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We are the Southern Shaolin 5 Animal Hung Gar Kung Fu school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We offer traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu martial arts classes for bot

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Mestre HΓ©lio Gracie. πŸ˜€SS


Alan Lee Kung Fu 1995

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Kung Fu pioneer Alan Lee has run a school in New York City for decades. His old school on Sixth Ave was a fixture on Herald Square for decades. The school em...


Yiquan Center BYTC

ζ‘”θ·€πŸ€Όβ€β™€οΈlotta mongola
Come la praticano a TongZhou


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Our Annual Kung-Fu Demonstration is coming up in 1 week!

Our demo will include a wide variety of techniques and skills, such as fighting, weapons, discipline techniques, forms, breaking, self-defense, and more..

Please join us next Sunday - November 10th - at 1:00pm @ "Chinse Kung-Fu, Wu-Su Association"; address: 28 W 27th St., 8th Fl, NYC

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The System M.A. - Authentic Combat Kung Fu

Grand Master Chen Dong Sheng & Master Jeng Hsing Ping showcasing superb technique.

[10/08/19]   Will be attending Hung Gar class tonight.
Looking forward to it.


Authentic Strength


If you are interested or know someone is in traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu come and check us out. Male and female students welcome.

[09/13/19]   Also before 1975 at 883 6Ave. N.J. temple was visiting. Mr.Lee had senior A(N.Y.) and Senior C.(N.J.) take the bow. And, they did nothing! Not one hand technique, not one leg action as if they both had killing power at the time.) Senior C was in the prime of his form, why be on the defense at all? After a while of no action Mr. Lee bowed them out. Yeah, great fighters indeed. Next up was senior D(the N.Y.Temple terror) and senior E (the original drunken monk of N.J. temple). Senior E, nobody's fool went straight to floor in defense; senior D stalked him. Senior D was like Secretariat the horse, slow to start, but once he went off....Sensing that blood would be spilled Mr. Lee stopped D and E. Again, no engagement what so ever. Great fighters, right? I fault senior E for not being able to be soft and control his power and close the gap faster. Next Mr. Lee called senior F(N.Y. great technician) and senior G(N.J. a tall guy), finally some contact! But alas only single bow-legs by senior G that embarrassed senior F. Senior G has the reach advantage; senior F, speed and better techniques. Again after all of this no comment from Mr. Lee. I don't really remember us discussing what we saw. Maybe we were in shock. But I do remember Mr. Lee asking me: Luis why is it that when you fight someone below your level you do well; and when they are at your level or above you are not smooth? Actually, I did pretty sometimes at my level. So, this question was not really meant for me only, I think. Moral, Dr. Delves likes them, attack, probe, look for the blood, take them out; take control; get hit lose face: Be a real fighter. Respect the man, destroy his strength. From my conversations with Mr. Lee he was always the exact opposite of us; he wouldn't give a man a chance to breathe, less of all to think.

[09/13/19]   We had moved from W. 30th St. to 883 6Ave between 30th and 31St. on the west side of the Ave. Gimbles was across the street. Hard to remember now; sometime before 1975. It was Seniors/rank holders class. Mr. Lee called up senior A and senior B to do some fighting. Senior A was to my left, senior B to my right. Mr. Lee bowed them in, set them up and Kaishi(開始), in Mr. Lee's Mandarin. Then senior A and senior B did Nothing! Nothing, senior A moved his hands but not his stance; no attack no engagement. Senior B closed hands and went back to fist way a la Tai Mountain style. After a while Mr. Lee stopped the match and bowed them out. No comment at all from Mr. Lee. I don't remember any of us talking about what we saw. I wish Vernon had asked Mr. Lee. Now as one who is past his prime, my take: Senior A was an older married working man, who was never a great technician; but one good strategist. His "Ghost" hand had been injured and he was not in the best shape. For him to be defensive is defensible(lol) slightly so. Senior B was in the prime, but abvious to respecting of seniors A past glory. Again, Mr. Lee made no comment; not of us asked either. We held Mr. Lee in awe then. The moral:Attack, probe look for the weakness, get hit, lost face if you must. This is fighting, fighters must get hit, fighter must lose to learn and win another time. They were more or less evenly matched, there was no reason for no contact no engagement. More to come.....

