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ATA of Albuquerque offers Taekwondo, Korean sword and other martial arts classes. Fun for all ages! Head Instructor: Dr. Horton Newsom, 6th Degree Black Belt and Master nominee.

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Operating as usual

Photos from ATA Martial Arts of Albuquerque's post 10/23/2021

Mr. Newsom's Masters' Ceremony

ATA Martial Arts of Albuquerque updated their business hours. 06/29/2021

ATA Martial Arts of Albuquerque updated their business hours.

ATA Martial Arts of Albuquerque updated their business hours.

ATA Martial Arts of Albuquerque updated their address. 06/29/2021

ATA Martial Arts of Albuquerque updated their address.

ATA Martial Arts of Albuquerque updated their address.


Grand Master G.K. Lee

Please look at each photo.
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More on Taekwondowon (Taekwondo One). This huge training and museum complex is amazing and we could have spent several days there. They have kids come too - see the picture with Master Church from San Diego. At the top of the mountain was a viewing platform. We took some nice views of the women and men on the trip. See one with me and Grand Master G.K. Lee. (It will take some days to share more off the trip. Horton Newsom, 5th degree Black Belt


Big day yesterday-the international testing (I did not participate, but know what I have to do for next Worlds). A visit to the ATA Asia headquarters, workout at a Korean ATA school, and all during a Typhoon!


Some images from Taekwondowon - the huge training center and museum we stayed at. The museum of Taekwondo was very interesting and Eternal Grand Master Lee is recognized as one of the main founders of Taekwondo.


The ATA stone.


More adventures in Korea! The palace and museum in Seoul, and the Admiral Yi park with the ATA stone. Also, who knew Korea was on Route 66!


Korea - 2019! Having a great time so far. Pictures from my hotel in Seoul, and the royal palace. More later. Horton


Photos from ATA Martial Arts of Albuquerque's post


Testing today was awesome! Good job everybody! Here are most of our black belts. Next time we’ll get a pic with everyone else, too.


The ATA Life Skill for Sep/Oct is Self-Esteem


Grand Master G.K. Lee


Grand Master G.K. Lee

GRAND MASTER G. K. LEE was featured in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette today 😎😎😎


The ATA Life Skill for Jul/Aug is Respect


Learn more about Songham Taekwondo at 05/15/2019

9 Ways to Develop Self Control

9 Ways to Develop Self-Control Establishing Life Skills to Help at School, Work and In Training


Flexibility Myths and Facts


The ATA Life Skill for May/June is Communication 04/30/2019

Ready for Routine Just imagine a world without a regimen. While life does throw curveballs every once in a while, picture a life where every day is different and there is no rhythm or order—everything is uncertain. Luckily, adults can manage the life they live day to day, but children do not have that kind of contr... 04/28/2019

ATA Martial Arts - Songahm Taekwondo

Still wondering what makes ATA unique? The American Taekwondo Association is the country's largest martial arts organization. Check out the ATA website at With traditional, and progressive high-energy curriculum and certified instructors, ATA Martial Arts has the programs needed for kids, adults, and families to cultivate self-discipline and to be successful in life. You join an active membership of over 130,000 martial artists with tournaments and ev...


Congratulations to our new black belts and color belts today!!!


Ara means “of the sea”. Shy, sweet and innocent, Ara is the white belt character for out ATA Tigers program (4.5-7yr olds).


ATA Martial Arts

DID YOU KNOW? On this day in history, our beloved martial art was finally given the name "Taekwondo." In a movement coordinated by Gen. Hong Hi Choi to organize the various styles being taught in Korea (called Kwans), a committee was formed to give a label to the martial art. Therefore on April 11, 1955, Taekwondo was officially established with its new name.
#ATAMartialArts #Taekwondo #History


ATA Martial Arts

As an ATA martial artist, you learn about how to be strong to protect yourself. But sometimes the true strength comes in understanding the big picture and demonstrating what it means to be a leader. Check out this video and see how ATA Brand Ambassador Rayna Vallandingham shows a "bully" how to #MakeItPossible!


20 Reasons Kids Should try Taekwondo
#20 Become a Black Belt in martial arts, and a Black Belt in life - A Black Belt isn't just something you wear, its something that you become. Black Belts are patient, focused, goal driven and confident people who try to help others.


20 Reasons Kids Should try Taekwondo
#19 Learn leadership skills - Our Leadership Program teaches kids public speaking skills as well as confidence and strong character. Junior Leaders are encouraged to help out with lower ranking classes to practice their leadership skills.


20 Reasons Kids Should try Taekwondo
#18 Less likely to fight in school - Black Belts don't start fights. Karate Kid Rule #1 is to keep our hands and feet to ourselves, even when some one is bothering or bullying us. Students learn that to be a Black Belt, you must find other ways to handle situations.


20 Reasons Kids should try Taekwondo
#17 Able to be calmer in the face of conflict - From bullying to arguments with siblings, instructors emphasize using words rather than actions whenever possible and the importance of thinking before we act.


20 Reasons Kids Should try Taekwondo
#16 More able to handle pressure in every day life - In class we learn that it's okay if you don't get everything right on the first try and that mistakes are necessary to learn. Children learn to apply this in other parts of life as well as they progress through the rank system.

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