The 2021 NM State "Scorcher" IDPA match is in the books. It was truly a successful match with thanks to all the hard-working staff that made it happen. Thanks also to all the incredible shooters. And truly honored to have our loyal sponsors by our side. ❤
Bulldog Fi****ms New Mexico
Stan Chen Customs
Vortex Optics
Starline Brass
DG Bullets
Dillon Precision Products, Inc
Hearing Protection Services, LLC

Hunters HD Gold
5.11 Tactical
Thank you QProDefense. Kinetic Carbine 2 was a lot of fun. I'll have to take it again some time.
Another sponsor for the 2018 High Desert Classic-Spy Hard! QProDefense is going to be a stage sponsor for this years match! They are a fi****ms training company that offers precision rifle, handgun, carbine, and NM CHL training, so please go check out the services they have to offer and thank them for their support.
As we approach the Scorcher event we want to thank all of our sponsors. Without all of you we would never get this to the level it is at. We have the largest IDPA event we have ever hosted with over 160 shooters from all over the U.S. shooting. We have Wilson Combat team members, World Champions, and some talented New Mexico shooters. Come out and cheer them on June 9th at the club. Thanks to
Omni Arms USA, Platinum 10 Medical, QProDefense, Shooting For Glory, Calibers Shooters Sports Center, Shield Wall Arms, Hearing Protection Services, LLC, Los Lunas Gun Club, Intelligent Survival Research, and the countless volunteers that are coming to make it a success.
We've been though more training than we can even remember. Military, Federal, and civilian....you name it. QProDefense is by far some of the best training available. No nonsense and no filler. The curriculum is solid and the instructors are thorough and professional. The last class we attended, the Precision Rifle Course, had a good mix of experienced and novice. Everyone took something home. And everyone shot 1000 yards! QProDefense is a testament to how quality training can dramatically increase your skill set. Outstanding!
When are you going to have your next concealed carry class?
If you have taken a fi****ms training course with another instructor and would like to share your experience with someone who comments on one of our posts, please feel free to do so on the main post.

We understand that there are other great instructors in ABQ and NM and we would much rather them get training from another group of reputable instructors than to make their decision based solely on price.

We promise to only remove those comments that promote an instructor that we have received several bad comments about or those instructors who we have reasonable grounds to believe provide subpar or dangerous training.

Potential students should research their potential instructors, and we happily provide recommendations to any student who asks.

As a reminder, here are some other instructors that we would trust to train our loved ones:

-Scott Mitchell of Provident Personal Protection LLC and Duke City Krav Maga
-Triad Defense
-Perkins Protection Training
-Carlson Shooting Institute

I'm sure that I missed a couple others that we recommend. We also offer free CCW retraining for those folks who have received their NM CCL within the last 12 months but were not satisfied with the training.

Picture for attention only, it's one of our former students getting an NPA from Shawn Herrin of We Like Shooting in the Civilian Medical I Course that we took last weekend.

Quiet Professional Defense's team of instructors provide training for legally armed American citizens and law enforcement in the Albuquerque metro area.

Operating as usual

Photos from LAPD Headquarters's post 03/01/2022

Don’t have an M4? Neither did LAPD 25 years ago. Then this happened. Seek training.

Photos from ETS Consulting's post 03/01/2022

ETS Consulting specializes in Medical, Winderness First Aid, Off Road Recovery, Survival, and logistics support for all your off grid needs. Seek training.

Photos from Bryan Litz Ballistics's post 03/01/2022




“They’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us … They can’t get away this time.” Chesty Puller speaking of the ladies wearing KADRI pants (probably)

Resilience. Strategy.

Don't underestimate your power and ability to pivot.

Pivot away from things that aren't working.
Pivot towards new successes.

Typically, people believe obstacles are roadblocks they need to scale so they exhaust themselves trying to get through or over them.
Sometimes, obstacles are simple directional changes that require you to pivot to keep moving.

Remember what Gen O.P Smith said at the Battle of Chosing Reservoir: "We're not retreating, we are advancing in another direction."

