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Hello I am moving to Albuquerque and study judo, Nihon Jujutsu, Goju Ryu karate and would like to join your dojo. I am older guy, so not as flexible as I used to be but want to continue study. I really like what you folks are doing. How much is your fee please? Thanks Garrison Wells
Hey All! Greetings from Boston! Just wanted to send you all well wishes since I will not be coming home this summer due to the pandemic. Take care and hope to see you all when things get back to normal. Stay healthy, be safe, and keep busy!
I am trying to reach Darlene Anaya. She was a world bronze medalist in 1983 from Albuquerque. She was a police officer also. Do you know how I might reach he? If you have contact info, would you please text it to me at 404-808-7108. Thanks
Training camp with Carlos Honorato. Olympic silver medalist; World bronze medalist; 7 time gold medalist Panamerican championships; Junior world bronze; Honorato is known for throwing Hidehiko Yoshida for an ippon with an uchi-mata that ended up dislocating the elbow of the Japanese judoka. Save the date as you can't miss it! 2020 Colorado State Judo Championships - 4/18 Camp with Carlos Honorato - 4/19 and 4/20. #2020ColoradoJudo
48h away from the closing of the online registrations we officially have 100 athletes registered for a total of 115 entries. We've had entries from AZ, MO, MT, NM, WY and CO. Everything is coming together for a great event! Remember that JUNIORS HAVE TO REGISTER ONLINE! Online registrations at: We have an updated entry package. You can download it from the website as well. Remote weigh-ins tomorrow to Wednesday. The locations are listed on the entry packet. Colorado State Championships - 04/06 Training Camp - 04/07 to 04/09 We thank our sponsor for the support: Judo Gear USA Adidas #2019ColoradoJudo
Hey folks- This is Justin from Platte River Judo in Wyoming. Just dropping a note to check in and see who was planning on coming to Freestyle Judo Junior Nationals? It is on May 4th in Colorado Springs. Steve Scott, the founder of the ruleset will be there as well as several others from that group. This will obviously be a much smaller tourney than USA Youth Nationals, but it is bringing grapplers from around the US. It IS a National Championship through the AAU. Leg grabs, pickups, more newaza time, NO rolling/soft ippons, numerical scoring (except ippon). The rule set it a lot of fun. If you have any questions, please let Andrew Stutts (Iron Forged Martial Arts in Co Springs) or I know. You can msg me here, call/text (605) 787-0258, or just find me next weekend at CJL State. We are bringing several judoka down to Denver to compete.
Online registrations for the 2019 Colorado State Judo Championships are open! Register at Everything is coming together for a great event on 4/6/19! Open division winners will receive a $200 cash prize. Junior and Adult MVP’s will earn an Adidas judogi, compliments of Judo Gear USA. Training camp following the competition. No junior walk-in registrations this year! The event is made possible by the support of Judo Gear USA Adidas, Wildcat Center (Johnson & Wales University). Need a place to stay overnight? The championship hotel is the Quality Inn and Suites Denver Stapleton. $79/night, breakfast and WI-FI included. Link to reservations: or call 303-388-6161 and ask for Colorado State Judo Championship group. #2019ColoradoJudo Judo Gear USA Adidas Quality Inn & Suites Denver Stapleton
Just tonight a friend of mine here in California earned his Yellow Belt. It reminds me when I earned mine back in 1986 at this great establishment. Sensei Ballou will always be my favorite instructor
Colorado State Judo Championship update. This year, the event will be followed by a training camp hosted by Denver Judo. Championships - 04/06/2019. Camp - 04/07 to 04/09 We had entries from CO, TX, WY, NM, CA, UT, LA, MO, IL, HI and a few international competitors in 2018. We are shooting for more in 2019! #2019ColoradoJudo
The Denver Classic is November 3 at Johnson and Wales! Divisions for novice and advanced juniors, seniors, and masters, and kata! Cash awards and championship belts for the senior open divisions! Download the registration packet here:…/…/18th-Annual-Denver-Classic.pdf and register online at!

Judo sandiajudo.50 Sandia Judo Club was established in September of 1972, by Sensei Jesse Ballou. Sensei Ballou began Judo January of 1955 in Sacramento California, he is 6th degree black belt (Rokyudan).

President of New Mexico Judo is Sensei Howard Higgins a 5th degree black belt (Godan) Primary Sensei of Tuesday and Thursday classes is Sensei Mark Apastalon 5th degree black belt (Godan) Sensei Apastalon began Judo in Okinawa in 1971, he began training with Sandia Judo in 1974. Sandia also has many experienced Senseis (some Senseis are also ranked in various other martial arts), here is a list in order of Judo rank: Sensei Linda Yiannakis, 4th Dan (USA Judo) (Yodan) Sensei Mark Fraser 4th degree black belt (Yodan) began Judo in Missouri in 1974 he began training with Sandia Judo in 1998. Sensei Rob Debuck 4th degree black belt (Yodan) began training with Sandia Judo in 2003. Sensei Micheal Alexander 3rd degree black belt (Sandan) began training with Sandia Judo... Sensei Mario Fong 3rd degree black belt (Sandan) began training in Cuba in 1972, he stared training with Sandia Judo in 2005. Sensei Walter English 2nd degree black belt (Nidan) began training with Sandia Judo in 1986. Sensei Rob Smith 1st degree black belt (Shodan) began training with Sandia Judo... Sandia Judo has won many team and individual trophies throughout the years, so many we had a hard time grouping them all up!! (you may want to stop by and look at all of the awards for yourself if you're curious. :)) The fee for one adult is $40.00 per month. The fee For one child is $40.00 per month. There are family rates available (no more than $110.00 per month) If you are not a member but would like to come work out there is a $5.00 mat fee. Judogi is preferred. If you have any further questions that have not been answered feel free to ask. Thank you, Toni Facebook Admin for Sandia Judo

