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“Groundbreaking research proves gyms pose no additional risk of catching COVID-19.” Those are their words, not ours. Gotta like that! Click the link to schedule a Refresh Tour and we’ll tell you about the safety procedures in our words: https://bit.ly/382Z7PX #inspirefitness #strongertogether #dontcallitacomeback #wearesportsandwellness
Goat curls with Vanessa Valadez Anderson
Goat squats with Vanessa Valadez Anderson
What steps is Riverpoint taking to protect its members in regard to COVID-19? Please let us know. Thanks in advance.
Thea is an excellent personal trainer.
New classes if interested contact for more questions for come try 1st class for free Del Norte Sports & Wellness
Come see what In-Trinity is all about, I will be doing demos At DEL NORTE
This organization is terrible! I do not recommend. I cancelled my registration to the summer blast camp and they charged me for a swim lesson and then almost two months later $569 for the camp I cancelled. It took all day working with them over the phone to try and get my money refunded and it's still hasn't been credited back. It is disorganized; I will never go back.

The west side's finest athletic club is Riverpoint Sports & Wellness. Riverpoint Sports & Wellness has fitness, wellness, sports training and active kids programs for all ages.

For those seeking an increasingly active lifestyle we invite you to try our Personal Training, group fitness classes, kids activities and more.For those already active, try our Pilates classes, group cycling or swim lessons.

Operating as usual

In case you don’t know Caleb, it’s time to meet Caleb. He’s our Renaissance Man. You'll always spot him with tools in hand and he will clearly do anything to keep members happy (somebody lost their wedding ring...just kidding). In addition to keeping the club running smoooooothly, he is a full-time nursing student! Chyeah, who knew?

It’s going to be in the upper 80s all weekend. That’s swimming weather, pool time, relaxing in the sun and enjoying the heat before it’s too late type of temperatures. Monthly memberships are available and enrollment for only $19. Let’s get you in so you can enjoy that glorious pool: https://bit.ly/2RTr9WV

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We’re celebrating National Yoga Month by offering two Zoom workshops this weekend in the comfort of your home. Learn how to open up your hips on Saturday at 12PM, and then strengthen your immune system on Sunday at 9AM. Feel free to share this post. This is just what we all need! Register at: Wellbridge.com/Yoga-Month

#strongertogether #yourhipswillthankyou #immunesystem

It’s Teamwork Tuesday, so allow us to introduce Curtis Casey. We are very lucky to have him on our personal training team. A high school teacher by day – or however that works now – C Squared specializes in training student athletes (basketball and volleyball). Maybe THAT explains the jumping!

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In a made up stat that seems very accurate, 97% of us do not stretch enough. Spend less than a minute watching Personal Trainer Josie Montano to see what you can do on leg day. Or maybe the day after leg day.

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #knockoutcovid #andstreeeeeeeeetch

Riverpoint Sports & Wellness's cover photo

Wendy Skeets, Armand Giannini and Allyssa Green show their support for their favorite NFL team. Week Two of the season has begun! Who’s ready to get active?
We’d like to support your friends and family members in getting active. It’s on us! Click here to schedule their visit: https://bit.ly/35Nx1cn

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If swimming makes one this smiley we all need to head to the pool. It also makes waves.
Christy Bryant Larson was looking forward to lap swimming and tracking her calories burned both in and out of the pool using her myzone heart rate monitor. If you couldn’t tell, Christy is happy to be back!

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #everybodybackinthepool #waves


Wax on, Wax off Wednesday ~
Clean, cleaner, cleanest. It takes a team effort. The top Personal Trainer in all the land even gets in on the action to keep your club safe

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #knockoutcovid #misterclean


Pickleball popularity has been on the rise for years and now we’re happy to have it. Join Personal Trainer Caroline Tow for 30 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of play. C’mon, if that guy on the right can play, anyone can.
Mondays & Wednesdays 6:30PM | Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:30AM

* We’ll provide the equipment.

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #knockoutcovid

Nancy Miller and Personal Trainer Caroline Tow flex it out on the functional training floor. Since becoming a member, Nancy has recovered from a minor stroke and a broken pelvis, but she has returned to continue her training. That is dedication and we’re glad we can help.

You can almost see the smiles through those masks. Darn you, face coverings!

#membermonday #votefornancy2020 #wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether

We can do physical distancing while social fitness-ing. Hmmmm, we can also do physical fitness-ing while social distancing. Sundays in September are all about friends and family. Bring ‘em in. On us.
Just register your guest at wellbridge.com/member-referral, and show the printed form for complimentary access. The healthier you are, the healthier we all are.

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Personal Trainer Angie Vanni (why can’t we all have a name that cool) demonstrates a standing cable ab crunch. This works the external obliques and the rectus abdominis.
Now whatchyer gonna wanna do here is stand on both feet, leaning out from the machine in front of said feet, and exhale as you crunch. Angie Vanni is working with a 30 pound weight.
* Progression: Lift one leg, bringing the knee to elbows as you crunch.

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Exercise May Boost Your Vaccine Response | Wellbridge Club Management LLC

Exercise is like Tom Hanks, summer vacation, free food and the tooth fairy – it’s hard to say something negative about them. Two new studies suggest exercise may boost our vaccine response. That’s rather interesting as the world scrambles for a COVID vaccine and the flu season is waiting just behind that next box of tissues. Let’s do this.


#strongertogether #knockoutcovid #gymsaresafe

wellbridge.com If you are an athlete, you may gain greater immunity from a flu shot than people who are less active, according to two complementary and...

