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IMPROVE STRENGTH, HEALTH, and FITNESS while BUILDING STRONG & SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS. TNT Gym has been developing & growing for over 20+ years.

We are unique in that we offer the highest level of coaching, formal education, & experience at our Albuquerque gym and we deliver it with personal programming in a group format. Our Albuquerque gym is a private garage gym and while we endeavor to provide the best for the individual, we seek members that are going to contribute and help our gym family grow. In this garage gym, we improve on your B

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Albuquerque The Magazine » Best of the City 05/02/2024

Hey TNT Gym Facebook Community! Take a few minutes to help us support the locals that support us!


If you don't have a preference in the following categories, here are some solid choices!

Best Food Truck: Tortas Chacon
Best Dance Lessons: VIIIzon, LLC
Best Business Owner: Coach Torrez (TNT Gym)
Best Veterinarian: Kariana Jones, Petroglyph Animal Hospital
Best Alt Wellness Practice: ELITE-OSM
Best Barber Shop: Steel Blade Men's salon
Best Cannabis Dispensary: Fort Twenty
Best Gym: TNT GYM
Best Physical Therapy: Charlsey Leigh McDonald (Dr Char McDonald)
Best Personal Trainer: Sonja Schofield, TNT Gym
Best Auto Detailing: Sandia Shine Co. LLC
Best Dispensary Customer Service: Fort Twenty


Albuquerque The Magazine » Best of the City Albuquerque The Magazine wants you to pick the city’s best food, shopping, entertainment, personalities, and places. Fill out the ballot with your favorites and then click “submit.” Watch for the winners in the year-end double issue of Albuquerque The Magazine.


Thank you to EVERYONE that contributed in any way. We will be posting our final Donation amount raised ASAP.

Thank you Jones Photography!


New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA)
State High School Powerlifting Championships

TNT GYM, Alton's Power Block Gym, & NASA Powerlifting contingent.

Giving back to a sport that has given us so much.

High school girls powerlifting champions crowed on Friday 04/14/2024

Congratulations to ALL that competed this weekend. Love seeing Powerlifting make its way to he high school level!

High school girls powerlifting champions crowed on Friday RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – The high school power lifting state championships kicked off with the girls competition on Friday. Athletes were scored on three lifts consisting on squats, bench pre…


Our Kick-Ass Kari!
31 WEEKS Pregnant AND
pushing an ALL-TIME PR Bench Press!


A very STRONG TNT GYM contingent will be on hand next week at the New Mexico Activities Association HS State Powerlifting Championships!

The ladies will lift on Friday(4/12), the guys on Saturday.

Thank you to the following NASA NM members that will be there helping and judging:
Edith Meadows
Berenice Gill
Sandra Guzman
Sonja Schofield
Michaela Coffin
Makenna Hulettulett
Wm Richardsonhardson
David Torrez

NM Wrestling - 2024 Youth Wrestler of the Year Awards 03/13/2024

Please support one of our youth lifters here at TNT!

Jakob Torrez has been nominated for NM Youth Lifter of the Year!

Jakob is also one of our youth powerlifters and he holds NM State and National Records.

Vote for him in the Boys 14U, Jakob Torrez(NM BEAST)

Thank you TNT Community!

NM Wrestling - 2024 Youth Wrestler of the Year Awards 2024 YOUTH WRESTLER OF THE YEAR AWARDS

Photos from TNT GYM's post 02/27/2024

NASA Natural Nationals RECAP 2024

“Hey Coach…I want you to know what a huge impact you and the Gym have had as I journey on to my 65th year. I NEVER would have joined a gym...far too intimidating. But my daughter finding you online had been the BEST thing. Thank you for what your gentle leading has done for me. I hope you find the same inspiration this year.”

I received this text during the Banquet. We will return to its significance shortly…

Every year I contemplate semi-retirement from competing. Every time I come to this meet & banquet; my batteries get recharged to keep going. As Richard Baker said, “Don’t freakin quit”.

The TNT Victory Van was loaded and on the road by 9am Friday. ~9hrs later we roll into OKC excited to see old friends and make new ones. Weigh-ins are semi-chaotic as we reconnect with friends while trying to get checked in.

Team dinner starts off great but quickly goes downhill…but such is life. Time to get some rest for the Saturday events. Gonna be a long day!