Don't let defeat of any kind get you down. Push through or pivot. You have the power to choose.

Armed Woman Stops Attempted R**e 02/17/2022

Armed Woman Stops Attempted R**e

The DC Project is a grassroots women’s rights organization built upon self reliance and the individual right to self defense.

Armed Woman Stops Attempted R**e A restraining order can do a lot, but it can't stop an ex-boyfriend in the middle of the night. This armed defender had to, and did.


Det 1

LOE3: History Preservation

Marine Corps Special Operations Command Detachment One (MCSOCOM DET-1) was the first unit level “proof of concept” that added Marine Corps units to USSOCOM. Up until this point, individual Marines (largely from Force Reconnaissance Companies) had held individual billets in USSOCOM, the National Mission Force and other Special Mission Units.

The core of Det One was its Reconnaissance Marines and Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsmen, but what made the detachment truly unique was its integrated, task organized support elements (intel, fires, logistics etc). By capitalizing off of the professional capabilities of the Reconnaissance Marine/Corpsmen core, this task organized unit was relatively self contained (with the exception of an aviation element) and able to provide a single cohesive unit that was singularly trained, certified and focused, where other SOF units largely depended on non SOF supporting elements (e.g. intelligence) to execute the mission.

The organization and performance of Det 1 would largely be considered a model for other SOF units to emulate as was documented by the NSW Task Unit responsible for the Detachment evaluation.

This Detachment is the actual lineage to today’s MARSOC and the current Marine Raider Battalion.

“Forever shall I strive to maintain the tremendous reputation of those who have gone before me”

Photos from QProDefense's post 02/05/2022

Our Law Enforcement Training Division offers advanced courses for law enforcement professionals.

Photos from QProDefense's post 02/04/2022

It was 2 degrees when we left the range but you would never know it by the smiles on everyone’s faces. Building confidence and capabilities with Quiet Professional Defense.

Photos from QProDefense's post 02/03/2022

Night Vision Devices Course


Lumens? Candela? High FOM? White Phos? PID? Get your low light game in check with QPro Defense.


New products on the horizon.


Precision Rifle 1, January 29-30, 2022, at DNGC


🎶 🥳 🎶


Make him famous

The Albuquerque Police Department is currently looking for Sergio Almanza, 27, for his involvement in a fatal hit-and-run crash that occurred on Sunday, December 12, 2021.

If you have any information about his whereabouts, please call 242-COPS or you can report anonymously to Albuquerque Metro Crime Stoppers at (505)-843-STOP.

Suspect in Fatal Hit and Run on the Loose, ATV in Custody 12/14/2021

Suspect in Fatal Hit and Run on the Loose, ATV in Custody

Good work APD. They found his vehicle, the manhunt is underway.

Suspect in Fatal Hit and Run on the Loose, ATV in Custody ABQ RAW staff Posted 12/14/2021 SW Albuquerque - There was a fatal hit and run on Sunday that killed a 7-year-old boy and injured his father near Central Ave and Tingley Dr near the River of Lights. The family was crossing Central Ave legally at a crosswalk. A four seater side-by-side hit the father...

APD releases photos of vehicle suspected of hitting 7-year-old 12/14/2021

APD releases photos of vehicle suspected of hitting 7-year-old

Let’s find them

APD releases photos of vehicle suspected of hitting 7-year-old Albuquerque police have released photos of a gray or dark-colored off-highway vehicle believed to have hit and killed a 7-year-old boy leaving the River of Lights with his family Sunday night. Gilbert Gallegos, an Albuquerque Police Department spokesman, said around 8:30 p.m. the boy and his father....


From our affiliates at ETS Consulting

Offroad and Overland training is what we do, if you’d like to learn more follow or click the link below.



Next generation of sportsmen.


Congratulations Holly!

What an accomplished ROLE MODEL…Congratulations … Your list of accomplishments is mile long… and here is yet another one… We are very proud of you Holly!!! Posted • Congrats on being inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame!!!!!


Who thinks sitting in your car, driving while shooting out the windshield is a viable option when someone is actively shooting back at you? What happens to your bullet when it strikes your windshield? What’s it like sitting in a car as bullet fly through the windows and doors and skip off the hood?

