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Our training focuses on real-world self-defense techniques that can be used by anyone regardless of The first IPP KRAV MAGA master in USA ! km.jpg

Master Fredrick Zane Church is the first worldwide member of the IPP KRAV MAGA international association to have the title of certified master 6 dan black belt. Master Zane after years of training in IPP Krav Maga system went to Italy to make the intensive master course of the IPP Krav Maga and the exam to be graduated. Even if the course was very hard putting him under stress both physically and

Operating as usual


Ladies… have you ever wanted to learn some techniques that will keep you safe in todays crazy world??!! Then don’t miss this One day Seminar! I promise you will walk away with great info and techniques you can utilize immediately! Any age from middle school up. Any physical capability is welcome. Limited spots


Amazing training! Legends!!


New Name, same people!! Zane is BACK!!


ABQ MMA We are asking all of our students current or past to please look through your photos and please share any of our Brother Elias! We would love to share them with his family during this very difficult time! Rest In peace!

Support for Eli, Sharon and Elisa Rodriguez, organized by Amanda Schneider 05/17/2021

Support for Eli, Sharon and Elisa Rodriguez, organized by Amanda Schneider

UPDATE!!: We are devastated we lost our good friend! He put up a great fight but ultimately God needed another warrior! Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers!!

Thank you friends and family for your kind thoughts and prayers for Elias Rodriguez. Please help a member of our Krav Maga family. He is currently fighting for his life. He is an amazing dedicated martial arts instructor, Fierce Christian, hard working city employee, devout father and husband and if you have had the opportunity to know this man you know he is a great person with a huge heart. Keep fighting Eli, we are all cheering and praying for you!!

Our brother needs your help, either in prayer or if you can help his family any little bit helps.

Support for Eli, Sharon and Elisa Rodriguez, organized by Amanda Schneider Showing our love and support for Eli, Sharon and Elisa. Praying for the f… Amanda Schneider needs your support for Support for Eli, Sharon and Elisa Rodriguez


Why do you practice Krav Maga?
Free stickers on the front desk.


New stickers, free on the front desk. Have a good weekend and we'll be here to work out your frustrations when it's over.


We can't wait to start up our Sanuces Ryu Jiu-Jitsu classes again just as soon as it is safe. For those of you unfamiliar with our founder I thought it would be nice to drop a few words about him here. Moses Powell (1941–2005), also known as Master Musa Muhammad, was an American pioneer of martial arts in the United States. One of the first African Americans to instruct the DEA, FBI, and the Secret Service in martial arts. He was also a featured demonstrator New York's World Fair in 1965. Notable for being a black martial artist (of minority ethnicity in the United States), he served as an instructor to movie star Wesley Snipes. He was born in Norfolk Virginia. He held the rank of 10th degree black belt, and was famous for his one finger forward roll. Moses Powell was the first martial artist invited to perform a demonstration in front of the United Nations. Flow like water crash like iron.


Thank you everyone that donated funds to keep us open. You will never know how much this means to us. Your generosity is truly humbling. Thank you.


Alright everyone. It looks like we will be opening up on Monday 06/01/2020 at 50% capacity. Please make sure to sign in on GloFox as class sizes will be strictly enforced. Krav Maga, FMA & Kids classes will be active. We will NOT be opening our adult Jiu-Jitsu classes at this time. Look forward to seeing you again starting Monday.


The governor did not let us open yet. It looks like we may be allowed to open in early June. Hope to see you all then. Stay healthy.


Kids Jiu-Jitsu

Here is a basic kids workout to train while we are out. Have Fun.


Hey everyone. If you have any requests for videos let us know. Do you want only solo training videos or would you prefer training with a partner. Let us know. We will be trying to get several of these videos out while we are on this break. Stay healthy everyone.

Krav Maga Solo Workout 04/06/2020

Krav Maga Solo Workout

Hey guys we have a Krav warm up video available for you on youtube, while you are keeping your social distance. Stay strong and healthy.