Operating as usual

[09/10/20]   Sandia Judo Club Reopening!
Co-vid 19 procedures compliant workouts Tuesday and Thursday nights;
No contact training; masks and social distancing enforced.
First class September 17th 7:00-8:00 pm:
Limited to 8 practitioners, first come first served!
Cost: $50 per month or $10 per workout, payable in advance.
By reservation only. To reserve your slot, e-Mail Howard, or respond to this with your contact information. Note: due to social distancing requirements, all participants need to arrive dressed out and no spectators will be allowed at these workouts.

[07/16/20]   Friends and fellow Judoka,
Governor Grisham has extended her previous executive order through the end of July. This order effectively bans indoor fitness classes, under which our classes fall. I am exploring options for non-contact, social distanced training. This would permit us to restart quickly (although at a reduced level) once the restrictions are lifted. Please consider whether this would interest you, as I’ll need definite commitments from a few of you to begin. I am also preparing the new guidance instruction sheet detailing how we must proceed.
In this Covid-19 world. I’ll post this in the next few days.
Please keep strong is spirit and body. Remember-we are all warriors and winners as we are Judoka!
Howard Sensei

[05/31/20]   Fellow Judoka,
I had a moment of happy anticipation when I heard gyms would be able to open. However, looking closer, “group fitness classes” are still not allowed. This, unfortunately, includes our Judo classes. I’ll reach out to the governor’s office and see if I can get any thoughts on when we might be allowed to restart. Until then, keep up your home workouts!

Howard Sensei

[05/15/20]   Friends and fellow Judoka,

The Governor announced new COVID-19 rules yesterday. Gyms still are not to reopen. It is possible they will be allowed to open in mid-June. However, based upon guidance from USA Judo, we will not be resuming Judo classes until social distancing rules are relaxed. Good news is that we won’t have to wear masks while working out. Both the Governor and USA Judo recommend against wearing masks during strenuous exercise. When we reopen there will be new rules regarding disinfection, spectator limitations and so forth. All participants will also be required to certify they are not ill and sign new waivers.

Please stay healthy and continue working out. We’ll be training together soon!

Howard Sensei

[04/30/20]   Friends and fellow judoka,

Gov. Grisham has extended the closure order for gyms through the fifteenth of May. Unfortunately, this means we will not be resuming Judo classes before then. Depending upon events and decisions by our government in the next two weeks, we may be able to reopen later in May. If so we will! However, be prepared for temperature checks, new rules on cleaning GIS, and increased sanitizing.

In the meantime, stay healthy and begin (or continue) working out!!

Thinking of you all, I remain,
Howard Sensei

[04/15/20]   Judoka: this is a training tip! I trust all are working out at home (stretching, push-ups, sit-ups etc.). For Judo, hikite pull (“what time is it”) is very important. Add these to your home workouts. Take a light dumbell, workout band, or even small can of vegetables or fruit. Pull it (pinky up!) across leading with the elbow. Do 25 repetitions each side, repeat for 3 sets. Alternatively, you could do a set each time you enter your bedroom.
And, remember to also keep your cardio strong! Run, bike, swim or even walk to get your heart rate up. This will help your immune system and you’ll need good cardio when we start back at the dojo!

See you soon,
Howard Sensei

[04/14/20]   Friends,

We live in unprecedented times. In these times we must keep strong and live the “giving way.” I miss you all, and hope you are maintaining the Judo spirit. If any of you need help, please call me or leave a message on the club phone. I have also started trying to reach everyone at home to make sure all are OK.
We hope to reopen next month. If that isn’t happening I may start posting short instructional segments. In the meantime remember, “The path of the warrior is lifelong, and mastery is often simply staying on the path.”(Richard Heckler).

Howard Sensei

[04/08/20]   Friends and fellow Judoka,

Due to the extension of the shelter at home order from the governor through the end of April, Sandia Judo Club will remain closed through the month. The projected date for our reopening workout is now May 5th, with May 2 a workday to clean mats, locker room etc. and ready for our workouts. Fingers crossed this schedule holds! Work out at home and see you soon!

Howard Sensei

[03/30/20]   Judoka, families and friends,

The governor extended the closure order through April 10. This means our first workout would be April 14 (April 11 would be a work day to thoroughly clean the club).

