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Our MISSION is to encourage and motivate our students and to provide the needed skills for life Offering Live classes.

Operating as usual


All former and current Black Belts - please join us at this Saturday mornings Red/Black belt 7:30 am class!!


There has been an incredible response to our Black Belt Reunion!! There will be 102 people in attendance!! Can’t wait! Registration is now closed. ❤️🎉🥳🥋💥👊💪🧱 Please come on time as our Team Intensity will be putting on a Special Show for us all!!


If you fail, you didn’t give up, that's all that matters.

Photos from Blackman’s Championship Martial Arts's post 08/23/2023

A few of our Black Belts 🖤🥋from over the years!! Hope to see some of these peeps at the 30th Anniversary Black Belt Reunion!! On August 26th!!

Photos from Blackman’s Championship Martial Arts's post 08/21/2023

Leading up to our 30th Anniversary Black Belt Reunion - here are some gems!! Some of you are in these photos ❤️💥🥋🖤🔥👊. So many incredible memories. Can’t wait to see everyone!!

Photos from Blackman’s Championship Martial Arts's post 08/19/2023

In honor of our 30th Anniversary - just have to share these photos again of our esteemed Master Phillip Blackman with our Grandmaster Jun Chong of Jun Chong Martial Arts! Love these ❤️🖤🥋👊💥

Photos from Blackman’s Championship Martial Arts's post 08/19/2023

Another successful NERF Parents Night Out!!!
Pizza 🍕
Balloon 🎈tennis
Movie on the mat 🎥
And tons of fun!!! 🥳🥳🥳


Is your child feeling anxious about going back to school?

Well, fear not!

We've got an incredible solution that will make a world of difference—martial arts!

Martial arts provide more than just physical prowess.

It creates a safe and nurturing space where your child will forge lifelong friendships, boost their self-esteem, and develop a winning mindset.

We know you want the best for your child, and investing in their school's success is crucial.

By enrolling them in martial arts, you're equipping them with the tools they need to conquer any classroom challenge with ease.


YOU are the only YOU


We will all face challenges in our lives. They may be big or small. They may be easy to solve or very difficult. But no matter what the challenges we face, we must look for the opportunities they present!🥋


GM JUN CHONG’s key to personal excellence, taught in every class


Albuquerque Parents!! 👋
Are you ready for back to school? 🏫Have you heard about our upcoming community event? ​👀

We'd love to welcome you to come check out our school:
THIS Saturday, August 12th at 1:15pm for our FREE Focus for Better Grades Community Event. 🥋

Help your child prepare for Back to School by building confidence, 💪 improving self-discipline, 👊 and enhancing focus for better grades this school year. 📚

This special class is devoted to FOCUS IN THE CLASSROOM.
In addition to fun kicks and new tricks, students will learn about the importance of a focused mind and focused body to improve concentration.
We will integrate core character skills with our Martial Arts curriculum to help set your student (and you!) up for success this school year! 💹

Participants will also get to break real boards to earn their white belts!! ​💥

- Improve Focus
- Meet New Friends
- Gain More Confidence
- Improve Coordination
- Participate in physical activity
- And So Much More…

This is a free community event open to any non-members to help students build confidence and focus. (Ages 3+)

We look forward to meeting you and your family at this event!

⚠Limited space is available so SIGN UP TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT.⚠

Blackman’s Championship Martial Arts Our MISSION is to encourage and motivate our students and to provide the needed skills for life


You are who you attract 🥋 💪🏽 -Respect

Martial Arts and ADHD 08/08/2023

Many children learn differently and can even learn better with alternative ways of teaching. With martial arts we believe that learning discipline and other life skills can not only help a child on the mat but in life and their schooling. Visit this article that goes over 9 Way Martial Arts Can Help Children who Learn Differently?

Martial Arts and ADHD Discover nine benefits of martial arts for kids who learn and think differently, like kids with ADHD. Find out what to look for in a martial arts class.



Optimism plays a significant role in martial arts. It is all about having a positive mindset, even in challenging situations. Martial artists train to believe in themselves and their abilities, facing obstacles with confidence, determination, and a hopeful outlook. By cultivating optimism, martial artists can find motivation to improve and overcome any adversities they may encounter in their training and competitions. Additionally, an optimistic mindset helps in developing resilience, mental fortitude, and the ability to stay calm under pressure. So, in martial arts, embracing optimism can truly make a difference in one's mindset and overall performance.

6 Ways To Prepare Your Child For The New School Year 08/03/2023

The school year is ramping up so we wanted to help your family prepare for the new school year! Check out this article that will give you 6 tips to prepare your child for the school year!

6 Ways To Prepare Your Child For The New School Year As summer ends, school jitters begin, but, there are ways you can help your child during this time. Click here to learn ways to prepare your child for the new school year!


As the summer break draws to a close, it's time to get back to school and establish a strong routine for the new school year!

Let's harness the power of martial arts to set the tone for a productive and successful academic journey. 🥋💪

With its structured training regimen, martial arts instills discipline and helps your child develop a sense of responsibility towards their studies.


Your life, your goals

Photos from Blackman’s Championship Martial Arts's post 08/02/2023

What a treat to have the amazing, motivational, inspirational and legendary Antony Graf as our Guest Instructor at our all Advanced Adult class last night.