Lots of familiar faces in the warm-up area, but lots of new faces as well! We like to see that.

Meet runs smoothly, lots of great lifting and PRs going around. Team TNT doing what we do. Solid lifting. Appropriate attempt choices. PR’s and National records being set. The numbers are awesome, but coach is most proud of how the team conducts themselves. Everything is POSITIVE. We help each other AND we help lifters from other areas as well.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to lift with Terry Perkins & this year with Rahul Chauhan. Amazing chance to lift with two of the top lifters in NASA. No matter how long I do this, I am always trying to learn and you can bet I gleaned insights from both of these great lifters. More on them later.

Coach Sonja won the “Coaches Challenge” by going 9/9 and setting PRs. She also took home OUTSTANDING FEMALE POWERLIFTER of the day! Her 2nd such title.
It was fun to sit back and watch her and Brittney “battle” it out. Brittney was only a few hundreds of a point from winning Outstanding lifter herself!

Jon is a Rockstar and it was great seeing him again since he moved. Phoenix next! Lori picking solid attempts and finishing with a 1.9xBodyweight Deadlift of 231lbs with some more in the tank! Special to lift with my Mom on the day before her Birthing Day! Hopefully we can do a Torrez meet with us and all the kiddos soon. Alan was nervous calling his own numbers this meet, but turns out, he made great picks and PR’d on Total! Berenice and Vicky doing what veteran lifters do…showing the youngsters how it’s done. And WILD BILL being WILD BILL! Pretty sure Mike Ewoldson was ready to conduct an exorcism on him!

One of the coolest moves I’ve seen at a meet is Rahul acquiescing his Outstanding Lifter of the Day to the next qualifying division. He did this so that another lifter who regularly finishes with the highest coefficient, could walk away with a well-deserved belt!

Very successful meet for Team TNT. Feeling blessed that our lifters are able to compete on their own sans a coach. Mah babies are growing up!

Ah, the infamous NASA Banquet. Known to proceed until Rich Peters is done talking! Over the last 20+ years, I have attended numerous banquets. I’ve been to more than I’ve missed. I have also heard many stories multiple times over, each telling slightly different…some parts embellished, some “remembered” differently, and some you have to hear many times to get the full story. And you hear new stories as well. What you get is a verbal history lesson of NASA over the course of its existence. Every year adding to the tapestry that is NASA Powerlifting.

Team TNT was honored to receive multiple recognitions. Division winners were: Jess, Rainie, Sonja, Sandra, Berenice, Vicky, Bill, Alan.

Our 2 highest honors for Overall Lifters of the Year across all divisions, went to Brittney for Overall Female Powerlifter of ’23 and Vicky for Overall Female Powersports ’23! Surprised but not surprised!

Coach Sonja was once again in the Top 5 for NASA’s MVP award, Overall Athlete of the Year. But NM brought home it’s 6th OAY with Larry Marker being selected this year, along with co-winner Richard Baker…”HEY YOOOOO!!”


Normally the OAY is the culmination of the evening, but Rich had one more award this year. This year he gave out a truly once-in-a-lifetime award. This award was for the BEST Lifter in NASA history over the last 40 years, dubbed the Platinum Award.
Not to brag, but I will…I predicted this one! This man has been my carrot since I started lifting in NASA. He has always stayed just out of reach. He beat me head-to-head in the Ultimate Team competition in Las Vegas. He never knew it, but he gave me motivation to train harder & smarter. I realized at some point along the way that Powerlifting is not about your “competition” but about your own journey in this sport. It’s about doing things the right way in order to maximize your own natural, God-given ability to move round metal discs. At this point he became an inspiration. An inspiration in the sense that if you train for the long-game, not for short term status or records, you can really make your mark in this sport. In this way, powerlifting becomes a means for you to learn about yourself and becomes more than just weight on a bar. Thank you, Terry Perkins.

During the banquet, I was musing about how TNT Gym would not be what it is without NASA. I try to model our Gym on the principles that have guided NASA. As I watched NASA great after NASA great tell a piece of the story, I sat there hoping that those that have attended this banquet from our gym realize how much NASA has influenced what we do and what we are. As I’m thinking this, I get this text from one of our newest members only to solidify and validate my exact thoughts at the moment:

“Hey Coach…I want you to know what a huge impact you and the Gym have had as I journey on to my 65th year. I NEVER would have joined a gym...far too intimidating. But my daughter finding you online had been the BEST thing. Thank you for what your gentle leading has done for me. I hope you find the same inspiration this year.”

