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Balanced Life Yoga


What ever the situation Balanced Life Yoga always comes through!
Due to COVID-19; we are still having our structured yoga with but
In our own homes, individually, but together via Zoom! Great classes with the

Hats off to Balanced Life Yoga for always looking out for their clientele!
Balance Life Yoga is always fun. The instructors are very knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. A great place.
Comfortable and serene studio that attracts a wide range of clients. A variety of great teachers and classes.


Channeling 1 and Mediumship – Part 2 – 12-5pm. Jacci Kuzior and Annette Tally will lead this interactive class delving into mediumship (Part 1 Opening to Psychic Gifts is a prerequisite). $100.

Balanced Life Yoga, 417 Tramway NE, #7, Albuquerque. Pre-register: 505-220-1084.

For more EVENTS, NEWS and ARTICLES Visit Natural Awakenings Magazine New Mexico at
September is National Yoga month, over the past few days we have been featuring some of our local yoga instructors/studios. Today's studio is Balanced Life Yoga, Click below to find out more about them...
Thanks Donna! You Rock!
I think the new location is within walking distance of my place. Thinking of getting back into yoga....
LOVE the new sign !
Come on Over to our New Place – Balanced Life Yoga – Starting Saturday, March 1st

417 Tramway NE, #7 (between Artist’s Nail Salon & Papa John’s Pizza)

West side of Tramway, just north of I40. Turn west on Cloudview

Exciting Things Happening Soon!

New Saturday Class starts April 5. 11:30AM Level 1. Instructed Janet & Donna

Clearing Emotional Blocks, Getting Organized, and Moving Forward. A Workshop April 5th @ 1PM with Lifecoach Linda Siopy

Body Wraps with Mandy Wetterlund – More info. coming soon or 220-1084
Balanced Life Yoga has a New Home - March 1st

417 Tramway NE in the Canyon Plaza (west side of Tramway, just north of I40)

Please join us in our new space featuring a more calm and serene location w/ gorgeous mountain views right off I40
Take Eubank south to Lomas. East on Lomas to Tramway. South on Tramway to Cloudview. West on Cloudview. Canyon Plaza on left.
We are between the Artist’s Nail Salon and Papa John’s Pizza.

Improve your ability to relax your body and mind with yoga. Levels offered gentle to advanced. Your flexibility will improve with sustained effort.

Ease back, neck, knee, and hip problems. Sleep better, Feel better NATURALLY (without drugs or pills). All instructors are 200 or 500 hr. Yoga Alliance Certified.

Operating as usual


And if they don’t, join us at yoga in the new year! Yoga helps dreams happen!


Sunday’s Massages of Love is canceled for December. We are planning on zoom and in person for the fourth Sunday in January. If you paid for December, your fee will be used for January!


Hey all, I just want to share a bit of what is going on at the studio.

1. Do you know that I, Annette, am a Reiki Master, medium/channel, aromatherapy educator, and energy worker. I have been assisting my clients in healing for 27+ years. Before that I helped family and friends. I create many healing oil blends, I practice Reiki Energetics and group Messages of Love one Sunday a month. That back room you may notice? Check it out, that is my healing room.

2. Do you know there are other healers at BLY? Yep they use the healing room for Reiki and Qi Gong medical healing. Maggie of EyeOfHorus Reiki is a Reiki Master and does Emotion Code, Donna Damazyn is a Reiki Master, and Tyler is the Qi Gong medical healer and does sessions in Heart Math.

3. Do you know Donna D. Is doing more pod casts? In December and January she will do five more! News to come as it develops.

4. Do you know that any of the healing modalities mentioned take training, mentoring, and supplies that cost us money. So yes, we do charge.

We believe in the power of healing. Please let one of us help you in your healing journey.

Angelic Healing

Photos from Balanced Life Yoga's post 11/01/2022

Remembering our loved ones last night. We had a lovely time. Our small group (some did not want to be in a photo) were guided in meditation to connect to a beloved loved one who has died. Some felt, heard, or just knew that one was there. One person even had a physical experience!

Hopefully we can do it again soon!

Photos from Angelic Healing's post 10/10/2022

The day of this event is also an ‘in studio yoga’ day. Donna will be leading us in yoga and then I will share some knowledge with those in the class.

