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I'll trade the new forest out front for new showers in the women's locker room.
Hi friends, I’m a triathlete & sports physician who just moved to ABQ. I’m finally accepting patients at New Mexico Chiropractic Center! Call my office if there’s anything you need to work on in the off season! I use chiropractic adjustments, ART, Graston, cupping & rehab exercises to keep you performing at your best! 🏊🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️⛷🏂😊 (We also have cold laser for nagging injuries & a cryo chamber to aid in recovery!) WTH am I to post on your group page? 😅 I raced xc /track in undergrad & try to race competitively now. I’ve worked with olympians through USA Track & field & a couple of college teams. I’ve also spent time at the Olympic training center. Check us out at New Mexico Chiropractic Center
New classes Contact for more questions of come try 1st class for free Del Norte Sports & Wellness
Come join me on Thursdays for boot camp, and you will probably see me get down to the music like this!!! Always a good laugh, sweat and beat in Boot Camp Thursdays @930am!!! https://www.facebook.com/onlytechno.net/videos/1614139602007601/
I celebrate A very special thanksgiving this year due to the great staff at Midtown that saved my life. Thank you for giving 100% when the chips were down. My prayers are for you and your families today.
Has anyone been swimming at midtown? How's the "82" degrees water?!
Just found out that Wendy is no longer at Midtown - wow Wellbridge you screwed up big time! Wendy was by far the best trainer you had - she cared about her clients and obviously was a dedicated employee. She was my personal trainer for several years as I recovered from a heart valve replacement tailoring my work out accordingly. I am so totally disappointed with management on so many levels. My husband is a swimmer and hasn’t used the pool at Midtown because it’s been too cold to do so. As someone mentioned 82 degrees water temp doesn’t help if it’s 40 degrees outside! And you all are so cavalier about it - we have other indoor pools in ABQ - do any of you live here and have any idea how long it takes to get from the Uptown area to the far northeast heights? There’s a reason we use Midtown - think about that and who your customers are before making any more stupid corporate decisions that affect the folks paying your salaries!!
Absolutely deplorable behavior by Midtown Sports and Wellness. 1. They will not consider replacing the bubble over the pool which they have done for 16 years. 2. We were told there will be water aerobics classes in the outdoor winter pool throughout the winter. Not true! 3. They did not allow Wendy Stephens to finish out her week before she leaves Midtown. This is outrageous! Wendy gave her all for 16 years and they just boot her out the door. no farewell party for her by the club. She did not get to say goodbye to her land based classes. No goodbye gift. Midtown, are you so cold? 4. An 89 year old member was not allowed entrance to the club for Wendy's last water class because she forgot her pass. This woman had been a member for 23 years! 5. We could not have the last water class with Wendy because the water was at 74 degrees? I believe this was done on purpose. 6. I. As a disabled woman, have been very inconvenienced. I cannot continue my regular water aerobics schedule because the other clubs are far from my house and the extra travel time interferes with my teaching schedule. 7. I have only received one response to the few emails I sent to the three main administrators involved. 8. I was told the water will be at 82 degrees all year round, as is expressed on the poster displayed in the lobby. I will be at the pool next week counting on the 82 degrees. I will let you know!
Since the pool will be closing for the winter, can we bring our dogs next weekend like they do at many pools nationally ? What a great idea! What fun! We can call the news!
From the regional manager to Susan Walter in regards to the outdoor pool bubble issue. Wow! Really?! From: "James (Jim) M. Gay" Date: October 6, 2017 at 10:44:26 AM MDT To: "Susan Walter" Subject: RE: Sadness Susan, We are saddened to hear of Wendy's decision as well. We would do most anything to keep her and we are trying, but she so far, no luck. We have asked the group and Wendy for ANY alternative that would allow the group to stay together (other clubs, other times, creative other ideas) but anything short of "replace the bubble" apparently will not be considered by the group. If no one is willing to consider any possible alternative other than THAT day at THAT time at THAT club with THAT instructor, in THAT pool and only if it is covered makes a potential solution impossible. Our reason for not responding to your email was because what was initially a fairly civil exchange deteriorated to slander and name calling on social media. That essentially severs the communication. Our reason for asking what you were looking to access on the second floor was intended to see if we could make that item or feature available to you on the first floor. That is why we have separate cardio area on the first floor, for example. If the group would still like to propose a solution other than replacing the bubble, we are open and anxious to hear it. I continue to meet personally with members that are willing to have a civil discussion (did so twice yesterday), but we cannot continue to allow our staff to be accosted or members that are not involved to be solicited to join the cause. I also have over 20+ emails in support of the decision and more are coming in daily. Jim Gay New Mexico Sports & Wellness | Regional Director Office: 505-797-9460 | Wellbridge.com 7120 Wyoming Blvd NE | Albuquerque, NM 87109
I am so angry with Midtown. I now am told that not only are they not going to cover the pool for the winter any longer, they are also cancelling water aerobics classes as of 10/15. We were told that they were going to have an innovative winter water aerobics program . Their plan was half assed but I did not know they would just hang it up to dry when our wonderful aerobics instructor gave her 2 week notice. What disrespect of loyal members and of a great instructor who gave her all to the water aerobics class for 16 years!! Shame on you, Midtown. Susan Walter
Bubble wrap water aerobics class on 10/2/17. Trying to enjoy the moment despite Midtown's decision not to cover the pool and Wendy Stephens' resignation.

