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Balanced Life Yoga


What ever the situation Balanced Life Yoga always comes through!
Due to COVID-19; we are still having our structured yoga with but
In our own homes, individually, but together via Zoom! Great classes with the

Hats off to Balanced Life Yoga for always looking out for their clientele!
Balance Life Yoga is always fun. The instructors are very knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. A great place.
Comfortable and serene studio that attracts a wide range of clients. A variety of great teachers and classes.

Improve your ability to relax your body and mind with yoga. Levels offered gentle to advanced. Your flexibility will improve with sustained effort.

Ease back, neck, knee, and hip problems. Sleep better, Feel better NATURALLY (without drugs or pills). All instructors are 200 or 500 hr. Yoga Alliance Certified.

Operating as usual

[09/06/21]   Yogis are taking today off to eat avocado and chips. Enjoy this day, no classes at BLY!

Donna has been hacked. She requests you get in touch with her via email, not phone.

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Look at this! Please check out the Value pac mailing you receive and pull out this one! You can use it for great deals for BL yoga or AH session! If you do not need it, pass it to a friend. Help the business grow!


Please enjoy and come for a session at my Balance Life Yoga studio!

[07/12/21]   Monday morning Cup O' Yoga is back in the studio! Join Stephanie Hansen Yoga tomorrow in the new space 1402 Eubank NE.
10 -11 am


Fairy land in the Sandia Mountains!

Oh and live Facebook coming Friday. To celebrate the mountain fairies, weather permitting, I will be in my witches garden when I speak to you.

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Sunday! Messages of Love!

[06/03/21]   Go to Angelic healing page about 715 am to watch this video!

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Sacred Sage is back in stock! Stop in for class and buy a bundle. The best price in Abq! (See comments)

If you don’t come for yoga, the stop in at the end of class to buy a bundle. (See website for the schedule.)

Most of us benefit from daily smudging. A great time to smudge your home is weekly. The smudging on the full moon holds incredible power. The smudging of a room before ritual or meditation is purifying and adds a level of energetic protection.

When you come buy, check out the essential oil overstock, books, and yoga mats for sale!

[05/21/21]   Did you know that BLY offers more than yoga?
How about:

Zoom classes in Kundalini yoga!
Yoga with an Ayurvedic sway!
In person classes in gentle mediative yoga!
Yoga for PTSD!
Yoga for building muscle!
Yoga classes men attend!
And more!

Come for yoga, stay for coffee and chatting with new friends!

The studio is also the home for Angelic Healing: Reiki Energetics and twice monthly mediumship/channeling group messages. Private healing and Messages of Love sessions available.

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Photos from Angelic Healing's post


If you have no plans for Sunday.....


I'm Annette Grace, one of our presenters for our Mother Earth Psychic Fair on Mother's Day, May 9th!
My healing service is "Angelic Healing". I am an Intuitive Channel, Medium, and Reiki Energetic Healer. I mentor and can facilitate energy clearings of your home. I offer "Messages of Love" for group zoom medium sittings every second Thursday from 6-7:15 PM MT. Donations are welcomed. And I offer "Messages of Love" for group in person medium sittings every second Sunday from 11:30-12:45 PM MT. @ Balanced Life Yoga, 1402 Eubank NE, ABQ, NM. I have private sessions available as well: Intuitive, Channel, Mediumship $71 hour / Reiki Energetic $60 session. Mentoring and Location Energy clearings, rate varies. PBS members with a card receive a special rate! Please contact me for more details.

[05/03/21]   Don't forget Stephanie is back on Mondays! Drop us a line if you want the zoom link.
10 am Monday Morning Cup O'Yoga


Stephanie is returning next Monday! Join her in studio or via zoom.

Practice the 12-Minute Yoga Meditation Exercise - Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation 04/04/2021

Practice the 12-Minute Yoga Meditation Exercise - Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation

In her Kundalini yoga class, Mataji taught us this Kirtan. I have done it simply walking. In class we did it seated. So go to the Balanced Life Yoga web page and check out Mataji Graham ‘s Kundalini classes.

Then check out the addition of the Friday late afternoon stretch out stress. Bequi included the move in the first class, gotta give her credit! It was a wonderful moving class and highly relaxing.

Next, look and notice that Stephanie Is back with her Monday cup o’yoga. She is Energetics in motion.

Begin your week with a gentle stretch Monday at 10, end it Friday at 6 pm and in the middle do Mataji”s class.

Love all!
(No image for the Alzheimer’s site, but it will load!)

Practice the 12-Minute Yoga Meditation Exercise - Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation Kirtan Kriya (which is pronounced KEER-tun KREE-a) is a type of meditation from the Kundalini yoga tradition, which has been practiced for thousands of years. This meditation is sometimes called a singing exercise, as it involves singing the sounds, Saa Taa Naa Maa along with repetitive finger movem...

[03/26/21]   Have you gone to the BLY website lately? There are so many new classes and events! You must check it out! Link below.

[03/26/21]   Are you a PBS member? If so, BLY has an online member special: #740! Check it out and tell friends! We support public TV!

[03/10/21]   From Donna Damazyn and I:

[03/09/21]   Yoga class is 10-11 and then BLY and AH are hosting an open house from 11-12. THEN, Messages of Love and a raffle for a 30 minute reading with me!