Tuesday News Day ~
Perhaps the biggest event to reach the states since Godzilla, we are excited to announce Pickleball is coming to Riverpoint! Personal Trainer Caroline Tow will be serving it up Tuesdays and Thursday at 10:30AM as well as Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30PM.
Contact Caroline at [email protected] for more information or to begin your Pickleball dreams with this six-week class.

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These two have been daily fixtures since becoming members in 2012, and father and son Clay and Levi Schroff wish you a happy Labor Day along with a magnificent Member Monday!

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #staycation #threedayweekend

Doesn’t this looking inviting? Relax, have fun and enjoy the sun. Monday is going to be HOT and our club will host the coolest scene in town. Remember to celebrate Labor Day at Sports & Wellness. See you soon!
Hours will not change for Monday, September 7.

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #staycation #thepooliscool

Celebrate Summer’s Final Holiday With The Ultimate Staycation!
Take a moment to relax, have fun and enjoy the sun. Monday is going to be HOT and Sports & Wellness will be the coolest scene in town.
* Club hours will not change for Labor Day weekend. See you soon!

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #staycation #thepooliscool


Sophia Haag has it figured out. She’s worked with Personal Trainer Carol Rivera for two months, and has plans to get her pilots license; attend one of the military academies; and become an astronaut to fly people TO space.

The moon. Now that’s social distancing.

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #thepowerofpersonaltraining #buttsandguts


Let’s meet Isiah Reyes for Talk-O Tuesday, as he tells us what he enjoys most about the club.

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #knockoutcovid


Member Monday!
Longtime member Ellen Buelow got herself a new hip a year ago. Listen to her rattle off everything she does at the club and it’s clear Sports & Wellness may inspire active lifestyles, but she inspires us. Keep it up, Ellen! Hip, hip, hooray…?
Hello? (Maybe could have skipped that last line)

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #getmoving #knockoutcovid

On this day in 1972, American 4 x 100m freestyle relay team of David Edgar, John Murphy, John Heidenreich and Mark Spitz swim a world record 3:26.42 to beat the Soviet Union for gold at the Munich Olympics.
Have you tried the pool?

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #liquidfitness #beattheheat

Did You Know: People burn more calories being asleep than they do by watching TV. More reason to take a nap!
…after you’ve been to the club, of course.

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #knockoutcovid #sleepisimportant

Yep, that’s fall rapidly approaching, which means we’re about to launch Blast! Academy September 7 at 8AM. Now we need your help. Know anyone who has experience working with kids (ages 5-12), wants to get involved and make a difference? They will also enjoy membership privileges! Well how ‘bout that, we have this handy link:


#wearesportsandwellness #inspirelearning #blastacademy #wegotthis

Yes, we believe in exercise and working hard, but your body also needs rest. During the weekend we hope you have a few moments of feeling like this.

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #restday #treatyourself


Even though personal trainer Curtis Casey might be wearing Velcro shoe laces, we’d like to share this story. Darian Trujillo’s original complimentary session was scheduled during lockdown, and the redo was accidentally slotted during the daily siesta. Our bad, so we kept the appointment and they worked out while we were closed. Maybe these two hit it off because Curtis now trains Darian AND his brother.

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #aintthatanicestory #thepowerofpersonaltraining

Remember our current hours give you more time to work in that workout. As you can see, people are tickled pink about this and we can’t mask their excitement.

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #knockoutcovid #funstartsatfive

It's Monday - let the dreams begin!

For all of the non-members who like to follow us on social media because it’s so gosh darn entertaining and informative, we also have a personal training program for you. Three sessions with one of our trainers? Pffffft, c’mon. This is too good.

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #stayfit #3for99


Trainer Tip Tues…no, Thursday
That’s our man, Angelo Duran, hyping his 8AM classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. From looking at this clip, you know you’ll work core, yet there will be so much more. What are you waiting for? Join the club.

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #knockoutcovid

You think it’s hot out there? Wait until you see this scorching personal training promotion for members. Health and fitness ran off the rails for many of us. We’d like to change that.

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #stayfit #3for99

What’s Up Wednesday actually takes us way back to last Friday.
Everything has been a blur, and suddenly August 7 was our last day of the summer swim team. The team was nice enough to give us an end-of-season goodbye. We will miss them and their incredible energy. Go Piranhas!

#wearesportsandwellness #strongertogether #stayfit #keeponswimming

Motivation Monday~
After you get your legs underneath you with some indoor cycling classes, enjoy the views and terrain of the many biking trails only minutes from the club. Check out the bosque, or head through neighborhoods like this one. Sunrise over the Sandias usually includes a hot air balloon…or two…or three…or more…

#wearesportsandwellness #staystrong #backinthesaddle #pedaltothemetal

Coming this fall, the best of Blast! Camp with virtual classroom support for kids ages 5-12. We are here to help during a school year that promises to be one for the books. Space is limited and is first come first served. Interested? Call 505.797.3105 or email [email protected], or visit www.sportsandwellness.com/camp.

#wearesportsandwellness #inspirelearning #blastacademy #wegotthis


Trainer Tip Thursday
He’s back! Angelo Duran shows Trish Hoffman – and the rest of us – the proper way to do leg presses. Keep those toes above the knees, people!

#wearesportsandwellness #inspirefitness #strongertogether #weneedourknees

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Join an Albuquerque community for those who value their physical, nutritional, and mental health. 5 Clubs | 1 Membership.

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