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Reconnect with movement in a comfortable, individualized space with a coach who encourages you, laughs with you, and who understands your challenges.

Fotky (Instagram) 02/28/2022

I love this! Our classes are all about practice. Practicing how to move well in our own bodies throughout the day!

"I never went to the gym to work out. I went to learn. I ended up sweaty and tired, so you might say a workout happened, but it was in the process of learning."
–Dr. Ed Thomas

At StrongFirst, we view strength, endurance, power, and other athletic qualities as skills. Accordingly, we approach our training as a “practice,” not a “workout.” It will pay to acquire this mindset from the start.
–Pavel, in: "Kettlebell Simple & Sinister: Revised and Updated Edition"

Core Pelvis Low Back Workshop — Square One Fitness 12/26/2021

Core Pelvis Low Back Workshop — Square One Fitness

Low Back / Core / Hips / Pelvis Workshop registration is live! Very limited space.

If you have ever said:

“I have a weak core”

“My hips are always tight”

“My low back hurts all the time”

“All I did was pick up a paper clip and my back went ‘out’”

“My SI joints are always sore”

“My trainer says I have weak glutes”

Then this workshop is for you!


Core Pelvis Low Back Workshop — Square One Fitness We will cover all these topics, as well as the common myths and misconceptions about what the “core” is, and why folks often have chronic low back pain, tight hips and hamstrings, and “weak” glutes.


Jet Li in action!

Our robotic mop keeping the fitness floor squeaky clean! We take a lot of pride in how clean we keep our fitness area and equipment!

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Our first class in the new space! Socially distant, of course. Smart Strength with Coach Alyssa.


Golfers! This weekend I’m learning how to put a little more schwing in your swing!! You’re welcome. 🙂

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Super fun two hour kettlebell workshop yesterday with guest instructor Becca Romans. We learned a ton!


Loving this book! We already do quite a bit of this in our fitness classes but will be incorporating even more over the next few weeks. Our goal is to do all the research for you, and then bring it to our classes. That way you get all the best info without having to do the research yourself!

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Hinge, squat, push, pull, and core stabilization. Our classes focus on these five basic movement patterns. Everyone works at THEIR own ability level. It’s fun to watch folks progress as they gain strength and confidence!

Photos from Square One Fitness's post 11/08/2019

Coach Sandra in action! She’s great at getting folks to move in ways they didn’t even know they could! Proper form and instruction is everything!!


Bored with doing mind-numbing exercises on a machine? If you are looking for exercise that is engaging, and actually changes the way your body moves and feels, then you'll love small group fitness at Square One!


Coach Sandra and Doc Emily had a blast this weekend in the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization two day seminar. We are constantly learning better ways to help YOU move with strength and stability!


What would YOU change about the gym? Comment below for your chance to win a free week of fitness classes!

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Last night's class working on the agility ladder. The agility ladder is a great way to end class. Not only does it work on coordination, but usually results in a few laughs as well!


Meet coach Sandra West! We are so fortunate to have Sandra on board here at Square One Fitness. She's got a sharp eye for helping you with correct form, and is incredibly welcoming and helpful. You can read more about Coach Sandra's background by following this link...https://www.squareonefitnessabq.com/about-1


Excited to be starting certification with Precision Nutrition today. Yes, we had TONS of nutrition in chiropractic school, but helping patients set life-long habits is a whole new skill set. Classes start today, and I should be finished with the program in a few months. Looking forward to sharing more information with you!

If you think of body change as a pyramid, here’s what it should look like.

You'll notice it’s the opposite of what you might expect.

All the “expert stuff” — adjusting macronutrients, advanced nutrition strategies, etc. — is at the top. They’re a “nice to have”.

The base of the pyramid — your foundation — is what surrounds you.

In general, when it comes to engineering healthy eating, here’s the golden rule:
1️⃣ Make healthy behaviors convenient.
2️⃣ Make other behaviors less convenient.

Here are some examples of these rules in action:
~ USE SMALLER PLATES AND CUPS — Most people eat everything on their plate. Use a smaller plate and you end up eating less naturally.

~ AVOID KEEPING FOODS YOU DON'T WANT TO EAT -Why risk the temptation?

~ PARK YOUR CAR FURTHER FROM YOUR DESTINATION - This way, you'll have to walk. Those extra steps add up.

By simply changing your environment in small ways, you can make changes without even thinking about them.

For more ingenious environment tweaks: https://www.precisionnutrition.com/18-ways-to-transform-your-body


Every class ends with a high-five. Because our students are AH-MAZING!!


Squatting, pushing, stability...just a few of the things that we focus on at Square One!

Want to get great at something? Get a coach 12/16/2017

Want to get great at something? Get a coach

"It's not how good you are now; it's how good you're going to be that really matters," ~Atul Gawande

Want to get great at something? Get a coach How do we improve in the face of complexity? Atul Gawande has studied this question with a surgeon's precision. He shares what he's found to be the key: having a good coach to provide a more accurate picture of our reality, to instill positive habits of thinking, and to break our actions down and th...

For Your Brain’s Sake, Keep Moving 10/11/2017

For Your Brain’s Sake, Keep Moving

So many benefits to movement!

For Your Brain’s Sake, Keep Moving Exercise changes the workings of new brain cells in ways that may protect against dementia, a study in mice suggests.



Two "Breathe-Stabilize-Move" classes are starting next week! https://www.squareonefitnessabq.com/workshops/

Workshops Oct 10 to Nov 7 Breathe-Stabilize-Move (Tuesday Evening) Tue, Oct 10, 2017 5:30pm 5:30pm Tue, Nov 7, 2017 5:30pm 5:30pm Google Calendar ICS Falling apart and don't know where to start?Start at the beginning! Using developmental patterns we will learn how to Breathe - Stabilize - Move. This is a sma...

Where we work! 09/28/2017

Where we work!

Why Do Muscles Feel Tight? 09/23/2017

Why Do Muscles Feel Tight?

Why Do Muscles Feel Tight? Why do muscles feel tight? Does that mean they are short? That they can't relax? And what can you do about it? Here are some of my thoughts about why muscles feel tight and what to do about it.

Get Off The Couch Baby Boomers, Or You May Not Be Able To Later 09/23/2017

Get Off The Couch Baby Boomers, Or You May Not Be Able To Later

Get Off The Couch Baby Boomers, Or You May Not Be Able To Later If you sit too much during middle age — at work and at home — your ability to exercise or even walk in late decades is at risk, a study hints. And, of course, your risk of heart disease climbs, too.

Timeline photos 09/23/2017

Timeline photos

Laree thinks this may be the favorite of the quotes, but I'm not so sure. What do you think?

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Jet Li in action!




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