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Welcome to 3B Yoga – Authentic yoga for the modern lifestyle in an open-minded space where students of all abilities and backgrounds gather to enjoy a fun and lighthearted yoga experience. Conveniently located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 3B Yoga thrives in its Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga roots – A moving meditation that flows seamlessly through challenging and energizing sequences that open the mind and body. While honoring the Ashtanga Yoga tradition we also offer the 3B Yoga system making yoga accessible, spirited and delightful for everyone! Albuquerque’s premier yoga studio, 3b Yoga is located inside the Holly Plaza shopping center just off Paseo Del Norte between San Pedro and Louisiana. Let us welcome you into a space where you can Breathe, Bend and Be.


Santa Fe, NM

This is coming up quick! Highly recommend getting your spot soon... This will fill up! 🔥

davidgarrigues.com 2) Students can choose to stay on campus in either a private single bedroom with bathroom or in a shared room with two beds and a bathroom. Breakfast, dinner, and snacks are catered at the retreat center.  

This Saturday is Andreas Full Body Yin Workshop!! This one fills up fast so register now to save your spot!

It’s about the journey, not the end result. How do we approach it, face it, feel it and accept it? The answers are in your practice. Join us today for many opportunities to be on your mat. We’ll support you in an authentic experience with yoga. Monday’s schedule looks like this... short primary at 10am. For a more modified experience come to the noon class, B2. This evening we have another chance for Short Primary series at 5:45 and to end your day with a relaxing class join us at 7pm for yin. 🌏

This Saturday, June 15th starting at 6pm, is Andreas @drishtihandmade BLINDFOLDED YOGA for Beginners! We had so much fun the first time we had to offer it again 😎 Join us for a fun evening of laughter & eye opening YOGA! $25. Please pre register so we have enough blindfolds 😊

Joanna is back in the Mysore room tomorrow! 🔥 not familiar with the Mysore program? Check it out online at 3BYogaNM.com and learn about all the ways to join.
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Stoked to be back with the Morning Mysore crew at @3byoganm tomorrow!!
Teaching this week:
Wednesday & Thursday
Morning Mysore — 6-8am
Half Led Primary Series — 10am
Full Counted Led Primary Series 6-7:30am
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Picture day at 3BNM!! From behind the scenes with @jdjackson28 snapping shots.
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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - 3B Yoga New Mexico

JUNE TEACHER TRAINING AND YOGA INTENSIVE!! Begins June 3! There is still time to sign up...

3byoganm.com Albuquerque's Premier Yoga Studio

Join Ashtanga teacher Joanna Darlington with 3B Yoga NM’s Mysore program, Sunday - Friday. Visit www.3byoganm.com to learn about pricing and ways to join!
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Is practice supposed to be fun? Is it supposed to elicit joy and unencumbered, peaceful bliss?

The answer is no.
And also yes.

The phrase “supposed to” tends to imply that it’s not working if you don’t feel those things associated with fun, joy or bliss. As if it’s not worth practicing if something seems amiss or difficult. Well, let me tell you, it’s not all peaches and rose cakes up in here. It’s challenging to face your tendencies and patterns and that is not a completely natural gift for all those who take up this practice. Getting up and getting on your mat, putting in the effort through sweat and trial and sticking with it long enough, with enough zeal and detachment from the outcome to really understand what it is that this practice can help you overcome, grasp, and even grow into is ripe with reward.
Teaching this week @3byoganm :
Sunday —
Morning Mysore - 8:30-10:30am
Chanting (open to all) - 10:45-11:30am

Morning Mysore- 6-8am

Full Led Primary Series- 6-7:30am
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June Teacher Training

Check out the latest newsletter! This summer's Teacher Training and Intensive is going to be amazing!!

mailchi.mp 3B Yoga NM is about to begin its June 2019, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. 3BNM, established in Albuquerque in 2010, has since educated over 150 yoga instructors and enthusiast. We know what a privilege it is to be here and to be sharing this wonderful practice with others and can't wait to sta...

This Sunday, May 5 from 12-2pm join teacher Joanna Darlington @ladyhawkzuzu for a deep look into the mechanics of forward folds. This fun investigate class is open to all levels!

✨Get full details and sign up online at www.3byoganm.com

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Let’s make today FUN! 3B Yoga @3byoganm has a class for YOU 😊 check out the schedule from our profile and join us for anything from restorative to vinyasa to Ashtanga....we have it all. It’s real and authentic and will leave you feeling fab! #yoganewmexico #breathebendbe #everydaywenamaste