Pendulumus is a form of dowsing. Yes, you can use dowsing to find water! A pendulum can also help you get answers to a variety of questions. Although mostly yes/no questions, I will show you how to use your pendulum to answer with maybe, percentage, or spell our words!

I hope to have you in class!

Photos from Angelic Healing's post 10/05/2022

There is still room for more! We will begin at 1145 and end 115 ish

Photos from Angelic Healing's post 09/21/2022

Go to and read what Donna wrote. This will be such an exciting and interactive class. And we love sharing our knowledge with everyone!

Sign up and at class you will select a pendulum. (Or, it will select you!)


I post every Wednesday to the EVF fb group. Each rune read is such a pleasure. I hope you enjoy me sharing them here for you to read!

Rune Stone reading for the week of 14-21 Sept 22.

Those of you who have been reading these since I began might recall I mentioned I am new to runes casting. I bloodened my runes stones over a decade ago, but is my first real focus reading rune stones. I am seeing an evolution in my interpretation. I hope you enjoy this evolution.

The first cast rune is Uruz, #2. It reminds us to guard our home. Home is anything that you protect: family, assesses, property, or even your own spiritual growth. We are also told to prepare by being in gratitude. And success will be yours. So prepare, guard and you shall defeat the adversary. From previous weeks, it is also spiritual substance and change.

The second stone is Jera, #12. Jera is ‘continuous being’. Heaven and earth are one. God/Goddess and I (you) are one. We are all one. The circle never ends. And it is always complete.

Lastly, Laguz, #21. This is the end of cycles and new beginnings. Change only comes when the cycle is complete.

This is what I was told to add into the reading.

This week’s rune stone read signifies change. And consistency. Uruz and Laguz tell us that change is coming, it is undeniable. Laguz, looks like a scythe, is a reminder that the harvest is completing. Uruz tells that we have success in this cycle when we are prepared. Every farmer of old used a scythe to harvest. What is your tool?

Jera reminds that the cycle continues; summer becomes autumn. We are continuous beings with Divine. My guides have told me it is the “as above, so below” rune stone. It is the one stone to remind us that we are all connected to Divine. Endlessly connected to Divine. (Divine=use however you envision Divine.)

Also, the number 2 really popped out for me. T simply two is the number of living and serving your Divine life purpose and soul mission.

So: prepare, harvest, success, and continue!


Mountainair Sunflower Festival

There is only an early yoga class on Saturday. So, yoga ninjas, treat yourself to small town fun.

Mountainair Sunflower Festival Mountainair Sunflower Festival, is a free annual art & music event in August. Sponsored by the non-profit Manzano Mountain Art Council. Made possible in part by New Mexico Arts (Dept. of Cultural Affairs) the National Endowment for the Arts & Mountainair.

Photos from Physio TV's post 08/24/2022

It has been awhile since I posted. When I saw this, I thought I would post and get everyone excited for yoga class.


FYI! I, Annette of Angelic Healing, will be out until the end of the month. I have the small office space at the studio. In that little room I do Reiki Energetics healing, channeling and mediumship. If you want a session I am booking now for the 27 June to 12 July.

Photos from Balanced Life Yoga's post 04/25/2022

Today’s Open Studio was great! Enjoy some photos.


Happy Earthday-Birthday dear Donna! May you be forever young.

FREE TICKET! Unsinkable: The Secret to Bouncing Back 04/10/2022

FREE TICKET! Unsinkable: The Secret to Bouncing Back

I am sharing this because Donna Damazyn’s icon, Bob Proctor, has a role in the flick. I plan to watch it today.

FREE TICKET! Unsinkable: The Secret to Bouncing Back Watch this life-changing movie that everyone is talking about!

Photos from Balanced Life Yoga's post 04/09/2022

Poses I did not do when I was in Hawaii. I hope many yogis in BLY land do these poses and post the photos. Use the comment area to share!

Photos from Balanced Life Yoga's post 04/08/2022

At Boiling Pot (Hilo, HI) and the gardens I did cat-cow and forward bend. Remember, share your version please!

Photos from Balanced Life Yoga's post 04/07/2022

Today we drove around again. I never knew the Big Island had so many lovely spots! So these yoga poses were taken at a black sand beach.

Sorry, I thought these graphics had cobra pose. Tomorrow and Friday I will try to do some of the other graphic poses.