Krav Maga Solo Workout A couple of basic movements and exercises to keep up your physical conditioning during the Dojo Closure due to COVID-19


Hey everyone we are offering a 6 week course through Sports & Wellness at Highpoint. Every Saturday at 1:30 pm from 3/21 to 04/25 for $125. Non-Members are welcome at the same price. If you have always wanted to try Krav Maga this is a great chance. Hope to see you there.


Spend 80% of your time training on what is 80% most likely to happen. If you are training to be safer on the streets of America you shouldn't be spending lots of time training to deal with long guns and grenades. Your time would be better spent training for knife and firearm threats/attacks as well as strong arm tactics. Now if you are in the military and being deployed those long gun skills will be much more relevant. Train like your life depends on it.....because it just might.


We now have open enrollment for our kids Jiu-Jitsu classes. It's only $40 per month and our beginning kids classes are held twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30 - 6:30 pm). If you have kids, if you are a kid or if you know anyone who has kids have them come by and try us out. No charge for the first 2 classes.

Albuquerque Modern Martial Arts - Albuquerque NM 02/03/2020

Albuquerque Modern Martial Arts - Albuquerque NM

Hey everyone. I feel it is at least as important how you train as what you train. We train in Krav-Maga, Jiu-Jitsu & FMA, but we also use scientific methods designed to get our skill sets out on the street as quickly as possible. These training methods include chaos preparation, stress innoculation, ABC drills, a non-linear teaching method and false finishes. If you would like to see how these work come by and try us out. Check for days and times on our website at Hope to see you all in class soon.

Albuquerque Modern Martial Arts - Albuquerque NM Our training focuses on real-world self-defense techniques that can be used by anyone regardless of age, gender, or physical capability.


Thanks Heather Braegger this is so Zane Church!


Don't miss this training, for all you warriors! All proceeds will go to support IncredAble Adaptive MMA. A GREAT program to empower and provide youth & teens who experience a variety of environmental, physical and cognitive challenges, the skills and benefits of mixed martial arts!! If you can't attend please donate to this VERY worthy cause!!


If you aren't learning fi****ms usage/defenses with your Krav Maga studio "immediately", switch studios! It is too dangerous out there to keep these techniques "secret" until certain belt levels. Unfair to the student and completely against what Imi Litchenfeld was trying to accomplish!!


Zane Church


Southport woman hailed a hero after stopping teen robber

Any action is better than no action!


Victor is a student of ours at JW's IncredAble Adaptive MMA program. He has only been a student with us for a few months. He did amazing. Great job Victor we are all so proud of you.


Women's self defense class this morning. Girls just wanna have fun


This knife and stick seminar will cover common knife and stick defenses as well as how to use a knife effectively in knife vs stick, knife vs firearm and emphasizing various weapon lengths. Don't miss out. Call and reserve a spot.


Upcoming Women's Self Defense Seminar


Self-Defense Moves You Need To Know


Gun violence is a reality in Albuquerque. We have unfortunately seen several recent deaths which emphasized this fact. Make you and your loved ones a little safer in our increasingly violent world. Learn how to protect yourself and your family from gun violence. This seminar covers individual third party active shooter and carjacking defenses. Our $50 seminar will significantly increase your odds of survival in real world encounters. Sign up today as spaces are limited.


Don't miss this seminar!! Message any questions!


All the motivation you need is within yourself.


We'll teach you how to gain the upper hand by using your opponent's momentum to your advantage -- and then how to take them down.


This is a big weekend coming up! Both kids and adults will have belt testing.

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Kids Jiu-Jitsu
Beast mode!! Attack by combination!!
The dreaded Krav Maga burpees!!!
Basic stick defense. Thanks Eli.
Working on attacking in combinations
Luchadors at AMMA today!!! Lol
Halloween Shenanigans, with kids Jiu Jitsu !!




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