[09/13/19]   However, once most of the seniors and lower rankers got into the fight zone we were all a force to be reckoned with, Five punches, Eight kicks, stepping, turning and shifting, blocking and countering in 4/8,directions on three levels we could be hell! We drew blood and broke bones too!

[09/13/19]   The Temples, N.Y. and N.J. were started in 1967, that means that in 1975 no one had ten years of Gongfu in there bones; and given the small community of Gongfu we found ourselves in, it would take time for us to learn some very important lessons. Of all the lessons, the greatest fight seems the fight against time and life. Health is wealth, guard it with all your tools, live forever and have students all over the world.

[09/12/19]   Had a great conversation with my KFWS brother Ralph Macchio. Looking forward to meeting up in November.

[09/08/19]   This is the time where we coordinate our NYC trip. Always to short but great to see family and martial arts family as well.


Aperture Fight Focused

FIRE!! These are elaborate, artistic, feel good techniques with sticks and knives that are strung together in gorgeous sequences.

They then break down each individual component into building blocks that you can incorporate into your FMA repertoire.


Team Dandinelli

Fierce performace by Philippine National Arnis Team members Jean Bonilla Agapito and Carloyd Tejada in the 2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Festival. πŸ’ͺ


YouTube vlogs of our trip to Korea coming soon! 😊

Philippine Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation
PSC (Philippine Sports Commission)

[09/06/19]   Thursday class.. Bruce working hard on kung ji fook fu.. there's a light at the end of the tunnel.


Mountain Eagle Karate Academy

Our dojo is special to us because it is where we train to become our better selves. Part of that is being humble enough to keep it clean regardless of the color of our belt.

[09/04/19]   Two students in class tonight. They experimented with applications, Fu Hok and afterwards G.I. stories and American history.
Thanks for listening.


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Zhang Weili wins the title at home!

[08/30/19]   The saying goes .. be first to arrive at class and last to leave.


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Hung Gar Kung Fu !
5 Animals, 5 Elements applications for self defense, escape and fighting. Come join us.


Jake Alano : The Visual Artist's Studio

Age is but a Number! Featuring Edwin Fajardo, Gerry Cristobal, Atty. Nelson Guerrero, Atty. Jun Crudo, Jake Alano, Roel B. Rosario & Vic Calasanz


Lauren and Kevin working on standing arm bar with takedown, figure 4 reversal then forward roll defence...


A few notes on Lion Dance..
Old school involved various puzzles to test your knowledge and skill. I hope these skills are taught and preserved for future generations.
I admit my knowledge in this area is quite small and my highest respect to those who continue its teachings within their martial arts.


Jake Alano : The Visual Artist's Studio

My Chin Wu brothers maintaining the tradition.


Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu!
Come join us, the training is hard but worth it.

[08/25/19]   Had dinner with Sifu Francisco Chino Jorge his wife Jennifer and kids. It was great! Thank you!


Lightning Scientific Martial Arts and Physical Culture

Rare video clip of LSAI-LSMAPC Pasig City Belting Promotion (December 19, 1992): Mang Ben GM Benjamin Luna Lema, then already 73 years old, casually warms up with a tricep dip while waiting for his turn for an LSAI demo with LSAI-LESKAS Master Elmer Ybanez.


#LSAI #LSMAPC #LESKAS #GMLema #OneLightning #LightningUnited


Kali Ilustrisimo USA - San Diego

It has been 5 years since the passing of GM Tony Diego. Mang Tony was the most senior student of Tatang and spent much of his life generously teaching what he had learned to students from all around the world. May he RIP.


Yip Kin Wing Chun - Chi Sao form (2 man)

Wing Chun the way it was taught in the late 19th Century. Yip Kin Wing Chun is now headed by Yip Kin's grandson and current Grandmaster, Sifu Yip Fook Choy, ...

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2808 Girard Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM

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Tuesday 19:30 - 21:30
Thursday 19:30 - 21:30
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