And everyday, anyday, I encourage YOU to post you doing these or similar poses on your vacation. You are MORE THAN WELCOME TO PUT THEM IN COMMENTS!

Photos from Balanced Life Yoga's post 04/05/2022

I do this to promote yoga for everyone! My form may not be perfect, my bends not as they were 20 years ago, and my sags a bit saggier. But, I still can move my body.

Whether you gave yoga a lapse of two years or twenty, please use my not so perfect poses to give you confidence to return to yoga! Donna at Balanced Life Yoga has great class offering, amazing instructors, and fair prices! In studio and on zoom! Support your body; support yoga!

Enjoy…today we went to Volcano’s National Park and I did some poses.

Photos from Balanced Life Yoga's post 04/03/2022

Pose 3…..Warrior pose and ‘oh my gosh my aging body…” warrior pose.

Photos from Balanced Life Yoga's post 04/03/2022

Pose 2
After driving, stopping, eating, touring, for four hours, it felt great to do some stretches. We eventually found a swimming spot and I was glad to have on my suit.


Before I left on this trip, Donna was having us do lots of QL yoga stretches and such. I have first posted the ‘official’ pose. I have a video in comments of me doing it.


I like to encourage yoga by posting me doing yoga while on vacation. I will some post some yoga poses in a beautiful location! Check back!


You still have time to use these three great bargains!
Angelic Healing, me Annette!, will honor both of these deals at the studio!
And the Balanced Life Yoga special is also great to use! Save money before my rates go up!

Photos from Balanced Life Yoga's post 03/24/2022

Yogini Molly posted this on her regular FB page. I have her permission to repost to the BLY FB site. Thanks Molly for the love to Donna, owner of BLY and yoga!


This morning I awoke a bit stressed out over stuff. So, I meditated, let go, and did what I could. Then I went to the Qi Gong class Tyler teaches. What a difference that class made in the rest of my day. I had the internal wisdom and balance to make the right calls and be proactive!

And, as Tyler said, “it will all work out.” It did. It is done! And so it be.

If you too, are in an emotional struggle or overwhelmed, come to the Monday 10-1115 class of Qi Gong. Tyler is a beautiful soul and teaches the perfect class.

My day could have been a train wreck, but because of Qi Gong, I am in harmony!

Thanks! And I hope to see more BLYers there soon!


This will be an amazing time! Register and pay before Tuesday, March 15 and save 10%. (See comments for prices.)

Becoming a Reiki practitioner will enable you provide Reiki. Reiki is Universal Life Energy, where energy healing begins. You will be able to have paying in person clients after level 1. Level 2 allows you to send remote healing through all times and dimensions. And, you can charge more! At level two, whatever your profession, you will have another skill to use.

Every level of Reiki opens you to more intuitive knowledge. If you desire to be a medium, psychic, channel, or just open your intuitive channels, this may help!

Remember, save 10% by registering and paying by Tuesday, 15 March.


Please plan to attend Balanced Life Yoga’s first ever Open Studio! Come meet instructors, our staff Reiki Masters, and other students!

Just in! Snacks will be catered by Greenside Cafe in Cedar Crest. Yummy.

Cosmo is registered for KingPet’s photo contest - Win up to $2,000 03/03/2022

Cosmo is registered for KingPet’s photo contest - Win up to $2,000

Hey BLY pet lovers! Please help Cosmo win this contest. She and her sister were abandoned puppies in Espanola. Sidhelyn, my daughter, drove up there and saved them both from a cold and lonely life. We got their shots and Sidhelyn found the sister her forever home. Winning this contest will help Cosmo go on hiking, camping, and hiking adventure with her mom and dad….but first she needs to be spayed!

Please vote for this pretty rescued puppy.

Cosmo is registered for KingPet’s photo contest - Win up to $2,000 After rescuing Cosmo from a life of being outdoors in the cold, she now refuses to get off the couch. She loves to chase her tail, bite her own feet, and cuddle with her Pitbull brother. She also smells like Taco Bell beans.


Balanced Life Yoga has some of the most wonderful events happening. Last weekend was a Reiki intensive that really got some magic going!


Here are a few notes on the upcoming intensive and in a day or week, on the open house

Welcome Divine!
Yesterday’s Reiki 1-2 Intensive was magic! I kid you not. The air was swirling and the energy was amazing. If you missed it, don’t fret. Another intensive is coming!