Mysore is on tomorrow!! Join Ashtanga teacher Joanna Darlington @ladyhawkzuzu from 8:30-10:30am followed by chanting and philosophy at 10:45-11:30 🔥
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You have to lose the idea that the final position for everyone is the stick figure on the chart. Instead I want you to ask yourself ‘What is the final position for me at this moment? What is my personal destination?’
For some people their personal destination will be plank because the moment they start bending their elbows distortions come. The body can’t support the gesture. We get ahead in our thinking. We think, ‘I have to go all the way down to the ground no matter what.’ I encourage you to think about your gesture and where is the end point for you in this moment, on this specific day?
The end point for you at that specific moment is the one that works with an alignment protocol that you are absorbing and practicing. That some people aren't strong enough to safely execute the full version of Chaturanga Dandasana doesn't matter because Plank done with integrity gives the same amazing benefit. As an asana, Chaturanga is not superior to Plank. But the ego tends to think, "I want my body to be like that stick figure drawing so I’m going to act like it is." And then problems, even injuries come.
But the Ashtanga system is not to blame, and learning to find a personal end point is the way to discover what is possible to extract from it. The work of finding a suitable version of a position is not easy. In fact it's meant to be a game where two of the main players are ego and desire. You need to desire something about the asana because if you don't care then there's nothing to work with, no impetus to meet the challenges of solving the puzzles. You have to desire to do Chaturanga so much that you are willing to battle for it. But you have to check your ego and humbly accept that you need to build strength by doing the lowly Plank.
Eventually you will get stronger and you'll start bending your elbows and then you might be tempted to jump ahead but don't, instead, continue to strategize. You play a game; pushing your limits to find a edge and then holding yourself back. You seek the unknown position and also practice intelligent restraint. This is the daily battle that helps you win through to asana vidya.

Saturday, April 13th, is Andrea’s @drishtihandmade Yin Yang Hip Focused Workshop @3byoganm. All Drishti Products are 30% off this day 🙏🏻❤️⭐️ #yoganewmexico #breathebendbe #yogaabq #everydaywenamaste #drishtihandmade #yinyoga

The Mysore program at 3BNM holds a fully counted led primary series class Friday mornings 6-7:30am 🔥come practice with Ashtanga teacher Joanna Darlington @ladyhawkzuzu and enjoy the tapas! 🔥
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Name one good thing about a windy spring day 💨 Ok I can’t but it’s Wednesday so that means Richard @richardandteddyandmumu is here with Andrea @drishtihandmade and they will save the day ⭐️#yoganewmexico #breathebendbe #yogaabq #everydaywenamaste

It’s an open door kind of day. Feel the love from the outside coming in through the studio. That’s what yoga is, right? Open the door to yourself and your relationship with others. Yoga is a union ❤️ #yoganewmexico #breathebendbe #yogaabq #everydaywenamaste @ 3B Yoga NM

Join Andrea @drishtihandmade on Saturday, April 13th @3byoganm for a Yin Yang hip focused flow that will leave you feeling amazing. Register now for your space!! $25 #breathebendbe #yoganewmexico #yogaabq #everydaywenamaste

Moonday tomorrow, Thursday, April 3 🌑 no Mysore class, take rest!
Other classes at 3B NM:
10am - Half Led Primary
12pm - B Strong
5:30pm - B Fun Vinyasa
6:45pm - B Restored
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This is your last week to take advantage of $200 off this June’s 200 Yoga Teacher Training!! Register by April 3rd and save some $$$. Our Teacher Training is one you don’t want to miss. We have an amazing month filled with learning, practice, expert guest speakers, and much, much, more! Do it for you 🙏🏻

Blindfolded Slow Flow with Andrea (and Richard) this Saturday @3byoganm from 2:30-4pm. Feel it ⭐️💜 #breathebendbe #everydaywenamaste #yoganewmexico #yogaabq #yogabirdboxstyle

She’s back! Catch Joanna @ladyhawkzuzu back in the Mysore class starting tomorrow at 6am!
It’s been a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to get back into the Mysore room tomorrow at @3byoganm 🔥❤️!!!!

Morning Mysore Monday-Thursday 6-8am 💥

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3B Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training begins June 3rd!! We ❤️ sharing our passion with others that want to start teaching or want to deepen their practice. It’s an amazing month full of movement, philosophy, trying new things, meeting new people and immersing yourself in this beautiful practice ⭐️. $200 off tuition ends April 3rd. Register now!! #yogateachertraining #breathebendbe #everydaywenamaste #yogaabq #yoganewmexico

Yes, it’s blindfolded! Join Andrea for a fun slow flow workshop on March 30th from 2:30-4:00. It’s sure to be EYE OPENING 😉 $25

The view from Navasana or “boat pose.” Yoga begins when you want to get out of a pose. Navasana always seems to be one of those poses. How do stay in it for 5 breaths and repeat it 5 times? Breathe with sound, concentrate on bandhas (energy locks that lift upward) and reach into the depths of your physical body and ask it for help from EVERYWHERE 🙏🏻 Never give up. #everydaywenamaste #breathebendbe #ashtangayoga #yogaabq #yoganewmexico

Our next 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training starts on June 3rd!! This is a training like no other! Immerse yourself in yoga for 4 weeks and learn from the experts. Visit our website, link in bio, and see all of our amazing guest speakers and learn about all that we have to offer our teacher trainers. It will change your life ❤️ #breathebendbe #yogateachertraining #everydaywenamaste #yogaabq #yoganewmexico