Midtown Sports & Wellness is Albuquerque uptown's finest health club.

For those seeking an increasingly active lifestyle we invite you to try our Personal Training, group fitness classes, kids activities and more. For those already active, try our pilates classes, group cycling or swim lessons. Get started today.

SPOILER ALERT! Not to sound all Hollywood, but yesterday was filming day: Barre, Yoga Sculpt and Power Yoga will be added to the Virtual Club next week!


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“April showers bring May flowers,” the saying goes…or is it April hibernation brings May opportunities? Either way, we’ll take it – the longest month in history is over!

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These little fellas have perfected the art of keeping in shape while staying at home. Enjoy the live feeds from the Georgia Aquarium!


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Wall Skullcrushers. Is there a more appropriate name for an exercise right now? You might think you’ve been doing these every day for a month, but that’s called banging your head against a wall. Here’s our featured exercise:


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Our Virtual Club has something for everyone. Yeah, that includes you! Looking for low impact? Let our very own Junko Kazukawa bring it on home.


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Since traveling is not on our agenda these days, take a virtual adventure with your kids. This week in Born to Move, we are going to Australia!


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Have you heard of our Wellbridge Workout Tracker powered by Matrix yet? Check it out and join our virtual community!


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Let's Stay Connected - Sue Meyer

They say sitting is the new smoking, and you’ll be surprised how much you can do with just five minutes. FIVE MINUTES!


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Taking a moment to catch up with our very own Sue Meyer.

"Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty." ~John Ruskin

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Spring and a miss…we miss our members and our associates. Let’s fix that. Give a shout-out to one of your favorite faces from the club! #teammatetuesday

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Hey you guys! Pledge to get outside with your kids at least once a day with the Outside Every Day Challenge: https://hubs.ly/H0pH4p60

Why are you still reading this? Go!

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A body at rest stays at rest, a body in motion attacks Les Mills On Demand.

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watch.lesmillsondemand.com BODYATTACK REMIX 02 Feel Alive Duration: 41 minutes Equipment: none required. Selected by: Lisa Osborne 1. WARMUP Feel Alive performed by Hot Tamales made famous by Newclaess MOVES: Stretch Sequence, Bounce, Run, Step Touch, Squat, Side Plank, Tricep Pushup 2. MIXED IMPACT Uptown Funk p...

Push-ups may need to be done a bit differently these days, but you can still get them in. You’ve got this! #bodyattack #inspirefitness #lesmillsondemand Les Mills

Push-ups may need to be done a bit differently these days, but you can still get them in. You’ve got this!

#bodyattack #inspirefitness #lesmillsondemand Les Mills

Take it outside! “It's opener there in the wide open air.”
Can you name the children’s book that line comes from?

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Quarantine Day 1,002…no 1,003. Feel familiar? Stay strong! Share your favorite fitness meme and #socialdistance. We’ve got this.

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There’s nothing like a recovery day to get over the hump. Check out these virtual Mind|Body options with a couple of our friends in Colorado.


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Get out of your comfort zone and win BIG with the MYZONE Global MEPs Challenge!


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“Push-ups are the quintessential bodyweight exercise.” ~ Anyone and everyone

So basic but so effective. Check out our featured exercise:

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Today is Saturday…right? With these life changes, it can get confusing & just maybe, a little stressful. Try these beginner meditation tips & techniques to help feel like yourself. Or at least know if it’s today or yesterday.


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Don’t you hate when some bunny leaves its eggs all over your backyard? Have a scavenger hunt Sunday, where you give clues to find the next egg. Your kids reach fun prizes at the end and the yard will be clean!

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This one made us smile…because it’s true. Share your favorite pet photo and #socialdistance. They’re one of the reasons we’re getting through this!

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Let’s not kid around here. The children are home and they need something to burn energy. Lots of energy, and Les is more!

Find your moves at: https://hubs.ly/H0pmlWm0

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Because a day without dancing is like… jk, we have no idea! Monday-Friday, 10:30AM MDT – LIVE with Louis Van Amstel LaBlast Fitness.