I am planning to do it again in mid-March. I hope you will join in Level 1 + 2; Welcome the Sun!

I am planning Friday evening for Reiki 1 and Saturday Reiki 2. Students can take level 1, or level 2 (MUST BE LEVEL 1) or save money and take BOTH!

Why become a Reiki Practionair? You can earn money! You can share Rieki with family and friends. You can be part of the magic of energy. And if you are into ceremony or in a healing profession it may* heighten your awareness and gifts. (*may heighten: this depends upon you and how much you open and allow! )


Check out Donna’s Intuitive Reiki healing special, yoga class reminders, and Annette’s Reiki 1-2 Attunement intensive!


This event is one of many to be held at Balanced Life Yoga.

The weather is going to get much colder and more snow will fall! Give yourself a warm winter break and learn Reiki!

Level 1-2 intensive weekend is coming up! There are still a few spots available. And one is yours!

Why Reiki? Reiki is a hands on healing in the Japanese and Tibetan tradition. Doing Reiki on yourself or another relaxes both client and practionair and thus reduces stress and thus may assist in overall bodily health, mental well-being, and spiritual growth. It is a wonderful gift that you can give to yourself and another person.

For the fee you will be Level 1 and 2 attuned! You will also get some free gifts that you can use immediately!

In the Attunement you will have the opportunity to work on others, charge a crystal for healing and another for a purpose of your choice. You will learn the traditional hand positions, learn energy work ethics, the history of Reiki, and be guided through some amazing meditations. You will be attuned to many Usui and Tibetan Reiki symbols and learn how to use them. This will be an amazing weekend you don’t want to miss.

Register today by DMing me or leaving a note in the comments.

Luv to all, Annette Grace


Yoga classes are held daily and new classes have been recently added. The schedule is on the web site.


There are two openings for the Attunement this weekend! And February 12-13 I am doing a level 1-2 intensive weekend! The 1-2 Attunement will be a great class for anyone aged 15-115! Doing Rieki on a loved one would be a great Valentine’s Day gift!

Photos from Balanced Life Yoga's post 01/14/2022

The new sign is up! Donna is really going all out. I guess it is time for Angelic Healing to get a new sign, too.

The studio is closed through Sunday. So Monday you can come for your favorite yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong, or stress relief class OR a Reiki Energetics healing (Annette Grace Talley-Bailey) and see the new sign.

Go to the BLY website for the class schedule and Reiki Energetic specials!

Hey! Leave a comment for Donna! She really worked long and hard to find the right colors and design. Let her know how much you LOVE the new sign. Thanks..


All BLY are on zoom this week through January 16. Leave a message and I will DM you the zoom code.


Did you know that you can take a class in Qi Gong, yoga, Pilates, and more!


These are held at BLY! Reiki 1-2 has room for three more students!
Reiki 3/ Master has room for two more students!
Notify me today if you want more information or are ready to register.

Upcoming events:
January, Reiki 3 and Master level Attunement
February, Reiki 1-2 Attunement, intensive weekend
Reiki is the universal life force energy. In becoming a Reiki practitioner one is able to use the Reiki symbols to facilitate stress reduction (thus possibly healing) in oneself and others.
Reiki 1-2 is open to everyone. Reiki will deepen your intuition and any healing practice you may already do. Participants will be attuned to the three traditional 1-2 symbols, plus a few non-traditional! This is the Usui Attunement! There is a fee for this weekend intensive.
After this weekend you will be cleanse and charge crystals, foods, beverages, locations, and individuals. You will be able to practice on others. You will learn Reiki ethics and more!
The Reiki 3 and Master Attunement is open to those who are level 2 Reiki. Please verify that you have been level two for a minimum of one year, or six months with a healing practice. Participants will be attuned to the Master symbols and will be able to give attunements to others. This level can intensify your healing work. There is a fee for this Attunement.
For more information, leave a comment or DM me.


The first Qi Gong class was amazing! Tyler explained as he guided us through the Qi Gong moves.
Join us next Monday 10-11 am.

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Green Valley and Melaleuca Essential Oils, Lu La Roe Pants, Tops, and Dusters



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Albuquerque, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 9:30am - 6:30pm
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