TGIF Barrel Racing LLC

TGIF Barrel Racing LLC


clinic was full! I have one space that became available!
Connie combs is only holding very few clinics in 2019 around the country so opportunity to learn from her is very limited! Clinic entry I'd due feb 3rd. Get you spots. They are limited!
Connie combs barrel racing clinic!
Prepare for 2019!
Spaces are limited
Connie combs barrel racing clinic!
Prepare for 2019!
Spaces are limited
11 spots left
Hi everyone! So I'm curious if anyone around abq does any barrel racing lessons? I'm looking to get going in the event and haven't done a timed event in about 10 years lol just need to rebuild my confidence. I recently sold my horse as he needed a lot more work than I had knowledge for. I'm saving up for a new horse but in the mean time I would like to dust off my riding and get back in the saddle and get confident again before I buy a new horse. If anyone knows a stable.or barn who offers this please let me know. Thank you all! Happy trails!
Hi everyone! So I am looking at potentially moving to Santa Fe with my fiance because he is from New Mexico and I have really fallen in love with the state. I am from California in an area where there are like at least 3 races to go to a weekend that are within 3 hours of where I live. Of course I am only familiar with the associations here in California because I grew up here. But I am really on the hunt for some New Mexico barrel racing associations so that I can get familiar with them and get a feel for how often they have races and where they typically are. This Facebook looks like a good place to look but do any of you have any additional suggestions or tips? Rockin Horse Ranch looks awesome so I’m glad to have found this page. I try to go every weekend if I can! Thank you!
Come run for Jayden!

$600 added Open 5D Winter Buckle Series 2nd Friday of Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb. Mar race will be the 1s TGIF Barrel Racing LLC was formed as a result of the winter barrel races being discontinued at Expo NM. 2016 will be our inaugural year of hosting a $600 added 5D Open Barrel race once a month from November 2016 to March 2017.

Operating as usual


Come on out for a play day in the sand box!! 🤠
Let’s pray for better weather this year!☀️
And I own the roping system this time so draws wont take 10 years again😅
We paid out over $1,000 a man last year in the #9.5, lets make it $2,000 this year! 🤑
All leather items will be tooled by yours truly, and we will be having a fruit and tack scramble again as well!🍉
Boys, you have a chance to shine in the breakaway as well! 🔥
Ladies and gents, come win a buckle and a custom rope can!🥵
Who will be the young lady to take home the high money coat? 👀

Mobile Uploads 10/10/2021



Applications are now available!!

Timeline Photos 09/13/2021

Timeline Photos


99th Gallup Intertribal Indian Ceremonial Rodeo
August 12-15, 2021.
Thursday, 12th 9am slack
Friday, 13th 630pm perf
Saturday 14th 630pm perf
Sunday 15th 1130 perf short go

Mail In Entries Open: July 14, 2021
Mail In Entries Closes: July 28, 2021 (Postmarked)
Mail In Call Backs: July 30, 2021 – 7pm to 9pm
Walk-in Entries: August 1, 2021 – 11am to 3pm. Gallup Boot Barn
Late Entries - $10: August 1, 2021, after 3pm
Position Posting: August 8, 2021, at 7:00pm

For More Information: 505.728.3654 - 505.862.1514 [email protected]



High money Timed event saddle
High money roughstock saddle
Champion buckles all events.

Awards based on Average throughout the tour.

First stop Grants NM May 22-23

More details and fliers coming shortly


Due to the COVID-19 restrictions we are not planning on producing any barrel races for the rest of 2020.



We will continue to be OPEN for all your Pet and Livestock needs!
Please feel free to call ahead and place your order, and use our convenient drive thru...pull in give us a call 792-8225 and we will come to you! STAY SAFE!


Well bad luck I got sick and went in the hospital on and of for 6 weeks.
Let's just say it wasn't fun and I'm not out of the woods yet.
Consequently the barrel race set up for Jan 18 had to be rescheduled.
The new date will be March 7 starting at 11 am. I will confirm this date in about 2 weeks
Sorry for the delay couldn't be helped .


