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Obedience training for all breeds, hunt test and gun dog training for retriever breeds. This note is published. Edit Note
Our Kennel Name
Drol’Odhar is a take on Scotch Gaelic to mean “otter tail”, one of the breed characteristics of Labrador Retrievers.

Operating as usual


The girls had a great weekend at Platte Valley HRC upland Quad hunt test. They both went 4 for 4. Brennan completed her Upland Hunter title. Kellan added 40 points to her HRC score.


First Snake Avoidance Clinic this spring. See all information below.


Great example

‎Lone Duck’s Gun Dog Chronicles: E 97. The Retriever Coach, Kevin Cheff on Apple Podcasts 03/27/2021

‎Lone Duck’s Gun Dog Chronicles: E 97. The Retriever Coach, Kevin Cheff on Apple Podcasts

‎Lone Duck’s Gun Dog Chronicles: E 97. The Retriever Coach, Kevin Cheff on Apple Podcasts ‎Show Lone Duck’s Gun Dog Chronicles, Ep E 97. The Retriever Coach, Kevin Cheff - Mar 25, 2021

Prompt Treatment for Blastomycosis In Dogs Is Key to Recovery 03/10/2021

Prompt Treatment for Blastomycosis In Dogs Is Key to Recovery

An informative article

Prompt Treatment for Blastomycosis In Dogs Is Key to Recovery “This is a special dog,” says Fred Kampo of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, referring to the black Labrador Retriever he calls “Stinger.”


Something to think about as you head out to train .....

The Long Retrieve. Amazing wildfowling dog. 11/19/2020

The Long Retrieve. Amazing wildfowling dog.

A great example of how amazing the dogs are.

The Long Retrieve. Amazing wildfowling dog. Gundogs are essential to shooting. This film shows Echo, a Chesapeake Bay retriever and his owner, BASC wildfowling officer Mark Greenhough, making a difficu...


One of my “dog family” once told me that she and her hubby would often toast “to fabric”, in anticipation of a pass or placement with their dogs and I often reflect the importance of such a simple little piece of inexpensive fabric, and how it represents a multitude of different things to those that receive one. No matter if you’re the owner or trainer, these ribbons represent a milestone of achievement, a testament to hours of hard work on both ends of the leash through many miles and all kinds of weather. It represents triumphs over errors in judgement, dogs being dogs, bad breaks, and bad throws. It’s a celebration of friendship. A token of the time spent in fellowship with those that share a passion for dogs and enjoy seeing them succeed at what they love. But I think most of the ribbons and titles we chase with our dogs reflects a little more. It’s a way to honor that dog, an ultimate memorial that will remain on record and in memory as long as anything in this world can remain. Though the dog doesn’t care or know what he has achieved, this ribbon reflects many things in the world of humans. It says this dog loves you enough to do some crazy things that please you. It says you believed in him/her enough to spend the time with them because you believed in them enough to give them another chance even though they failed (or you did).
When that dogs short life is over, these accomplishments will stand as a memorial of the finest kind that could ever be given to a deserving friend.


Kellan earned another finished pass at Hidden Pines Hunting Retriever Associations test in August

Photos from Drol'Odhar Retrievers's post 09/08/2020

Brennan earned her seasoned title last month in Wyoming


Our house 🤷‍♂️


Socialization... it's probably not what you think it is.

Dogs go through a critical period of development that lasts roughly from 3 weeks-16 weeks of age. In this time, they're forming ideas and opinions about the world around them; good and bad. They're developing social bonds, and learning how their behaviour impacts other living creatures.

A dog that has a quality socialization program is one that will reach its fullest genetic potential.

Socialization is about giving them the tools and outlook on life to navigate through our society with minimal stress to themselves and others... now to my point.

If your entire plan for socializing your puppy is taking it to puppy classes, puppy play parties or the dog beach, you are GOING to have problems. Unfortunately, the idea that puppy-puppy or puppy-dog interactions constitute 'socialization' has been continually force fed to well-meaning, but misinformed pet professionals.

Either two things will come of such a plan...

1. Your puppy meets the wrong dog and has a bad experience. Bad experiences are just as bad as no experiences. A bad experience during the critical period can result in lasting negative impressions and behavioural problems; namely, fear and aggression.
2. Your dog has a positive experience. And that positive experience creates a positive value for other dogs. And their positive value out-competes the puppy's value in you. Doesn't sound that bad?

