and some more nice kicks...
some posts about construction on I-25 between Los Lunas and Belen; and information on an easy bypass:
Mr. Davis, this made me think of you!
https://photos.google.com/search/_tv_video/photo/AF1QipPOvy5ZgUrT88jgvRwbZpz70XyyihTxWun-4-2_ This was one of my favorite demos. I hope it works. I'm not great with how to share these.
An interesting side-effect of the pandemic is I've discovered lots of phone meetings + bluetooth headset = plenty of time for nunchuck practice in my front room. I'm almost at a point where I can do a modified cane kata with 'chucks.
Poppy petal, dropped...
mulch placed, Sir!
Mr. Davis likes...
And this is how you make your personal kata really stand out.
In this time when none of us can train in the Dojo, I want to give a special shout-out to Ruth Allen; Ruth, your perseverance to train on your own has always impressed me, but now it blows me away!!! At least I have an empty (unfinished) room:
Still life of me trying to honor 3 (4?) years of instruction. Feels like I’m failing, to be honest. ☹️

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Operating as usual


Aki Matsuri

Timeline Photos 09/25/2021


Don't miss the Japanese Food Booth at Aki Matsuri THIS SUNDAY! Delicious food is always one of the highlights of the annual Japanese Fall Festival.
We've got some special additions this year you're gonna wanna try out!
**Grab your online tickets today -> https://tickets.holdmyticket.com/tickets/378891
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#OneAlbuquerque #Yumm #Tasty #SUNDAY #Japan #Art #Nobhill #ABQ #veteransmemorialpark

Photos from AKKA Karate USA's post 09/25/2021

Here are some photos from past performances at Aki Matsuri.

Photos from AKKA Karate USA's post 09/25/2021

Aki Matsuri (Fall Festival) is put on by the NMJACL at Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Park, 1100 Louisiana SE. Sunday September 26. It begins at 9:50 am and we perform at 10:30.

[09/24/21]   Aki Matsuri is this Sunday at Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Park! We perform at 10:30. Get there early! See you there!

Photos from AKKA Karate USA's post 08/19/2021

"A good walker leaves no tracks." Lao tzu

Photos from AKKA Karate USA's post 08/19/2021

Who knew the tengu?

Photos from AKKA Karate USA's post 08/19/2021

I know these have been posted before, but they mean a lot to me. bd


Before he passed we did the entire system. This outtake is one of many that show the joy he shared. "We grew up together" is something he would say to me. He meant worldly understanding, and it is true that we watched each other through easy times and stuck it out through the tough times. Many lessons learned. Life is harder out of the ring, and sitting in the "seat of controversy" has been worth every minute.

Before he passed we did the entire system. This outtake is one of many that show the joy he shared. "We grew up together" is something he would say to me. He meant worldly understanding, and it is true that we watched each other through easy times and stuck it out through the tough times. Many lessons learned. Life is harder out of the ring, and sitting in the "seat of controversy" has been worth every minute.

[08/09/21]   A sad day in history. I remember when Jameson called and asked if I had heard the news, then said I should sit down. Anthony Williams was in class. I will never forget that moment.





Such a great bond is formed over the weekend.


Some pad work on Saturday.

Photos from AKKA Karate USA's post 07/27/2021

What a smooth weekend. All the candidates looked so great. It was nice to spend time with everyone and see you try so hard. I am truly proud of you.


Get your kicks on Route 66

Photos from AKKA Karate USA's post 07/24/2021

Proud of our sons.


AKKA rockin all weekend!

Photos from AKKA Karate USA's post 07/24/2021

An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. RESOLUTE TO BLACK BELT EXCELLENCE!

Photos from AKKA Karate USA's post 07/24/2021

RESOLUTE! Black Belt test is underway.

[07/22/21]   I am so excited for the weekend. This week we will see 37 new black belt promotions in Socorro, NM. What an opportunity for learning deeper meanings of martial arts. The candidates have had to look inside themselves, beyond the glory of promotion, beyond the accolades, and with new obstacles there have been chances for new perspectives. So here are some quotes from The Book of Five Rings. They have a simple wisdom in them and they express Musashi's advice after many different instructions throughout the book. Too often we intellectualize an instruction and confuse short term analytical understanding with the hard work we must demand from ourselves to truly make genuine progress. The lockdown has given time to reflect on things like "repetition brings new layers of understanding" and "deeper meanings" to our movements. He repeats his message so clearly and we have only to act on it with diligence.
Musashi on swordsmanship:
"With detailed practice you should be able to understand it."
"You must train repetitively." "You must research this well." "You must appreciate this." "For this it is necessary to train well." "You must study this deeply." "You must consider this deeply." "If you are negligent you will miss the timing. Research this well."
"With detailed practice you should be able to understand it."
Your spirit must be resolute.

In the blink of an eye a year has passed and we are still here and better at what we do because of sharing common bonds between uncommon people.

I hope to see you at our test in Socorro this Saturday night. Doors open at 6pm. Show starts at 6:30 pm. Resolute! to Black Belt Excellence!

[07/17/21]   Reminder: We will be closed next Friday and Saturday due to the Black Belt test. The test is at NM Tech in Socorro. Hope to see you there. Doors open Saturday night at 6pm and we will start the promotion ceremony at 6:30.

[07/14/21]   Congratulations to all the students in our Think Summer Program at Albuquerque Academy. Today they past their belt test, and demonstrated the best in karate postures: Courtesy, Honesty, Respect, and Discipline. They have been wonderful to work with and put in so much effort. I am really proud of them. Watching their parents and grandparents smile at their work ethic made me especially happy. Congrats to each and everyone of you!!!

[07/12/21]   "RESOLUTE" to Black Belt Excellence!
We have been busy getting ready for our upcoming Black Belt test weekend in Socorro, NM. The weekend of July 23, 24, 25 promises to be a highly energized weekend. Having to wait throughout the pandemic and covid restrictions have been difficult to say the least.
But we have pretty much all stuck it out and the test is finally here, almost!
I must say that I am so proud of everyone demonstrating the patience of a true Black Belt and digging a little deeper on your practices to reach higher levels of refinement. This will also be one of our biggest tests in a long time as a consequence of waiting for an extra year. No one is worse for the wait, and everyone is better in their skills! It will truly be an amazing weekend.
I want to thank you for your patience around the entirety of the situation. That has meant a lot to me, thank you.
Remember the Saturday show is open to the public, and doors open at 6:00pm. Keep up the good work and be resolute in all you do.....always. It is the martial way.


Mr. Willson has some helpful insights as well...


Mr. Davis weighs in on the Graduate appreciation


Mrs. Davis talks to the demo team and to our Class of 2021 Graduates.


2021 Graduate Cal Boye-Lynn shares his views.....


And now a word from our graduates.....1st up
Ms. Charlie Stansbery


Rico Montoya contributes to the graduates...


Jacob Gonzales shares some wisdom too.


Sam Muirhead... Tips for teens....


Jack Muirhead.....


Wisdom from Bodhi


Elijah Keene's words of wisdom...


Leonard Martinez always has good advice.

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