy a fun and lighthearted yoga experience.

Conveniently located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

3B Yoga thrives in its Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga roots – A moving meditation that flows seamlessly through challenging and energizing sequences that open the mind and body. While honoring the Ashtanga Yoga tradition we also offer the 3B Yoga system making yoga accessible, spirited and delightful for everyone! Albuquerque’s premier yoga studio, 3b Yoga

Operating as usual


Need a positive way to start 2021? Join us virtually via Zoom or register for your spot in the studio (limited space so register soon) for 108 Sun Salutations on January 1st. This year we’ve made it even more special as we joined with some of our 3B Alumni from across the Nation! See some of your teachers from 3B past and present as we all join our communities together! Visit out website for more info and for the zoom link. This is a free class for YOU 💫


I’ve been waiting all summer for the fall to arrive. Welcome cooler weather, changing colors, and crisp air. Go outside and be present, it’s a practice for a healthier you 🌿🍁


Are you listening to yourself? We’re given so much advice on when to eat, sleep, exercise, and even on what colors we should wear. Have you ever just taken the time to listen to what your own natural circadian rhythms are? For instance, some people are NOT morning eaters but we’re always told breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I remember as a very young girl flushing my breakfast down the toilet because I just wasn’t hungry that early. My son did the same thing! My husband, who eats a big breakfast, insisted that he eat before school. He’d get up and make him a breakfast burrito, which is a super dad move and he did it out of love, only to find out he was feeding it to the dogs on his way to school. My point is you can try to break your natural rhythms and create new habits but they’ll never stick because they’re not you. Same thing goes for how we exercise. If you’re doing something you really don’t enjoy your going to get injured and you’ll end up doing it less and less. There are so many options out there just do something different! So how do we know what our natural circadian rhythms are? You have to sit still every now and then and give yourself a moment. Empty out what everyone is telling you to do and listen to yourself. Sometimes before but always after a yoga practice I sit and “take a moment”. I call it that because as soon as I call it meditating my mind goes crazy with things like, “Am I meditating yet?” So I sit still and I breathe and take a moment. I’m not looking for answers here I’m just learning to listen. Try it. Just take a moment every now and then, be still, and try to stay better connected to YOU. You’ll find that good habits form easily and your nervous system is much more calm when you go with your natural flow.


This has become my little space for comfort, peace, practice, teaching, thinking....all things good. I’ve really taken a pandemic diet from social media which was really unintentional but now I can see it was necessary. I’m honestly not a fan of social media ( I probably shouldn’t be saying this but I’m going with honesty) because I feel it can be toxic and just another way to divide people. The world and our lives have shifted in many ways the last several months. We’re all learning to adjust to new and different things. For me the most obvious thing to take away from all this is that your health is essential and should be a top priority for you every day. 3B is taking a shift as well to encourage and support this more than ever. Whether yoga is small part of your whole wellness or if it’s a huge part I want to support you. I don’t care what style you practice, it’s about mindful movement and breathing. You’ll see this shift happening in our schedule and offerings of classes. Yoga should be part of your whole health and we are here to help you be well. We will always continue with our virtual classes but we also have studio classes offered as well. Let’s connect in a healthy and safe environment.

marissagreenberg.com 09/12/2020

Yoga’s Lessons for Online Teachers (Whatever They Teach)

One of my dear friends and 3B instructor, Marissa Greenberg, wrote this fantastic article that I wanted to share with all of you. It’s great information for anyone learning to teach, not just yoga but whatever you teach, virtually. Thank you for sharing this, Marissa!

marissagreenberg.com Joining a yoga class for the first time can be daunting. Rules and expectations vary: some gyms and studios require students to sign up in advance, while others allow drop-ins; some instructors dis…


These are all the pics I meant to add to the post 🙄 excuse me as it’s been awhile and I’m out of practice with IG 💕