Great News. It's in the works for Sat JAN. 18, 2020
TGIF Presents
Beauty and the Beast, in The Dairy Barn Arena
More info coming soon.
EST. added money $1000.00 per event.

Looking for venders


We are looking at starting up again in January
Beauty and the Beast
Looking for comments and ideas AND HELP !!
Text me and send comments and ideas.


Chaps and Pretty Hats Barrel & Bulls

Chaps and Pretty Hats Entries are OPEN!!!
$2000 added to Ladies Barrels and $3000 added to Open Bulls!
Text us at 505.728.3654


Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Rodeo

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!!!!

98th Annual Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial
Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at 7pm
Qs: 505.862.1514 or 505.728.3654


New Mexico Livestock Board

**State officials announce recommendations as result of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus among New Mexico horses**

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) – As fair season approaches, the New Mexico Livestock Board announced several recommendations as a result of confirmed Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV) cases in New Mexico horses.

New Mexico State Veterinarian Dr. Ralph Zimmerman urges people to be diligent.

“While we are not ordering the cancellation of any events at this point, we recommend several advisable steps to keep animals safe,” said Zimmerman. “I encourage common sense decision making and overall awareness of the situation.”

Following is a list of recommendations for fair organizers, rodeo organizers and for individuals bringing animals to events:

*Either an Extension agent, local veterinarian or a knowledgeable livestock person should be present at entry gates to check animals’ mouths for lesions (using fresh gloves for each animal)
*Questionable animals should be sent home before they enter the grounds
*The use of fly spray is encouraged
*Do not handle other people’s animals
*Avoid sharing grooming equipment
*Use your own water buckets
*If an animal breaks with Vesicular Stomatitis on the grounds, send them home immediately

At this point, state officials are not requiring a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for intrastate travel.

VSV cases have been confirmed in Valencia, Sandoval, Los Alamos and Santa Fe Counties thus far.

The virus can affect horses, cattle, sheep, goats, swine, camelids (alpacas and llamas) and cervids (deer species). Symptoms may include oral lesions, oral blistering and drooling, but please refer to the New Mexico Livestock Board website for more detailed information:

Please be sure to contact your veterinarian if you plan to travel from New Mexico to other states with horses or other livestock. This disease is reportable in New Mexico, meaning animal owners are required to notify USDA or the state veterinarian if your veterinarian suspects VSV.
If you suspect Vesicular Stomatitis Virus, please contact the New Mexico State Veterinarian Dr. Ralph Zimmerman at 505-841-6161 or USDA-Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)/USDA-Veterinary Services (VS) at 505-313-8050.

– NMLB –


Horsemen’s Feed & Supply

Having fly problems...we have solutions....


Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Rodeo

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!!!!

98th Annual Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial
Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at 7pm
Qs: 505.862.1514 or 505.728.3654


World Series of Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying and Barrel Racing

💥💥July 4th Kayenta,AZ 💥💥


Ramah Navajo Fair and Rodeo


Trudy Freeman Memorial Barrel Race

The long awaited flyer has arrived.


Equi-9, LLC

I have a few days open towards the end of May for booking. Will also have a select few days the beginning of June. Text/call 8702135002. Business cards will be available at Dr. Dixon's East Mountain Veterinary Service in Edgewood, NM


Sherry Cervi

As a barrel racer, habits are something that can play an important role in your success. Everything you do in the saddle as a rider to the way you take care of your horses are habits. In between rodeos I ride a lot of young horses and everyday I have to work at building their foundation and it takes a lot of repetition so that later in life they are able to perform and handle pressure at a rodeo or barrel race with confidence. The same goes for us as a rider.

As a young rider, this is best time to work on shaping good habits that will carry over to your future. For starters; keep it simple. If you start practicing a
few simple steps, it will help to build muscle memory and eventually become your good habits.