Photos from Smart Girl Self Defense by Jackson Wink's post 12/06/2021

Another great opportunity to improve and test your skills this Wednesday at Smart Girl Self Defense


I Googled “NM CHL” and look what came up. 🤨


These ladies are correct.

This incident was avoidable. If Alec Baldwin and the rest of his crew had sought education about what they were handling on set, this never would have occurred.

Basic knowledge of the 4 rules of fi****ms safety and strict adherence to them keep incidents like this from happening.

Instead of owning up to the tragedy he caused and taking responsibility, he is continuing to manipulate the facts. Triggers don’t pull themselves.

His celebrity friends and the anti-gun lobby have been strangely silent in holding him responsible. Is this because they know it is his fault, not the firearm?


Tis’ the Season

Last week APD launched it's Uptown Holiday Shopping Tac Plan. Patrols have increased in the Uptown area and at the Coronado Mall to keep shoppers safe this holiday season. Please follow these helpful tips:

- Park in well-lit areas
- Remove valuables from your vehicle
- Be alert, avoid distractions
- Lock your doors

Timeline photos 12/01/2021

Non descript, but alert

People don’t realize that everybody is very, very easy to kill. If I thought about how I would kill me, I really have no chance of defending myself against me. That sounds stupid, but welcome to the games I play in my head. Everybody’s vulnerable, especially if you lose your element of surprise. It’s not just about hitting your target, it’s ceasing to ever become a target yourself. I never want them to see me coming. And that’s why I kind of dress nondescript.

I wear collared shirts and jeans. I don’t have any multicam anything. You won’t see any gun stickers on my cars or anything else like that.

Read the full blog "The Most Dangerous Man In The Room" here: https://buff.ly/3EaTaj8



What she said…

Fatal Wyoming bear attack: No round in the chamber on handgun - Guns.com 11/29/2021

Fatal Wyoming bear attack: No round in the chamber on handgun - Guns.com

Points to ponder

Fatal Wyoming bear attack: No round in the chamber on handgun - Guns.com An ongoing investigation into a grizzly bear attack on an elk hunter and his guide that left a man dead has produced a preliminary recommendation that the outfitter company review their training.

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TMB  Professional/Amateur Boxing Training TMB Professional/Amateur Boxing Training
1250 Isleta Blvd SW
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Coach: Richard Mirabal

New Mexico High School Coaches Association New Mexico High School Coaches Association
6600 Palomas Ave NE
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The New Mexico High School Coaches Association is an organization of coaches for coaches since 1941.

Marie Everett GO Coach at KW Marie Everett GO Coach at KW
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Coaching new broker that join Keller Williams to get their real estate business up and running.

Karate One International Karate One International
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Swanda, is a system based on traditional Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Okinawan Martial Arts. Shihan Barrera is a 9th Dan in Karatedo, an 8th Dan in Kobudo

elevate PHW elevate PHW
3901 Singer Blvd NE, Ste B
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We guide Performance, Health, and Wellness. Whether you are a professional athlete, club, a division of the military, or a person or organization that just wants to live long and feel your best, we can help guide your physical training and nutrition.

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Flytying and Flyfishing blog

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I'm the #1 producer for the largest Automotive Company in the world, regarded by Toyota as the Maste

You Do You Health You Do You Health

Hey y'all, I'm Nat (they/them) and I'm a genderqueer health coach! I work with teens and young adult

CedarFIT - Cottonwood Westside Albuquerque Personal Trainer / Boot Camp CedarFIT - Cottonwood Westside Albuquerque Personal Trainer / Boot Camp
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Soccer Connection Soccer Connection
5920 Holly Ave NE
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In loving memory of Gerald Stokley Jordan, Jr. In loving memory of Gerald Stokley Jordan, Jr.

Gerald Stokley Jordan, Jr. January 22, 1958 - January 24, 2007

Raising Responsible Rascals Raising Responsible Rascals
320 Osuna Rd NE Suite A2
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