My annual visit to @broadstreetyoga was a little different this year but I just couldn’t miss a year of being there. I taught a class from Marcy’s beautiful home studio and had the amazing Bean @bean_thebull assist. I always love my time with the broad street family as well. We had a wonderful workshop outside, thankfully under shelter as it was POURING down rain ⛈. So nice to be teaching with Marcy and Sarah and a group of yogis anxious for knowledge to help strengthen their practice. This time spent here was rejuvenating to my soul as we all go through so many changes right now. We’ve all been practicing to learn how to go with the flow of life and here we are making it happen as gracefully as we know how. 💕☀️


These doors are open ☀️ We’ve missed seeing you in person! Please check our schedule on our website and see the classes that we are offering inside the studio as well as live streaming. Yoga is apart of taking care of your whole health and we want to support you in your journey 💕


Studio Opening Soon!

We were excited to hear that we could re-open June 1st and then.......
The details of the re-opening orders stated that group fitness was still not allowed. We are working to get all the details of what this means for our yoga studio and when we do you'll be the first to know. You'll see on the schedule that all of the classes this first week of June will be live streaming classes only, no studio classes just yet. Please also note that starting June 1st we will be streaming on Mindbody instead of Zoom.

I've been spending a lot of time back inside 3B getting us all ready to return to our studio. I've mapped out what it will look like to have 7-foot spacing between each mat. This will limit the class sizes which is why it is essential for you to pre-register for classes. If the studio class if full, you will have the option to be put on a waiting list. You will be notified via email if you can come off the waiting list and into the class. You will ALWAYS have the option to take the same class virtually. You also must pre-register for the virtual classes as well. There is no limit to the live streaming class size but you need to pre-register at least 30 minutes prior to the start time. This is important as you will receive an email 30 min prior to the start time with the link to get you into the class. If you register less than 30 min you may not be able to get the link to the class.

How to Pre-Register for Your Class

1. Go to our website's Schedule Page.

2. Look for the class you want to take. If it's a live streaming class it will say "Virtual" before the name of the class. If you want to register for a class at the studio, it will just have the class name. Click "Sign Up" and you're registered for the class. If you don't have your password, set up with Mindbody then you can set it up in this step.

3. If you signed up for a virtual class, you will be sent an email 30 minutes prior to the class start time with the link that gets you right into the class.

4. If something comes up and you can't attend the class, then please cancel your registration especially if it is a studio class.

*There are other ways to register using the mindbody app or going directly from your Mindbody account. Feel free to explore these options. I wanted to give you the easiest directions possible which is why I choose this way.

Stayed tuned for more emails from us letting you know when the next Phase will be in action. This is when we start coming back to the studio for classes. We'll explain how we will socially distance, the use of props (I encourage you to get and bring your own) and any other changes you'll see once you arrive back to the studio. These are all in honor of keeping you and the instructors safe while practicing.

Mysore Practitioners

We'll talk about the details of Mysore soon as well. If you are a Mysore practitioner and would like to get back in the studio to practice, please contact Wendy and you may reserve studio time!


Hello 3B Family,

We are excited to announce a new way to stream classes! Starting on June 1st we will switch over to streaming with Mindbody instead of Zoom. Hopefully you've already set up your account on Mindbody and you're ready for Phase II. Here’s everything you need to know.

Registering for virtual classes
You can register for virtual classes in the Mindbody app, or from the class schedule on our 3B Website. I've found that it's a little easier to do right from our 3B website.
Be sure to sign up at least 35 minutes before class starts so you have time to get logged in and receive your email with the class link.

Preparing for your virtual class
With enough room to move and a good internet connection, you’re ready to roll.
You will receive an email 30 min. before class starts. This email will give you the link to the class.
Log in a few minutes early to test your audio and video, so you’re ready to go when class starts.
We encourage you to practice this process before we begin this new system on Monday, June 1st. If you go to 3B's schedule page you'll see classes on the schedule that reads "Test Live Stream". Click on any of those TEST classes and register for it. Look for your email 30 minutes prior to the start of the class. Make sure the email doesn't go to your spam folder by adding [email protected] to your address book. Use that link to open up the class when it's time. This is just a test class, you'll see me and I can answer any questions, you can see what it will look like, and try the procedure before you're actual first live-streaming class through Mindbody. If you're having a problem getting in the test class just text Wendy at 505-400-5775.