As it stands, the second problem is waaaay more common than the first. Right now, the issues associated with an extreme positive value in other dogs is taking up probably 70-80% of my workload. What issues are they, you ask?

- Inconsistent Recalls
- Poor Leash Walking Skills
- Reactivity (sometimes eventuating into aggression)
- What many refer to as 'selective deafness'; *Fido is perfect when it's just us, but as soon as he sees another dog...*

Just to name a few. And the thing is, most owners see all that 👆 as the problem. When in fact, it's just the various symptoms of the real problem; a poorly structured socialization program that's resulted in their dogs developing a TONNE of value in other dogs, and comparatively little in them. The owner. The one that feeds, walks, plays and loves them.

And the thing is, it's not the owner's fault. It's my own industry's. Other trainers. Well-known, well-read sciency-folk. And I don't know why other people aren't seeing the correlation. I very rarely see behavioural cases that stem from a LACK of experience, but that overwhelming stem from an extremely skewed socialization picture.

I'm sure the word 'socialization' is the problem too. It implies *social* experiences and interactions. When really we can broadly divide 'socialization' into social and environmental experiences. And of the 'social' experiences, MOST should entail NO direct interaction.

While a lot is missing from most owner's socialization programs, that's probably the biggest thing; they've never given value to themselves, particularly in the presence of other dogs. A huge part of what I do with my personal dogs is to take them around other controlled dogs, and pay them for looking at me. In their head, they're learning that other dogs are good (socialization), and that when they're around, I'm going to pay them really good stuff. Here, I'm giving myself value. I'm building the puppy's engagement in me.

Thus, what often becomes a distraction and a constant thorn in the side of obedience and manners, now becomes a cue to focus on me.

The graph below is an example of a (not very detailed) socialization plan. The exact percentages will differ between puppies a great deal, but the main point to note is that MEETING OTHER DOGS and MEETING PEOPLE constitute a tiny fraction of the whole shebang. And that ratio will stay relatively consistent across the board.

I'm not offering nor recommending any puppy classes anymore, with the exception of @dogmanaustralia. I'm now offering private lesson programs which I've found to be infinitely more successful in preparing puppies for life. If you're after a class environment, I'd also recommend you check out @northcoastk9academy. And for online training purposes (for my remote followers) check out @thedogtraininglab by @solutionk9dogtrainingtaranaki


Kellan's certificate finally arrived!

Eight Shotgun Drills to Master in the Off-Season 05/29/2020

Eight Shotgun Drills to Master in the Off-Season

Eight Shotgun Drills to Master in the Off-Season This off-season, you’re going to become the best wingshot you’ve ever been. These eight shooting drills will have you knocking down doubles come fall


Some quick information regarding canine heat injury treatment: Don't let the age-old myths get in your way of preventing this deadly condition, or providing life-saving treatment of canine heat injury.

Let's Talk about Tune ups 05/15/2020

Let's Talk about Tune ups

Let's Talk about Tune ups Hey, friends!! I want to thank you all for the overwhelming enthusiasm and connection with my Facebook Live discussions. Your support has helped me keep my resilience high and my stress manageable. So, how are ya’ll holding up?? Let me know what you are doing to keep busy.  I am super stoked for ...

Photos from Flatlander Kennels, Inc's post 04/03/2020

Photos from Flatlander Kennels, Inc's post

Photos from Wolf Creek Retrievers's post 03/29/2020

Photos from Wolf Creek Retrievers's post


Kellan earned her 500th HRC point this past weekend at the Copper State HRC test. Thanks to the club, workers and judges for a great weekend!


👍🏻 ❤️ 😂 😮 😢 🤬

Drol'Odhar Retrievers updated their website address. 01/24/2020

Drol'Odhar Retrievers updated their website address.

Drol'Odhar Retrievers updated their website address.


Kellan dug this duck out of very thick, head high cover!


Brennan with the ducks she retrieved on her very fist duck hunt.

Photos from Drol'Odhar Retrievers's post 12/11/2019

I made a wreath with some of Ceilidh's (5-13-2004 to 9-19-2014) ribbons.

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Pheasant wing retrieve




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