Optimism means we don’t worry when we don’t need to. This month at Blackman's Championship Martial Arts, we are focusing on helping your children develop an optimistic mindset at a young age. This can help foster resilience and also put them on a path to improved mental and physical health. Optimism, or “looking on the bright side,” helps children grow into happy, confident adults!


Thank you. This last week was great to be able to get back into Taekwondo. In doing so being able to break my first board. I thought this would be great to share with the group. Looking forward to the next steps in a journey of dedication and discipline.

Isopure: We're All More Than Muscle -- Antony Graf 08/01/2023

Tonight at 6:30-7:15 class we will have a guest instructor. Master Antony Graf. Master Graff has 2 schools in the Miami area. He is a former Olympic Training Center resident athlete and team captain. 2004, 2008 Olympic alternate. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to train with one of the most inspirational people and be motivated to be the best you can be.

Isopure: We're All More Than Muscle -- Antony Graf


Want to help your child beat the heat this summer?

Bring them to our air-conditioned dojo and let them burn off some energy while learning valuable martial arts techniques.

Our experienced instructors will guide them every step of the way.


If we set our minds to something big, it takes organization and planned action to make those dreams a reality. 💪🏽


We don't just teach martial arts, we take kids on a thrilling adventure!

Through our program, our students develop important life skills like discipline, respect, and teamwork, all while having fun with challenging drills and exciting games.

From the moment your child steps onto our mats, they'll be hooked on the martial arts journey!

With every technique, they'll be developing their martial arts skills and building their confidence to overcome any obstacle.

Keep pushing yourself, keep learning, and keep striving to be your best!


Getting ready for the School year. All set with school supplies for our Partners in Education. 📚✂️✏️🚌

Photos from Blackman’s Championship Martial Arts's post 07/22/2023

Checkout some photos of our Teen/Adults Board Breaking Seminar with Mr. Nick!! We saw some awesome power and students exceeding their own expectations and limits! Awesome job!

Photos from Blackman’s Championship Martial Arts's post 07/22/2023

Checkout some photos of our Kids Board Breaking Seminar with Mr. Nick!! They worked hard, overcame challenges, and have a lot of fun!!


Clutter in our possessions is clutter in our mind. Staying organized helps us make clearer decisions and focus.

The 57 Best Forgiveness Kids Books 07/18/2023

Learning forgiveness is so important for developing children. We wanted to share this article that has some books for kids to read and read with mom and dad that will help teach them all about the values that forgiveness instills. Check them out below!

The 57 Best Forgiveness Kids Books #2: The Hundred Dresses #3: Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse #4: Jake and Lily #5: Horrible Bear! #6: Shiver


4 years ago!


Welcome to TEAM INTENSITY Mason!💥


Lesson of the Month:KINDNESS

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Albuquerque Martial Arts

Blackman’s Championship Martial Arts, with over 500 students, is the finest school in the Albuquerque area, dedicated to making your Martial Arts experience enjoyable and satisfying. Our instructors are the best! They have studied and trained for years to qualify as part of the Blackman’s Championship Martial Arts Team, and their primary goal is to assist you in being the best you can be. Our carefully structured programs go far beyond punching, blocking and kicking. We will help you acquire effective self-defense skills and provide you with a comprehensive, personal development & Life Skills program. It is our goal to raise the quality of life for all our students in every way possible. Although we honor Martial Arts traditions that go back centuries, we are dynamic and are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to enthuse and excite our students. At our Academy we also host various activities and events for everyone’s convenience and enjoyment. We have Graduation Parties to celebrate belt promotions, “Make-Up Camps”, In-House Tournaments to build camaraderie amongst our students, “Buddy Days”, special seminars with featured guest Masters and Grandmasters, an annual Holiday Party, and many more exciting events. We also offer Birthday Parties filled with exciting Martial Arts Games and Black Belt instructors ready to teach awesome techniques to all our birthday guests. We pledge to make each student’s journey as fun, exciting, and educating as possible. We monitor progress closely and walk with students every step of the way. We believe that being a Martial Artist is not jut learning to kick and punch, it is about becoming the best that you can be in every way - Building Champions in Life Since 1993.

In 2016 Blackman Martial Arts Academy has partnered up with Championship Martial Arts, not only very good friends, but very successful multi school owners, Frank Silverman & Mike Metzger, who own 9 schools in Orlando, Florida, and 60 affiliates Nation wide. Together, this allows our instructors to not only network with other instructors but also have more training and education which is passed onto our students. In 2019, we joined the Hyper Training System from Roland Osborne, to incorporate additional Martial Arts Athlete Systems, including Tricking, Weapons, and additional curriculum for Kamas, Nunchakus, and Bo Staff, and Demo Team forms and techniques. We also have top Martial Arts contacts across the country to support our school and program. Our owners and staff attend conferences 3-4 times per year to continue to improve and grow in the value of our program and effectiveness of instruction. Blackman’s Championship Martial Arts is a part of this National network of highly rated schools to bring the best possible experience to our Albuquerque families!

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In order to be the best, we train with the best . Always improving our teaching skills to offer the best experience for ...
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Beginning my martial arts journey 42 years ago and officially teaching and owning my school for 29 years, the thought of...
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