Let's Talk Props

As we open our doors again we need to do all that we can to keep everyone practicing in a safe space.....
This includes the use of props such as blankets, blocks, straps, bolsters, etc. We will continue to supply all these items to you but you may consider purchasing your own props and bringing them with you to practice. This will also be useful to you when practicing at home using our live streaming option. Once again, you are still welcome to use ours but if you feel more safe using your own then we encourage you to do so. I'd be happy to suggest places and brand names if you need any ideas of where to purchase your props.


It's almost time to open up the studio again!

Before we do we need to prepare for a successful re-opening. Let's call this email phase I to getting back into the studio and continuing live streaming classes...

I don't have a date for you yet but we are going to open up slowly, keeping the schedule at a minimum for awhile as we all learn to adjust. There will be some changes in how we do things in order to keep you and the instructors safe. In the next week you'll be getting emails from me to keep you informed on how and when we will start coming back to the studio.

Even as we re-open classes in the studio you will still have the option of taking the class virtually. Due to our new regulations we will need to set a limit on class sizes. This is why it is now essential that you pre-register for a class.

First thing you need to do is set up your own account on Mindbody Online. Some of you have one set up and have already been registering for classes so you are already good to go. If not just follow the link and set up your account or if you'd like to do this from your smart phone or IPad you can download the Mindbody app and set up your account from there. Once you set up an account Mindbody will then send me an alert and I will combine your new account with the account I already have set up for you. Once combined you will be able to see all your classes, purchases, memberships, etc. You will also be able to make purchases so there is less interaction than when paying in person. So use one of these two links and set up your account today so you're ready to register for classes. Please text, call or email me if you need any help with this process.

Thank you for all your cooperation with this new technology and changes that we are making, it's for your safety. We are really looking forward to seeing all of you in person again!


Be good to your Mother.....Everyday! 🌎 Happy Earth Day ☀️ Step outside and breathe her into your lungs, feel the foundation under your feet and see her beauty. #breathebendbe


Tomorrow!! ❤️

Led Primary Series tomorrow! 9-10:30am MST 🔥 register online at 3Byoganm.com and dig into the sweet rhythm of vinyasa and breath.
#ashtangayoga #hathayoga #albuquerqueyoga #ashtangaalbuquerque #allovertheworld #loveyourpractice #yogalife #primaryseries

[04/15/20]   Don't forget, tomorrow is a good time to join in the virtual practice space for those who just want to practice, tomorrow 7-8:30am. No teaching, no fee, just practice. If you don't have the link already and want to join just send Joanna Darlington a quick DM with your email and she will get that info to you asap.


Joanna Darlington Yoga

Full primary tomorrow via Zoom! 9-10:30am MST 🔥 register online with @3byoganm — www.3byoganm.com.
#ashtangayoga #hathayoga #primaryseries #ashtangaalbuquerque #albuquerqueyoga #yoganm #newmexico #allovertheworld


THIS! Coming up in a couple weeks join teacher Joanna Darlington Yoga for this special offering. This class will be open to EVERYONE!