The Messages of Love will be on Zoom too if you can not attend in person!


Open house information!


A time for reflection and recentering. #WorldYogaDay

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We are now yellow! I believe this mean 25% or 20 clients (whichever is smaller) for us! Let’s keep up the great work Bernalillo County!
Wear your mask
wash your hands
Stay six feet apart.
As extra safety measures the studio has bleach spray. Please, please use it to spray yoga materials and surfaces. Staff do spray and clean the bathrooms.
Also, a diffuser with water and essential oils is used daily.
We hope to see you soon!

Photos from Angelic Healing's post 02/08/2021

Photos from Angelic Healing's post

Photos from Angelic Healing's post 02/03/2021

Check it out!

Photos from Angelic Healing's post 01/31/2021

Photos from Angelic Healing's post


Okay yoginis! I will give a 20 minute talk today at 1230. This is free and there are amazing presentations all day.

Presentation Room Event Program for January 24th, 2021
All times are Mountain Standard Time (MST)
Follow this Zoom link:
To download free Zoom account:
(Meeting ID: 895 3138 8151 Pass code: 9090 )
Noon to 12:10 PM
Opening/ Introducing our Mistress of Ceremonies!
12:10 to 12:30 PM
“Meditating with Plants” with Danelle Becklund
12:30 to 1 PM
“Acceptance, Trust, and Faith” with Annette Tally-Bailey
1 to 1:30 PM
“Everybody Can Channel” with Diana Muenz Chen
1:30 to 2 PM
“The Power of Storytelling” with Susi Wolf
2 to 2:30 PM
"Pendulum Basics: Swinging with Patty Pietu"
2:30 to 3 PM
”Tasseography: The Art of Reading Abstract Symbols”
with Captain Cosmic
3 to 3:30 PM
“Turtle Medicine” with Susi Wolf
3:30 to 4 PM
“Crystals for Healing” with Jennifer Bussick
4 to 4:30 PM
"Incorporating Crystals In Your Daily Life & Spiritual Practice" with Lisa Marie Jacobs
4:30 to 5 PM
“Numerology: What’s Your Number?” with Timothy Wilde
5 to 5:30 PM
"The Healing Power of Ayahuasca Pure Vine"
with Laura & Matt Stoker
5:30 to 6 PM
“Align with Your True Purpose” with Cassiopeia
6 to 6:30 PM
“The Artists Way: The Creative Within” with Jay Bainbridge
6:30 to 7 PM
“Palmistry: Daily Hand Reading For Personal Maintenance & Health” with Brigita Caissa Jupiter
7 to 7:30 PM
"Kundalini: Open Your Gift" with Heather Mackay
7:30 to 8 PM
Our Raffle Drawing & Closing -- Be sure to join us for our raffle!


One day, BLY will host their own virtual fair. But for now, here is a four minute video on how to access one tomorrow (Sunday.)


If you have time Sunday, please enjoy a free talk...or ten!

We Have A Raffle Drawing at our Psychic Fair in our Presentation Room - The Presentation Room link is below:
Follow this Zoom link:
To download free Zoom account:
(Meeting ID: 895 3138 8151 Pass code: 9090 )
You Can Win A:
30 minute Tarot Reading by Ginger Glasser, one of our featured psychics!
30 minute Energetic Healing Session by Danelle Becklund, one of our featured psychics!
30 minute Palm Reading by Brigita Caissa Jupiter, a featured fair presenter!
Spiritual Portrait by Jay Bainbridge, a featured fair presenter!
Beautiful Crystal Pendulum from Patty Pietu of the Golden Dragonfly, a featured fair presenter!
Email us your name with the subject line “Raffle” to [email protected] to have a chance to win one of our holistic healer’s fine gifts! We will announce a raffle winner for each of our 5 gifts in our Presentation Room! Please join us there! See our event page for details!

Winners will be drawn by random. Enter only one email address per name to qualify. The winner of each gift will be notified the week after the event with the details about how to receive their gift through the email address they provided . Please note that by entering our raffle you are giving us your consent to publish your name on our Enchanted Virtual Fairs social media sites strictly for promotional purposes if you are one of the raffle prize winners, and also to enroll you in our upcoming newsletter that highlights our next holistic and psychic events. We will never give or sell your personal information to anyone outside of our psychic event group.


Because Donna prefers cats over dogs.

Get a cat, they said. It’ll be FUN, they said. 😸😸😸

[01/13/21]   Soon.....soon...
you can go to yoga in the new (red) studio!!


It is coming together!
Donna brought sparkling cider for me, Janet, and her to toast. I brought Huxley.


Angelic Healing


Wonderful news! Resonant Essentials is hosting a virtual psychic fair on Sunday, the 17th. I will be giving 20 min readings. Leave a comment and I will send you the contact information.

While you are thinking about it,enjoy the fire.


Painting is done! This red is in the main yoga room.

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Green Valley and Melaleuca Essential Oils, Lu La Roe Pants, Tops, and Dusters



1402 Eubank NE
Albuquerque, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 9:30am - 6:30pm
Tuesday 9:30am - 6:30pm
Wednesday 9:30am - 6:30pm
Thursday 9:30am - 6:30pm
Friday 9:30am - 6:30pm
Saturday 9:30am - 6:30pm
Sunday 9:30am - 6:30pm
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