Register here: https://lablastfitness.com/free-lablast-live-classes/

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Let’s see your creative and clever home workouts! Fido Squats (holding your dog)…paint can curls…vacuum dancing…sock skaters…mailbox intervals…

Post a pic or a video and #socialdistance. We’ve got this!

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Finally, the reason you’ve kept those canned tomatoes in the pantry!

Get tips from Les Mills experts on how to stay fit at home using everyday household items and Les Mills programs. No Equipment? No Problem!

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watch.lesmillsondemand.com Keen to exercise at home but don’t have all the right fitness gear? Don’t let a lack of equipment hold you back! Our Creative Director Kylie Gates shows you how you can improvise with equipment you have around the house.

We're temporarily closed, but the great outdoors is always open. Until we’re able to cover everything from A to Zumba, get your Vitamin D on.

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How goes the juggling act? Spinning enough plates?

There has to be another carnival-related metaphor…but the point is we still need to take care of ourselves. We’ve got this.

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It’s Fusion Friday, and Les Mills On Demand has pre-mixed hybrid workouts to get ‘em all in.

Only 30 minutes, it features BODYCOMBAT, HIIT, CORE & FLOW. It’s like a fitness sampler. FREE for members through May 31. @lesmills

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Here’s to our Healthcare Professionals #covid19awareness #staystrong #socialdistance #strongertogether #wearewellbridge

Here’s to our Healthcare Professionals

#covid19awareness #staystrong #socialdistance #strongertogether #wearewellbridge

A healthy spin on these challenging times: the Global MEPs Challenge has arrived! Myzone is sponsoring $10,000 in cash and prizes – wear your belt and you’re in the running. You’ve got this.

Need a Myzone activity tracker? Members save more than 50%: https://hubs.ly/H0p6Rzd0

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You’ve got this, and we’ve got your font, back and obliques. Say hello to your Virtual Club! https://wellbridge.com/virtual-club/ #inspirefitness #staystrong #stayfit #strongertogether #virtualfitness #wearewellbridge

You’ve got this, and we’ve got your front, back and obliques.
Say hello to your Virtual Club! https://hubs.ly/H0p4lw40

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When you feel like quitting...Don't #TurnUpTuesday

#MondayMotivation - The harder you workout, the weaker his knees get.

Crushed it. #Friday #Workout #Badass #ReadyForTheWeekend

Spring is in the air, are your kids registered yet...

Fitness Community

Join an Albuquerque community for those who value their physical, nutritional, and mental health. 5 Clubs | 1 Membership.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Albuquerque?

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Push-ups may need to be done a bit differently these days, but you can still get them in. You’ve got this! #bodyattack #inspirefitness #lesmillsondemand Les Mills
Here’s to our Healthcare Professionals #covid19awareness #staystrong #socialdistance #strongertogether #wearewellbridge
You’ve got this, and we’ve got your font, back and obliques. Say hello to your Virtual Club! https://wellbridge.com/virtual-club/ #inspirefitness #staystrong #stayfit #strongertogether #virtualfitness #wearewellbridge
Building a healthier community starts with our local HEROES! We love getting into our Midtown Neighborhood to promote wellness at all levels. #streetjam #youmaybenext #popupbizfit
Building a healthier community starts with our local HEROES! We love getting into our Midtown Neighborhood to promote wellness at all levels. #streetjam #youmaybenext #popupbizfit
Elf Workout Video




4100 Prospect Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM
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LaBlast is an innovative partner-free dance fitness workout using dances from the hit show "Dancing With The Stars" Including: Salsa, Cha Cha, Jive, & more

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FITNHB has created a program focused on develping the skills and techniques necessary for Teens (13-18) to excel in Mixed Martial Arts.

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We’re excited to announce the opening of a brand new Jacksons Martial Arts and Fitness Academy here in Albuquerque! Offering the world class Jacksons MMA children’s curriculum , adult kickboxing / mma and fitness for all levels! ��

CedarFIT - Cottonwood Westside Albuquerque Personal Trainer / Boot Camp CedarFIT - Cottonwood Westside Albuquerque Personal Trainer / Boot Camp
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CedarFIT Body Transformation Center is expanding to Albuquerque's Westside! Opening Sept 2017 Request Info http://bit.ly/2sgRccM

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A fun spin on a photobooth! Customize your background and props to fit any event, wedding or party! professional photography and lighting set up serving all of Albuquerque and surrounding areas. To Learn more or book an event, visit our website.

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PURA ATHLETICS is a growing family of athletes who are serious about their health, skills, and the atmosphere in which they choose to develop both. Our focus is to help each other reach our personal goals and strive for new ones.

A Healthier You Fitness A Healthier You Fitness
5104 La Subida St NW
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Let us help you reach your health, fitness and mental goals. We will work with your busy schedule. message us and let us help you!