Now is a terrific time to learn to focus your breath. Discover its ability to both energize and clam the nervous system. This session is dedicated to the understanding of breath and your ability to harness the benefits of breath control/awareness. You’ll learn to identify how the breath is associated with two patterns of energy that move in specific directions inside the body. These two patterns are called Prana Vayu (inhalation) and Apana Vayu (exhalation). The class will focus on how studying the actions of the diaphragm and the identification of bandha (Uddiyana, Mula, Jalandhara) in combination with the two Vayu patterns of breathing can help you to access the power of the breathing technique called Ujjayi.
Register online at www.3byoganm.com
#pranayama #hathayoga #breath #breathe #ashtangayoga #yogalife #albuquerqueyoga #bhakti #loveyourpractice @ All Over the World

[04/07/20]   Hi Everyone! I am "hosting" a virtual practice space where people can just join together through Zoom to do some practice. There is no teaching, no fees, just a space to come together as yoga enthusiasts for practice. This will continue through April, Wednesday mornings starting at 7am and will close at 8:30am. If you would like to join and have not received a link already, please DM me for those details. See you tomorrow!


Join Joanna Darlington this Sunday! Register online 🙏

Teaching full led primary series online this Sunday! Register at 3BYogaNM.com 🙏
If you want to join me and some other yoga enthusiasts for practice, I’m offering a virtual practice space through @3byoganm on Wednesday mornings for the month of April. If you want to join and have not received a link already, please DM me for those details.
#ashtangayoga #hathayoga #primaryseries #homepractice #bhakti #yogalife


We have a challenge from @drishtihandmade to post what our Drishti is! 3B’s Drishti is to stream at least 1 class a day while our studio is closed. #whatsyourdrishti


We are live streaming classes so check our website for this weeks schedule. Use your current membership or class pass or you can buy classes from our website or from your MINDBODY account. Remember, it takes a village to keep a village. #everydaywestillnamaste #breathebendbe #wereallinthistogether


Thanks to the most amazing brother ever @jdjackson28 we now have an easy click button on our home page that will take you directly to the live streaming class. We’ll have B Gentle at 9:30am on Friday and then we’re going to take the weekend off to put together a streaming schedule for the upcoming week. Thank you for joining in on the classes, for being patient and for supporting 3B Yoga. We ❤️ you and we want to support YOU in this stressful time. It’s more important than ever to keep practicing. #wereinthistogether #everydaywenamaste #breathebendbe

zoom.us 03/20/2020

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

Wendy Kiess is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: B Gentle
Time: Mar 20, 2020 09:30 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 470 599 218

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We have the Rocket @3byoganm tonight at 5:30 and Saturday at 8:30am. 🚀🚀🚀No excuses, just come have a blast! #everydaywen...
✨ Utthita Trikonasana✨ Inhale up, exhale reach the peace fingers to the big toe (or ankle, calf or block). Drishti towar...
Everyone can do Yoga.  Welcome to our new space at 4545 Alameda Blvd NE, Suite D.  All Yogis, old or new and those that ...
3B Boutique is now open!  Come visit us at our new location, 4545 Alameda Blvd Suite D, and enjoy 30% off one of your bo...
Michael Lowder came all the way from Denver to surprise Wendy. The look on her face is priceless. We love you Wendy!





4545 Alameda Blvd NE, Ste D
Albuquerque, NM

General information

Class Schedule Monday 6-8:00am Mysore 9:30am Short Primary 12:00pm B2 7:00 pm Yin Yoga Tuesday 6-8:00am Mysore 9:30am B3 12:00pm B Gentle 5:30pm Pre-Natal 7:00pm B2 Wednesday 6-8:00am Mysore 9:30am B Fun 12:00pm Yin Yoga 6:00pm B1 7:30 pm B Gentle Thursday 6-8:00am Mysore 9:30am Short or Full Primary 12:00 B2 4:30pm B Gentle 6:00pm Primary Series Friday 6-8:00am Mysore 9:30am B Gentle 12:00pm B Fun 6:00pm Community Action (Free) Saturday 8:30am Rocket 10:00am B Ginners 11:15am Pre-Natal 1:00 pm B2 Sunday 9:30am Primary Series 5:30pm Meditation FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT OUR WEBSITE WWW.3BYOGANM.COM

Opening Hours

Monday 9:30am - 12:12pm
4pm - 6pm
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