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Hello Sword Labs!

My name is Doug and I learned about HEMA earlier this year and found this club. Understandably the club isn't meeting right now but I'd like to express my interest in joining and ask some questions. My interests are in rapier and long sword...but mostly rapier. Thanks for reading and I look forward hearing from you all.
Excellent school of historical swordsmanship. Focus is mainly on Italian schools of longsword, rapier, and dueling saber, though various members practice many other disciplines. Josh, the school’s instructor, is an accomplished classical fencer and has a master fencing instructor certification. He is an excellent teacher and is willing to give personal lessons on the spot during class time. I’ve been at this school for about 2 years now and I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone interesting in historical fencing.
Checking The Art of Swordsmanship out
Hello sword and weaponry enthusiasts! I know the primary focus of HEMA is authenticity and accuracy, but have any of you ever wanted dabble in choreography/staged combat sword fighting or ever dreamed of crossing swords with the Highlander? If so, now you can! Adrian Paul is bringing his Sword Experience to Albuquerque at The Yards venue Mother's Day weekend. If any of you would like to participate, simply click the link below Then where it says "Mother's Day" , and add my personal code when purchasing your tickets, shanalb, to receive a 5% discount on the cost. I hope to see you all there, and a very special thank you to Albuquerque Sword Labs for allowing me to tell you all about this event here on their site.

We study historic martial Italian weapon traditions including longsword, sidesword, and rapier. A HEMA Alliance Affiliate studying Italian Longsword, Rapier, and Sidesword traditions and arts.

Temporarily closed

Albuquerque Sword Labs updated their business hours. 06/06/2021

Albuquerque Sword Labs updated their business hours.

Albuquerque Sword Labs updated their business hours.

[05/04/21]   Word to the wise if you want to start cutting clay. Go visit your local pottery store. You should be able to purchase Clay at a quarter the cost of buying on Amazon. If you want to go really cheap ask if they have clean out clay You can probably pick that up for $5 per 25 lb. Plus you get the added comfort of supporting your local businesses.

[04/23/21]   Are you getting excited to get back to fencing?!?!
Please take the time to go over the rules of our lovely host site Duke City Fencing:
Per the policies of our host organization, Duke City Fencing, the following Covid-safe practices must be observed if you plan to attend class or observe a session:
1. Upon arrival to and departure from DCF, wash your hands in one of the restrooms or use the hand sanitizer available at the front desk.
2. If arriving during the weekday sessions, you'll be approached for a temperature check using a touchless thermometer before being allowed to enter.
3. Face coverings are required as much as practical. Since it can be hard to breathe while training, we are taking frequent breaks for air and water.
4. The water fountain is off-limits. Please bring your own bottle of water.
5. DCF equipment is no longer freely available for use. Equipment can be checked out from DCF, and is assigned to you for your sole use. You are financially responsible for the equipment if it is lost, damaged, or stolen.

[04/14/21]   Mark your calendars, we're gonna be back at it May 2nd. I'll be posting guidelines from our host site (duke city fencing) and the minor guidelines from us here soon.

[04/11/21]   Beginners! What day works better for you, Sunday noon-2pm or Monday 730-930pm?

We have more space on Sunday and conceivably more time. (Able to use before or after normal hours).



Some sparring after class lessons. #longsword #hema


It's after Halloween, that means Pumpkin Death Day! #allpumpkinsmustdie #cutting #longsword #swordlabs


Running out yearly demo out at Estancia Valley Classical academy. Shout out to Elizabeth and Damien for helping out!


Rocking the swords in front of the new mural! #swordlabs #longsword #hema #nmtrue 10/06/2019


Don't forget about this great opportunity labbers! Radaellian sabre seminar. Visit the post for more.

[09/24/19]   Hey folks, polling for dates for our annual pumpkin cutting event. Let me know what works for you guys after or near Halloween.

[09/17/19]   Fyi, no classes this coming Sunday 9/22. We'll all be attending Duels at High Noon at Tucson.

[09/13/19]   All, our yearly demo for Estancia Valley Classical Academy is coming up next month. Let me know if you can participate. The info is below.

We will be having Renaissance Faire on Friday, October 18, 2019 and were wondering if you would be able to perform a Sword Demo anytime between 4:30 and 6:00 pm.

Also, we've moved to:
110 NM-344, Edgewood, NM 87015
The faire will be in our new gym, which is much larger than the previous place.


Noodle distance drilling. #longsword? #pastafarianpaladin


Another great night at the lab. #fiore #longsword #swordlabs @duke_city_fencing


It's 450 o'dark and I'm on my way to Vegas with 100lbs of sword to sell and play with. It's gonna be a beautiful day in my neighborhood. @engineeringmyowndoom @rockwellclassicalfencing #swordlabs #wontyoubemine #iwillcutyou #blacksweatermrrogers #combatcon


This f#$&"*$# guy just whipped his instructors ass and went on to win silver in the MCHO beta 2 tournament. Hells yeah #swordlabs #proudinstructor #oldmanstrength


For those about to rock. #wesaluteyou #mcho #hema


So.much.better #hema #swords @ Albuquerque, New Mexico


Needed a lawn mower... May have had a HEMA moment. #hema #mair #scythe #antiquesarethebesttools

[04/10/19]   Heads up folks. DCF is running their spring cleaning this Saturday. Practice is cancelled.


New young blood! #Hema #longsword #fiore


I love it when sword santa visits! #marozzo #spadone #swordlabs


Tonight at the swordlab games. King of the Hill with a twist. King and peasant roll and consult the table of death. Target for the king, type of strike for the peasant. King is immune to afterblows.neither party knows the others roll. #kingofthehill #longsword #Hema #swordlabs


Full Saturday class yeah! #longsword #swordplay #rapier #hema #swordlabs


Almost 6! @angelvilla29 #RitR2018


Highlights from elimination round of the Rapier in the Rockies "cutting" tournament. #ritr2018


Come for the rapier, stay for the axe throwing. #RitR2018


Yes... Tomorrow my darling.... #RitR2018


Rapier Books & Coffee must be a fencing seminar! #RitR2018


More torture/strength training. #crosstrain #hema


Pick your poison for the cutting tournament. A&A Spanish, Deltin Late Italian, Modified (corrected) Cold Steel Colichemarde, Denny Graves Side Sword. #cutting #probablynotallcutting #minitournament #RitR2018 #sundayfunday


Say hello to mah lil frien' #ballisticsgel #cutting #hema #RitR2018


Ballistics gel #cutting #hema


Torture... I mean cross training....

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Some sparring after class lessons. #longsword #hema
It's after Halloween, that means Pumpkin Death Day! #allpumpkinsmustdie #cutting #longsword #swordlabs
Noodle distance drilling. #longsword? #pastafarianpaladin
New young blood! #Hema #longsword #fiore
Almost 6! @angelvilla29 #RitR2018
Highlights from elimination round of the Rapier in the Rockies "cutting" tournament. #ritr2018
Come for the rapier, stay for the axe throwing. #RitR2018
More torture/strength training. #crosstrain #hema
Ballistics gel #cutting #hema
Torture... I mean cross training....
Jack and Joe went down the hill
Angel rapier fights. #DaHN




2840 Girard Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 19:30 - 21:00
Sunday 00:00 - 14:00
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