From the bottom of my heart, Happy Nation Woman’s Day ladies! I get to witness the female spirit daily and it’s inspiring. I’m in a unique position as a yoga studio owner to watch so many women grow. We are strong in ways I can’t even explain. I had a middle school science teacher tell me the way to remember the difference between the female symbol and the male symbol was that the female symbol was pointing down because we’re all stuck in the mud. Seriously?! I’m grateful for statements like that because it only encourages me to be as bad ass as possible. I’m so proud of so many women in my life, this is for all of you! Be fierce warrior women! #youareabadass #yogamakesyoustronger #everydaywenamaste #breathebendbe #nationalwomansday

Mudra! A gesture, a seal, this posture is called yoga mudra and it is more than just its shape. It looks and feels different, on and with, different students in different stages but carries the same intent. One of a final seal or gesture upon the finishing of practice, the first of three final seated positions of Ashtanga Yoga.
Join our Mysore program and learn for yourself how empowering an individualized self practice can lead you toward something greater in yourself.
The next Introduction to Ashtanga and the Mysore Style starts March 25 with our lead Mysore teacher Joanna Darlington @ladyhawkzuzu ! Get registered now to save your spot. www.3byoganm.com
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Our practice is something we cultivate to help create space in our lives for the things that matter most. The practice of Ashtanga is the perfect tool for better understanding how to do this! Our Mysore program is led by Ashtanga teacher Joanna Darlington @ladyhawkzuzu, senior apprentice and student of master teacher @davidgarriguesyoga , she believes that anyone can take practice and receive immense benefit when given proper attention, through the physical body and beyond.
Morning Mysore Program:
Sunday 8:30-10:30am
Monday-Thursday 6-8am

Friday Fully Counted Led Primary Series 6-7:30am
To learn more about the Mysore program at @3byoganm visit 3byoganm.com
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Ekam Inhale! Join us for Led Primary Series every Friday morning at 6am ⭐️ We also offer B Gentle at 9:30am or B Fun, a Vinyasa style class, at noon. Love your Friday!! 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏼‍♂️ #everydaywenamaste #breathebendbe #yoga505

Yoga, to me, is as pure as the snow. It doesn’t need to redefined, added on to, or taken away from what it is. Yoga is a gift and it is perfect the way that it is. Yoga is about quieting the mind so that you create a union with your true Self. We don’t need to change it in any way. Keep your practice authentic and you will find peace. @3byoganm we know there are different routes to getting you there. Some days we need a very physical and focused practice and sometimes we need to be slow and almost motionless to connect. This is why we offer a variety of ways to quiet the mind and to connect with yourself. From our traditional Ashtanga program to Restorative we have it. We are here to help you. OM 🙏🏻 #everydaywenamaste #breathebendbe #yogaabq #albuquerqueyoga #ashtangayoga #hathayoga

Happy Valentines Day ❤️ Be Fun tonight at 5:30 following with Be Restored at 6:45pm ❤️💐 we could all use some self love.

✨Today’s Classes✨
Morning Mysore - 6-8am*
Be Fun - 10-11am
Yin - 12-1pm
Be Fun - 6-7pm
Be Gentle - 7:30-8:30
*contact [email protected] prior to attending any of the Mysore classes!
See you on the mat!
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@3byoganm is starting to gear up for our June, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Register by March 3rd and you’ll get $300 off the tuition. This is a “Life Changing” experience!! #yogateachertraining #breathebendbe #everydaywenamaste

Good morning Albuquerque 💕 we are starting out today with the tapas of Mysore practice with Joanna Darlington @ladyhawkzuzu! 🔥8:30-10:30am followed by chanting at 10:45-11:30am. If you miss the morning join 3B teacher Regina Gordon for her luxuriously informative restorative class at 4pm 🙏 see you on the mat!
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4545 Alameda Blvd NE, Ste D
Albuquerque, NM

General information

Class Schedule Monday 6-8:00am Mysore 9:30am Short Primary 12:00pm B2 7:00 pm Yin Yoga Tuesday 6-8:00am Mysore 9:30am B3 12:00pm B Gentle 5:30pm Pre-Natal 7:00pm B2 Wednesday 6-8:00am Mysore 9:30am B Fun 12:00pm Yin Yoga 6:00pm B1 7:30 pm B Gentle Thursday 6-8:00am Mysore 9:30am Short or Full Primary 12:00 B2 4:30pm B Gentle 6:00pm Primary Series Friday 6-8:00am Mysore 9:30am B Gentle 12:00pm B Fun 6:00pm Community Action (Free) Saturday 8:30am Rocket 10:00am B Ginners 11:15am Pre-Natal 1:00 pm B2 Sunday 9:30am Primary Series 5:30pm Meditation FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT OUR WEBSITE WWW.3BYOGANM.COM

Opening Hours

Monday 16:00 - 18:00
Monday 09:30 - 12:12
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