Little does she know that that inspiration has been NASA from the start.



TNT GYM & NASA Powerlifting representing at NM Highschool Powerlifting


TWO of NM's BEST Gyms are nominated for NASA Powerlifting's best gyms of 2023!

Congrats Alton's Power Block Gym!

Honored to be included with you!

Photos from TNT GYM's post 01/01/2024

Starting 2024 on the right track!!


TNT Gym with TWO nominee's for NASA Powerlifting MVP for 2023! Can one of these lifters join Coach Torrez in the NASA Lifter of the Year Club?

Congrats Berenice Gill and Coach Red Sonja Schofield !!


It's not about arbitrary gym numbers...It's about what you do with your earned STRENGTH outside of the gym...Nobody in the history of EVER, has said I wish I was weaker...



What a sweet Thanksgiving message from one of our female high school sophomore members!

Photos from TNT GYM's post 12/06/2023

Quote of the New Year:

"You will become more by no longer worrying about being less."
-Coach Red Sonja

Photos from TNT GYM's post 10/03/2023

Lifting weights, Lifting Bodies!

Photos from TNT GYM's post 09/02/2023


Do you Boo...

Photos from TNT GYM's post 08/24/2023

I've waited for a minute to post this because this is a special one for me. I spent many moons trying to get Ms. Brit under the bar. I always knew she would be a great lifter if she could find the passion for it. And here we are!

She has exemplified Vitamin C...ConsistenCy. She rarely misses sessions. And when she trains, she trains. No messing around. Stays focused and grinds out lifts. Her attention to technique is exceptional. Her lifts are very "machine" like in that her leverages are really dialed in and she performs every rep almost identical.

But, what really sets her apart is not just her lifting, but her support of the lifters around her. Yes she is focused, but never self-centered. She is always ready to help somebody load a bar or give a spot. Always ready with a smile, an encouraging word, or some s**t talk when necessary!

Congrats lady! Can't wait to see more!

-Coach T

Photos from TNT GYM's post 08/07/2023

All about that Vitamin C --> ConsistenCy!!

# #

Photos from TNT GYM's post 07/25/2023

NASA Powerlifting's Summer Nationals
Coach's RECAP

What a great meet! This sport never ceases to amaze me. NASA lifters are Family.

This was TNTs 2nd largest team ever! And the BEST performing to date!

Check out these STATS:
1st Place Team!
8 Women’s Lifters
5 Men’s Lifters
Ages from 13-72
91% Platform Completion

Now I know there are some coaches/lifters that think if you go 9/9 you aren’t trying hard enough. I’m gonna tell you now, they are wrong. Powerlifting is not about how much weight you can miss. ANY missed lift means pounds off your Total. THIS team has the BEST platform completion % of any TNT team to date!

I could write an essay on attempt selection, but just know that if you go 9/9 and are increasing your Total and PR’s over time, you will have a longer career in Powerlifting.

Stay tuned for a post about TNT’s 1st lifter, that is not a coach (yet?), to win OUTSTANDING LIFTER OF THE MEET!

-Coach T & Coach Red

Photos from TNT GYM's post 07/22/2023


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Our Story


We have been in the Strength & Conditioning field for over 15 years. We know how to get you STRONGER.

We specialize in Powerlifting & Strongman, EveryDay Strength for every BODY, and Youth & Sports Development. These programs are second to none and continually evolve.

STRENGTH is not limited to just the strength sports. EVERYONE can benefit from getting STRONGER!

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Our Kick-Ass Kari!31 WEEKS Pregnant ANDpushing an ALL-TIME PR Bench Press!115lbs!!!!
"Take me down to PR CITY! Where the form is tight and the weight is heavy!"
Justin hitting the Murphy One week early!
⛽ - Caffeine & Ammonia📍 - TNT Gym💪🏽 -by Vitamin C & Iron 🎵- Prophets of Rage-Unfuck the World
Rainie pulling another all-time PR here!260x3In less than 4 mons at TNT!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our POWER-PUJA!!!Here she is completing her FIRST Powerlifting meet with a 215lbs Deadlift!  Making it...
Balloon Fiesta Gym Views!




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