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Gumdo Paper Cut

This is a paper cut. We do it with a wooden practice sword. It is not as easy as it looks. I'm not just doing this for the sport of it. It is a serious self-defense warning to all newspapers with a bad attitude!


Candle Snuffing

I have a couple black belts but Gumdo (Korean Samurai sword) is the toughest I have done as a yellow belt. The horizontal snuffing is a yellow belt requirement while the vertical snuffing (much, much more difficult) is a white belt technique. I really wasn't planning on snuffing all of them so I was confused at the end. Wanted to prove what was snuffed and couldn't figure out whether to use my cell or my laptop. Haedong Gumdo is really a challenging martial art. Can't imagine what kind of crazy stuff I will have to do for my next belt level!

Photos from Albuquerque Taekwondo and Self-Defense Club's post 03/21/2020

Most macho dudes think self-defense is buying guns to defend their stash of canned goods or to protect them from zombies. But we also need to protect against the unseen. These fotos are of my first future food crops. Sprouting is so super-easy. Those are mung bean sprouts that I started yesterday. Should be ready in a few days. My cherry tomatoes may take a bit longer.


Judo Covid19

Martial Arts using Social Distancing


Rising Star Stunt Team is working out at our dojo at Menaul & Eubank. This is an example of some of the martial art action in one of their sessions. I often watch their training which is a real twist on regular martial arts. For example, one major goal is NOT to hit the other person. That other person could be a major actor!

Hostage Escape Seminar 12/13/2019

This was the first of a series of seminars the Beau is presenting to teach us how to get out of a hostage situation. It wasn't that easy but was possible! I can easily get out of the smaller zip ties but these were a lot thicker. Had to use a different technique to break them. There is more to come!

Wrestle training with dummies - 976503 08/26/2019

Wrestle training with dummies - 976503

Another great demonstration of how do to a proper takedown.

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Pay close attention. This really works!


This is a real honor: Andrew Webb will be hosing Al McLuckie at NMMA & F at Menaul and Eubank on July 20, 2019. Al McLuckie is a certified Systema instructor. Systema is a Russian martial art for very close quarter combat. This is a MUST for anyone who really wants to get in close to destroy an opponent - no messing around! Hope to see you here.


This is a typical Kung Fu San Soo lesson. They don't show the most important part, though. The tip of your tongue has to extend, inside the mouth, directly past open teeth as far as it will go. Copied from Kung Fu San Soo 2.0 site.


We finally got our sign up! Thanks to Dave, Phil, and especially my landlord Jeff Parsons. It really looks professional and the nice part is that ATA is going to give us $2,000 worth of gear from WMA, it's equipment sales organization. One thing that differentiates us is that we take students of all cognitive and physical abilities plus students of any age. OK we start at four y.o. And, of course, I know something about age since I'm a certified Septuagenarian, at lest for a couple more years!


We are now New Mexico Martial Arts and Fitness Centers. We not only have classes in ATA Taekwondo but also in Kung Fu San Soo, Pencak Silat, Bladed Weapons, Tai Chi, and Systema.

Photos from Albuquerque Taekwondo and Self-Defense Club's post 06/28/2019

Bladed Weapons class on Friday 6/28/2019. Andrew, grey shirt, started out with a Systema drill for very close-in knife work. Then we worked with a Kali Sombrada. Since it is a drill, we are not in close at the normal fighting range, but are leaving room for our partner to counter and then we continue with our own counter. When the drill is learned, the moves continue non-stop, even switching roles. It was a fun drill.


This was a group picture taken during my trip to Indonesia in May. It shows the group from camp, mainly wearing the same type of shirt and some others from the community who joined in. We practiced and (they) performed in a Bandung museum. Pendekar Bambang is second from left standing. I'm the old guy

PENCAK SILAT seminar in Tokyo comin up. Interested contact me at [email protected] for details, etc.


I love martial arts. At age 76 I wonder how long I can keep up with Taekwondo, Kung Fu San Soo, Kali, and Silat. Can I make it into my 80s? Then I saw Jimmy Carter on the news this morning. Was that a 10 foot 2X4 he was carrying at age 94? He's going strong building houses. What an inspiration! Maybe I have a way to go!


Got back to ABQ after finally getting the sensitivity back in my legs after Hot Springs. Saturday started with our 2 1/2 hour Silat class (I'm a student) taught by Dave Moore.. This is the best deal in the country! Every Saturday for $25 per month! Silat, so far, is insane. In most Arts you want to take up the space of your opponent. In Silat, it is done so fast, you don't know someone is in your space until your are looking up at him from the floor. It was a fantastic class. Then on to my Kali class (also a student) with three hours of banging sticks and knives. Kali is from the Philippines and they borrow some Silat from their neighbors in Indonesia. So there are some of the same moves. We did a few Sombradas (use it as a keyword in YouTube) including one using the punyo. The punyo, were the stick to be a sword, would be the hilt. In this case, in my estimation, the punyo is nastier than what, with a sword, would be the pointy end (sorry Arya!). Now I'm really tired. But it is all great stuff. Let me know if you are interested in either Kali or Silat and I can hook you up.


Two grueling days for an old man. Couldn't hardly walk the second day. Received my certification on Wednesday to train instructors. This was at the ATA Taekwondo World Expo in Little Rock, Arkansas. On Friday morning, on the way home, I stopped off at Hot Springs at the one traditional bath house to soak away the pain. It worked!

Photos from Albuquerque Taekwondo and Self-Defense Club's post 04/22/2018

Photos from the Silat Seminar. Guru Tim Anderson is in the middle of each photo (back row). This was an amazing seminar. To see what is going on, look up Guru Tim Anderson Silat on YouTube. Fantastic stuff.


Arm Bar

Arm Bar and some obvious descrimination against people with hair!


Collar grab - prayer

Collar grab - prayer. Interesting way to get out of a collar grab while throwing the opponent way off balance


Lapel Grab to Bear Hug

Lapel Grab to Bear Hug


Supine choke defense

Supine choke defense.


Sleeve Choke

This is an interesting and nasty choke.


Arm Drag to Pillowcase Choke

This is the third lesson in Ish's Clinic. This is another easy transition


Ish Calleros Clinic - arm drag to rear naked choke

This is the second lesson at the Clinic on March 24. He continued with the arm drag and transitioned directly into a rear naked choke. You have no chance unless you are quick. I am not that quick!


Master Ish Calleros' Kung Fu San Soo Clinic in ABQ

I'm really late getting this out. It has been nearly 2 weeks since Ish Calleros was here for a San Soo clinic. I have been moving into a new space and have been overwhelmed. So finally getting it posted. It seems like everyone attending loved the clinic and learneds a lot. Ish concentrated on chokes. As the person who was getting beat up, I can tell you that it is great getting pounded by different people. Ish is a rock. His blocks are not comfortable. When he answered that question about what San Soo means (crazy hands), he demonstrated on me. I got popped a couple times. It is always great working with a Master. Thanks, Ish

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Gumdo Paper Cut
Candle Snuffing
Arm Bar
Collar grab - prayer
Lapel Grab to Bear Hug
Supine choke defense
Sleeve Choke
Arm Drag to Pillowcase Choke
Ish Calleros Clinic - arm drag to rear naked choke
Master Ish Calleros' Kung Fu San Soo Clinic in ABQ




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