#1 Sit up straight. Good posture is important because your horse feels every move you make. Leaning or slouching creates mixed signals to your horse
and it can cause you to loose your balance or be sloppy. As good practice, focus on sitting up straight in the saddle everyday, even if you are just walking

#2 Keep weight in your stirrups. Keeping weight in your stirrups helps give you security and balance during a barrel run. The easiest way to achieve this is to make sure you focus on the balls of your feet resting inside your stirrup. At anytime you should be able to move your stirrup from side to side. If you
practice keeping weight in your stirrups everyday at a slow pace, it will become a great habit that will help you keep your balance and security in competition, and it can help reduce the risk of loosing your stirrups.

#3 Be as light as possible with your hands. If you can cue your horse to move with a light touch, why pull too hard? It takes a lot of practice, but if you start
focusing on being light with your hands, it will build a great habit for feeling for what your horse needs.

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit."
- Aristotle


Well Tomorrow is the Day TGIFs last barrel race of the season come join us .
New things are coming so keep up to date on our page you will be glad you did


Here's the weather forecast for Friday. Looking forward to seeing everyone at tomorrow's race. Last race for the buckle series.


Here are the CORRECT updated point standings. (Oops!)
Points are given to 1st thru 5th in each division: 1st = 5pts; 2nd = 4pts; 3rd = 3pts; 4th = 2pts; and 5th = 1pt.
Points are awarded to the rider, if you place twice in one division you only get points for the highest placing.
You must attend 4 of the 5 races to eligible for awards and be present to accept your award.
The March 29 is the last race of the series, we will be giving awards to 1st thru 3rd place in all divisions for the Open Barrel Race; Youth Barrel Race; and Senior Barrel Race.


Final Race of our Winter Series!


Here are the updated point standings as March 02, 2019.
Must attend 4 of the 5 races to be eligible for awards and be present at the last race.


Thank you to everyone who came out this past weekend. Here are the results from Friday and Saturday. We will be posting updated points standing later today. Thank you again for coming out. The Buckle Series final race will be March 29. We will be giving away awards to 1st thru 3rd in each division.


There will be limited number of exhibitions first come, first serve. Exhibitions start at 4pm.
3D Pole Bending jackpot starting at 7pm on Friday and 6pm on Saturday. Entry fee $35-75% payback; Entries close for Pole Bending at 6:45pm on Friday and 5:45pm on Saturday
No parking fee. Gate 06 on San Pedro will be open at 3pm. If arriving before 3pm use Gate 03 on San Pedro.


I hope everyone is geared up for March 01 and 02. Thank you for your patience. The race on March 01 will be on our regular schedule with time only's starting at 5:00pm. The Race on March 02 will start time only's at 4:00pm. (We had to reschedule the Saturday race from the afternoon to the evening) Full schedule and poster will be posted this evening. Thanks again for your patience and look forward to seeing everyone.


TGIF is alive and well and will return in March.
March 1,2, and 29 th
Come join us
We will have poles also


Things are picking up, it's been a little rough lately.
Cheer up March and TGIF Barrel Racing are just around the corner 3/1 & 2 & 29 at EXPO


ATTENTION! January & February races have been rescheduled to March 1 & 2.


We finally have dates confirmed from Expo for our last three races! Poster will be posted tomorrow. The dates will be March 1-2 and March 29!


Best of the Best Timed Event Rodeo Competition

Registration for the 2019 event is now live!


Due to circumstances beyond our control the race on Jan 11 has been rescheduled for March 29
Sorry for the Late notice. I will hold the Feb 8 and Mar. 1 races as scheduled and the last one on March 29.
Again sorry for the late notice, See you all soon and we will also be having poles.






Albuquerque, NM

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We are a Ranch Sorting/Team Penning show production company located in Albuquerque, NM. You supply the venue and cattle, we do the rest!!! First class show production for round robin or divisional shows.

African American Rodeo Group, Inc. African American Rodeo Group, Inc.
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