However, the President has requested closures and social distancing through the end of April. Thus it is likely our work day would be May 2 with a May 5 opening.

The NM virus case peak isn’t projected to be until the week of April 20. Given this, even the May dates may be too early. But, we will reopen as soon as we can do so safely. In the meantime, watch here for updates.

Stay healthy, work out, watch Judo videos and/ or study Judo books, and do breathing exercises! We’ll all be together as an integral Judo community soon!

Howard Sensei

Judo Fanatics

Friends, fellow Judoka, and students:

Our governor has not yet ended the business closure order. It also appears unlikely to be lifted soon. We will reopen as soon as health conditions warrant, and it is legal to do so. In the meantime, Olympic silver medalist and BJJ black belt Travis Stevens has posted a FREE home workout at (Travis-Stevens-home-workout). Use of this workout will help you maintain your edge.

Please stay tuned for further up-dates as to when our workouts will resume. Stay safe out there!

Howard Sensei Our goal is to bring you the best instructional Judo videos from the premier competitors on Earth.

[03/25/20]   Due to the governor’s orders it is unlikely we will be able to open April 2, as planned. We are monitoring the situation and will reopen as soon as we can. We miss you all and can’t wait until we can work out together again. Judo hugs to all! Be safe and healthy out there; it’ s a dangerous world!

Howard Sensei

[03/25/20]   Due to the directive of the governor, Sandia Judo will not be able to reopen on April 2, as planned. We’ll reopen as soon as we can. We miss everyone and can’t wait until we can “knock heads” again! Judo hugs to all! Stay safe out there, it’s a dangerous world.
Howard Sensei

[03/22/20]   Hello, friends and Judoka! I hope you all are staying well and fit despite the pandemic. As we are closed by order of the governor, our re-opening date remains in limbo. I’ve researched guidance for exercise during this time and offer the following Do’s and Don’ts:

Undertake mild to moderate physical exercise (20-45 minutes) 3 times per week;
Focus on “maintain not gain” for fitness and/or strength;
Avoid physical contact, 6 ft distance from others;
Wash and disinfect all equipment, mats, and spaces following use;
Disinfect the gym following use;
Stay engaged with us (your cohort) through social media, not direct contact;
Eat and sleep well to maintain strong disease resistance;
Remain optimistic, be here now, and don’t be scared for this too shall pass.

Exercise to exhaustion.
Exercise with flulike symptoms (fever, dry cough, exhaustion, muscle she’s, shortness of breath);
Exercise more than 5 times per week;
Exercise in crowded, enclosed spaces;
Share drinks or utensils;
Over drink fluids to “flush out” pathogens or to avoid dehydration.

Remember: MODERATION in exercise as in all other things! Stay healthy out there and we’ll see each other soon.

Howard Sensei

[03/13/20]   Sandia Judo closed due to Covid-19 from March 16 through March 31. Stay tuned for further announcements!

Andria Rodriguez-Lopez ha ha here is a better one!

Know it!

Know it!

[07/30/19]   Hi It's Toni Hardesty-Richtsmeier, does anyone feel like giving me a ride to class tonight? 👍👀

[07/30/19]   Hi It's Toni Hardesty-Richtsmeier, does anyone feel like giving me a ride to class tonight? 👍👀

[01/26/19]   Hey folks sorry for any inconvenience, Sensei Linda Yiannakis class will be cancelled for today.

[01/18/19]   Mat refurbish next Monday (January 21st)!! Come to the club and help lay down tatami! This will begin in the morning; exact time will be broadcast shortly. Thanks!! 🥋

[01/11/19]   Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Traditional Judo Class scheduled for this Saturday (January 12th) is CANCELLED. The first class of this series is now scheduled for January 26th. We apologize for any inconvenience.

[01/04/19]   Hi there, I'm Toni,
Yay!! Good night at judo! I'm definitely not able to perform how I used to, but I was able to do way more tonight then I have in a couple years!!! And as always I love to help new people learn the basics, if you don't have a good foundation eventually you WILL GET HURT. Thanks to Howard Higgins Sensei and Walter English Sensei for letting me help!

[01/01/19]   Sandia Judo closed today only (January 1, 2019) due to weather. Stay home and off the roads and be safe. Happy New Year! Howard Sensei

JudoTraining 101

And now...on to training for the New Year!

A great Christmas party! We wish all friends of Sandia Judo could have been there, but we had good food, a fine turn-out, and (above all) a lot of fraternity!

[12/13/18]   Holiday potluck tonight! Tonight, 7-9, is our annual holiday potluck. All judoka, families and friends are invited to join us. See you there!

[12/06/18]   Annual Holiday Potluck Party! December 13, 7-9 pm at the club! All judo players, families and friends are invited. Please come.

[12/06/18]   Annual holiday potluck party! Thursday, December 13, 7-9 P.M. at the club!! All judo players, families, and friends of Sandia Judo are invited to attend. Please come!!!

[11/22/18]   Happy Thanksgiving to all students and friends of Sandia Judo!

Tonight's class!

Fun times at the dojo tonight!!!

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